Roger Stone Is Now On Cameo

After being indicted, Roger Stone has completed his TRANSITION TO GREATNESS by opening up a Cameo account. For $75, you can now buy a personalized message from him.


Let’s review: Roger Stone was indicted, Steve Bannon was destroyed and lost his job at Breitbart, Trump was impeached and will probably lose the 2020 election, Sessions will probably lose his primary, Steve King will probably lose, Kris Kobach will probably lose. Well played, guys!

After accomplishing nothing with the presidency in four years except for Israel’s wish list, the far right after Trump is reverting back to the abyss of conspiracy theories and libertarianism it was before he arrived on the scene when Alex Jones was ranting and raving about how Obama had created Hurricane Sandy to win the 2012 election, Sandy Hook was a HOAX that used crisis actors and how Patriots were going to be rounded up and put in concentration camps under Wal-Marts in Operation Jade Helm


Note: Now that the lockdowns have ended, Owen Shroyer of INFOWARS has been reduced to driving around Texas screaming about the tyranny of contact tracing to fight COVID-19

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  1. The surest way of going to hell is to follow a Jew. They will lead you straight there.

    Owen Shroyer’s wife name is Autumn Klein,….. sounds Jewish. Sounds like controlled opposition too.


    • Hopefully this will be the end of the Republican Party, their grift will be done after this campaign.

  2. Trump really is either as senile as Biden or kept so sheltered his daughter and Chabad overseer that he genuinely believes the majority of the people who voted with him are happy and pleased with the job he is doing
    (granted about half are, and if you speak to a MAGAhead about demanding more cheap labor and higher rates of immigration, the First Step act, Israel, no wall, “white nationalist” with trials in front of Congress, and Trump demanding we worship at the altar of the rainbow flag, they will call you a bold faced liar no matter how easy it is to prove… You know the lying media. Trump never said he wants more immigration you Libtard)

    But I don’t care which. They guy needs to go. A Stacy Abramson presidency is what the country deserves and needs to see how the other half lives along with the Republicans party just dying a quick death

    • Apologies for the horrid grammar and poor spelling. Phone is crapping out and with the way things are shelling out $1000 for a new one is not a wise investment. But you my friends should not have to suffer along with me. Nothing worse than poor writing

  3. Kushner shrinking party platform to fit on a single card…

    Bart Simpson meme with the card that says “always do the opposite…” only that card actually says “give Schlomo whatever the f___ he wants!”

    Because that truly is the Trump agenda.

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