Texas Leads The Way

I remember hearing this argument last month.

Texas is reopening for business. There isn’t an epidemic in Texas. No one has died in Texas. It is not even as bad as the flu. The deaths are all in New York. This a PANIC-DRIVEN HOAX!

This was around April 13th. I looked back in the archives and Texas was reporting 14,277 cases and 295 deaths. Gov. Greg Abbott’s stay-at-home order went into effect on April 2nd. Nearly two weeks later Texas peaked on April 12th and new coronavirus cases began to come down.

It is now May 18th and Texas is reporting 1,369 deaths. The number of active cases in Texas had gone way down around May 1st when the state began to reopen. It has since shot back up to 20,307 active cases because over 1,000 new cases are being added a day now. Texas reported 1,801 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday. Greg Abbott is now poised to open up the state even further.

We will be keeping a close eye on Texas this week. It is bending the curve in the wrong direction.

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  1. You’ve never heard of cooking the books and fake computer models? Like the Tavistock and Royal Society constantly do with fake computer models of “Climate” Disaster. These so-called Government/NGO “scientists” representing the oligarchy have consistently been wrong, so why believe them? You have not looked into the numbers nor are you a statistician, maybe the increased testing so the numbers went up, maybe they are false positives. The Tanzinian President has a goat, quail, and fruit tested at a Western lab and they came back positive. You actually have no idea what these numbers really means, aside from them being government propaganda. I believe Hunter’s assertions are completely wrong, he is willing to trust the same government replacing white people for 50 years with immense new unconstitutional powers and increased surveillance. These are NOT real laws anyways as they are unconstitutional, and Governors cannot dictate legislation. If they activated Martial law then it would be legal, however they haven’t, so these laws are unconstitutional and to be ignored. Hunter doesn’t bother to mention the highly troubling aspects of this lockdown. Where I live no one has died and less than 200 people have it, on a whole Island of 800K. This lockdown is useless for us. Ask why many jurisdictions with negligible SARS2 rates are being locked down, ask why only BIG corporate chains are open and Ma and Pa are f–ked over?!? Ask why the Clinton Foundation is behind a new scam to push “contact tracer” rats, who make up to 65K a year with 8 hour online course and 1 week of training who are allowed put you on house arrest at their discretion. This is a horrific Orwellian totalitarian lockdown done by a ZOG controlled Government that you happen to support, why is this? They are permanently changing our world and they will not allow us to go back. The Moschiach is comming, the new temple will be built, and we will become Goy slaves. All because you allowed them to create a technocratic hellscape because you were afraid of a bad flu.

    • What are you talking about?

      Texas isn’t in a lockdown. Alabama isn’t in a lockdown. 2/3rds of the United States isn’t in a lockdown. There are only a handful of states still in a lockdown and those had the worst epidemics. Even New York is reopening.

      • The persistent, driveling insanity of these dolts like Michael Leroy explains to me at last why no nationalist movement has ever emerged in the USA.

        You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The non-“leftists” manage to somehow be stupider and more insane than even the leftists, who at least understand basic organization, and how to seize and retain power.

        While the “right” meanders about, denying reality and babbling about demented conspiracy theories.

        They’re no more capable of organizing politically or culturally than a bunch of urban “youfs” in “da hood” arguing over a crack deal in an alley. That’s why the left’s victory is so total and unchallenged — because 99% of the people on the right are utterly useless for anything.

