Lyndon LaRouche: The American Conspiracy Theorist Tradition

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I knew the “Bill Gates is planning to chip us” conspiracy theory sounded familiar for some reason. I couldn’t put my finger on it until a few minutes ago.

New York Times:

“Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. and his political camp followers have taken up a new cause. They are out to make prejudice against AIDS victims respectable. If California voters approve a LaRouche-sponsored initiative that is to appear on the November ballot, doctors and public health authorities fear they will be forced to begin mass testing for AIDS and, worse yet, quarantine all Californians who have been exposed to AIDS.

In Mr. LaRouche’s fantastical view of the world – a world where Walter F. Mondale is a Soviet agent and the Queen of England pushes drugs -AIDS has become the No. 1 menace. According to the LaRouche scenario, AIDS is a plot by the ”Soviet war machine” to conquer America – or else a plot by the International Monetary Fund to wipe out the ”excess eaters” from starving Africa. …”

New York Times:

“Lyndon LaRouche, the political extremist running for President as a Democrat, said on network television tonight that the AIDS virus was transmitted much like any other virus, including through casual contact, and that most medical warnings about how it is spread are ”an outright lie.” Mr. LaRouche spoke on a 30-minute taped program televised nationally on CBS, from which his campaign bought air time. The candidate spent most of the program discussing what he said was a coming economic collapse and the regulatory and monetary steps he would take as President. …”

Washington Post:

“Mr. LaRouche drew headlines for his more outrageous claims — that England’s Queen Elizabeth II was a drug trafficker and that the International Monetary Fund created and spread the AIDS virus. He also said the CIA, the KGB and British intelligence officials were plotting to assassinate him, according to a 1985 Washington Post profile that included interviews with followers. …”


“WASHINGTON (AP) Political extremist Lyndon LaRouche said on network television Thursday that the deadly AIDS virus is transmitted much like any other virus and that most medical warnings about how it is spread are “an outright lie.”

“All the talk about safe sex is simply a propaganda stunt, part of the effort of our government to stop you from demanding that governments spend the amounts of money which must be spent to bring this epidemic under control,” LaRouche said.

A frequent fringe candidate for president who is running again this year as a Democrat, LaRouche spoke on a 30-minute taped television program aired nationally on the CBS network. LaRouche’s campaign paid $250,000 to air the program, spokeswoman Dana Scanlon said.

LaRouche spent most of the program discussing what he said was a coming economic collapse and the regulatory and monetary steps he would take as president.

He said AIDS is “the most deadly pandemic ever to threaten mankind.” LaRouche, who has contended previously that AIDS is spread by mosquitos, compared its incidence in Africa to that of malaria epidemics.

“You’ve been told AIDS is a venereal disease,” he said. “I’ve been working with a wide range of the world’s experts in the past 4 years and I tell you without quibbling that what most of what you heard from official sources is an outright lie.

An announcer who hosted the LaRouche program but was not identified said LaRouche was “hated and feared by the political establishment almost as much as he is hated by the men in Moscow.” …”

LaRouche, who defies traditional political labels, espouses eccentric views of global conspiracies involving prominent people. Among them, he contends that the Queen of England and the royal family are involved in drug trafficking. …”

Lyndon LaRouche seized on HIV to promote the idea that the CIA, NIH, CDC, the WHO, Soviet Union, the Queen of England, Prince Philip and the IMF were part of a global conspiracy that had created and were hiding the truth about AIDS to wipe out black people in Africa to reduce the population of the planet.

Note: Skip ahead to 14:00.

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  1. I remember LaRouche used to talk about the British royal family as if they were the locus of evil in the world. He and David Icke, who insists the royals are reptilians, make quite the pair of anti-British royal conspiratards.

    • The British royal family as drug lords is a sort of half-truth from 19th century history that might have appealed to 19th century Americans but by the late 20th century that sort of thing was ancient history.

      it refers to the British empire pushing opium on China in the opium wars in the 19th century. But they never tell you about the Sassoons or other (((merchants))) who were pushing this policy.

    • Many years ago, a former US Army intelligence officer (a now deceased acquaintance of my parents) told me that certain members of the British Royal Family, certain members of other royal families, and some of the Rothschilds, were Luciferians. Swear to God.

      He also said he did extensive research on the current British monarchs and could not find any information on them prior to the twelfth century. I believe he said it’s as if they came out of nowhere. I never forgot any of it and never will. Make of it whatever you wish. But, regardless, never, EVER, judge a book by its cover.

      Speaking of books…. if you can ever find the extremely rare book “Tales of the British Aristocracy” – L.G. Pine (Leslie Gilbert Pine, original editor of Burke’s Peerage) DO BUY IT. It holds juicy secrets.

