Tucker Carlson Attacks Chinese Totalitarianism

Just … LOL.

China locked down Wuhan on January 23 when there were 17 deaths in Wuhan and 444 cases in Hubei province. The Chinese military quarantined Wuhan and Hubei province. The lockdown officially ended on April 8th. 700 million Chinese were locked down in February. In three weeks, China crushed the virus outside of Wuhan and Hubei province. It was over by the middle of February.

How has lolbertarianism worked out in the United States? There are 1,131,280 cases of coronavirus in the United States. We have had 65,766 deaths. Unlike the United States, the virus was never allowed to establish itself outside of Hubei province in China. There were 8 deaths in Guangdong and 22 deaths in Henan province. 9 people died in Beijing. 231 have died in Washington, DC.

If the Chinese response to the coronavirus was cruel “totalitarianism,” what does that say about us? Donald Trump and his donors decided to “ride it out” and “think of it as just the flu” in February. New York City and other hotspots were never quarantined. As a result, the virus has disrupted OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY and we are now in for a TWO YEAR ORDEAL. The lockdown has already lasted longer here than it ever did in China. In most places in China, it lasted for two weeks and virtually no one died.

We currently have 903,951 active cases of coronavirus in the United States. There are undoubtedly millions of Americans who are infected and who haven’t been tested. Tucker Carlson wants to “Reopen America” in the middle of an epidemic. He assures us that it isn’t that bad. There were a lot of people in China in January who thought the Chinese government overreacted in locking down Wuhan, but they have almost certainly changed their minds by now after watching how the virus has played out here in the United States. No one in China wants to trade places with Americans at the moment.

Suppose we had done what China did with Wuhan in this country. New York and New Jersey would have been quarantined for two months. In half of the United States, there would have been a two week vacation lockdown. In the other half, life wouldn’t have been disrupted at all. Now try to imagine that the only people who died from the virus were in New York City and this whole problem had been nipped in the bud in three weeks and we were over it and life had already returned to normal.

The ultimate irony here is that China cares more about the lives of its citizens than Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson who care more about the GDP.

Global Times:

“To be honest, during the lockdown, some people contacted me in private and said they thought that the country had overly responded to the epidemic and that the economic loss would be too great. If it weren’t for the later ability to compare the anti-epidemic performance of Western countries such as the US to China’s, we may never have known that China was right in almost every step it took starting from the Wuhan lockdown. If China had tackled the virus the way the US is doing, millions of people would have been infected and 100,000 to 200,000 Chinese people would have died.

Many things happening in other countries are surprising. Isn’t the US a democratic society?  How come American lives are so much “cheaper” than Chinese lives? China would not accept high death tolls from the epidemic, but in the US 1,000 to 2,000 people die every day.  US President Donald Trump really doesn’t seem to be taking people’s lives seriously – all for the sake of an election …”

It isn’t China that is going for “herd immunity” and writing off the elderly as useless eaters. It is “pro-life” conservatives on FOX News who are ready to engage in human sacrifice to save the economy.

Note: If what we are hearing now is true, the death toll could climb to 2.2 million before herd immunity is reached in the U.S. Good luck explaining that as the flu. So dumb.

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  1. HW, why do you believe any of the “information” coming from China, especially since the expulsion of foreign journalists?

    • I believe it was worse than the official death toll, but not much worse. They cracked down on Wuhan hard and fast. China never had multiple Wuhans like the United States.

      • I’m not sure what to make of the Chinese numbers. On the one hand, I wouldn’t put it past the CCP and just the Chinese mentality in general to lie in order to “save face.” On the other hand, I wonder if it would be really possible to keep a lid on it if it was much worse. (Hunter seems to have forgotten the vids he was linking to in Feb that claimed it was waaaaay worse than was being reported in China. Supposedly, people were dropping like flies left and right.) Also, other east Asian countries with relatively freer governments, have had similar success in containing it, so it could well be the China numbers are real.

