Seroprevalence Studies Find Low Infection Rates

Big news.

We’ve seen what has happened in Spain and France which have the fourth and fifth highest death tolls in the world. How widespread is COVID-19 in those countries?

Only 5% of the population of Spain and France has been infected.

Only 2.8% of Indiana’s population has been infected.

How long does it take to get to herd immunity?

The virus would have to spread through 60% to 70% of the population. The only place in the world where antibodies studies have found it close to that level of seroprevalence is the hardest hit towns around Bergamo in Northern Italy. New York City is only at 21%.

Note: 71% of Republicans currently think the worst is behind us!

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  1. I don’t believe the 21% number from New York. They sampled people at grocery stores. It was not random.

    • This is true.

      The alternative is a twofer:
      – somewhere around 2 million dead in the USA in less than a year
      – consequent panic and disruption making the lockdown-depression look friendly and relaxed by comparison.

      I still think that, a year from now, the flu truthers are going to look like the stupidest goddamned idiots on the face of the planet. And the anti-lockdown people will be lumped in with them, because most of the people opposing lockdowns are opposing the symptoms of the lockdowns, not making coherent alternative arguments about what to do, and therefore opting for the twofer by default.

      If I’m wrong, that’ll be good news. But I don’t think I’ll be wrong.

  2. PPE and distancing, and we won’t have to lockdown anymore. But manufacturing was sold to Mexico, then China, so f that, right? Bucks before bros! The pols incapable of foresight can only shutdown society while they play catch-up. Power before public service! I agree that it was necessary, but only because most of us had no protection from corona to speak of, thanks to our short-sighted, greedy elites.

  3. I see these various numbers on cases and infection rates as questionable because of questions about their testing efficacy.

    Deaths are objective, especially excess mortality rates. Those are the most solid of all parameters. As to the others, they seem nebulous, by very degrees. I’m sure ome are highly accurate, but i have no way of knowing which ones.

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