60 Minutes Interviews Dr. Rick Bright

Catching up …

I like how he talks about the Crimson Contagion drill that was run last year. The interview also discusses the outsourcing of the medical supply chain. Why didn’t Trump the so-called nationalist jump at the chance to restore American manufacturing to fight a pandemic?

Note: Trump put Alex Azar in charge of HHS who is a former lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry.

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  1. We have precious little time. This is the “get right with God decade,” and you better hurry. I’ve studied prophecy enough to know who the experts are and even where they’re right and wrong. # 1 would be Tom Horn at Skywatchtv.com. He’s right on everything except not being able to identify who the antichrist is BUT he’s nailed the false prophet ! Chisza7 ( youtube channel, ) is dead on about everything except that God may have hit the pause button for only a few years AND he doesn’t understand the fake alien deception that will most likely be involved, ( really fallen angels in make shift bodies for this dimension and tech they’ve had billions of years to produce, ) and HE has pinpointed antichrist ! Check both out. That goes for you $15. an hour paid trolls too.


    • Gray Ghost,

      Blink three times real quick, if the cult of MAGAtards are holding you against your will.

  2. Ask a nurse, Hydroxychloroquine works. And Doctor Bright said it didn’t work to hurt Trump. And Bright was on 60 minutes to hurt Trump. Why? A doctor would rather innocent people die in order to hurt a political enemy or was Bright promised money to lie?

  3. Dr. Bright is neither a whistleblower nor is he very bright. That he disagrees with and is a political enemy of Trump does not make him a “whistleblower.” Bright is being trotted out and promoted by the same Liberal frauds who created the Russia Hoax. Sad to see this web site join the ranks of liberal liars and frauds. What the Hell happened to you?

      • That is, this site a accepts any information that has a possibility of hurting Donald John Trump or his supporters. Conspiracy Theory and Truther are term of derision that do not address the critiques rendered of the information relied on by the host. Since this site has uniformly called b. s. on many stated rationales of the powerful used to justify their actions, the host is familiar with the concept of weighing credibility and possible motives for the action behind the words of those he has criticized in the past.

        For Trump, blind acceptance of any information presented to him by any preexisting member of the Executive Branch in the wake of the four year effort to remove him from office through the abuse of power by his opponents would be counterproductive to his political and possibly literal survival. Anyone in the same situation, including our host, would also proceed cautiously when told anything by these same resistance employees. Moreover, as this virus is seemingly new in its effects and etiology, assuming the advice received was sacrosanct would be foolish, especially when the recommendation from said experts was in effect to commit electoral suicide by causing a Depression.

        To constantly imply Trump has acted totally irresponsibly in the face of these realities is nonsense on stilts, especially when all of his opponents have acted in the same nonchalant manner initially, and the Chinese purposely allowed people to enter and leave China in January and February 2020, when they alone could have stopped covid-19 in its tracks by doing so. All we hear from you is Trump Evil and Stupid, when Xi Jinping sent the virus on it’s way around the world on the wings of destiny. Is that not pure evil, typical of Chinese leadership who care nothing for non-Han Chinese?
        It’s one thing to cautiously rely on our betters, but prudence cannot eliminate common sense. You may continue to mock sceptics if you like, but reality cannot be wished away. Humans shape that reality by their self-interested actions, which seek to preserve their place at the top. Ignoring that reality is not the action of a historical historian.

    • MIGAtards are hopping on the Kushner-Netanyahu train again. People that stupid deserve CoronaChan.

  4. The Trump presidency itself has little to do with national populism. Trump just played on national populist sentiments in order to get elected. But perception is often reality. For those that believe he should be reelected (I’m not necessarily one of them), it’s more about the election being a verdict on the ideas he represents in the minds of the American public…not what he actually does as president.

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