        • @Ironside Organization is being suppressed, whilst the Neo-Bolsheviks are being encourage. Your probably one of those nitwits who thinks democracy is real, and that we can organize and vote our way out of this system. Maybe if we have better messaging and more coherent organization you tell yourself. This is because you refuse to look at the broader picture. An entire system dedicated to serving the oligarchy is in place, which will use any trick they have, including murder, technocratic method like spiking water and food supply, down to electromagnetic warfare. They will spend billions demonizing the movement, while infiltrating and misdirecting it. Your hopes of one day getting together a party to lead the right into victory won’t happen because you think conspiracy isn’t real. You are already behind the curve, your luxury of being a rightwinger might not even be feasible soon. We maybe entering a world with mandatory RNA editing vaccines with microchips implanted which display your identity, that’s the worst case, the best case is they still want to stick you with the syringe, but the immunity passport is in the form of an ID. This is the next great struggle, and you don’t even know it. Your arrogant enough to think that your politics of 2019 even matter. They have pushed us breakneck speed into a dystopian ‘lockdown’, which is anything aside from what life was in January. When you attack others for having insight into the foul Satanic Oligarchy who runs our world via Central Banking and ownership of all relevant donors to politics, you make a mockery of yourself. You think a do it yourself movement of people blinded to reality can win in a game that’s already rigged against you. I rather take up against the Oligarchy than be a good goy and go play democracy to inevitably fail like you will. You might as well go read Michael Shermer, talk of lone gunmen, and 19 named Arab Hijackers on orders from a cave in Tora Bora. If you are that ignorant that you believe these fairy-tales and coincidence conspiracies I don’t want to be in gay movement you involve yourself in. Conspiracy exists, I am sorry you are so limited that your only comprehension of it is junk conspiracy from Alex Jones and QAnon. For those of us who can read between the lines and decipher BS from reality we know there is a lot going on that doesn’t meet the eye.

      • A lot of people don’t understand that there is a few weeks of lag in the numbers. New cases don’t reflect what is happening now, but what was happening several weeks ago.

    • Most first world countries crushed the virus using science. Greedy American elites don’t care about the native population for reasons that need not be repeated. Buckle up, and stay safe!

  2. Every year the REGULAR flu kills 700 people a week just in US. 700 a week = normal. Next we have ALL med establishments coding everything Covid19 SO THEY GET THE BIG $$$. Finally … 100 % yes 100% of all Covid deaths the patients were … wait for it … wait … deficient in vitamin C vitamin D 3 and Zinc.

    What say ye controlled news watchers and thus brainwashed SHEEPLE ???

    tell ya what – all brainwashed sheeple continue to hide at home in fear while we the informed live life.

    • The regular flu doesn’t kill that many people.

      If you look at confirmed deaths, not CDC estimates, the worst flu season in recent history killed about 15,000 people nationwide. The CDC exaggerates flu deaths with a formula based on hospitalizations in order to encourage the public to get flu shots.

      As for a conspiracy to record deaths from other causes as COVID-19 deaths, any physician who got caught doing so would risk losing their medical license.

      • Cops in my city/State (technically Democrat) have not really been policing the “lockdown”. My neighbors have been out in force since it started, boozing in the street, kids milling around, no social distancing, more than 20 people oftentimes – not a cop in sight. They should all be dropping like flies, right?
        I find it heartening as it seems to indicate that cops here wouldn’t enforce any kind of gun-grabbing laws either.

    • It really never ends with these people.

      The strawmen and the conspiracies keep piling up.

      We can’t trust data and statistics, but we know that 100% of people who died were deficient in certain vitamins.

      The elites exploit the country for economic supremacy, but also engineer hoaxes that destroy the economy.

      People who care enough about family and others to manage their interactions with others are cowards.

