COVID-19 IFR Meta Analysis

Bad news for flu truthers.



After exclusions, there were 13 estimates of IFR included in the final meta-analysis, from a wide range of countries, published between February and April 2020.

The meta-analysis demonstrated a point-estimate of IFR of 0.75% (0.49-1.01%) with significant heterogeneity (p<0.001).


Based on a systematic review and meta-analysis of published evidence on COVID-19 until the end of April, 2020, the IFR of the disease across populations is 0.75% (0.49-1.01%). However, due to very high heterogeneity in the meta-analysis, it is difficult to know if this represents the ‘true’ point estimate. It is likely that different places will experience different IFRs. More research looking at age-stratified IFR is urgently needed to inform policy-making on this front.”

The IFR of flu is 0.04%. The attack rate is significantly lower due to the availability of vaccines and existing immunity within the public.

The IFR of COVID-19 falls in the 0.49-1.01% range. The attack rate is significantly higher due to the lack of a vaccine and existing immunity.

“Less than 1%” sounds like a good number. The Imperial College study though predicted an IFR of 0.9% for Britain based on Chinese data.

328.2 million (U.S. population) x 81% (prevalence) x 0.75% (IFR) = 1,993,815 predicted deaths. This is within the range of 1.8 million to 2.2 million predicted deaths without mitigation.

It is “just the flu” for people under 30 years old.

COVID-19 is racist against black people.

I know this sounds like an impossible number, but that is the number of people who would die without a treatment or vaccine before herd immunity is reached. A fatality rate of 0.6% isn’t reassuring either because New York City has a younger population than the United States.

BTW, I can scarcely believe it myself. It just seems unbelievable that the death toll could be 2 million. It went north of even the worse flu season estimates a week ago.

Note: A meta-analysis is a study of studies.

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  1. It’s really sad that the boomer remover virus that we pissed into the wind in prevention will kill many of our parents and grandparents. So folks take the time to call and visit when you can they may not be one of the lucky survivors. Stay safe and keep er moving.

  2. In agriculture, we know what the LACK of biosecurity, constant vigilance, isolation of infection and possible infection, prevention and eradication will definitely do to crops and livestock. It will also do it to people.

    Carelessness that can be “gotten away with” in an isolated small backyard garden or backyard pen does not apply on a larger scale. Thousands of years ago when human population was small, scattered and isolated a global pandemic like this was almost impossible, but now it is a certainty without constant vigilance and effort.

    Our partially privatized agricultural health system is failing to stop or eradicate many foreign diseases and pests entering the country. Our mostly privatized human “public health system” is even worse but it is the only public health system we have.

  3. The potential death tolls are the most immediate and shocking figures, but what are the long term consequences, in terms of disabilities and cyclical recurrences of cov19 ?

    The most frightening closet monster is, the widespread outbreak of this new virus has created thousands of potential mutagenic pools, what will come from those ?

  4. 2.2 million!! Are you serious. We are at 70,000 now! Also a vaccine does not stop anything. We have a flu vaccine and flu numbers are not going down. Not too mention there have been several studies about the dangers of a flu shot. You are completely naive when it comes to vaccines. You literally believe everything your (((government))) tells you. I thought you were a southern nationalist? What a joke.

    • LOL worrying about a vaccine.

      There isn’t a vaccine for any type of coronavirus including the common cold. It took four to five years to create the fastest vaccine in history.

      • Then why are you begging for one everyday on here? Do you even know any of the ingredients in your beloved shots? Have you researched anything about what those ingredients do to healthy white children?

        • I don’t post daily here about vaccines.

          For one, I doubt there will be a vaccine. Even if there is a vaccine one day, I don’t think it will be created in time to stop the virus from burning through the population. Also, there is no point in vaccinating children because they are less affected by this virus than the flu.

  5. Yes you do every day you mention the word vaccine and your hope in it. Every day. There is no point in vaccinating children period. What specific research have you done in vaccine damage, ingredients, litigation, health of vaccinated children, percentage of disorders, amount of dose increase since 1960. What at all? Yet you give (((government))) sponsored talking points about them to well intentioned whites. It’s ridiculous. I care about my folk and their little ones. You are a charlatan.

    • No, I don’t.

      Search my recent posts.

      Lolberts are terrified of a NONEXISTENT vaccine, not a virus that has killed 78,000 people in less than two months.

  6. Yes you do. At least once a day you mention vaccine in an article. You want whites to give their kids shots as your paid to say that. I will continue to point this out so my brothers don’t fall for your lies. I’m not scared of either. I am Nat Soc.

    • 1.) Proof or it didn’t happen.

      2.) I’m not paid to say anything. On the contrary, I have pissed a lot of people off by not telling them what they want to hear. It would be far easier for me to tell those people that I believe in their conspiracies.

      3.) I just told you a few minutes ago that I don’t think there will be a vaccine or that one won’t be available in time. A vaccine is several years away at the earliest. The fastest vaccine in history was the mumps vaccine. It took four to five years to create.

      4.) You are a lolbert who is more worried about a vaccine than a virus which has killed 78,000 people.

  7. I am not worried about either at all. I am nat soc libertarians are idiots. Too long to explain here. The fact that you talk about vaccines is so you can influence whites to give the current vaccines to their children as well as any future vaccines. To provide false hope to help keep us sick. You are controlled opp. Im not searching all your articles. Its every day. Literally every day you mention vaccines and treatment. As well as link to others that do as well. Just one specifically from hundreds spoke about how vaccines eliminated disease and how you trust the public health department. Your just mossad basically. Help control the narrative on this side of the spectrum. I’m here to show people your not to be trusted.

      • HW, you have used the word “vaccine” at least 14 times in this comment section alone. Clearly you have an obsession, or else are on Bill Gates’s payroll. And now Jack has bravely exposed your ties to Israeli intelligence? Just how entrenched in the New World Order are you, Brad?

  8. FFS, HW, get a copyeditor. Headline typos make the site look amateurish. Allowing commenters to edit their posts would also be helpful. It’s “Meta Analysis,” not meta analyais.

  9. OOOO, we went from 5-6% down to 0.50%. So, lets end this ridiculous lockdown now. You’ll wish you’d of contracted COVID rather than live in the post transhumanist hellscape they will design as a result of us acquiescing and accepting the lockdown. Also, your anti-hydroxychloroquin data is probably from big pharma, who are really angry that a non patented 50 year old drug that costs less than 50 cents a dose can cure it. They rather push Gill Bates vaccines, and Dr. Baric {the inventor of COVID aka SARS2, through UNC-Wuhan collaboration) who created the virus in Wuhan with his Chinese counter parts but also happens to have a new patented cure awaiting FDA, the company pimping this is owned partly by Master Bates. So my idea isn’t allowing myself to be tortured mentally into allowing big tech to take over, while enriching sick doctors who created the disease and lunatic like Gill Bates into sterilizing me and giving me early onset cancer.

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