        • It was bad in Wuhan and Hubei province. It never got bad anywhere else in China because it was locked down so quickly. Nothing happened in Beijing, Shanghai or anywhere else. There was a lockdown there which lasted a few weeks and that was it

          • And you know this how, from the internet?

            Are you now going to say the Holocaust also happened and six million Jews were gassed?

          • You did see that stupid chart map showing importers cases of Covud19 right? Like that’s not rich cHinese ethnics superspreading back home after spreading abroad

        • “I’m not sure what to make of the Chinese numbers.”

          They’re a pack of lies.

          There’s no way they can arrest the spread of the virus in such a vast populous nation, that abruptly.
          Something very dirty is going on.

          • I find it very difficult to beleive that they really kept the dead and infected down to the numbers reportwd officially.

    • “especially since the expulsion of foreign journalists?” This is not true. China expell few
      American journalist from but and similar. There are like thousands of West expats living in China. Thousands of journalist. Many of them stream to YouTube. Go there and check their content.

        • Any Western expat reporting contrary to CCP doctrine (or anything critical of CCP) will be packing their bags within 24 hours. Everyone in China is monitored and surveilled. Especially foreigners!

          • Sounds like a good thing. Why should a nation be expected to allow packs of seditious immigrants to fester within its borders? Imagine if the USA deported dangerous and subversive immigrants, like a certain tribe of goblins who came over in the early 20th century, for example. Instead, the USA gives the immigrants privileges and power over the native population.

  2. Carlson is and has always been a tool – no one rises through the ranks of the US Lügenpresse without being one.

    • @CD…

      Yes, everybody is a tool who does not think and advocate exactly as you.
      Everyone a fake sell-out – every single one before the public eye – because you have understood what 99% of the rest of the country has failed to grasp – we are all, whether we know it or not, in the service of ZOG.

  3. China made a costly economic mistake here. They missed a golden opportunty to send their broken work units to “the farm”. The CCP could have let the virus rip, and blame it on another country as the Republican Party have, and come out the other side with a younger healthier work unit population. Instead they are stuck with a large number of 40+ year old work units, that they will have to feed in the coming decades.

    America deployed the final solution to the ageing work unit problem. China was too dumb to think of it. Trump 3D Chess! China 1D Checkers!


  4. The Chines CCP crushed the Virus, via welding metal doors shut in high rise apartments/ blocking villages in Hubei province. We all on the dissent right saw the videos, and so did Trump/ his Mafia and Nancy Pelosi/ with her Mafia, back early this year.

    Wuhan has reopened, “?

    I’m not saying let’s reopen all the dementia units in western nursing homes,

    However we need to start reopening sad somewhere?

    The Nogs on Gun Memorial are still capping each other off at the same rate.

    If that makes you fell better HW,

    Check the daily stats.

    Update us

    • I remember seeing that.

      I posted all the videos here.

      Elsewhere in China, there were lockdowns which lasted two or three weeks. Those lockdowns were imposed when the number of cases outside Hubei were miniscule.

      • Currently they are rewriting history though. That map showing imported cases of Covid19 is an absolute cheek. It’s a tally of Chinese ethnics running home after infecting whitey with the virus.

  5. “especially since the expulsion of foreign journalists?” This is not true. China expell only few American journalist. There are like ten thousands West expats and journalist living in China right now. Go check them. Some of them live stream their experience

    • These people think China is some DPRK style closed state and information void for some reason. There are Western NGOs, all sorts of western expats and businessmen, Western intelligence there, etc. China would never be able to hide millions of people dropping dead or burning people alive or whatever these people are claiming.

      It’s just a cope for conservatives because their minds never moved past 20th century cold war “USA #1” nonsense. It is impossible for them to admit that a “communist” country has put America to shame and made it look like a joke.

      • I agree, Dart. Including the parentheses you put around communist. China is a ONE-party-led NATIONALIST state with democratic local elections and strict meritocracy at the top. It now has the most billionaires, and other characteristics of capitalism although real property ownership is still temporary not permanent. Independent, unoccupied Korea (DPRK) is a much better example of communism.

