PBS Frontline: Coronavirus Pandemic

It is sad watching both the mainstream Right and the Dissident Right sinking further into denial and implausible conspiracies. Isn’t it obvious that conservative liberals are just grossly incompetent? Donald Trump was told by his donors to “ride it out” and treat it like the flu.

There isn’t any vast conspiracy against Donald Trump that involves every hospital, doctor, nurse, medic and coroner in the United States. The simplest explanation is that Trump deferred to “different business people with great common sense” who confused a new SARS virus with the flu.

What about the people who have had the virus and have recovered or who have died from it? What about their families? Are they also part of the conspiracy? Is the whole world part of the conspiracy? This would have to be the biggest and most complex global conspiracy in history.

Note: Back in January and early February, progressive liberals were unanimous than the real virus was racism and xenophobia. Both sides have equally failed here.

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  1. I think part of it is that people are afraid, and it makes them feel better of the virus isn’t really real, but rather just a conspiracy. That way, they might be safe from it. A form of denial, I’d say.

    • @mousiesh…

      Of course it is fear, which not only is very human, but, if one is used to trusting to what one thinks to be an omnipotent system – and it is visibly cracking, PLUS … you do not really know Jesus Chryst – what else can it be?

    • Not as much fear as a dislike of the disruption. And 6 weeks into this I am starting to get really annoyed about people not being allowed to go to work. I have no issue with closing mass gatherings, gyms, movie theaters, bars, etc. But a lot of workplaces should resume with masks, distancing, and some precautions. It’s obvious that some people are using this “vacation” to “chill” and still “hang out” because after 37 days the virus should have completely burned itself out and those emerging from home should all be unaffected. But if we are going to shut down the economy I want this to actually BE stay at home isolation and not a big spring break with small groups of friends still mixing it up to drink Margarita’s in better areas or “pass around blunts” in the ‘hood.

  2. Yeah the hoax stuff is like the Cope of Copes. It’s obviously how people get to feel a little control over events.

  3. Except all sorts of data is emerging that the “death rates” have been grossly inflated. Meanwhile – we’ve been Weimared because some old/sick people died.

      • But if tens of millions of people in the US have been exposed to this virus and haven’t been affected by it then the deaths of 45,000, while unfortunate, are hardly cause for alarm.

        • Those test kits they used for those results were faulty ones from china, the data from those was less than worthless.

        • Interesting that direct replies to HW’s posts are now disabled. Intellectual cowardice. The fact is HW has no fucking idea how many people have been infected, have recovered, nor have died “from not with” this virus. Random test data from LA county indicates that that 50+ times more people have been exposed/infected than the so called “cases”, ie, it’s no more lethal than the common flu and probably less. In the face of all objective evidence, this once promising outlet for Nationalist news, and populist European reaction has deteriorated into a WHO, CDC, PBS, CNN, Richard Spencer, Will Westcott propaganda engine. Frankly, it can’t be delusion, it has to be by design. We all best think about that.

          • The Stanford study pulled its samples from Facebook. That means it selected for yuppies and women who thought they might have CoVid19 and against everybody else.

            The LA County study samples are too few for statistical validity.

            Neither test specifically tested for CoVid19 antibodies. which means other coronaviruses including those producing common colds were included.

            Both tests promote the laughable “herd immunity” and “it’s just da flu, bra” lines of bullshit.

        • “But if tens of millions of people in the US have been exposed to this virus,”

          True only if the annual CFR is 0.1%. If annual CFR = 0.1%, then with 47,000 total deaths 47,000,000 Americans are positive for coronavirus. Not likely.

          In NYC slightly over 20,000 have died. If CFR is 0.1%, then 20,000,000 residents of NYC or New York state are positive. Take your pick. Either way, not likely. Why? One reason that may, MAY be easily understood by right wing jackasses and virus minimizers is herd immunity. Where is it? Population of NYC is 8.4 million. Population of NY is 19.4 million. Last I looked 20 million is greater than 8.4 and 19.4 million. Immunity has been achieved! Everybody has antibodies! Nope. Positive cases in New York continue to increase with each passing day. People continue to die.

