On Conspiratards

Here are a few of the most popular conspiracy theories of the last decade:

Sandy Hook and Crisis Actors

National Post:

“A 30-minute YouTube video that details a slew of conspiracy theories surrounding the Newtown, Conn., school shooting last month is gaining traction online, having earned more than 8.5 million views since it was posted on Jan. 7.

The video, rife with spelling errors and edited footage, joins a host of other blogs and online postings that question the validity of the massacre, which left 20 children and six adults from Sandy Hook Elementary School dead.

My question for you is this: Is the behaviour you’re witnessing right now, the facial expressions and the body language, consistent with that of two parents who just lost their daughter?

“This is a simple, logical video,” reads text at the beginning of the video. “No aliens, holigrams [sic], rituals or anything like that, just facts.”

The video, called The Sandy Hook Shooting — Fully Exposed, points to confusing and conflicting news reports from immediately after the shooting as proof of some kind of deception. …

Jade Helm and FEMA Camps


“The establishment media’s reaction to the upcoming Jade Helm military exercise has characterized concerns about the drill as being founded in nothing more than “right-wing paranoia,” but the exhaustive history of how the federal government and the U.S. Army have made preparations for martial law in America is beyond denial. …”

Business Insider:

“According to the theory — which has no apparent basis in reality — the military will use the shuttered Wal-Mart stores as “processing” facilities for Americans once martial law is hatched.

video raising suspicions about this theory has been watched nearly half a million times since it was posted two days ago. The video shows police cars outside the store’s loading docks and says the store has covered its windows with black tarp.

“Something sinister is going on at Wal-Mart and there’s a big reason for them to be hiding what that is,” writes the blog All News Pipeline, which posted the video. “Could these monstrous buildings with underground tunnels be transformed into something out of our worst dreams?” …”

Obama Created Hurricane Sandy


Perfect Political Storm

“If the research conducted by HaarpStatus.com is correct, the government (or factions within) are manipulating the ionosphere and driving Sandy into the East Coast to create chaos and Katrina-like post storm conditions that will have significant political ramifications during the November 6th election.

According to some observers, bad weather on election day will work in Obama’s favor. “Obama has been effective at getting voters to vote early, so anything affecting turnout on Election Day is likely to be bad news for Romney,” John Hudak, a governance studies fellow at Brookings, told U.S. News & World Report. “It would certainly set up a benefit to the president if a natural disaster did interrupt voting.”

It is not clear why the ruling elite want to make Obama look presidential at Romney’s expense, however. Both candidates are preened race horses for the ruling global elite and with a few notable exceptions their agendas are almost identical. …”

If you don’t believe in the latest retarded conspiracy theories from the same people who believe that everything that ever happens is a conspiracy, you’re not a real dissident! Being a true dissident means supporting mainstream conservatism, rejecting science and medicine, voting for Donald Trump and echoing whatever is the narrative on FOX News on any given day!


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  1. Being a true dissident means supporting mainstream conservatism, rejecting science and medicine, voting for Donald Trump and echoing whatever is the narrative on FOX News on any given day!

    I hope this is sarcastic.

  2. Crisis Actor exist, Sandy Hook was a bizarre story full of holes and contradictions. Today, in this world we see events on the news and think they are real. They are often staged for our consumption. This blog is taking the conformist morons guide to reality. The Michael Shermer approach. Oswald acted alone, 17 name Arab hijackers under orders from Osama, and Steven Paddock could be in 10 different places at once theories are really silly and immature. I am the first to go off on QAnon retards, and have set up networks to fight Field McConnell and David Hawkins [prominent junk conspiracists]. However, what I won’t listen to is someone who is so clueless that they actually believe every MSM talking point about so-called conspiracies. MK Ultra Assassins, the CIA’s role in the Manson family and the 60s counter culture [culminating with Squeaky Linette From almost making Nelson Rockefeller President of the USA] exists. I suggest you go listen to Jay Dyer on some of these subjects, instead of acting like an ignorant buffoon on your blog attacking people who are not okay with letting the government lock us down while they institute complete technocratic control over us.

    • There is no shortage of idiots in white nationalism or race realism. In fact, the opposite should be true within this group. We didn’t go from praise to pariah by coincidence. That’s almost as ridiculous as believing that a small percentage of the population controls the remainder. What lunacy!

  3. The biggest martial law event in recent American history was desegregation, but you’ll never hear a peep out of the retard crowd because Civil Rignts Good Racism Bad.

    Its all just a bullshit rabbit hole led by hucksters (Jones, Anglin, etc.).