  6. This looks like the US decided on the final solution boomer reduction pack.

    No other answer satisfies the unfolding events.

  7. It is really amazing how naive Westerners are when it comes to believing the information that comes from the commie countries!!! People like Hunter who have never spend years living under a totalitarian regime have no understanding how these spawns of the devil operate, how twisted their mentality is, how good their propaganda machine could be! Let me have it on the record for your benefit Hunter: I don’t believe a single word that comes out of these Chinese commie devils. One day the truth about what happened and what is happening right now there will come out and it won’t be what you think it is. But by that time it won’t matter because they would have achieved their goals!

    • Well. I spent 16 years in Soviet Union and still live in the former Soviet territory. About those commies. There are two of them. Soviet and China ones are career commies. They care more about their welfare as ideology.

      And there are real commies like in the west who are mentally ill and really believe. In the Soviet Union was strict censorship but not very much lies. Soviet and today China propaganda knows the golden rule. Cover it up or minimize, change the narrative or whatever but do not lie.

      As we now know, Soviets lied very little. Now I check constantly Chinese propaganda, I like their propaganda movies and by my experience they also lie very little.

      Current problem is actually very little connected to China. They hoped to cover up and contain the epidemic but failed. but despite cover up the rest of the world knew enough to take precautions. Close the border and launch standard anti epidemic measures. A lot of countries did that.

      Can you tell us, what those Chinese exactly lie ? And how is this relevant ?

      • You are joking right! Let see, where do I start? With the concepts of the “Big Lie” and the “small lie” probably. As Reagan astutly observed that the communists reserve the right to cheat, lie, steal and its all good as long as it strengthens their grip on power and the spread of their ideology.
        How about Wuhan, Chernobyl, all the other bog and small incidents that used to happen all the time in the former Eastern Bloc and never got reported. Now about the every day small lies. The news on the tv every noght declaring that this and that small factory or agricultural co-op is fulfilling their quotas while people didn’t have what to eat. You know I remember watching a great movie a few years ago that only came out after 1989 because the censors shelved it. It was about a fishing boat that caught a small fish, a tiny single fish. They report this to their commie superiors and from one boss to another up the chain the fish turned in the end to be a big whale that those heroic fishermen will now bring to our socialist homeland. That was life during communism, one big lie. That is what life in present day China is.

  8. Tucker Carlson has always been a bow tie wearing neocon twink. I cringe whenever I hear someone on our side praise him and suggest he is secretly one of us.

  9. Carlson is such an obvious shill, and a perfect fit for the audience targeted by Fox News. The U.S.’s top “journalists” mostly have law degrees, like most of our top politicians (that we elect) are lawyers. They are mostly wordsmiths and sociopaths who care nothing for truth and humanity.

  10. “Peak Prosperity” today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6y8dlhoMpo When a mainstream “news” magazine like Newsweek and a mainstream capitalist investment site like “Peak Prosperity” begin to mention something that could never be discussed before, it could mean facts are emerging elsewhere anyway, that need to be managed, “fogged” or “spun” – that SARS CoV-2 might be a human creation after all, not a natural disease caused by bat-eating. Note that Dr. Martenson regularly charges China with wildly understating its “real” case and death statistics, and that this “controversial” new update effectively supports the effort of mainstream media, the “intelligence” agencies, the Trump administration and many of our elected representatives to blame, overthrow and re-subjugate China and force it to pay trillions of dollars of reparations for causing the pandemic. It is a very delicate “spin” operation, to shift responsibility for the pandemic on China, but I believe we can pull it off because no nation (except Israel) can match the propaganda power of the U.S. media.

  11. For half a century now, I’ve watched Americans pile up their elderly like kindling in Medicare dumps of one kind and another. Inasmuch as no small portion of those old souls probably voted for the arrangement in which they ended up, I can’t say I pity them their fate, now that the spark has been put to the heap.

