Alex Jones and Racist Liberalism


Alex Jones has provided us with an excellent illustration of the racist liberalism meme that has been floating around Twitter for the past few weeks.

In San Antonio, the progressive liberals who control the San Antonio City Council condemned the terms “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Fu virus.” In response, Alex Jones drove a tank through San Antonio and chartered a plane to fly around the city with a “Chinese virus” banner. Conservative liberals are taking a brave stand against tyranny by calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus.”

Does this piece of partisan performance art strike you as a bit fake and gay? What the hell does it matter what you call the virus? It is the same virus. It doesn’t matter whether you call it “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus” or COVID-19 or “the coronavirus” anymore than it matters whether you call Spanish Flu the H1N1 virus or Type A Influenza. The name of the virus is irrelevant and unimportant.

What is the point of this stunt? The whole point is to stir up and manipulate racial animus so that it can be channeled back into conservatism.

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      • Alex Jones is a neocon masquerading as a right wing conspiracy crank. You think you’re sticking it to the SJWs by enabling the neocon agenda? You’re just supporting one slice of the kosher sandwich.

        • Came here to make a kosher sandwich observation, glad to see someone already did so.

          SJWs are low hanging fruit; “putting a thumb” in their eyes accomplishes nothing except to fool people into thinking that something is being done when in fact it’s all a big fake and gay pretend controversy designed to divert opposition to globohomo into safe and useless cul de sacs.

  1. I think knowing the origin of the virus could be essential in tracing the manipulation that may have occurred in a lab, forcing the Chinese to fully disclose what they did.

    Jones is just attention seeking, for a larger audience and more ad revenue.

    • “Jones is just attention seeking, for a larger audience and more ad revenue”

      No he is a paid shill pushing the neocon line on China. Viruses jumping the species barrier is nothing new. The domestication of animals led to Europeans having a whole range of diseases that did not exist in the New World.

      Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the only time America suffered a deliberate biological attack was when some Jew pretending to be a radical Muslim, started sending anthrax-laced letters to people in the aftermath of 9/11.

    • Even if the virus was artificially made (“gain of function”) in Wuhan, the work was partially funded by the US government, so trying to pin this on China is just another diversion.

      The tribe are just mad that they don’t control China like they control the USA, Europe, etc.

  2. It isn’t much, but it’s better than tucking tail between legs and allowing “Progressive liberals” to define the moral framework for our language.

    The reverse is true here. What difference does it make if he calls it “Chinese Virus?”. How does that really hurt anyone? REALLY hurt anyone? Not the fake and gay “hurt” that progressives claim. Real injury.

    I literally wouldn’t give 2 damns if some virus originated in the US and spread to Europe or Asia and they started calling it “Murkavirus”. Wouldn’t give 2 damns.

    Seriously. Please answer this, because even though I have my feelings about jones, these kind of stunts are actually the USEFUL things that he does that helps to force liberals to confront their hypocrisy.

    • There is a concerted campaign by the Tribe to divert white normies away from more important issues, to give them a temporary permission slip to hate China, just like they have in the past been given temporary permission slips to hate Muslims.

      There is absolutely no positive outcome in our playing along with this.

      • It’s a total puppet show designed to get Trump reelected by making the plebs think he’ll do something about China. Then, once elected, it’ll all be dropped and we’ll hear once again that Xi Jinping is “a great, tough man!” and “Renegotiating great new deal with China! Keep America Great!”

        Crock of steaming horse-arse.

      • And it’s all bait that will later be used to abuse Whites. Same way that state/media fomented islamophobia was later used against Whites. They get all the benefit, while Whites take the blowback. Clips like Alex Jones will be played to prove that “sinophobia” and “white supremacy” are big big problems that can only be cured with more immigration.

      • Anything is a good thing that keeps our attention distracted from never ending “Diversity”, an “essential business” always chasing us down.

  3. BECAUSE, if the Virus came from another RACE because of FORCED DIVERSITY then we need permanent RACIAL DISTANCING.

  4. “I think in America you’re ‘liberal’ if you want Negroes to gangbang your daughter, and you’re ‘conservative’ if you want one Negro to marry her and start behaving himself.”- Thomas777

    • ‘Conservatives’ have no problem with Negroes gangbanging their daughters, or even their sons. Only transsexual gangbanging is not yet approved, but that too will become a ‘conservative value’ in time.

      • That quote is a decade or more old, so it is a little out of date. Now “traditional conservative” media is publishing articles written by “conservative” gangbang pornstars, so you’re completely correct.

  5. ZOG is ginning up the Goyim to hate China just like they did with “The Huns raping Belgian nuns” or ‘Iraqi soldiers pulling Kuwaiti babies out of incubators” – a distraction from the Tribe that is bleeding the US dry. Although, China will be a much more potent enemy than the US has ever fought on its own (albeit with the worthless 5Eyes as “allies”) – either they are arrogant in their assumption of victory or are trying to cull the Goyim herd by the Tens of Millions.

  6. Every time AJ finds out about a dark one who sounds bascially coherent and follows the Right narrative, he brings the dude on his show and can’t stop raving about how smart da brotha be.

    Jones, like most of the cucked right, is desperate to find allies from other shades of the rainbow to prove the CivNat narrative correct. History and biology be damned, we’ve got to be inclusive!

    This is bait-and-switch cuckery from a Trumptard desperate to remain relevant. He cares about an ostensibly White cause only so long as it benefits him.

  7. Whole point is a ruse to get votes for Trump in November by this fake China scapegoating (while trade deals continue to be struck and we ignore their human rights record, as we have done the past 3 decades); US companies will quietly keep importing from Pearl River and Costco will open their new Shanghai store…watch what they say, not what they do. Pure geopolitical theater. California alone imported $130 billion from China in 2019 (what’s the resale value on those goods? $1 trillion?). Folks at the top of the food chain are not going to kill the golden goose.

  8. Alex Jones, with his sagging hardon remedies, is good for laugh and not much else.

    • A lot of impotence is diabetes and therefore about sugar intake doctors won’t soell that one out

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