  4. Nothing suspicious going on here

    Just heroic, overwhelmed covid-19 nurses, letting off some steam

    • That “harmless” group will help enforce mandatory vaccination if that time ever comes. Their jobs depend upon it and nothing helps surrender the soul than the loss of income.

  5. you forget all the “real” conspiracies and blather on about some of the most ridiculous aspects of a few, typical denier_ite

    the most diabolical conspiracy, ” the vaccinating all the old folks homes with Chimeric DNA flu vaccines has set off the worst mass murdering since gulf wars,(another vast conspiracy)….
    all you got is…”its the worst flu bro” look at muh numbahs! got old a month ago.

    lets move on to genomic specific vaccines that can kill even more worthless eaters,

    • The correct “official” term is useless eaters, not worthless eaters. We must keep our language intact by not muddying the waters even within conspiracy commentary. Let’s find out the difference:

      “Are useless and worthless the same thing?

      As adjectives, the difference between useless and worthless is that useless is without use or possibility to be used while worthless is not having worth and use, without value, inconsequential.”

      There’s hope, I guess.

      On another note….. Brad,
      Is there a conspiracy against white nationalists or not? Was there conspiracy before, during, and after Charlottesville? Be brave and fess up because this is one you can’t fancy dance out of.

      Speaking of Sam Walton….. “I learned a lot more by listening than I ever learned by talking.”

      A little bit of wisdom for all those useless – or should I say worthless – talkers.

  6. One “conspiracy” question does keep nagging and nagging: Is it possible for a well-engineered concrete and steel building like WTC 7 to free-fall collapse just like the twin towers just from ordinary internal office fires with no added fuel?

  7. Conspiracies are for autists.

    The difference between a conspiracy and healthy skepticism is that conspiracies presuppose groups of sinister people are organized, coordinated and intelligent beyond reason, whereas healthy skepticism is simply the recognition that groups of people, especially when aligned by belief, ideology or motivation, live down to the level of lowest common denominator of idiocy and chaos.

    Conspiratards expect too much of others.
    Skeptics expect too little.

    • “The difference between a conspiracy and healthy skepticism is that conspiracies presuppose groups of sinister people are organized, coordinated and intelligent beyond reason…”

      David Rockefeller admitted in his book that he was a conspirator for globalism. I very much doubt he was acting alone. Obviously, you don’t believe him or you believe he was capable of a tremendous feat all by himself.

      Intelligent people are capable of extraordinary things. Only idiots believe such people don’t exist. Disclaimer: I use the term “people” loosely in this context.

      You have no idea how the world truly works. Go back to sleep.

  8. Conspiracy theories are the diet of people who are ignorant or refuse to educate themselves how things really work in the real world. These folks are either plain ignorant or willfully ignorant of actual history and psychology of human interactions. Remember the idiotic comments made on OD a few years ago about the Boston bombing? Many commentators were claiming it was a hoax, even though several people were killed, and many were crippled, maimed, or wounded. The response of some of our commentators was these injured victims were crisis actors. Yah sure! Hunter Wallace knew several people who went to the Boston Marathon, and they saw what happened. It was no act. And as for a great conspiracy that orchestrated this event, and put crisis actors in the field, it was two Muslim fanatics who built and exploded the bomb. Yet some people wish to project their pre-conceived conspiracy theories on to an event like this, instead of trying to look at the actual events that took place.

    • The fanaticism of the Boston bombers had nothing to do with Islamic religious piety[contrary to the self serving US msm narrative]. The bombing was in retaliation for all the men, women and children who got their arms and legs blown off by America bombs[ in Muslim majority lands]. That is what they said.It was political not religious. They brought us to the knowledge that there could be consequences to US for our policies towards them[same as 9-11].Islam could[ or could not] justify it as a defensive war the same way the US justifies its wars in the name of name our religion; Americanism ,as defensive wars

      • Nellie, your reply is sheer ignorance. Islam has been at war with the West and Christianity since it’s begining. The Koran teaches Muslims that they’re in a perpetual war against the infidel. So, it doesn’t matter if we blew off arms or legs or not. The fact we refuse to convert to Islam is reson enough for them to fight and kill us.


    When I was a kid Raleigh there were not many conspiracies circulating, and, consequently, there were not many conspiracy thinkers.

    Back in them days, there were 2 conspiracies you were likely to hear – that JFK was not killed by a lone gunman and Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the Kennedies.

    During those decades I really did not have an opinion on those matters, yet, over time, I have come to think that both of those then ‘conspiracy thoughts’ were correct. Marilyn did not committ suicide and, yes, JFK & RFK got killed, though how and why has not been made plain.