          As Hunter says, the virus is highly contagious and moderately lethal. The true CFR is probably closer to 3%. Why? Personal reasons. Sorta. Actually, I subtracted 1 percentage point from the 4% used for Florida in the discredited Stanford study, which is still being cited by right-wing jackasses and virus minimizers as “proof” that “it’s just da flu, bra!” Oh yeah, I also confirmed that train of thought with an acquaintance who could be shit and shinola, but I really, really doubt it.

          With a CFR of 3%, then with 47,000 total deaths the number of infected Americans is more like 1.57 million. If, big if, 47 million Americans become infected by the coronavirus, then with a CFR of 3% we’re talking about 1.4 million dead bodies.

          With a CFR of 3%, then with 20,000 dead the number of infected NYC residents is more like 0.667 million. If, big if, 20 million residents of NYC metro are infected, then with a CFR of 3% we’re talking about 0.6 million dead bodies.

          Feel free to check the work.

      • LOL. There is loads of material to refute this SCAM. From all over. You know this, All kinds of sources. Even if you do love the Fear Porn clickbait- medical data is emerging that refutes the lockIN tyranny. And NOTHING refutes the CoronaScam MORE than the dancing doctors videos.

        You really ought to write about other topics. You’ll help yourself more if you drop this nonsense now. Even Normies are seeing through it. You can go outside. Go fishing with your boy.

        • Why do you even come here, denise? Everything here is automatically wrong to you. I really do believe you are el chapo in drag.

        • Apparently, 80,000 died of the flu in the 2017-18 flu season and hardly a word was spoken about it. That’s pretty deadly, I’d say. People do die of the flu, but up till now, not many gave it a thought, but now, because of this hysterical response, we have economic collapse. People all over the world are going to suffer grievously for that. Just what the jews have in mind.

      • Most Americans have had extremely poor science education, cannot grasp or appreciate microbiology, virology, epidemiology and the mortal danger of SARS 2 unless they see its effect with their own eyes.

    • Indeed this “pandemic” is another jewish orchastrated dog and pony show to fool the masses into giving in the “new normal” aka the USSR in its earlier stages.

    • This isn’t Weimar. This is the Greatest Depression Ever. Wiemar was the last couple of decades. This economic hit Which will produce a new Leader is the end of Weimerica.

      BTW Human trials for a vaccine are starting at the University of Oxford. They’ll have something useful by the end of summer. Perhaps sooner. Maybe you should apply to be a lab rat. Gets it over with sooner, afterall everyone will get infected with Covid.

      I kid. Stay isolated for a bit just as you are.

  4. The only person talking about a “conspiracy” is you. You’ve created this giant strawman and keep beating it.

    It won’t work, according to the SPLC, YOU, Hunter Wallace, are an “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.” As we all know, the SPLC is a quasi-official government institution, while you’re a fringe, racist, conspiracy-monger.

    Which is more likely, every Jewish doctor, Jewish nurse, Jewish dentist, Jewish teacher, are all in a giant conspiracy – or you’re just a crazy conspiracy-monger?

      • 1. The title is “Hospitals have vested interest to inflate the coronavirus counts” – the question isn’t if it’s a “conspiracy” – the question is, is it true or not? Is there a pecuniary advantage to recording a death as Covid-19 when there are co-morbidities?

        2. The “common cold” is often caused by a coronavirus. Covid-19, a coronavirus, is similar to the common cold – it’s a version of the common cold, but one supposedly that humans don’t have immunity to. So, it’s an “uncommon cold.”

        Pretty weak argument, but then again, you are a fringe conspiracy theorist who sees Jews under your bed – and highly credible authorities like the Southern Poverty Law Center told me so.

