America Burns

I’m sensing a shift in the winds …


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  1. Thanks for the good chuckle to start Brad. The “we are a progressive newspaper” and the Simon Wiesenthal “never forgot ISIS and Islamic terrorism” Tweets actually brought the first few chuckles I have shared in awhile. And then I made it to the precious and irreplaceable Stonewall Jackson pieces being burned and it turned from chuckles to despair to rage .

    I have said it three times already. I don’t buy this trying to place the blame on Antifa morons for all this damage. It is pure deflection and settling on a target we are allowed to criticize with approval from the powers that be. I have seen hours of this and one out of a hundred masked white tards with skateboards does not a riot make

    • Only a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews will ever hold a black person responsible for his bad behavior.

      Liberals and “conservatives”, with all their professions of all men being created equal, treat naughty negroes like you treat a dog shitting on the rug or biting the mailman: Fido doesn’t know any better.

  2. Anti-racist internet TradCath larpers are the worst.

    Also it takes a lot of training to use a sword properly and even then it isn’t much use when you are grossly outnumbered.

    Still, he didn’t deserve to be sent to the hospital for his idiocy.

  3. “This is a Jewish owned business.”

    That refers to the USA as a whole apparently.

    The de facto owners are currently engaged in a mafia-style “bust-out” of said business.

  4. What an insane nation! Bad ass police put people in jail for breaking social distancing or trying to work in self owned businesses but the same police let Negroes and Antifa run wild and burn buildings and loot. And worse although in full body amour tuck tail and retreat like scared little girls. Rest assured if those were alternative right people raising Hell they would have already opened fire!

    • I don’t understand how this could be. Surely their grueling police training in racial sensitivity and community relations prepared them for handling a mob of angry black rioters?

    • HW;

      Your editing and news skills are top notch, thanks much for all your hard work. I admit that there is a great deal of humor in your posts also, especially the videos you link to. Some of my favorites are the ones where white people are “anti-racists” and get knocked out by the nogs while trying to explain to those animals: “I’m on your side”. That’s some funny shit there, like a parody but IRL.

      I also notice the times when females (I’m reluctant to even call them women) will be the ones putting themselves first in front of vehicles or police, screaming obscenities at them. Then they get run over or clubbed/maced by the police and are shocked, shocked I tell ya. Who would have thought such a thing is even possible?

      Apparently they believe they can act like an animal, be as aggressive as guys but the fact that they are female will protect them from violence cause, ya know: It’s still 1958. Women should be treated respectfully, courteously, and preferentially, even when they are all tatted up, swearing like a sailor in the USN, dropping a deuce on an overturned police car and burning things down. It’s all equality when it’s time for hell raising and all “women and children first” when it goes bad, a little cognitive dissonance there as the psychology quacks call it.

      Also, what is it with the Trump idiots wearing MAGA hats to these riots and carrying American flags? That’s like walking around cans of leaky gasoline at night, drunk, with lit matches to light the way. Perhaps this will be what the Left calls a “teachable moment” for these idiots. Maybe, just maybe “All men are created equal” is wrong, the nogs/coloreds are actually savages, they hate us and that civilisation is not guaranteed or even possible with the coloreds? Their heads must have six inches of concrete in them to prevent the truth from getting in.

  5. That old homeless man really hurt to watch. He’s got nothing and they took it and burned it. Heartless.

  6. The people must be distracted to keep them from seeing, or thinking about, the main source of their troubles. This pandemic and ensuing economic depression could be a “teachable moment,” so the people must be distracted so they do NOT learn anything. Inter-racial conflict and anarchism are very useful distractions from thinking about CLASS, which must not be allowed to happen.

  7. Yep, down go dozens of CSA war memorials tonight. Seems like the rioters are trying to provoke Civil War 2.0…..or Trump wants the country to burn so he can cancel the elections and do martial law. Richard Spencer recently said communism is over, its part of the past, we now have cultural capitalism….well, those rioters were raised on leftist academics and socially red tinged media. Cultural Marxists , the New Left, have drifted up into positions of corporate power, to use as they see fit to re order society. It is not as simple as capitalism in- its- own nature that is creating clown world.

    • Many are lecturers and tenured professors grown fat off the student loan scams.

  8. Trump can’t risk alienating the 3% of black people who support him. He worked so hard for those low black unemployment numbers.

    I’m seriously laughing my ass off at this whole situation. Washington DC burning to the ground like it’s the war of 1812 all because White people are afraid of being called racist. The most powerful military empire in history being defeated by a word: “racism.” A word that is almost completely meaningless.

