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  1. Very sorry to hear this.

    I am not knowledgeable on the subject, but, I did hear a former special forces officer, now working in infectious diseases, saying on the Michael Savage Radio Show that Hydroxychloroquine was dropped from military use because it too often had the effect of creating psychotic episodes in the consumer’s brain, that unpleasant affect able to go on for years after consumption of the drug has been discontinued.

    Elderberry has no side-effects and, within hours of taking it, it destroys the ability of any virus to replicate within you.

      • @Nikandros…

        The only parties arguing against the efficacy are those fronts for pharmaceutical organizations that do not want people to take elderberry, instead of their concoctions.

        For those of us who have been involved with this war for decades, the Establishment efforts to minimize, and or completely destroy, the reputations of anything not synthetic, have been impressive, indeed – from well-funded articles to continuous efforts at legislation to effectively destroy your access to them.

        The clinical data on the viral-inhibitive actions of Elderberry is massive, and, indeed, decades old – and it runs from Israel to Russia and back to America.

        This, in addition to the fact that Elderberry has been used for this purposes in European countries for centuries before clinical data could be obtained and proliferated, is something I have seen for myself, as an herbalist.

        To be clear, Garlic is also effective against viruses, although, there can be the unwanted side-effect of intestinal inflammation with garlic, in sufficient dosage, whereas with elderberry there are no dangers, whatsoever.

        Other things, such as colloidial silver and copper are effective, as well, though, there again, if you are not careful, you can destroy your liver, just as you can with doses of zinc over 30mg a day.

        You are right to recommend zinc as a major ally of health against viruses, though, it cannot be the main or sole combatant.

        Be well!

    • Why would he take a treatment medication as a prophylactic? Hydroxychloroquine has some bad side effects.

  2. Hydroxychloroquine may acutally be effective in preventing people from getting COVID 19. Also, according to Adam Taggart from Peak Prosperity, it may be effective when administered early on in the infection. Also, again according to Taggart, the studies that say hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work are flawed int that the people it was given to were already very ill before the drug was administered. However, if an average American were to go to their doctor in the hopes of taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment they’d probably have a hard time getting it.

  3. I think at this point nobody can deny that Trump is crazy. That explains why the Republitards keep calling Joe Biden crazy because Trump is crazy. That’s how politics works in the Yankee Empire. Deo Vindice !

  4. It has to be taken with zinc. Hydroxychloroquine helps open the cells for the zinc to come in and destroy the virus.

    • @Nikandros…

      Zinc is not a virus destroyer, Sir – but a vital responder, this being that it attenuates your body’s immune system reaction so that it does not go overboard and do too much damage to itself.

      To destroy a virus in your body, Zinc has to be allied with other substances that do the actual killing.

  5. One of the smartest things Trump has done. I’d be taking it daily, along with zinc, myself if it was available, and so would my husband. People who take it for arthritis or lupus aren’t getting sick with the CCP Virus. A cheap and effective preventative. What’s with all the people here bleating against this as a prophylactic or treatment? I just don’t get it.

  6. Which means it works! This website has been using discredited MSM talking points to attack Hydro-Chlor. The MSM’s biggest funders are DRUG COMPANIES. Hydro-Chlor has NO PATENT, meaning no one will get rich off this. So enter the media and shill doctors working for big Pharma to attack it. They want you to use brand new patent drugs that cost a fortune and take a vaccine, they stand to make trillions, with Hydro-Chlor they won’t make any money, aside from a few million some generic manufacturers might make. Dr. Baric, the evil man who created COVID-19 aka SARS2 in the University of NC in conjuction with Shi-Zhingli [The Mother of the Devil] at Wuhan labs also has a brand new anti-Cov drug called Remedisivir, which has Gill Bates owning shares of the company. So essentially, without any evidence other than biased big Pharma paid for MSM articles you are attacking something that may help people because asshats like Gill Bates and the viruses creators want to profit billions off of a patented cure. Shameful.

    • Remdesivir isn’t new. It was an unsuccessful anti-Ebola drug that also seems to be ineffective against corona-chan. (((Gilead))) owns the drug. Remarketing drugs that may not work for patients is nothing new for a pharmaceutical company that has to somehow make their R&D money back. Unnecessary deaths are just an expected cost of doing business, after all. Shareholders need their payoffs.

