Australians Marvel At Donald Trump’s Incompetence

In Australia and New Zealand, 83 and 19 people respectively have died in the coronavirus pandemic. Understandably, the view from Australia of the staggering incompetence on display in the United States where over 55,000 people have died is highly negative, even in the conservative press.

Note: Make sure to watch the first video.

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  1. Australia is a sort of white working class empire. It’s no surprise to see they beat this peril and the government looked out for them. They have only bought time though, there is much more for them to do.

    • Australia needs to kick out the wogs now and go back to a “White Australia” immigration policy. The wogs are more deadly than the corona virus. Saying such things in Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand or Canada will get you in legal trouble now.

      • Well said! Australia has for all intents and purposes become a Chinese colony. Is that why Aussies fought the Japs in WWII?

  2. Am watching the adulation of Jacinda Adern on the BBC and it occurred to me that if any European nation had reacted to the threat like the Kiwis did, they’d be attacked for committing a racism.

    The sheer hypocritical cynical nature of the press knows no shame.

    • “The sheer hypocritical cynical nature of the press knows no shame.”

      Why should they ? Their ((masters)) are a shameless hypocritical breed.

  3. #NewDay2020. No to taking orders from bugmen, the same bugmen that warn of climate disaster are the same bugmen warning of Corona doom. Death rate around 0.01% or less. Economy being destroyed, our lives are being forced to change under Technocratic blueprint to impose the surveillance AI state. Hunter here is too dense to figure that out, instead he wants to repeat MSNBC-Gill Bates talking points on how we should be locked into our houses forever, starve and run out medicine, all because a virus less lethal than the flu is about town. How ridiculous.

  4. We would have this disaster without Trump. He is irrelevant to what is happening. What we have in the US is systematic failure do to corruption and incompetence in the bureaucracy, especially the staff at the CDC and FDA who continually sabotage the efforts of people outside the DC swamp.

    Consider, China, taken by surprise, ends up with 3% of the cases and 2% of the deaths in this pandemic. It has 18% of the world’s population. The US medical and political establishments, with two full months warning, gave us 33% of the cases and 27% of the deaths. We have 4% of the world’s population.

    On a per caput basis, the US pandemic is 45 to 50 times worse than the Chinese pandemic. Moreover, China is in recovery, and we have not yet reached peak pandemic.

    45 to 50 times worse.

    Let that sink it.

    China’s CCP is authoritarian and might be corrupt, but it is filled with highly educated and competent people who are patriots. Our Ruling Class, right called the Extractive Elite, is poorly educated, utterly corrupt, and treasonous.

    • On January 28, China reported 132 total deaths out of 5974 total cases.

      132/5974 = 2.21%.

      On January 29, China reported 170 deaths out of 7711 cases.

      170/7711 = 2.2%.

      On January 30, China reported 213 deaths out of 9692 cases.

      213/9692 = 2.19%.

      On January 31, China reported 259 deaths out of 11791 cases.

      259/11791 = 2.19%.

      On February 1st, China reported 304 deaths out of 14380 cases.

      304/14380 = 2.11%.

      On February 2nd, China reported 361 deaths out of 17205 cases.

      361/17205 = 2.09%.

      On February 3rd, China reported 425 deaths out of 20440 cases.

      425/20440 = 2.07%.


      The Chinese numbers NEVER left that vicinity. For comparison, the American death/case ratio has varied wildly from 7% to 1.2%, changing sometimes by nearly 2% in the course of a week. Currently it’s around 5%.

      On April 17, China released a revised total count of deaths in Wuhan. The original number was 2579. The new number was 3869, an increase of 1290.

      2579*1.5 = 3868.5.

      Not *1.49 or *1.48 or *1.5563 or *1.3201. *1.5000000000000, rounded to the nearest whole number.

      Wuhan is a city of 11 million people, equally as large as New York City, and far more unprepared since nobody was expecting the disease.

      If you take China’s numbers on this epidemic seriously – if you seriously believe that this virus was capable of keeping track of its own infections and calibrating its kills to maintain a very precise ratio, and generally outputs numbers consistent with mathematical formulas on a chalkboard or in a spreadsheet as opposed to the more common messiness seen in biological reality – but mysteriously lost ALL such ability once it left mainland China – your mental processes are even more interesting than I previously thought.

          • Where in my comment did I source anything to the Epoch Times or Fox News? I quoted China’s numbers, direct from the Chinese government. Those are the numbers that, once you actually look at them, are farcically unrealistic, for reasons I pointed out in my comment.

            You did not address any of this; you tried to change the subject to a mirage.

            You are either a paid Chinese shill (though I’d be surprised if the ChiComs bothered with a site like this) or a useful idiot who believes what the commies are telling you.

  5. Australia is still Neo(con-)liberal: plutocratic and imperialist-warmongering. The Morrison regime will continue to do as little good for the working class as possible. Following the direction of its leader (the United States) It will hinder international efforts to combat the New SARS natural disease or bioweapon.