    That said, The National Inquirer, that tabloid newspaper that was always at every grocery check out aisle, had a long list of conspiracies, such as – Hitler was not dead, but, tending his flower garden in Northern Paraguay, The United States’ Government was not being forthcoming about Extra-Terrestial abductions, Elvis was really still alive and so on and so on.

    As far as I could tell, most people did not lend much credence to these things, or, if they did, they kept it to themselves.

    That said, Conspiracy Thinking has either grown by leaps and bounds since 9/11, or it has simply come out of the closet.

    Now there is a conspiracy for everything – Apollo Moonlandings faked, Bush manipulated the weather (Katrina) to vindictively destroy New Orleans, 9/11 a Mossad Operation, Trump was placed in office by Putin, Climate Change is manmade & destroying the world, Israel in charge of everything that happens, U.S. Government is spraying Americans by the air to be docile dupes, etc, etc…

    3 things I credit this conspiratorial atmosphere to : ——– #1. The Mainstream Media has been lyin’ their asses off for centuries. #2. The United States Government pretty much the same. #3. The Internet has exposed all this.

    When I was a kid, people did not trust politicians, BUT, they still pretty much trusted in the integrity of ‘America’, ‘The United States’, ‘The Church’, Professional and Collegiate sports, the Evening News & Newspapers, etc, etc…

    These ‘institutions’, however, in the eye of The Average American are either speckled, and or suspicious, or just plain have lost all credibility.

    That said, the institutional lies revealed by The Internet are only a part of way Conspiracy-Thinking has grown so. The other part is that many people have simply grown to love the idea of an all-powerful bogey-man.

    Conspiracy Thinkers are like the secular version of those Christians who think God has a plan for everybody, everything, and that He is carefully supervising every single one of their moves – including how they interact with their coffeemaker.

    The only difference is that Secular Conspiracy Thinkers think that demonic people are planning every single thing. Many folks have become addicts to dwelling on the hidden, and, thus, life has taken on something of a Marvel Comics’ quality.

    Secular & Christian Conspiracy Thinkers – 2 sides of the same mental coin.


    Conspiracies exist, as do partial conspiracies. Thus, we have to be thoughtful and aware, but, yes, some thing DO happen by accident, either entirely or in part.

    We live in a world where there are chance occurences, just as much as there are ‘conspiracies’.

    The world is often manipulated by hidden forces, but, not always.

    The complexity of the situation in which we, the soul in human form, flusters us and we retreat to the idea of everything being predetermined, this in order to feel more secure.

    Freewill and Personal Responsibility are daunting things.

    Hence, Conspiracy-thinking can become a security blanket, and that is a big reason for why it has grown.

  10. One thing I noticed decades ago about theories of this kind is their remarkable precision—lots of decimal points …

    “As frame-by-frame analysis of the Zapruder film reveals, the alleged second bullet struck Kennedy, in the head, 2.384 seconds after the bullet that struck him in the throat; but the diagonal distance from Oswald’s supposed sniper’s nest to the location of the presidential limousine at the moment the second bullet struck is 189.47 yards, which, assuming a muzzle velocity of 1,200.3 yards per second, which is standard for all Mannlicher-Carcano 91/3 infantry rifles manufactured at the Temi plant before 12:38 PM 1943, means that the pull-time between the two shots, even if we accept the ballistics report’s conclusion that they were fired from the same weapon, can have been no less than 1.79 seconds–1.73 more likely.”

    I just made up that entire paragraph, but how much time would you guess will pass before it will show up, somewhere on the internet, as part of a Kennedy assassination theory?

    • I knew you were bullshitting from the getgo. If you did analyze the Zapruder film frame by frame you would have noticed that the second shot caused JFK’s head to go backward toward the book depository. Either Oswald could make a bullet dance or there were two magic bullets.

      It’s amazing how many people can actually fool themselves. I mean AMAZING.

      • Oh–you’re so astute, Snowhitey, that you realized my parodic passage was bullshit from the getgo.

        Silly though it is to entertain any of these inane questions, I’ll address the chestnut you invoked.

        The expulsion of the brain matter from the upper-right side of Kennedy’s head naturally drove his head backwards at that moment. Try firing a rifle into, say, a watermelon atop a table and see whether the watermelon is driven forward off the table or, upon the explosion at the exit end, comes back toward you. Action-reaction, don’cha know.

        The skull x-rays are completely consistent with that. They show the brain matter compressed, from the skull’s rear and toward the exit point on the upper right. The evidence fits together, as a friend of mine would have said, like a Rubik’s Cube.