        Who is right? The SPLC, trusted by the FBI, or you, a fringe conspiracy theorist hate-monger?

      • All colds are coronoa viruses. And the hospitals aren’t making mega bucks on the CoronaPanic?

        And millions of people aren’t out of work. Cops aren’t harassing and arresting WHITE People for going outside, while non-Whites wander around freely. Those things aren’t happening, right?

        Kushner and Kikery DIDN’T just derail the alleged immigration moratorium, while Kushner’s Kikes grab EVERYTHING that’s left of America? It’s all just “conspiracy nonsense”, right?

      • Yes, the “re-opening” excuse that “tests confuse with the common cold” is wrong. Coronaviruses that cause some common colds are an entirely different species from the kind that cause SARS and MERS, and they are not confused in the tests being used, including the antibody tests.

        Some people participating in these orchestrated protests don’t believe the Earth has existed more than a few thousand years, and it is even easier for them to deny that SARS CoV-2 is really dangerous.

    • @BANNED…

      “Which is more likely, every Jewish doctor, Jewish nurse, Jewish dentist, Jewish teacher, are all in a giant conspiracy – or you’re just a crazy conspiracy-monger?”

      Folks get so addled by what they come to believe is the all-seeing omnipotent omnipresent Zio-bogey man, Banned, that they actually think the whole world is the result of solely Jewish contrivances; machinations which include Putin, Xi, Modi, The Mongolian Government, and your aforementioned doctors and nurses – the latter which are just part of the nefarious cast in the Covid-hoax.

      That so, you ain’t gonna reel them in with hard logic or sly quips, but, like a bite from a big crazy fish, you have to give them as much line as they need to go, and stay, way way out.

      • Hey Jew – tell me about Blackrock Inc, and who is getting the relief money. Tell me about Trump’s 15 second immigration moratorium, and who squashed it. Even mainstream sites are naming Jared Kushner

        And what ever happened to “mid-40’s White male Robert D Bowers” the non-existent “synagogue shooter” who ONLY exists in FBI databases and a spate of “new stories” – but you can’t find ANYWHERE else. Why no trial?

    • BannedHipster: Are you the same person who went by the name Hipster Racist on Richard Spencer’s old forum?

      • @Halfcuzzin

        Of course. I don’t even disagree with HW’s basic take here, I’m just frankly pissed off he’s smearing people with the “conspiracy theorist” slur. And he is purposefully misrepresenting people’s concerns. It’s fundamentally dishonest.

        For the record: anyone can read my blog. I think Covid-19 is real, I think it’s a serious health threat, and I’ve never, ever been one of these “trust the plan” Trump-tards.

        When HW was shilling for Donald Trump, I was exposing his Zionist handlers, which got me booted from the “Alt Right” – something I am increasingly proud of.

    • It won’t work, according to the SPLC, YOU, Hunter Wallace, are an “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.” @BannedHipster

      That’s right, and no amount of virtue signalling, or trying to sound like an SJW-lite towards other right wingers, is going to change this dynamic for him.

    • It amazes me, Hunter, that you can still answer these half-witted buffoons so calmly.

      I would probably have banned everyone by this point, heh.

  5. A massive flu epidemic is so far outside the common person’s experience, their mind rejects it. Someone from 1918 would have no problem accepting as fact, a massive flu epidemic.

    Just like trying to tell someone how blacks behave, who hasn’t been around many.

    Or trying to tell southern churchies the true nature of jws.

    Most ppl are very limited in their sphere of understanding, to their own personal experience.

    • True. They’ve gone so long without a pestilence, that they’ve forgotten pestilence exists. And has occurred again and again in history. With people trying to keep the infectious away through various means, and various degrees of success or unsuccess.

  6. There’s a movie called The Number 23 that might explain what is going on Hunter. Its the only movie Jim Carrey made that I still enjoy, because he plays his true self, a complete nutter.


    It is about a fellow who is so obsessed with the number 23, he sees patterns everywhere that add up to 23. Eventually he becomes so obsessed with the number, he loses his santity and becomes dangerous.