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      I took care of my daddy to his end, Dear John, including helping him commit suicide.

      Moreover, I took charge of our daughters’ education.

      I did this because I believe that the modern world is out of their mind subcontracting the development and care of their loved ones to public institutiions.

      So, if I understand your comment right, I am very much in accord with you.

      In some instances it may be only possible to do things with the help of institutions, but, it is my firm conviction that, if at all possible YOU ought be the one to care for your loved ones.

      In my view, this time in history is out of it’s mind, and this outsourcing the care of our loved ones is a profound symptom of that – or is it a cause?

      Thank you so very much for being a good and faithful son to your wonderful mama!

      • “In my view, this time in history is out of it’s mind, and this outsourcing the care of our loved ones is a profound symptom of that – or is it a cause?”

        I’ve asked myself that same question.

        It’s funny, Ivan, maybe two, three years ago, I head a young woman on the radio say something like, “Sometimes I think about when I’ll be old, and I picture myself in some home ….”

        Her point, whatever it was, had nothing in particular to do with aging or care of the elderly. What was striking was that she took our current arrangements for care of the elderly as a given, almost as a part of the natural world. It was all she’d ever seen–in her own lifetime, I mean–and it just seemed to her to be THE WAY THINGS ARE.

        Around that same time, I heard a young woman–maybe the same young woman–talk about the “traditional” course of life, in which you go to college. Yes, I’m pretty sure that was the adjective she used–traditional–for a practice, going to college, that became widespread within the lifetimes of her grandparents, if not her parents. Her tradition-breaking proposal was that some persons, after high school, start their working lives.

        Both these young women–or the one young woman if it was only one–had immature voices; and both, I’m pretty sure, were being interviewed, on NPR, about newly-released books they’d written. The not-college thing was the subject of one of the books.

        Anyway, yes, I think you understood my comment right

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          Thank you for your reply, Dear John.

          Excellent examples of how what is artificial is so unwittingly taken for natural.

          So many of us work with false suppositions that it is too massive a weight to contemplate correcting.

          All we can do is do right by those who cross our path and hope to The Good Lord that this is pleasing to him!

          All the best to you and mama, as per usual!

  12. Would you like to move to China, Hunter? You seem like you would be more comfortable there. America is still unlike any other country in the the world and I LOVE my TRUE Americans.

    Are you paying attention to what’s going on?

    That little visit AMERICANS paid to the psycho Whitmoron, in MI? Things HERE are much more interesting than ZOG’s tedious “death rates”. Yawn.

    Wonderful things are happening. I’m sorry you aren’t up to it. Maybe you need a vacation in China.

    • Say what you will about China, but at least it is over there. Life in Wuhan has returned to normal. They aren’t even doing “social distancing” there now. Meanwhile, the lockdowns have lasted here than was ever the case in China and now we are poised for a TWO YEAR ORDEAL.

      • Hunter dear – do you need to see a doctor? Are you having hallucinations? Viruses NEVER go away. And the fact that the Chinese, in the source of the outbreak of CoronaChan aren’t even “social distancing” is pretty much 3D evidence that CoronaChan is just not that bad.

        • No, it is evidence that China eliminated it and dealt with it.

          In over half of China, the lockdown lasted two weeks. Life returned to normal in mid-February. There was never any disruption elsewhere. In Wuhan, which is where this all started, the lockdown lasted until April 8th. Now, life has returned to normal in Wuhan. Meanwhile, you are still stuck in your house and your state is still dealing with it because your president is an incompetent moron.

          Look at East Asia and Oceania. The virus has been eliminated in New Zealand. It has nearly been eliminated in Australia. Japan is under a state of emergency. The virus never gained a foothold in Vietnam, North Korea, Mongolia. It has been nearly eliminated in South Korea. It was contained and suppressed in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Singapore has a problem with migrant workers getting infected, but otherwise seems to be fine. Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are dealing with it. It simply isn’t that serious there.

