Alex Jones & Co. vs. Hu Xijin

If I had any doubts that the United States was in terminal decline and that China was going to be the world’s next superpower, our response to the pandemic has eliminated them.

Alex Jones & Co.

Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and David Icke on COVID-19

President Trump Is Betting On You!

BREAKING! President Trump Sidelines Fauci For Fraud

EXCLUSIVE! Trump To Expose Coronavirus Hoax!

Hu Xijin/Global Times

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis.

Nearly every country in the world is currently dealing with this problem. We can look at how differently various countries have responded to it. The death toll speaks for itself.

In China, the virus is being treated as a straightforward scientific and medical problem. It is simply a malicious bit of genetic code. They crushed it with their lockdown and have been dealing with new outbreaks. South Korea has taken it seriously and is rigorously policing its borders.

In this country, Alex Jones and Infowars have responded to the virus with their usual combination of paranoid conspiracy theories, rejection of science and medicine, hucksterism and exaggerated lolbertarianism. Notice how this is all woven into the QAnon Trump personality cult.

I watched this video the other day about how the U.S. responded to the 1957 influenza pandemic. I was struck by how China has become the modern scientific superpower while the United States has clearly slipped and regressed into a primitive, superstitious Third World society. The two countries have been trading places over the course of a generation.

Note: The 1957 influenza pandemic had an IFR of 0.1% to 0.3%. We also had a vaccine for it. The IFR of COVID-19 is 0.8% to 1%. We don’t have a vaccine.

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    • Bruce Lee vs. 20 year old Chuck Norris in the Roman Coliseum. Now that brings back memories of a punk kid Jonesing on that Jeet Kune Do fighting style. Those were the days. And Bruce fighting John Derbyshire as part of a 10 on 1 fight, Bruce and his nunchucks vs. the bad guys one at a time instead of rushing him all at once.

      • I’ve seen this movie, but didn’t know John Derbyshire was in it. Thanks for the info, J. R.

        • John has mentioned it from time to time. Google John Derbyshire and Bruce Lee and you’ll probably find the articles. I am now actually hooked on Hong Kong prime time dramas/ comedies/ period pieces/romance shows, like All that is Bitter is Sweet, Ratman to the Rescue, Handmaidens United, The Last Healer in Forbidden City, The Curse of the Royal Harem, and other shows. I watch on TVB Vietnam, a Hong Kong network on my Spectrum cable system. . Who says lockdowns aren’t a chance to get some culture? Thanks Dr. Fauci!!

  1. I am convinced this is real, but I think the total death numbers have been inflated. Imagine our diverse population trying to get rid of all those bodies? They wouldn’t be able to handle it. I’m amazed some Jew company hasn’t taken the contract and then just dumped the bodies in the ocean or something.

  2. Yes, the Tea Partiers, Trumpers, Tuckerites and Jones-ites, and many libertarians, are all worked up and confused by the propaganda.

    Very important information here, Hunter: It is being proven that the virus was present not only in China but also in the U.S., Italy and France last year, no later than November, and the possibility of laboratory engineering has not been ruled out by genomic analyses.

    Also relevant to your post: “the balance of economic power between Washington and Beijing has started shifting very rapidly. And given the United States’ inability/unwillingness to take the public-health steps necessary to stop the spread of Covid-19, this balance will be shifting in China’s favor even more rapidly over the coming year. All of us on this planet are moving into a post-coronavirus world, which will be one in which the strength of a country’s public-health infrastructure will necessarily constitute, and be seen as, a major component of a nation’s power. Countries that do not have a strong public-health infrastructure will not only see their power in world affairs declining speedily, they will also increasingly find themselves being excluded from normal intercourse (personal visits, trade, etc) by the countries that do”:

  3. Alex Jones and Info Wars isn’t the same now. He and others have changed all because of Trump. It’s a sad fact….so many are brainwashed by Trump. I just stick with the facts and don’t get hung up on this politician or that politician. I simply look for practical solutions to solve real World problems. Deo Vindice !

  4. The Chinese do not have to contend with Jewish subversion like we do. And remember, Hitler never sat around wishing for a rival world power to take over Wiemar Germany.

  5. When it comes to information about Xi Jinping’s Chicom Chink Crud WuFlu, “Global Times” is my go to source for accurate and truthful information.

    When it comes to lying our Jews’ Media has nothing on GT. Then again, the CCP probably got tips for lying from Mao’s favorite Jew, Sidney Rittenberg.

  6. If Bull Dog Jones is not ones cup of tea try listening to Jeff Rense. In fact he lies just down the road from me!

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