      • @ William D Wall You haven’t even looked at the statistics and data, people doing heavy intense research are crying foul. Without an understanding of what builds the model the data is useless, unless of course you believe the scientific data behind the Global Warming Hoax. You can easily fudge the input to get desired output. That is why they are paying big money to diagnose Corona which can be done without a test, and encouraged upon death. Second you build a strawman argument about elites and economy. The elites I am talking about control the issuance of currency and financial markets, they do not suffer if the economy takes a plunge, which they like to do in cycles so they can buy up assets on the cheap. At the end of the day when the dust settles they are still on top. Sheldon Adelson lost it all in 2008, he dropped for 20 billion to a hundred million, by 2009 he was worth almost 30 billion. It doesn’t matter with these people because they always end up on top. Your other strawman is about me attacking your personal choices, which is false. You do whatever you want to mitigate this with your family, it doesn’t matter to me. What I am upset about is an unconstitutional power grab, especially bad in Michigan where the Governor is ruling by decree even without the consent of the legislature which voted against her actions. If this is as bad as they say then they would need to go and pass Martial Law. They haven’t, instead they are using unconstitutional legislation and rule by decree even when the legislature is opposed. This sets an extremely bad precedent. There have already been two state supreme courts to have ruled this unconstitutional. Our government is run by bad people, they don’t give a shit about us one way or another, and Big Tech is already salivating along with Bill Gates who wants us force inoculated and tagged with electronic means for identification purposes. This can end really badly and many of you don’t get it, you should be far more worried than you are. They won’t let us go back to normal. These people have been planning this for a century, their technocratic transhuman Brave New World future, and this is just the excuse they need.

  3. The enemy is not being stamped out, but allowed to invade new areas. With not an ounce of prevention, the Sheeple will pay for the “pound of cure.”

  4. I think the problem is people see the states and local areas reopening so people think it’s over. It’s not…it’s only Trump being desperate because the election is coming up. He banks on the economy and it’s in the worst shape since the Great Depression now. I’m all for reopening but everyone should be wearing masks, gloves, and social distancing as much as possible. A medium is needed that’s good for health and the economy at the same time. Deo Vindice !

    • There are really only three general ways of dealing with this virus

      1. Eradication: this is what serious states that are prepared for the 21st century have done. This policy offers both the lowest damage to public health and the lowest economic damage.

      2. Herd immunity (slow): this is the policy that assumes ~70% will get the virus, but it slows the spread with measures like masks, mass testing, avoiding high population density events, social distancing, etc. This policy results in moderate damage to public health along with moderate damage to the economy.

      3. Herd immunity (fast): this is the “let ‘er rip” policy that Trump and reopeners want. This policy is to pretend the virus doesn’t exist, promote conspiracy theories, say that masks are for fags, and tell people to inject bleach. It results in the highest damage to public health along with the highest damage to the economy.

      Right now, the USA has probably already made #1 impossible, so we have options #2 and #3. The Trump administration and his hedge fund advisors have made it clear that they want to pursue #3. Their economic challenge is to somehow get people to behave economically as if there isn’t a pandemic. They hope to restore consumer confidence by peddling fake news that the virus was a hoax and so on.

      • There is a 4th way: distribute Hydroxychloroquine to the general population to use as a prophylactic and as a early treatment, along with zinc, to the general population.

        • There is a Fifth Way; distribute Hydroxychloroquine only to the “important people” to use as a prophylactic and as a early treatment, along with zinc, but only to the “important people,” as there isn’t enough to go around (so sorry, peasants). Then they can laugh at *us* dying, while they’re enjoying their cocktail party and celebrating whatever new milestone the Fed money printing has driven stocks up to that week.

        • But that’s already part of the third way: promoting quack medicine, holistic, etc. as alternatives to “allopathic” real medicine.

  5. Hunter, you have to admit this situation is nuanced. Is it really worth throwing away the livelihoods of so many people that would otherwise be able to fight off the virus? We dont have the luxury of potentially waiting years for a vaccine and Texas is a very large, spaced-out state with pretty much no mass transit and the best hospitals in the world. I seriously doubt the hospitals here will be overwhelmed, and if it gets to that point then yes we should consider shutting down again(which is the plan btw).

    I live here and the majority of the people I talk to agree that we should take the risk of opening up because they see it as the smartest course of action.

  6. why didn’t mention the increase in testing can account for the uptick in cases? nor did you mention that most the impacted areas are huge metro areas, such as DFW and Houston, both, ‘dem blue’ cesspits.

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