          • Deadly viruses can be eliminated in agriculture, and they are eliminated when “economic considerations” (of BIG ag) force the government into REAL action. For example “Sharka” (plum pox virus) was eliminated in the U.S. by a full-fledged program of testing, tracing and eradication.

          • There is no eliminating it…at least for the short term. There is only living with it, which is why lockdowns are dumb. Quarantine the sick only.

        • @DENISE…

          I agree with you that it will not be going away and that, whether we like it or not, we will have to accept that it is here to stay.

          We cannot wait for it to go away before we get back to living.

          • Thank you, Ivan. Given the nature of this weirdo lab-created virus – it’s not going away. As I have noted before – the freaking Bubonic PLAGUE is still here.

            Hunter is, alas, logically inconsistent. First the virus is terribly deadly and we all must stay inside. (Which is IMPOSSIBLE) CoronaChan is a horrible killer – but the brilliant GOOKS who are so honest and terrific have IRRADICATED CoronaChan in 2 weeks!

            You can trust the gooks because gooks are SO good.

            Derb, alas, married a slope. But he does have direct experience with them:


            ANY one who believes gook agitprop is BRAIN damaged.

            Hunter- do you think the gooks will pay for your life – if they manage to take over Murka?

        • @DENISE…

          “Thank you, Ivan. Given the nature of this weirdo lab-created virus – it’s not going away. As I have noted before – the freaking Bubonic PLAGUE is still here. ”

          You’re very welcome, My Dear!

          I very much appreciate your confidence and strength in the face of adversity, and the fact that you have the strength to keep sniffing for the bottom lines – even if that means you have to modify your initial views to reflect the new information.

          Too many people, on every side of the fence, on every issue, settle on a particular opinion that is comfortable for them, and then, no matter what, keep heralding that view.

          Life is too complex for a lot of folks, and to cope with the discomforts of that, they retreat to oversimplified & static views, and then keep drumming that reductionism, no matter what!@#$%^!

  13. Tucker has embarrassed himself.

    It’s a shame really. The one voice of reason on nightly infotainment shot himself in the foot, and then took the bloody stump and shoved into his mouth.

    Such has been and will always be American conservatism.

  14. Tucker Carlson has done a world of good compared to whatever lapses he may have suffered. I do hear Neocons talk about the need to punish China. Let us be frank;China is the world’s oldest continuous civilization. There will always be a China and a Chinese people! Can we say the same for the United States? I think not! How is it we think we can defeat China in battle? 1 in every 4 people on Earth is Chinese and they can field more people in their army if necessity requires than the total number of people who live in the United States. We can’t even defeat Afghanistan or North Vietnam! Conventional wisdom dictates never to get in a ground war in Asia. All this brave anti-Chinese talk on the part of our elites? Question: who put the Chinese Communists in power? The Soviet Union? No Stalin actually financed the nationalists in WW II because he did not trust Mao. The United States’ State Deportment is who brought the Communists to power! Have we forgotten one George Marshall, head general in charge, imposed an embargo on arms to Chinese nationalist causing Mao to win?

    • How do you explain the Japanese going through China like a bull in a China closet before WW2? If the US stayed out of WW2, China would have destroyed by tiny Japan. China is still on the map thanks to the US.

    • @Heartland…

      I totally agree, Mr. Indiana Man – Tucker Carlson stands by himself in the world of The Mainstream Media, and he has both done a world of good, by clearly explaining what is going on in this country.

      If his judgement is not perfect on every call, then he is only like the rest of us – human.

      To know how good Mr. Carlson is, just imagine if all The Mainstream Media were as honourable about their jobs as is he!

    • Not to mention China’s current ascendant economic position is the result of a deliberate policy by the federal government (initiated in the 80s) to enrich China in hopes of them casting off thousands of years of cultural history to integrate themselves into the American liberal order. What a retarded idea.

  15. I think a strict shut down could have been (still should be) enforced here without doing some of the more questionable things that China did, like welding people in their homes with unknown food reserves. The elderly in Wuhan probably didn’t enjoy that very much.

