Minnesota Burning

It is the year 2020.

Donald Trump has been the president for four years.

Over 103,000 Americans are dead from the coronavirus pandemic. 40 million people are unemployed. Minneapolis has gone up in flames for the second night in a row.

Meanwhile, the president is busy threatening Joe Scarborough, attempting to destroy Jeff Sessions’s political career and signing the ‘Never Again’ Holocaust education act into law after having built just three miles of new primary border wall since arriving in the White House.


The U.S. Department of Situation Monitoring has been raised to its highest threat level – SEVERE MONITORING – after the mobs of angry blacks and anarchists stormed and destroyed a police station in Minneapolis. The riots are also now spreading to other cities like St. Paul and Louisville.

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  1. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”

    Of course, anyone who actually follows Trump’s advice here will be charged with murder, and the fat orange retard will not step in to defend them in any way as his DOJ piles on the hate crime charges. Don’t listen to President Fedposter, kids.

    This whole situation just makes me laugh. In 2020 we still have dumb boomer republicans posting crap all over twitter like WE ARE ONE RACE. I swear some of these guys would be shouting out “dems are the real racist” right before blacks cave their skulls in and light their unconscious bodies on fire.

    • @Dart

      This is problem. The Cold War has been over with for 31 years. Yet we’re still stuck arguing politics that the rest of the World threw away a long time ago. It’s the 21st Century everywhere, except in the formerly United States.

  2. I’m in no rush to defend box stores from looting.

    BUT I do expect mayor’s and governors to crush such things for me.

    • Cinderneapolis is well on its way to a new beginning. It’s gonna be 100% black one way or another.

  3. I never thought that Minnesota would be the start of the summer riot season of 2020. Makes sense because we over diversified our population. Now we have to suffer our fate.

  4. A friend and I saw the lockdown coming, so we decided to share resources together at her suburban condo. It has been pleasant, being away from my diverse St. Paul neighborhood. My next-door neighbor there is a skeevy meth-head niggasista who has used her child to protect her from being thrown out. Apelike friends of hers once thought about robbing me, until I showed them there would be instant, deadly consequences. Ah, the never-ending joys of multiculturalism!

    If they’ve been inspired by the “totally-free shopping spree” in Minneapolis, my front door might not be there anymore. At least I made sure to bring my weapons with me. The most valuable things there are my books. I’m pretty sure the methniggas don’t read, though, so they should be safe.

    • The most valuable things there are my books. I’m pretty sure the methniggas don’t read, though, so they should be safe

      The apeoids do know how to set fires.

    • Sad to see my native Minnesota turned into another urban nightmare. Makes me glad I moved to that bastion of civility, Sunny Florida. Sarcasm alert.

  5. Blacks and heebs did all this, Trump looks a limp wristed pathetic cuck in this charade. He tweets like 12 yr old with a tantrum then goes golfing at his favorite country club. We keep hearing from media that Trump is a authoritarian white supremacist dictator for the last 4 years while he keeps sucking kosher cock and caving to billionaire taxcuts.

    Then why won’t he send in national guard or the army if Blumpf is a authoritarian? Looters and rioters be damned stop dropping jogger bodies now!. This is controlled demolition by elite heebs and antifa they let blacks do this! simple as there is no other explanation to this Mainstream media really is controlled by the devil a few hundred white people out in the park is dangerous because corona but rioting looting burning whole cities down is peaceful protesting a black mans death?! Wtf am i taking crazy pills? Explain this shit to me

  6. The guy who started the fires wasn’t black. Irish instigator? Irish troublemaker?

    • He’s a Swede, you mope – Pederson. Not that I have a great love for the Irish but you are obviously a hebe agitator.

      • He’s probably a descendant of John Brown and added the “ing” to throw folks off. You know, like that other slime that keeps changing their names.

  7. I didn’t know there were that many blacks in Minneapolis? It’s pretty clear the media has been trying to foment race riots with their perfect storm of all the blacks not at school or work. Not surprised to see Generation Bastard joining in too, knew they were no good. Wonder if they teach that knee on the neck move in the police academy as a proper way to hold a suspect? Was he actually choked, or did he have some underlying medical condition that came out in the stress of the subduing? It’s pretty clear “The American Experiment” is a failure and those with a Constitution Fetish need to take a hike. This is the fruit it bears. What kind of society doesn’t pay attention to who comes into it and who rises up to take over your press? When you kill off your aristocracy someone is going to step into the vacuum.