    The USA is going to have to be denuclearized soon because the people who will be inheriting this country after Whites die out from terminal stupidity and cowardice should not have control of the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal.

    • We are on a similar trajectory with the Roman Empire. It fell due to corruption, not an invading force.

      Regardless, the result will be the same. The only somewhat comforting fact is that once these non whites get a taste of what life will be like when we aren’t around anymore, the real shite will hit the fan for them. You can’t have European style civilization without Europeans, doesn’t work.

      • @SC Rebel…

        “We are on a similar trajectory with the Roman Empire. It fell due to corruption, not an invading force.”


        Absolutely spot on, and, if I may, I would say that much the same applies for The Soviet Union.

  9. The Communist Terrorism continues all across America. A Confederate Monument was took down by a gang of thugs in Birmingham, Alabama. The police are doing nothing all across the country. The National Guard deployed have no orders. What can we take from this? The whole Constitutional Republic things is now over. Done forever. Everybody is calling for Trump to use declare a National Emergency and use the National Guard to restore 100% order. The burning we see in cities and towns online and on TV is also the Constitution as well. This entire movement has been going in a National Socialist direction for the past 2 years. We’re there now. That’s how we fix problems. With that style of governing because many cities are dominated by Blacks and Liberals who hate everything. The only solution is Nationalism and using national force against these Thugs who hate White America! Deo Vindice !

    • “The whole Constitutional Republic things is now over”

      It was over in 1860.

      The rule of the Dictatorship of Massachusetts and her fifteen minion states is coming to an end. They can’t do anything about this unrest, because they’re paralysed by their ideology. The Northern governers can’t respond without destryoing various aspects of Liberalism, and Southern governors are just the usual collection of cucks, scalawags and Carpetbagging Reconstructionists, who (won’t, not can’t) do anything in the actual interests of their states, or for the South as a whole. When you place ideological correctness and purity above military necessity, you start to loose.

      They’ve had 155 years to prove the superiority of the New England Moral-Political Paradigm, and the Liberal Capitalist order that it spawned, over Jeffersonian Republicanism, Biological Nationalism and Traditionalism, and they have failed.

      • @James Owen…

        Well said, and, as per usual, perfectly apropos, Sir!

        I’m very happy to know such an unconfused Southerner, as you, though, equally sad to realize you are almost singular in being so, or, at least, as of Anno 2020.

    • Correct. The only solution to get back control is either NS or Monarchy. Order must be restored.

      I’ve been thinking a lot about Medieval Europe. Not saying it was perfect, but by God the authorities wouldn’t be standing idly by allowing chaos to ensue like this pathetic government.

  10. In response to the seriousness of the situation Trump has scheduled a Press Conference for 3PM on Monday where he will blather on for 15 minutes about China and Hong Kong.

    • Don’t be so critical of Trump, he is going to turn the dial up to ’11’ on the monitoring, that will fix ’em good.

      The truth is Trump doesn’t know WTF to do, not a clue. He is hiding in the White House bunker now. When the Secret Service evacuates him to Camp David or some other isolated place it will not be a good look.

      • Trump doesn’t know what to do because Kushner doesn’t know what to do. I wonder if any jews are starting to wonder about their love for infinity orcs yet.

  11. And still White People don’t fight back. It will have to be an all out war because if We Whites fight back in small groups we will be arrested and housed with the very same animals that attacked us. Is the pussy in the White House not even going to protect it? ShitHoleNation!

    • Meh, the Orcs just sacked Mordor. I’m seeing the silver lining here.

  12. The AFL-CIOs HQ on fire too? Total anarchy. Sigh I have been a union man for decades. Even voted for Pat Buchanan in 1996 since I like tariffs.

    Tonight I am getting off the Trump Train due to days of inaction. Will be joining up with Ann Coulters #FormerTrumpers.

    Lets have a lil review shall we?

    1.) Trump bombs Syria, directly attacking Christians who are in a coallition with Bashar Assad. (I was raised Lutheran)

    2.) No border wall.

    And strike three: 3.) Days & days of rioting. The burger joint & sub sandwich shop just down the block got looted & are closed. Maybe tge Burger Nationalists were onto something. Anyhow I can’t even get a burger anymore!

    So been spending some time dusting off my copy of Spenglers Decline of the West.

    • “Trump bombs Syria”:

      With his direct approval, the U.S. military has been burning Syrian wheat fields at harvest time. War crime upon war crime upon war crime.