      • @Denise…

        “I still think you should weld yourself in. Nikki.”

        And I agree with you, too, here, Madame – the wife and I are ready to go out to eat, enjoy some frozen strawberry margaritas, all the while enjoying the company of other humans who are not sequestered behind cloth masks!

  16. https://t.co/KcMkvzHilW

    Instant Classic!

    In all seriousness, the bigger picture is that Uncle Shlomo’s #1 geopolitical rival is ridiculing the old heeb publicly. Yep, the 2020’s are going to be an interesting decade all right.

  17. I used to go to Zero Hedge to read the comments and think to myself “wow, these guys are really smart”.

    Now I go to the Zero Hedge comment section and I think to myself “I used to be this stupid”.

    You can tell most of them are Breitard rejects, too.

  18. Tucker has to demonstrate his Neocon credentials from time to time to keep his job.

    • Tucker is either a nationalist pretending to be a neocon or a neocon pretending to be a nationalist. Which is more likely? Do you honestly believe the Zionists who run Fox News are stupid enough to hire someone who subtly thwarts their neocon agenda? Everything tucker has ever said has been scrutinized by the neocons before it has gone to air, everything he has ever said is therefore neocon-approved.

      You can never out-Jew the Jews.

      • @RICKY….

        Denise is right, My Southern Brother. Mr. Carlson has frequently moved the Overton Window to the right.

        So much so, in fact, that all the Leftist Blogs I read, and or watch, consider him to be a dangerous White-Supremacist.

        And, by the way, Imperial Wizard Dr. David Duke has high praise for My. Carlson. Do you think that he, who has spent his entire life fighting Zionists, is fooled?

    • Tucker is the ONLY person on air who ever manages to get a shred of sanity and truth across. Yes. He needs to state the “official narrative” – but he’s not wrong about China.

    • @Captain John…

      We, Americans, bomb the everloving hell out of everything, spread death, chaos, and terror around the world.

      Does that mean Chinese ought think we are a people with no redeeming qualities?

      For whatever it is worth. Captain, I agree with you that The Chinese are unparalled at starting plagues.

      That said, they are also a culture that has amazing things – from their landscape painting, to the gardens and architecture. Their food, so varied by the region, is the most amazing thing in the culinary world – beyond even Italian and Mexican, which, themselves, are amazingly varied cuisines.

      The Chinese have excellent cinema, fantastic classical music of their own, a great martial arts history, and their philosophical edge (with Buddhism and Taoism) is profound and has made a huge contribution to mankind.

      The Chinese had figured out gunpowder, the necessity of bathing, and exploration while we, The White European Races, were still going around with dirty asses and spears.

      Oriental armour-making was at an extraordinary high level long before ours.

      The Chinese developed furniture making, dyeing and finishing, along with their Japanese cousins, to an unbelievable art, centuries before we got there.

      Chinese and Japanese woodworking tools are an art unto themselves.

      Their steel sword making methods set a new level of what hand fold-welding steel blades beyond our best Damascus steel methods

      Chinese tapestries and brocade silk dress making is out of this world, as are the art of chinoiserie laquers and embroidery..

      Chinese women are also great – tough as nails, yet fantastically seductive, witty, and very very faithful.

      I humbly thank The Chinese People for their contribution to Mankind, but, yes, like our government sucks, so does theirs, too – though, their way of ‘sucking’ is uniquely their own.

      • Even on a site like this, you find people prostrating themselves before other races. Tell me, have you ever written anything so flowery about whites? Most of it was wrong too. For example, according to Professor Pan Suiming, from the Institute for Research on Sexuality and Gender at Renmin University of China in Beijing, infidelity in China is the highest in the world. And Europeans never bathed? Give me a break. Really, Europeans were/are superior to the Chinese on most of the these fronts. Nothing says great Chinese cuisine like canine boiled alive and gutter oil.

        • @Nikandros…

          I know, My Greek Friend – I’ve written praises of Chinese Culture and People, and rightfully shown areas where they have achieved beyond us.

