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  1. The Five Eyes (US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand intelligence) wrote a report that implies “China lied to the world about human-to-human transmission of the virus, disappeared whistleblowers and refused to hand over virus samples so the West could make a vaccine” (NY Post), and “China deliberately suppressed or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus outbreak in an “assault on international transparency’’ that cost tens of thousands of lives” (Australian Daily Telegraph).



    HW, and some commenters here, already knew, wrote about and linked to such info weeks and months ago. Don’t those well-paid spooks have access to Google?

    • @Boomer X

      “Don’t those well-paid spooks have access to Google?”

      They have access to all manner and number of sources, but their self-righteousness and arrogance keeps them from believing and acting on the information from those selfsame sources.

    • There was probably some political hesitation there. If it was Russia, the reports would have been filed even before the facts were in. But criticizing China could be construed as “racist,” so you have to tread cautiously.

      Whatever the case, it’s good to see further official recognition that China is rejecting the post-WWII liberal order, is looking out solely for herself, and views the west as the enemy. New Cold War, here we come.

    • Hey Boomer x

      I got a vaccine for Coronavirus Kung Flu and all related airborne viruses that come out of these dirty ChiCom wet markets….

      Just don t let hundreds of thousands of these diseased alien ChiComs move in and out of the few remaining White Western places left on planet earth.

      The Japanese did/do this.

      It sounds obvious to me.

      But sadly most of our people can t seem to rap their minds around obvious things .

      My Chicago has had 500 plus murders by Black AA every single year for the past 40 years .

      How many Japanese people are murdered by Black AA gangs in Japanese cities every year?

      Answer: none

      How do Alex Jones and Ron & Rand Paul Libertarians explain this difference between Chicago and Japanese cities?

      Is it something to do with Constitutions?


      Ahhhhhh no

      • It has been pointed out by HW, myself, and many others here that all our incompetent, traitorous elites had to do to prevent the spread of corona-chan was forbid flights from China. Stopping overland travel from Canada and Mexico, and sending Chinese nationals back home, would’ve been appropriate as well. Our own citizens over there in slantyland would’ve just had to ride it out, because we’ve got over 330 million to worry about.

  2. “I will eat your ass!” — Alex Jones Did he get attacked by gay frogs made rabid by bathing in fluoride after getting vaccinated?

      • That eat your ass thing was taken out of context left wing media made him out to be a complete loon and the blue checkmark dopes had a shit fit over it on twitter.

        Its real easy to take Alex jones out of context with the wacky stuff he says. Its fascinating tho how fast alex jones will resort to cannibalism in order to feed his kids lol

  3. In my county, here in Texas, we’re still observing protocol, and local restaurants are still keeping their dining areas closed. Stores are still limiting the number of customers inside at any one time, and closing one to two hours early every afternoon/evening.

    • Deus ex perhaps the game he talking about? I didn’t watch video but i will later. Great game I finished beating deus ex mankind divided a few months ago really fun experience I recommend it to anyone who likes cyberpunk and the theme of futuristic dystopia

    • Musk believes that we’re living in a computer simulation. If he believes that, why couldn’t we be part of a global conspiracy program, too? We’re all just code to be programmed and manipulated in the Matrix universe.

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