    • I saw many of these photos years ago. Whoever the guy in the wheelchair is… he must have had all his blood drained. The lack of a trail of blood behind the wheelchair as the people push him defies logic. And the color of the blood in those photos is laughable. I believe there is a plastic squeeze bottle in one of those photos with what looks like the same color fluid in it. And, time often confuses conspiracy deniers. That’s what we’ll call them. All of the stories they hear end up melding together and it confuses them. They do no research of their own and – for some strange reason – believe the MSM in these cases.

      A false flag attack can have actual victims or no actual victims at all.

  11. “According to the theory — which has no apparent basis in reality — the military will use the shuttered Wal-Mart stores as “processing” facilities for Americans once martial law is hatched.”

    As for Wal-Mart, anyone who has the time, energy, and wherewithal to seek answers, Sam Walton was in charge of logistics during WWII. The Walton family and the feds go way back.

    Read between the lines you brain-rusted automotons.

    • Jade Helm was my favorite.

      There were hidden tunnels underneath Wal-Marts in the United States and patriots were going to be rounded up and put in them.

      • @Mr,. Griffin…

        Yes, Sir, but, you have not heard from ‘Jade Helm’ anymore, which is proof that she was apprehended and is now, unbeknownst to the wider public, languishing therein…

        • Yes siree… but you’re mistaken. Jade Helm was the granddaughter of Jesse Helm. Go ponder that for a few minutes and get back to me.

      • Brad, if I am commenting to you directly, I generally address you. My comments are mostly geared toward the public at large. I understand that is not how they are often viewed.

        I never said anything about Jade Helm or tunnels but Sam Walton was not a mere soldier. Those connections are far deeper than most realize. His kids are globalists or march to the tune of the globalists. Anything is possible with government and elitists. That power Woodrow Wilson warned us about existed then and exists now.

        Eustace Mullins wasn’t permanently banned from the Library of Congress by (((Lehman))) for vandalism or theft. The only American citizen to be permanently banned at least up until that time. Why are whistle blowers persecuted and not praised? Why are Holocaust deniers mocked or extremely ridiculed, persecuted, and isolated? They lose friends, family, and jobs. Their fellow citizens side with the system and faithfully work against them. It takes courage and determination to go against the prevailing attitude of officialdom and the majority.

        PS: The feds released more UFO clips recently. People that suspect or believe in other life forms are not small in number. When Clif High started performing data mining many years ago, even he was stunned at the most common seach string. It was relating to aliens but he was expecting pornography. Just go research Gary McKinnon. Watch an interview of him and then search online. You will find that the U.S. government did indeed try to have him extradited but it was Katie Hopkins who got the extradition stopped. Is McKinnon lying? I believe him and I am neither afraid nor embarrassed to say so.

      • And in those tunnels are underground dwelling things that will turn the captive patriots into sex slaves that will produce human looking half breeds that will be sent to the surface to infiltrate our society. They’ll intermarry with our boys and girls to produce a subservient race of drones that will do the bidding of the Dark State. How much do you want to bet some David Ikle type is posting something like this on the net right now?

          • Yes and no. I interpreted it as you were making fun of people who believe in conspiracies because they often go overboard. That is how it came off to me. Thx for the clarification. But it was a playful response and not meant to be sarcastic if that’s how you interpreted mine.

  12. All I’m gonna say is that not all conspiracy theories are equal in plausibility.

    If you want to pick one or a few and hash them out as you did with the Flat Earth thread a while back, so be it. But this right here is just baiting.

  13. The newest MAGApede Conspiratard theory is that the Derp State is infecting Secret Service agents and WH staffers in order to “take Muh Trump out”.

  14. My recent fave conspiracy is Nick Di Paolo’s joke that Pelosi’s fingerprints are on a microscope in the Wuhan lab.

    • @Anonymous

      A rage to accumulate money is only a symptom of something laying deeper – your own creative projections for yourself.

      As Christians, some of what the cross should mean for us is, at the very least, is an attenuation of this desire within us to create our own experience, just for our own sake.

      Humans can become consumed by our own creative aims, even though creativity and creation are some of the better things bequeathed to us at birth.

      Herein lays the difficulty – how what is good within us can be subverted to the bad, for each of us wrestles with is own Inner Zionist.

      • “own inner Zionist”???

        I don’t know what the heck your on but destroy the remainder. Ivan, for the cause.

        • @Snowitey…

          ‘Inner Zionist’ is a metaphor for that part in you which seeks to enact your agenda, no matter what it does to others. In a word – ‘dishonourable’.

          We have to be careful not to hove our honour subverted by the zealousness of our own aims.

          • Yikes. Never heard that before. I would think most view it the same way I did. In these times, Zionism and Zionist can only mean one thing but I’ll remember this.

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