    • meh and Snowhitey, thanks for the interesting info. I’ve known about the Luciferian and pedophilia affiliations/inclinations of our elites for some time. I see that as the cost of entry to the higher levels of power, like a warped version of fraternity hazing. If you’re willing to express the most evil parts of yourself, you can belong. It also means you’ll keep your mouth shut about what you know and what you’ve seen, because you will be destroyed if you don’t. Those who do reveal the truth can be laughed off as crazy, conspiratorial or both anyway, so there’s little incentive to betray secrets.

      There is a great amount of evil in the world. People are inclined to commit small acts of evil, imo. The elites perversely distinguish themselves by not showing restraint in that area, except in their public personas.

  2. But don’t you see, Hunter? Trump is perpetuating the hoax because he wanted the economy to fail because he wants his supporters not to like him anymore! It’s so obvious, we missed it at first…

  3. Lyndon Larouche… Wow I remember that name from when I was a very small child, when the alliteration of his name combined with his apparent wacky beliefs made him all the rage for Dennis Miller on SNL and Mad Magazine to parody him mercilessly.

    BUT THERE IS ONE INTERESTING THING HERE NOT SPOKEN ABOUT. In the early to mid 1980s you could still be an economically focussed Democrat with right wing leanings. Larouche was all about workers rights and balancing the inequity between rich and poor combined with nutball theories. He didn’t like gays, was an isolationist, and had many other what would be considered far right social views.

    It is amazing when I look back in my lifetime and see how broken this country has become in under 40 years. It’s almost as if a group of people expedited our doom on purpose

      • Yes, Larouche and his movement came out of the far-left Marxist politics of the 1960s, but the Larouchies moved rightward on social issues in the 1970s and 80s while remaining economic leftists, attempting to tie together technocratic policy with appeals to the working class on culturally conservative issues.

        It wasn’t really their kooky conspiracy theories which made the Larouchies anathema to the Establishment, though that did not help. It was their combining economic populism with social conservatism – i.e. third position, i.e. fascist/national socialism politics. That is the true third rail in globohomo neoliberal politics.

        The conspiracy theories that the Larouchies pushed always felt like an insincere attempt to rope in the less intelligent potential converts. Maybe they believed it themselves I dunno but it always felt like a marketing gimmick.

  4. LaRouche may have panicked about AIDS and not gotten the intricate medical facts we all know 40 years later as fact. He is correct that the UK, its Zionist-Satanic combined oligarchy are a force for world evils. This is not even up for debate, this is where the conspiracy originates, in the city of London, home to the Rothschild Banking Cartel, where finance is created from nothing and lent at interest. I’m getting frankly pissed off here, acting like conspiracies don’t exist when your looking at the product of it right now in our governance and its plans to replace us. The Uk is an evil shit hole, where 1/3 or MP’s are pedophiles, the government is run by Satanic roundtables and Zionist front groups all bent on world takeover. The British Conspiracy is real. First and foremost, it began when the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England, its agents where more pushing what’s good for Britain because its good for our bank, that subsided once the Fed was introduced, through British Agents. The lack of historical sight here is appalling. Let’s completely ignore the Tavistock [pushing transgenerism worldwide], the Royal Society [pushing veganism, pod living, bug eating and the Global Warming Hoax], the entire cesspit of the City of London and their “Free Trade” promotion, and completely ignore it as a conspiracy. Pathetic.

  5. I think the conservative conspiracy tradition is more rooted in John Birch Society stuff. Q Anon almost seems like a reboot of JBS theories.

    LaRouche was too progressive and “big government” for conservative conspiracy theorists. A lot of his political goals were what old pre-Trump alt-right would want. Monetary reform, more planned economy, big government projects. He was like a weird American form of fascist.

    • JBS was talking about a NWO back in the Sixties. It seemed “far out” at the time but no one bats an eye about it today.

      • Welch got his money from the Rockefellers. Revilo figured out what was going on and they parted ways. I’d put my money on Revilo.

        Eustace Mullins stated that according to the book “Our Crowd” by Stephen Birmingham, the Rockefellers’ original name was Rogenfeldt (or something very similar because he never spelled it). He also never said whether he believed it or not, just that is what the book stated.

        What tangled webs they weave.

  6. LaRouche advocated something vaguely like old Bernie Sanders — old school Democrat, pro-worker, anti-imperialist and socially moderate. Interestingly, his movement in the 1980’s was heavily made up of young Jewish men from NYC. I would imagine these were people who were raised in old school leftist families and who didn’t like the New Left, neoliberalism or neoconservatism. I would see these guys on street corners in Manhattan, handing out literature through the late 90’s.

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