          Truly a sign of virulent anti-White behavior, because we all know that the only good and true Pro-White behavior is to see all cultures hopelessly inferior to us – as they always have been!

          Poor Friedrich Der Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor of the 12th century, did not get your memo on Medieval European bathing habits, because, when he came back from 10 years of Arab Captivity, he shocked Christendom world with the heresy he had learned from Saracens – bathing every day!

          And, when Friedrich came up on charges for excommunication, at the top of the list of his heresies was – yes, you guessed it – his daily bathtaking – this at a time when historians are in agreement that most Western Europeans were lucky to take a bath once a year.

          If they were doing better in your land of Greece, that’s fine. Y’all are, after all, the people that gave us, Aristophanes and Heraclitus!

          But, I better be careful about praising Greece, Grecians, and Greek Culture, Nikandros, lest one of my fellow Americans accuse me of writing flowery things about a land filled full of people who, in their view, have never achieved anything in the last 2,000 years!

          • Ivan,

            The Romans/ Greeks/Byzantines were highly advanced and had indoor plumbing, public baths. A flushing toilet was found in England that dates to the 1st century AD. The flushing toilet was for common legionaiires. Rome had wonderful plumbing and public baths until the sixth century when they were destroyed by a siege.

            The northern barbarians and the Moslems attack on Europe set Europe back centuries before they recovered. The Greeks and Romans also had advanced shipping and exploration along with armored ships called cataphracted war ships long before others.

            The only source I checked said Damascus swords were the best in the world for its time.

            Frederick Barbarossa was excommunicated twice I believe. Once for not going on crusade and the second time mostly for political reasons. I could not find any source that said he was excommunicated for bathing. Please enlighten me.

            Charles Oman the historian believes that because all three ingredients for gunpowder did not exist in Europe while they did in Mongolia and China that the Chinese probably did invent gunpowder but its development comes from Europe of course.

            As a Catholic I do not find anything spiritual about non Christian religions and it would be a sin if I did.

            The phoenicians circumnavigated Africa in 600 BC. I could go on and on but you get the point.

            I do not have contempt for the Chinese of course.

          • Many WNs don’t even consider modern Greeks to be Whites. After all, the Greeks resemble the Turks in appearance more than they do any Western European people.

          • @Rigel

            Of course, Greeks are white, but they’re right on the dividing line obviously. White means European caucasoid, which is a broad racial category that includes a variety of European caucasoid sub-races. And if we’re going by just looks, the Welsh and Irish can be quite dark. I myself am American and mostly North English/Scottish with only a little Greek.

            These images should clear things up. As you can see, pure Aryans (Yamnaya) don’t exist. All Europeans are a varying mix of Ice Age Hunter-Gatherer, Neolithic Anatolian/Levantine, and Aryans (Indo-Europeans or Yamnaya).


          • @Nikandro

            There are of course few dark individuals, but the Irish and the Welsh are among the whitest nations. In fact, the Irish on average have the palest skin in the world. There’s also a very high percentage of light-eyed people in their population.

            Pure Aryans may not exist today, but pure Nordic racial types still exist in places like Denmark, Northern Germany and even Russia. Also it’s the Sintasha culture, not Yamnaya, that is associated with ancient Aryans.

      • Ivan,

        Down below seems to be the main reason for Barbarossa being excommunicated. Obviously there could never be religious/logical justification for excommunicating a bather even by Papal abuse of authority. Daily bathing at the time might have been frowned on but excommunication for that reason? Seems unlikely. Pretty difficult in cold weather to be bathing daily anyway before modern times. I bet your average Chinese did not have access to daily baths back then either.

        Stated reason for the excommunication——–

        Under the pretext that the emperor intended to drive him from Rome, Gregory excommunicated Frederick for the second time on Palm Sunday, March 20, 1239. This was the beginning of the last phase of the gigantic struggle between the papacy and the empire; it ended with the death of the emperor and the downfall of his house.