      Lopinavir and ritonavir, two anti-HIV drugs, have been shown to work where they have been tried, like in Thailand and Japan. There are other promising options out there too, but when the elites have money on the line, they will apply pressure to get their way. We need to let the expensive, worthless poisons do their homicidal work for the Malthusian upper levels of society, for their further enrichment.

      • Not medical advice just a tip….. in case you don’t know….. If you’re not allergic to mushrooms, Chaga mushroom is a wonderful natural alternative to pharmaceuticals with great anti-viral properties. Maine Chaga is supposed to be the best although I hear Canadian, Siberian, and other very northern countries like Finland have good Chaga as well.

        I also take C, D, and zinc. I also take C60 but for other reasons.

        Like you, pharmaceuticals are my last resort.

  7. First thing I’ve seen him do in a while that might make sense.

    Might explain why he hasn’t gotten sick despite being around a lot of people, some of whom have fallen sick with COVID-19, to boot.

  8. Chloroquine has been safely used for 85 years or longer.

    The “issues” surrounding the drug are recent and driven by financial and political interests. They are the result of an alliance between Big Pharma and the Democratic Party.

    It causes heart problems, you say? I say, show me the frickin’ data for the past 85 years. Can’t provide the data? Then you are repeating talking points handed down from above.

    You can bet your asses that Chump, his family, and other top government and industry officials have been taking chloroquine from the beginning. No, I don’t need “proof” to know this is true. Anybody who requires such proof is a goddamn fool.

    Chump’s admission to taking the drug is probably the ONLY thing he has done right, for it reopens the “debate.” People will want to know why they must wait until intubation to take chloroquine (assuming they are allowed to take it at all) when the key to effectiveness is its early administration.

      • Without notable side effects worthy of preventing its use for malaria. And there is “anecdotal” evidence that it can treat SARS-Cov-2.

    • @Oldtradesman…

      Hydroxochloroquine was dropped by the military, not just for it’s side effects with the heart, but, as well, for numerous other side-effects, such as temporary and permanent psychosis.

      Thus, it ought be used if there no other thing, but, as there are numerous other things to handle viruses, without the risk of permanent dangerous side-effects, why use it?

  9. The chart is disingenuous propaganda, HW.

    Dr. Neil Cavuto is repeating the “medical industry’s” talking points.

    This is the kind of crap many nurses on social media do – that is, repeat talking points handed down from hospital administrators with ties to Big Pharma and the “progressive” left. These girls love the attention they are receiving.

    In California, hospitals don’t accept coronavirus patients until they are under extreme duress. I’m sure the same is true in other hot states.

    To cite studies (financed by whom?) on hospitalized (intubated?) patients on the brink of death hardly proves that hydroxychloroquine is valueless.

    Such “studies” are intended to fail.

    SARS-Cov-2 is not a hoax. There are, however, hoaxes involved in downplaying its severity, which you’ve rightly attacked, and in circumscribing the appropriate response.

    Given the successful application of hydroxychloroquine in other countries and by maverick doctors in the U.S., you’re going to need more than talking points from the likes of Dr. Cavuto to convince me.

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        If President Trump has told the truth, and nothing but the whole truth, then he has apparently decided to take Hydroxychloroquine prophelactically, even though that has never been it’s use, because of the increased possibility of longterm side-effects.

      • If Chump was asymptomatic, would TPTB inform us? More to the point, do the disadvantages of taking the drug as a precautionary measure outweigh its benefits? Do you know? I don’t. Nobody on our level knows for certain.

        What I do know is “anecdotal” evidence in the U.S. and elsewhere shows that taking hydroxychloroquine is effective when administered early, prior to the need for intubation, and presumably during the asymptomatic stage.

        Chump’s admission to taking hydroxychloroquine is probably the ONLY thing the sob has done right in handling this affair.

  10. I have to wonder how many of these miracle cures that are promoted in fake news media are actually just attempts at stock market manipulation. Seems every week there is a different “promising” drug or some company claiming to be almost finished developing a vaccine. Maybe they see all of these politicians openly engaging in insider trading and figure they might as well get a little fraud in for themselves.

    • Exactly. One little announcement yesterday about a possible advance in the vaccine race caused the speculators to skyrocket the DOW by 900 points.

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