      “The burger joint & sub sandwich shop just down the block got looted”:

      Our government’s endless destruction and looting of countries around the globe that never did anything to us is on an infinitely greater scale than these urban riots and protests that will soon burn themselves out.

      Millions and millions of innocent people are dead, maimed, diseased, homeless and destitute in fpreign countries, because of us! We should fast and repent thoroughly in dust and ashes, and make restitution. But “we” don’t really believe in God. Instead of God, we trust in the Almighty DOLLAR and the power of our trillion-dollar-a-year military to let us loot the world with impunity.

      • But plenty of “us” believe in the jew god, who says it is good and right to do whatever we want to whomever we want in defense of the jews.

    • I voted for Buchanan in the first two elections that I was an eligible voter! Didn’t really appreciate that time he selected a token black lady as a running mate, though.

  13. The Lost Man: Derek Chauvin, the Last White Man of Minneapolis

    When Derek looked around himself on the 23-25 of May, looked at his Congress person Ilhan Omar, his mayor Jacob Frey, his black police chief, his Arab, Vietnamese and Chinese partners on patrol, the Paki clerk who called in the cops and then looked into George’s car and saw his dreadlocked homies…why didn’t he just fucking quit on the spot? Just Pretend he had a temperature and cough and crack open a fucking beer after getting home and boot his cunt of a wife and her mongoloid son out of the house? He could have had the month off no questions asked. What goes on in the mind of a white drone worker? When they see the tidal wave of diversity crash in their own backyard, what does it feel like? When does the self preservation instinct kick in?

    Practice Professional Racial Distancing and you too will live a long rich life, unlike Derek.

  14. Isengard and Morder sacked by the Uruk Hai and Goblins! Double Whammy.

  15. lol 2020 feels like the end of the world. Over a decade spent in the 1.0 movement where leaders were telling you “Be in shape, get your finances in order, society is going to break down in your lifetime.” only for it to finally really feel like it’s happening.

    I’ll raise a glass to the Boomers on this one, you called it.

  16. This what you get, this is what you get when Jews rule. You are seeing the product of Jewish rule before your very eyes and this is why the Jews can never rule, will never rule and the reason why the Jews hate Christ and Christians so much, for only Christ and Christians can rule.

    • @Robert…

      “This what you get, this is what you get when Jews rule. ”

      I feel this statement, though, accurate, is incomplete.

      What would complete it is this…

      ‘This what you get, this is what we get when White Gentiles continually abdicate their responsibilities for their nation and cede to others, above all, to The Jews, that which is theirs to do.’

  17. They were allowed to destroy an historic Christian Church in D.C. Their command element prevented them from destroying a satanic synagogue…what does that tell you about who is in control of this shit.

  18. Is there anything to the story on Zerohedge about pallets of bricks mysteriously showing up in major cities not around any constructions? Or are they always there and just not noticed? They aren’t cheap as I just bought several dozen to make a border around my garden and the cheapest red bricks are 64 cents and there must be a thousand or two on a pallet. Is Soros or someone funding this? I almost think this is planned and the “jogger” crap last month was a dry run. I wonder if the same folks who met in the Sea Islands in Feb 2016 and then these thugs started disrupting the MAGA rallies met again this spring and decided all these people with nothing to do going stir crazy with this Wuhan Virus shutdown are a perfect storm for riots. Is this really meant to bait Trump into shooting the rioters and the media then takes the rioters side to overthrow the government? Seems to me as much as I think he was a cultlike weirdo who didn’t create any effective legacy, Pierce was absolutely correct that the enemy media control is the number one issue facing America. Seems anyone serious about restoring America will have to seize the media from these people immediately before any other serious action can be taken as these people will broadcast sedition into every living room in the country. Restoring order with the National Guard like a sane country would do will be quite impossible with a media siding with the communist revolutionaries. But the blacks need not worry, when all this is over the media will be forced turn on the white antifa drug addicts and blame it on them instead if they can’t get away with the lie that “the klan” was really behind this whole thing.

    • Don’t be stupid. There’s tons of construction during the lockdown. Everyone has taken the time to make building repairs.

  19. No wonder that Minneapolis police are known to have made at least 44 people unconscious by neck restraint. U.S. police forces and other “standing army” units are trained by Israel’s police, military and intelligence services: “Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington state as well as the DC Capitol police have all traveled to Israel for training. Thousands of others have received training from Israeli officials here in the U.S. Many of these trips are taxpayer funded while others are privately funded. Since 2002, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories”: U.S. police following the example of Israel often pump more bullets into one unarmed suspect than all the police of some countries like Finland for example, fire in an entire year, and kill more people in a year – at least 1,000 per year but no one knows the full figure from the inadequate reports of the U.S.’s over 18,000 police forces – than the police of even larger countries kill in a decade. The riots and protests will burn out but the enforcement will grow stronger and the Elites will grow even wealthier and more secure. The demonized Alt-right actually serves a useful purpose as a foil to Antifa and a key component of the “race war” distraction.