        • @Cristina…

          Thank you so much for your excellent replies!

          #1. Frederick was excommunicated for a multitude of reasons – one being that he kept the habits of an infidel – bathing. I bring this up because it shows European attitudes on bathing, about a millenia back. I did a research paper on this in school, and know whereof I speak.

          #2. Instead of chipping away at my argument, where you feel it is convenient, look at the accomplishments I have listed achieved by Chinese civilization. Refute them, as a body, otherwise, accept the basic premise of my point : ——— which is that The Chinese People are far from a people who ought be reviled.

          #3. The way forward for Whites is in nurturing our own peoples and cultures, while appreciating the achievements of others – if for no other reason than the attitudes of those, like Nikandros, are repellant to the majority of other Whites – because these views are unjust, and Whites, above all, have always been concerned about being just.

          #4. The fantastic achievements of the Greco-Romano civilzations, millenia back, are not in any way indicative of where my English ancestors were, as a whole, except for those English aristocrats and plutocrats, such as Alfred, who journeyed to these places and, upon returning home, undertook to imitate them, in certain respects.

          Thank you & be well!

          • Ivan,

            You are wrong on number 1 as I have already demonstrated. He was not excommunicated for bathing . Quit making up your reasons for his excommunciation. If you are Orthodox you are schismatic.

            Point number 2–It is you who are chipping away at white accomplishmehnts. The Chinese at their best never come close to white acheivements over all. They would still be living in the middle ages if it was not for white help to them. And I never said they should be reviled.

            Point 3- The views of Nikandros are not repellant to anyone I know. By the way white armor of mail and plate armor were fantastic. The Arabs mentioned how their arrows could not penetrate their mail. And of course plate mail developed in Europe was even superior to mail.

            Point 4–The Romans brought their civilization to England in the first century AD.

            It was whites not chinese who developed and spread civilization throughout the world not your chinese friends.

          • Ivan,

            For a man who did a research paper on Frederick Barbarossa and his excommunication you got your Fredericks confused. Barbarossa died leading an army on crusade in the 12th century.

            The pro-Moslem Emperor Frederick lived in the 13th century and was probably the Frederick you meant. I got them confused as well so do not feel bad. A lot of Fredericks in German history.

            Of course most people in the world at the time did not bathe regularly. My grandfather was in Morocco in the 1950’s. He said the people stank as did one of my uncles who was with the American Army in Desert Storm in the 1990’s. I have relatives on both sides of the River. He mentioned the average Arab also smelled even in the cities. If they were like that in modern times then you know they were like that in the Middle Ages. Probably only the rich bathed often in most societies until recently.

            The official Church condemnation/excommunication of Frederick II is given here:


          • Refute them, as a body, otherwise, accept the basic premise of my point : ——— which is that The Chinese People are far from a people who ought be reviled.

            Their civilizational achievements require no one to love and embrace the Chinese. They are a rival civilizational bloc and a rival race. That is how they view us and that is how we should view them. There is still plenty of room for mutual respect in this view. But anything more than that is idealistic nonsense.

  19. I don’t believe the china numbers one bit, especially as they had another outbreak in Harbin recently. However, I do believe that New Zealand under the repulsive Jacinta Adern did get the virus under control fast, as did Australia. Our farting around with half-ass measures probably means we’ll all be suffering through this for months to come. New Zealand was able to open up mostly this past week. Perhaps the best way to deal with this is simply to send every American a supply of Hydroxychloroquin to take as a preventative.

  20. Holy hell. Did xi pang yong or whatever the hell the name of chinas dictator is buy this website or something????

    • @America Always –

      Yes, you figured it out – because Mr. Griffin feels that The Chinese Government handled the crisis better than ours, he surely must be a Chinese agent – just like everyone who admires Vladimir Putin is a Russian agent, and or dupe.

      This kind of thinking is so advanced, no doubt, that it will take years and years for the rest of us to rise to these heights!

      I thank you with all my heart for your having shared this wisdom with us!

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