    I think that is what has happened to the Right. They have visited conspiracy websites too often and it has made them lose touch with reality. I don’t think these sites are good for a person’s mental health.

      • Dont you have a husband and children to care for, a house to clean, and sandwiches to make? If not, why not?

          • Well, then, sweetie, I’ll let the time you spend perusing and commenting on this website and others speak for itself!

          • Stay classy, denise, and mock someone who may have a physical condition. I think you’d laugh at someone trying to gasp when their lungs were filling with fluid.

          • OldColostomy – right back atcha?

            (((mousie))) – depending on who was choking – you bet I would! I’m a Celt. The destruction of my enemies is glorious!

          • I’m off work, sweetie. What kind of “stay at home” mom are you? Houseclean much? Home cook much? Laundry much? Or are you tweaking the mother role; e.g., misrepresenting past duties as present? My bet is female Boomer pensioner/dividender with stay at home child-raising duties in the rearview mirror. So, which are you? Pensioner or dysfunctional young mother? Feel free to elaborate. Or shut your hole and get back to taking care of your family.

        • “Old Tradesman” – is that a variation on “Der ewige Le Happy Merchant”?

          Wrong on all calls. You are the pensioner with a seething hatred of women. Typical. And it’s not your call to tell me what to do, ever. Perhaps it takes you a long long time to type out words. But shut your stinking hole. I do what I WANT.

    • “I don’t think these sites are good for a person’s mental health.”

      They definitely aren’t. I was a happier and more mentally healthy person before the internet came along. But then I became aware of things I never would have known otherwise. Ignorance truly is bliss.

  7. Guess you didn’t read the NY Times article or listen to the newest Dr. Ionnadis video? Probably won’t put that on here would you shill? Every Alt right leader is a Fed. Long Live Jett Rink!

  8. “Back in January and early February, progressive liberals were unanimous than the real virus was racism and xenophobia. Both sides have equally failed here.”

    We all project a lot onto situations, and, if you are political, it can get out of hand.

    Also, The Internet has fostered a theatrical world where people egg each other on, and or feel drawn to make polarizing and extreme statements, this in order to strike a heroic pose in front of others.

    The long and the short of it is this : ——— if you are not careful, you could start to believe your own headlines, at which point you are in danger of being obtuse, ridiculous, or, in some cases, so addled you wind up a danger to yourself and your fellow man.

  9. PBS productions are extremely well done.

    Of course, they are often so propaganderly skewed, particularly when they are doing the history of a famous personality, you have to pay very careful attention to what it is that they are promulgating, because as often as it is enlightening, it’s downright usurpatious!

    How PBS covers the South, and Southern History, is particularly specious and craven.

    Their history of the Modern NC Klan, entitled, ‘Klansville U.S.A’. was a fascinatingly well done, and laughably horrid, attempt to smear those rural Tarheels who resisted in the 1960s, in order to dissuade youngsters, nowadays, from becoming nationalist.

    Also, their ‘documentary’ on Robert E. Lee was so vicious and petty that I just could not keep watching after the first 50 minutes.

    It was literally like they were taking down a statue, only it was taking place in celluloid in your mind.

    On scientific matters, PBS is on home turf and they normally do a great job.

    Still, you can never taker you mental eye off them – slippery buggers that they be!

    • There’s a very interesting documentary by a Scottish historian where he looks at the connection of Scots ancestry and the Kuklux Klan. LoS show up in it. The historian actually give Dr Hill a fair hearing which amazed me. The producers at the BBC must have slept for a few minutes as that interview played.

      • @Captain John…

        Is that Neil Oliver, Captain?

        Can you give us a link here, so we don’t have to spend all day lookin’ it up?

    • It’s what they leave out that is more important most of the time. In financial reporting on 2008 PBS sidestepped as much as possible the Usual Suspects but was forced to mention Bernie Madoff. Old Bernie just fell out of a tree though, no network there to help him until he blew up.