  20. The Democrats are not going to crack down, looting is reparations and is being used to buy votes.

  21. I’ve seen images of White liberals in Minneapolis cleaning up after the rioting niggers and jew-inspired anarchists, and they fill me with rage and disgust. I have a solution for this but not many of you are going to like it. First…fuck Posse Comitatus: activate the Federal military and deploy them to the riot zones.
    Next…declare a State of Siege; set firm curfew hours. Anyone on the street after curfew will be shot. The survivors will be rounded-up and they will be put to work cleaning up the mess. After that, they will face drum-head Court Martials, where the most lenient sentence will be imprisonment with Hard Labor. The rest will be shot…pour encouragement les autre’.

  22. The anarchy started because a “racist” cop killed a poor “innocent” Negro? America is burning, TPTB do nothing but talk, the “protest” has spread worldwide and it’s all spontaneous? Seems like a perfect set up for action/reaction/solution. We had the action, we’re having the reaction but what’s the solution? What do our anti-White overlords have planned for us next?

    I know this sounds like conspiracy theory but can anyone believe that an event that grows to this magnitude does so by chance?

  23. More jokes, all you people have on this website are jokes. You folks are going to live in the aftermath….

  24. The image of Trump cowering in a bunker while the White House is besieged and surrounded by burning buildings should ensure that Trump is defeated in November and the GOPe is blown out of both the House and Senate. It’s what they richly deserve. Useless, do nothing traitors.

    If Trump somehow squeaks out an Electoral College win we will be in for another 4 years of jignatery. At least with the Dems back in de jure power (instead of just de facto power) we can stop pretending that the GOPe will somehow not stab us in the back for the 6 millionth time.

  25. We need to be pushing racial separation in the replies of normie social media accounts. Let’s get the idea circulating.

  26. Now I am seeing Q-tards saying that Trump doing nothing is a genius chess move to restore states’ rights. By doing nothing and putting all of the responsibility on state governors, he is singlehandedly returning the federal government to its constitutional limits! wwg1wga maga!!

    Of course, this doesn’t explain why DC was burned up. Maybe the based black protestors, under the guise of being violent criminals, were secretly working for Trump to ferret out the deep state from their bolt-holes in historical monuments by burning them to the ground.

    • Maybe they didn’t act right away because they KNEW this is NOT SPONTANEOUS but his powerful enemies have been planning this insurrection for the past few months and just waiting for the right negro to be killed to kick it off. They know it’s a trap and have to look for the snare.

  27. Yep. Voting at this point is completely futile, it doesn’t nothing. It’s like you get to decide what flavor of globalism you want. You still get globalism no matter what. Heartless, soulless and God less globalism.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  28. I hope that 18 wheeler is ok and that none of its feelings were hurt in the process.

  29. Donald is the greatest American ever lived after John McCarthy. He recognized the problem and pushed madness over the edge. Sooner or later everybody understand that something must be done. For example renting Auschwitz from Poland to house genetic white liberals.

    Long time ago when great kings fought the war and wanted to get peace, they blamed some small prince who fooled them both. Then the price was beheaded and great kings were able to make peace and live in the friendship.

    Now is the question, who irrelevant and cheap enough to sacrifice so that great white people and proud Wakanda warriors can make peace.

    One group to consider is those climate change V12 MB driving rich privileged Antifa who are hated by almost everybody.

    • It’s funny bemidji walmart and target have been out of tvs gaming systems and computers for 2 months. But the ones in Minneapolis had plenty for the looters. WEIRD

    • Juri, did you mean US Senator Joe McCarthy, the Communist hunter from the Fifties?

      Trump isn’t great; he has done nothing. He monitors and postures. He rarely acts. Trump, along with governors and mayors, certainly didn’t act against the rioters. Savages were allowed to burn down cities, beat people (mainly White) and pillage to their dark heart’s content. Without consequences.

      The spineless way our “leaders” came up with to deal with this chaos was to put us all under curfew. Plenty of nigs didn’t feel the need to obey it, and didn’t pay a big price for doing as they pleased. It’s easier to lockdown civilized Whites than it is to crack open a few recalcitrant black skulls, after all. At least it is for our pussified leadership.

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