  6. This American is also amazed.

    Voting for Trump was a hope and a prayer, but I am starting to regret it more and more.

      • Yep.
        Of course I meant “island” in the metaphorical sense.

        “Islandization” sounds like a snazzy new term I think President Trump should add to his vocabulary. Sounds like a catchy euphemism for “immigration freeze” that might end up luring neutrals in.

  7. It’s probably obvious to the rest of the world by now that Trump doesn’t know he’s doing and that his creepy, effeminate jew son in law is the one who’s actually in charge. But that fact is lost on most Americans.

  8. This was in the news this morn, that Australian cases are clearing up for about 50% of people in 2 weeks.

    The prob is that around 2,000 cases are either in the hospital or at home, and the other prob is that people who have the more severe infection/pneumonia can have permanent damage to lungs and other organs.

    Would be good if having it actually does result in immunity and it doesn’t mutate.

    A week or more ago they said some people are immune already, and they were speculating it was because their ancestors may have survived during the black plague. I don’t know the validity of that but it would make some folks feel better about their personal situation, especially if they live in a densely populated hot spot. Makes you wonder also where this really came from.

    • The staggering similarities to malaria leap out. Including a second less lethal bout of it.

    • People aren’t permanently immune from getting a cold after they have one, and many of those come from the same family of viruses as this one. The Plague was a bacterial infection, so I would guess there is zero relevance there.

      • It’s strangely similar in every way apart from being DNA instead of RNA.

        The treatments are almost all the same too.

          • 500,000 a year die from Malaria. Most of our measures against it are actually public policy measures, ie drawing the swamp. Corona will be mitigated with public measures. A lot of our customs are going to change. Unfortunately humans are the mosquito in their own disease. There’s so many things we do that make it worse. We are the swamp and mosquito.

  9. I thought I would share this remarkable quote with everyone:

    “I always squat when I pee.”

    – Menachem “Fucktard” Silver, the Atlantic, March 2018

    • The reason why the Aussies were successful is because they were way ahead of Trump and have been injecting disinfectants for months.

  10. Yes, they have controlled it SO FAR.
    Lets see if they can maintain that status, as they return to normal.

  11. Australia always fights on the side of the most powerful White country in the Anglosphere. Back when Britain was the Empire it fought in all their wars. When America displaced Britain as the Empire, Australia fought in all their wars. They are the little brother, who always supports the big brother.

    Australia is in as dire straights as the USA, Canada, America, New Zealand when it comes to non-White immigration. The cities are swamped with non-Whites, the countryside is not so bad, but the anti-Whites are trying to flood the country towns with non-Whites as well. There’s 3 million people there on temporary visas, whom the government told to go home if they can’t support themselves, because Australia can’t afford to support them in a depression. So things could be looking up.

    Regarding the response to the virus, they were lucky in that their conservative prime minister was relatively young and not still living in the 1980s like Trump is. Also one of the conservative government’s senior ministers caught the virus early, so it gave them a big kick in the pants, which might have raised their prime minister’s IQ a bit.

    However the conservatives in Australia are agitating to open back up and are about to get their way, so I am wondering if they will encounter the same problems as Hakkaido.

    April 26, 2020 at 9:24 pm

    The provincial government of Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, was having great success because it was proactive in locking down, testing and tracing while the federal government and the rest of Japan did nothing. But then it re-opened its economy:

  12. Here’s a dark side to the oz/nz success story.
    They have left their entire population vulnerable to wuflu.
    Their entire nation is fertile ground for futures outbreaks, unless they remain in a bubble of isolation. Even then, there will be ‘leakage’.

    They may just be trading a sudden surge in cases for a long slow burn.

    • Its all good. They will need to have a strict quarantine at their ports of entry until there is a vaccine. If a vaccine is not found, even better. In that case they will have an excuse to keep foriegners out permanently, and no amount of calling them racist will work.

  13. Australians always lean to the Left and Globalism, and make no mistake, their Liberal Party is NOT conservative. They are what the name suggests, liberals, who will swing to Socialism at the drop of a hat. Same sex marriage, homosexualism, abortion, feminism, affirmative action, rampant commie welfare policies, and multiculturalism, it’s all sweet to Aussies.

    Yes, Australians will re-adopt virtually unlimited Asian and African invasion policies because they have swallowed globalism hook line and sinker. This means CV will return, in one form or another and will get them eventually.

    And by the way, Aussies love the new tracking app being foisted on them. Two million out of 24 signed up already.

  14. This is the usual TDS I’ve come to expect from this site. Sure, Trump is imperfect, but no alternative is ever offered though I’m sympathetic to the idea of the country breaking apart into smaller regional units. It’s clear by now that the CDC is at best naturally incompetent or at worst willfully stupid or maybe comprised of deep state anti-Trump operators.

    Australia has been heading left even faster than here, though it will be a surprise if the government turns course and starts looking out for white Australians first.

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