  8. Any of you old enough to remember Watts burning, 1965? It’s been the same crap ever since. Our anti-White overlords always justify non White violence and always expect Whites to reward it.

    Shoot looters and it will stop.

    • Nah, that makes too much sense and takes some courage to do, more of the same. All these Democrat mayors sold their souls to blaxxx to get elected. They will forever be cowardly in stopping their pets from rioting.

      The police get back in another way- they simply don’t show up. Or show up late. Or do everything by the book including time soaking paper work. The black co-moon-eee-dee better call Al Sharpton or Spike Lee to patrol Minneapolis because they just lost those big, bad, white monsters to show up. Donut time again during a call, eh?

    • I was young but I remember the news and the flames. Vietnam photos, too.

      Everything old is new again and again and again…..

  9. At this rate, with race riots and growing unemployment, the USA is probably going to be a total hellscape by the end of the year. Whether it was planned or not, it doesnt really matter.

    • Do you believe those who did no wrong should suffer? Do you believe in the persecution and torment of the weak and the innocent? Why did you kill the innocent son of God can you please tell me you Goddamned Jew animal?

  10. George Floyd and “the cop” Chauvin who killed him have been friends and coworkers as bouncers at the same restaurant/night club for 17 YEARS!!


    THE CORONA STORY FAILED. BACK UP PLAN: RACE WAR. Cause riots so bad people beg to be saved.

    “Hey George, do you want to do a high paying gig?”

    “Sure Derek, I’m a little low on cash since the Corona hoax closed the club, I’m, game!”

    • ….or maybe the cop is just a scumbag race-mixer(Hmong wife) who had some kind of beef with the dude during that seventeen years and wanted to inflict maximum pain?

    • This was not my comment. There are evidently at least two (a)nonymouses here, besides the (A)nonymous commenter. Somewhat like more than one person using the same social security number.

  11. Plato ‘ this city is what it is because the citizens are what they are.’ America is a corrupt, degenerate, dying society like most of West. And who is responsible for its demise? Take a look in the mirror.

  12. Floyd was resisting arrest at least twice. The terminal moment was refusing to get in the damned car. It’ll all come out in the wash.

    • “It’ll all come out in the wash.”

      Aren’t you the optimist !

      (But at what cost , in money and suffering ?)

    • Maybe so, but the cop didn’t need to keep a knee on his neck after he is handcuffed and incapacitated.

  13. Just three miles of border wall have been built where none existed before! Good point! I did not realize it was so little. What a scam. I understand an Israeli company is involved with the wall planning and/or construction.

  14. Lol. I remember a police officer I knew years back and he would tell me stories of how he stopped patrolling black areas. The whole shift of officers did..He said he was ordered to barbecue chicken and burgers while on shift. Lol. He was the main chef while He was supposed to be patrolling “the community”. Smart priorities. He was reading cookbooks and creating different meals.

    And this was during ” normal tension” times. There was no riot or anything. Just black people doing their usual things to turn off and disgust the police.

    I was watching Fox Snooze and the whole song and dance routine of the white cop and will “the community” have trust again. They even threw in Donna Brazile babbling something about possibly never returning home again because maybe a white cop will kill her. Never mind those pesky facts that point to a black male being far and away the reason she would not return home again. Black people do not get along well with facts and reason.

    One thing this riot has done is say adios to police patrolling black areas in Minneapolis. No doubt there are quiet slowdowns in various cities like the black plague city of Baltimore.

    The mutants and their pathetic white communist minions also made a point to ruin the few operating places during corona time. Good luck picking up your medication at the bombed out Walgreens. Good luck getting to your local markets. Demonic animals.

    Die versity claims another once nice American city. Cowardly Democrat Mayor and Governor of course wait too long to call in the National Guard. They don’t want to shoot their Democrat supporters, after all.

    The wrong people are growing in numbers. The responsible ones are not. Minneapolis will radically increase in non whites as whites will rapidly flee. Like Detroit in the 60s after their blaxxx burned the city down, I expect Minneapolis to go to white minority status very quickly now. Another American shithole city!! Hooray!!

    • “The wrong people are growing in numbers. The responsible ones are not.”

      That is the main thing, and it is happening everywhere. The future looks like hell.

      • Absolutely, Powell. Between allowing in tons of the third world post 1965 and literally paying welfare people to have more children instead of paying them for less or sterilizing them after two tops, we are digging our own graves.

