Global Times: U.S. Loses To Virus Because Of Politics

The Global Times vs. Breitbart on coronavirus is the Cold War 2 that our conservative liberals wanted and got back in November and December.

Global Times:

“There have been two different voices in the US in terms of the COVID-19. The first voice is from political figures, including the Trump administration and US senators. They advocate fully restoring the economy. Another voice is from scientists. For example, infectious diseases experts like Anthony Fauci have warned that there may be “little spikes that might turn into outbreaks” in the US if it prematurely opens up. …

The epidemic fight must be a people’s war, but the Americans have not been fully mobilized to fight the coronavirus with science. It has taken a long and bumpy road for Americans to wear masks despite being such a simple thing. Only very recently were White House staffers ordered to wear masks. However, Washington’s attempt to politically mobilize the society hasn’t stopped for a moment. It’s working every minute to make supporting forced resumption of work a political correctness. The US government keeps telling its people not to be afraid of the epidemic, to go back to work and smear China.

How can such a US defeat the virus? The number of deaths in the country has exceeded 82,000, and will soon surpass the iconic mark of 100,000. But the US hasn’t formed a unified fight against the epidemic within the country, nor is there a consistent strategy. The last round of social distancing measures only alleviated the epidemic. The US rushed to resume work and production without establishing a strong capability to track the infected.

Constrained by the federal system, the US is weak in coordinating actions nationwide. The deformed party politics has further hindered the formation of a united epidemic fight. The US epidemic response has failed to match its scientific strength and superior public health conditions. It is fighting a chaotic battle, costing a lot while gaining little and ordinary people have become the biggest victims. Unfortunately, the most prevalent thing within the US now is to shirk responsibility and pass the buck to China.

The world’s sole superpower is degenerating. The only way to “Make America Great Again” is to rebuild the spirit of science, which should start with subduing the novel coronavirus with science itself. What will defeat the virus is scientific prevention and control. The virus knows no borders; it will launch fatal attacks against countries with weaker defenses.

The US has the largest numbers of infections and deaths, which show it has the weakest prevention and control system against the virus in the world. Washington needs to, first of all, reflect on its deficiencies, and put science above politics.”

The United States has some of the best scientists, doctors and hospitals in the world, but that advantage over poorer countries is offset by liberalism, oligarchy and conspiracy theories.


“China’s “blame the victim” efforts to shame other countries out of complaining about the virus China sent them is not much of a charm offensive, but it does give Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda writers an easy script to stick to. 

As for the worship of holy science as the antidote to political dissent, it demonstrates once again that the CCP is a keen student of American left-wing rhetoric and mainstream media coverage. Of course, it would never occur to a Communist that the reason American medicine is so vastly superior to their own — to the point where they had to steal every technological innovation of the past three decades through massive hacking and intellectual property theft campaigns — is precisely because the spirit of dissent, the urge to challenge consensus and unsettle dogmatic conclusions, nourishes scientific progress. As too many people in the Western world forget, science is about questions and technology is about answers.”

Did it ever occur to conservatives pining after the good old days of liberalism vs. communism in the Cold War that they could bungle this conflict and lose so badly?

Note: While I didn’t see the virus coming, I anticipated that the 2020s would be defined by the U.S. vs. China and that liberalism would enter a crisis.

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  1. Jews, it is Jews versus China. Remember the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. And the supremacist Jews are losing badly to the Chinese. Very badly. We are approaching max Jew desperation time and a nuclear false flag event.

  2. Conspiracy theories don’t determine public policy, but in an ideal world, they should, when the conspiracy theories are correct. It’s not possible to be objective without taking a conspiratorial view of the power of the Jews. Disdain of “conspiracy theories” all lumped together without distinction is just disingenuous intellectual laziness. The failure to stop this disease from spreading through the United States has nothing to do with conspiratorial thinking. And the claim that it is a result of dogmatic liberalism and ignorant, provincial complacency is only partially true. It is obvious that the decision to allow the virus to spread was intentional, and was coordinated across all western governments. The Swedes may be the only people so obtuse that taking serious measures to prevent the spread of the virus would possibly threaten the quasi-totalitarian state that is developing there. Old white people, in any event, do not fit into the Swedish calculus, moreover, the Swedes do not need this virus to tighten their grip on society.

    • It is not a theory. It is a fact. What is the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people? What do they want? And why did they kill the innocent Christ? And why won’t they or you kyke, answer our questions? WTF do you want?

      Again—-the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation, the enslavement of the non-Jew. The Jews do not won’t to get along, and live in peace, the Jews want to enslave human kind. Chosen means to hold dominion over the non-Jew and the Jews killed Gods only son because he refused to enslave human kind for them

  3. Should we believe rationing in Britain after WWII was only a matter of economic exigencies? Reading Orwell, it’s clear that the way the British government was administered during the war and post-war was the a large part of the inspiration for the novel.

    Here’s some Orwellian “fact-checking” for you.

  4. “The United States has some of the best scientists, doctors and hospitals in the world,..”
    Dunno about that…but we do rank really bad in health outcomes, and overall health of population. It’s not a Dr.s fault our system of food delivery is poisoned by big pharm and our idea of healthcare is big pharma. Our brains get poisoned by big jew daily.

    Covid is a symptom of our death cult lifestyle and our lack of real understanding of the logos of the universe. Nobody noticed when the devil took your soul.

  5. When it is all done and said America won the Cold War but lost the peace that followed to the forces of Cultural Marxism which is now the dominant ideology in media, academia, popular culture, and goverment. Read the positions of the Communist Party( and compare it to the Democratic Party. It is hard to tell one from the other. As Yockey noted losing the peace can often be more devastating than losing the war.

    • The Cold War was a big nothing. Cultural Marxism already won out before the Cold War because shabbos goyim fought in WW2 against the men who would have stopped it. The instigators of Cultural Marxism from the Frankfurt School fled from Hitler in the 30’s into America’s embracing arms.

  6. While I didn’t see the virus coming, I anticipated that the 2020s would be defined by the U.S. vs. China and that liberalism would enter a crisis.

    If America is to stand a chance, key liberal assumptions are going to have to be painfully uprooted and discarded. To this extent, the Chinese threat is to be welcomed. But it goes no further than that. China is nobody’s friend. Fuck those slimy bastards.

  7. Some conspiracy theories are correct, in whole of in part. The same is true for scientific theories, or political philosophies, or any other source of human knowledge. The entire course of human existence has been an ongoing duel between equilibrium and disequilibrium, caused by people wondering about a different way to think and live, the adventurers who want to give the unknown future a chance, and the conservers/preservationists, who want to maintain a status quo that has proven effective over time and place.
    Once a new way of thought and action is established, those who benefit use the social system to route people’s lives through these patterns, forming the traditional society loved by many, including our OD host. However, the adventurer strain is never eliminated completely, and and those who wonder about something new test out their ideas, leading to challenge to the status quo. Once a sufficient number of people see value in the new knowledge/action, they force an evolution of the system, creating a new status quo to defend: from women as homemakers to abortion on demand, Greek art and philosophy as supreme to what we might call as a shorthand Cultural Marxism-nothing is real, all is about the will to power.
    The covid-19 fight in the USA is of course going to be routed through the adventurer/conserver/preservationist battle because it is a part of the ongoing fight over the human soul, interests and values, limits vs. nihilism, I want vs. we need. The story is as old as humanity. People who doubt and people who believe are both needed to make a good society: constantly improving, then maintaining, the human condition, through a society that hopefully allows both ways of life to survive and thrive.

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