      Even worse are the other Usual Suspects in most financial scandals who are either not mentioned or only in passing. There is never a reference to their ethnic connections or historical association with usury and financial crimes that impoverish the rest of society while they abscond with their ill gotten goods. Can’t have the public noticing patterns here.

      In their documentary on GWB II’s Iraq War II PBS did a masterful propaganda job of deflecting attention from the elephant in the room, the Israeli/Neo-con connection advising that village idiot, GWB II to go to war. The lies, false premises and massive propaganda campaign including the blatant falsehood that Saddam Hussein harbored Osama bin Laden were all laid at GWB II’s feet alone, as if he were smart enough to carry out a conspiracy. The drivers of the war, the Usual Suspects were mentioned only in passing and never their Israeli connections, all of that was not mentioned.

      DJT better be careful here. The Usual Suspects are cooking up another war in the Near East, this time against their arch enemy, Iran. DJT announced that he ordered the U.S. Navy to destroy Iranian speedboats and drones harassing U.S. ships. I wonder who advised him to do that and what their connection is to Israel? DJT will find out he has bitten off more than he can chew if he starts another war in the Near East. The press will condemn DJT rightly if he gets in another war in the Near East but those scumbags will never ask; “Cui bono?”

    • It’s like if a pandemic broke out at aldermaston and the FSB knew about it last year.

  10. Enough of the fear porn. Time for the NFL draft. Will Dolphins pass on Tua? Should they? Your take, Hunter.

  11. HW has put up with a lot more bs than I would’ve by this point. The “it’s just the flu, bra” people are getting rabid in their insulting comments. It’s way past time to put them down, metaphorically speaking.

    Those who gleefully look at higher death numbers in the past from some variations of seasonal flu should understand that is a damn good reason to put into place protocols and treatments to mitigate losses, not a reason to merrily rampage on in your typically heedless consumerist fashion.

    Those idiotically going on about coronavirus as if they’re all the same: at one end of the scale, types of corona can be colds or bronchitis; on the other end, SARS and MERS. Viruses morph and adapt as they spread, so this engineered combo of SARS/MERS/HIV can be particularly nasty.

    • @Spahn…

      Yes, Spahn, in the short term you are right, BUT, being a supersticious Southerner, as I am, I am suspicious that The Good Lord gave this to us so that we might, collectively, uncover The Better Angels of our Nature.

      That said, what you are seeing up there in a big city, is not necessarily indicative of Smallltown U.S.A.

      No, Sir – down here in my town people have undertaken to be more cautious, but, all day yesterday in WalMart (30 miles from my house) folks were shuckin’ and jivin’, and some even huggin’ each other.

      Please do not forget that in the smalltown South, our principle unit of organization is the church – OUR church, and, though most have temporarily canceled services, the churches we so often attend are front and centre in our minds.

      Also, there is something else you must not forget – we, Southern Men, are very mindful of our honour. That so, there is an underlying attitude among us that there is so far that we will bend to an enemy (human or viral) – and that includes in just how far we will go in allowing our customs to be suspended.

      Case in point – every time I have gone out in recent weeks, I have purposefully NOT avoided people in front of me, purposefully NOT worn a mask, just as I would take the front line in a battle, that to remind people that fear is a far greater opponent to us, than any in the physical world.

      i have not been alone in this, for the overwhelming majority of White Southern men have refused to wear a mask in our area – inside or outside, it don’t make no never mind.

      Though I did not talk to all these men, I know what is in their hearts, because, as White Southerners, we hare one heart and mind.

      This is another answer to your question about where we, In Dixie, have lost a lot of our regional/cultural identity.

      One very clear thing you must know about us – we believe in mind over matter, whether that is right or wrong.

      It is who we are, it is who we always will be.

  12. Raise your hand if you thought you’d ever see Brad post a PBS video as support to any position.

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