Fauci Warns Congress About Hasty Reopening

What are the reopeners going to do now?

Most of the country has now reopened to some degree.

Here in Alabama, I noticed the bars were open again last night. Alabama officially reopened yesterday. It seems we are living in different realities because Alabama never really seemed like it was locked down to begin with. Texas, Georgia and Tennessee have also already reopened.

Every state is currently in the process of reopening. Even states like New York, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia which had harsher lockdowns than other states are going through phased reopenings. There is no evidence of a permanent totalitarian lockdown.

Last month, Trump had a press conference with Fauci and Birx and the “Opening America Up Again” federal guidelines were announced. It was a series of gates that sounded reasonable on paper. It was nothing more than advice though. The decision to reopen the states is ultimately in the hands of each governor and the majority of them have chosen to gamble on ignoring the guidelines.

Fauci has been demonized by conservatives who conveniently never mention how often he has been ignored. Back in February, the “public health team” wanted to go into mitigation mode and basically do everything that was done in April by the third week of February to stop the virus, but the “economic team” in the White House got their way and nothing happened until the middle of March. Steve Mnuchin ensured that flights from Europe into New York City were not suspended in February. Trump imposed his travel ban on Europe on March 12. It was this decision that led to the catastrophic outbreak in New York City which seeded the rest of the country with the coronavirus.

Similarly, the current reopenings which don’t meet the federal guidelines are not what the all powerful Fauci wanted to do either. China has warned the United States against these unrestricted reopenings dozens of times. The World Health Organization has also warned Trump about a resurgence of the virus. Whether it is Fauci, Bill Gates, China or the World Health Organization or any other conspiracy theorist bogeyman, none of the above are making the actual critical decisions.

Note: In other countries (New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hungary, etc.), different politicians are in power. The WHO gave the same advice to those countries. The same virus was contained.

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    • As far as I’m concerned this “expert” has no credibility left, assuming he ever had any to begin with.

  1. Only time will tell.
    Personally, I don’t plan on being an example of a failed reopening. Interactions wi most ppl isn’t that productive or enjoyable.

  2. I remember when he stated HIV/AIDs was not a “gay” disease. He has been good on this but his social justice inclinations, like his focussing on black people victimhood during Corona, taint him in my mind

    • How can one be ‘good’ on the plague that irresponsible faggots brought on themselves, when that clearly is a rationale to give their lifestyle legitimacy? They all deserve to die. And should have, had the Government not thought them ‘worthy’ of false hope, for their crimes, by seeking ridiculous and costly ‘cures’ to keep these disease breeders alive.

  3. Rand Paul’s remarks here seem entirely reasonable. We were told “April 15th peak”. What changed? I suppose we’ll look back and know whose guess was correct a year from now.

  4. It wouldn’t really be a resurgence, since the virus was never really fully suppressed in the first place. There will not be a “second wave” because the first wave never ended.

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