        You look at tv shows from the 60s and even the 70s and it’s pretty shocking how white things were compared to today. When they show pro sports teams from the 60s and 70s it’s amazing how white football was or even basketball was whiter. But if you look at say, that undefeated Miami Dolphins team from the early 70s, it’s eye opening to see how overwhelmingly white the team was.

        Today the white coaches and owners are obsessed with black players. It’s a sign of a deeper sickness in America. And the massive disparity in income between players and the fans points to a truly greedy thought process. Decades back the disparity was nothing like it is today.

        The millennial generation and younger have seen nothing but expensive prices and grossly overpaid athletes and entertainers while they are in massive school debt with crappy job opportunities. No wonder they are so bitter and odd.

  15. Floyd was stopped by the pigsters because he passed a phony $20. Richfield, a Mpls. suburb that was working-class White but is now black and Hispanic, is known for (among other sketchy things) enterprising nogs that turn $5 bills into $20s and $50s. The minor offense of using counterfeit bills is like a sport for the dark ones there. Whenever I buy anything in the area, I generally surprise the cashiers by examining the bills I get back the way they’re supposed to look at mine.

    Killing a claustrophobic non-violent perp over bad paper is stupid. At least Tyrone got free TVs and meat out of it.

    • The minor offense of using counterfeit bills is like a sport for the dark ones there”

      Minor, until your currency becomes worthless.

      • Arian, it IS already worthless. US currency has lost (depending on your source) 93-97% since I was born at the end of the boomer generation. QE has been pouring into the stonk market and the banks, so the elites never have to worry about a failing investment or having access to capital.

        Thanks to overprinting and undercapitalization, the dollar is the newest version of the Weimar mark. We only have superior worth compared to all the other currencies also based on nothing (Seinfeld money). The central banks collude in keeping precious metals way below their true value, so monies of arbitrary worth can still be king of the hill. Until they can’t.

        The US dollar is a reserve currency on reputation alone. Reputation is ephemeral, so the wizard spell that keeps our money worth something better not ever be broken. We should base our money’s value on worker productivity, like a certain Mean Mr. Mustache did, or land, or even cotton candy. Anything with a real value. Having it based on a transitory quality is problematic, to put it mildly.

        • “Arian, it IS already worthless”

          Oh really ?
          Send me a few 100,000’s, I’ll send you back pictures of the ‘worthless’ things i buy.

          • You commented as if the passing of bad bills would devalue the dollar, remember? The passing of bad money hasn’t (and couldn’t have) had the effect that the Fed had and continues to have. They’re the champs at devaluing ALL of the currency, not just a little here and there. That 93+% loss of value since 1963 means that your $100,000s buys a lot of stuff now, of course, but it would’ve been worth (since you don’t seem to get it) at least 93% MORE of whatever you bought. Having only 7% of what something was worth is a whole lot less, isn’t it? Some might even say that much smaller amount makes it comparatively worthless. Unless you’re being purposely obtuse, that is.

      • What is more of a threat to the USDollar becoming worthless – the Fed or a Darkie passing a phony $20 to buy a pack of Kools?

        • If 30 million darkies repeatedly do it, you have major problems. They won’t stop, unless stopped.

  16. What has become of mandatory “social distancing” during the ongoing mayhem? Are the “protestors” wearing masks and not to hide behind them?

  17. At least the blacks and commies stick together when they see a perceived wrong. I wish I could say that about whites but you can’t. Whites, including so called WN will attack and throw each other under the bus in a heartbeat over a disagreement on politics, the coronahoax and anything else. You can see it all over the comment section of this site and others. Prove me wrong. I don’t respond to childish comments because that’s all whites do is attach each other over different opinions. Whites are only good at typing and griping and attacking each other because they’re afraid of reality. Whites are all talk, no action just like Trump.

    • We can have different opinions on subjects while still adhering to principles like the 14 words. What actions do you propose?

    • “At least the blacks and commies stick together when they see a perceived wrong. I wish I could say that about whites but you can’t”

      Amen to that !
      Whites are pathetic.

    • That’s not a wall. It’s bollard fencing that illegals can cut through with a power saw. Sometimes it just falls over on its own as happened recently. It’s a joke.

      • A charger fence could go up overnight.
        If it can contain a 2500 lb. Bull, it can drop an invader.

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