Where Is The Far Right?



“There is “no clear evidence” white supremacists are participating in the rioting and looting sweeping U.S. cities across America following the death of George Floyd, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) conceded in a New York Times report published Sunday.

“Signs of any organized effort or even participation in the violence were relatively rare,” the Times acknowledged in the bottom half of its article, referring to white supremacists.

“I have not seen any clear evidence that white supremacists or militiamen are masking up and going out to burn and loot,” Howard Graves, an SPLC research analyst who tracks white supremacists and other anti-government extremist groups, told the newspaper. …”

These people are doing a fantastic job of making all our points for us, shouldering all the risks of violent accelerationism and radicalizing and pushing far more people toward us than we ever could through activism. Why should we get in their way and muddy this picture?

Note: Violent accelerationism works, but in the opposite way it is intended by fanatics. When the Far Left is getting violent, it works to our advantage and vice versa.

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        • It’s like he wants laughs and attention from whites, then he told WNs to eff off. He thinks race mixing is fine. He isn’t for a white nation. Why would anyone consider him to be a leader? There’s something seriously wrong with how people think anyone with a Youtube channel, a website, a radio show, a book…is a leader. A lot of these people aren’t even claiming to be leaders. They are just people who can afford to go public.

    • Yes … BUT, loads of people “pushed to us” … and what / who do we have to welcome them with ? Leaders ? A Plan ? A think tank ? A manifesto ?

      It’s like millions of people being pushed into some state … then when they get there there’s no food water housing transportation jobs goods services etc. Just blank land.

      So they’ll leave …

    • Floyd made porn too, there are images from some porno he made with a black chick in the comments over at Countenance Blog. Tattoos are the same so unless it’s a doctored image it’s him all right.

  1. Radicalization is a two way street. While we will gain more adherents to the white preservationist cause, a lot of moderate whites will drift over toward being best friends with BLM. More polarization. Our side engages in infinite navel gazing on stupid stuff like Duginism or sissy in-fighting, while the other side is more united and much larger and has deep deep pockets. We may have truth on our side, but with venues like Youtube almost gone and twitter being restricted, , our messaging lacks the reach it had before Charlottseville. We cannot even get 50 guys out on the street to protect a CSA monument, while antifa and BLM can muster thousands. Until we learn how to organize IRL, stop the in-fighting, assume a more professional aesthetic look, and simplify the message….. we will not be very effective.

    • BLM will devour their white “allies” before this is through, especially the young, white women who think it’s just a big prank. The woke whites see themselves as down for the cause but the nogs just see them as more white people to rob, the stupidest of the white race though. After they take a beating at the hands of their pets their attitudes will change, once they get out of the hospital and have time to think it over before the bandages come off. The ones sent to the morgue won’t have anything to worry about though.

      • BLM will devour their white “allies” before this is through, especially the young, white women who think it’s just a big prank.

        People have been saying that for decades. Some get shaken out of their delusions, but most seem not to. And schools are always minting replacements.

    • The Blightwing could never muster thousands without the media and corporate murica on your side. Tweet your way to victory? Bwahahaha! Sounds like Chump.

  2. Number one thing we need now is spiritual strength. Too many churches have compromised with the BLM/Antifa satanism (a far cry from the Church which stood against Islam and the pagan Vikings 1,000 years ago!) and are genuflecting at the altar of Chemosh.

    Read your Bible and pray. Although I am sick at heart, God’s Word is giving me comfort. Pray for His strength, protection and guidance.

    • Trust in God, but keep your powder dry is Oliver Cromwell’s wise advice. Pray all you want – you must rely on your own strength for your protection.

    • The White Man was best when he was a pagan. Every great civilization was strong and protective, and didn’t worry about being nice.

      • @Pilot2…

        Well, that’s exactly it, ‘The White Man’ never existed’, because they are ‘The White Men.

        As to our forefathers being great during the Pagan Times, it was largely the opposite.

        Italy & Greece were great, but, most of the other tribes left nothing of worth in their wake, until they were invested with The Holy Ghost.

        Yes, The West’s inexorable rise to the guiding light of The Human World, only occurred after conversion to Chryst.

        • You have your history backwards. Rome was a great civilization so long as it remained Pagan. After it became Christian, Roman civilization quickly collapsed, and Europe was plunged into several centuries of barbarism – hardly the “guiding light” of the Human World.

          • Masurian, agreed. The Romans emulated the Greeks who they admired. Christianity has turned whites into pawns. “We are all God’s children” they cry, and give money to third world countries, that invade us.

          • Pilot, Thank you for your comment. Christianity was the religion of the proto-Bolsheviks of ancient Rome, who proclaimed there was “neither Greek nor Jew, slave nor free, male nor female.”

        • Ivan, Germanic nations were also stronger and more admirable than they are now. This whole business of being “civilized” has turned into passive. Leaving everything up to God. Look where it got us.

          • @Pilot…

            I do not associate Christendom with passivity.

            That is a recent thing in society – an excuse people use to not have to be involved.

            Chryst was anything but passive, nor did he recommend disconnecting.

            He was the opposite of all that.

    • That lesbian “Bishop” immediately denounced Trump. With sexual perversion political perversion follows shortly behind, it’s psychologically connected and our ancestors wisely knew this. This looks like a spontaneous black riot but it’s not, this thing was planned by some very powerful people for over a month now. The blacks were just the spark they were waiting for to set it off. They tried to start it with the black burglar they claimed was “jogging” a month back but that one didn’t sit. This is a coup de ta not only against Trump but against White America and the police force that protects it. Look at snakes like Bush Jr just lining up to side with the rioters against America. The big media owners and Soros have to be behind this, if not then they are joining in on a KGB and PLA funded revolution because Putin would love to weaken the US and the Chinese also want revenge for what they see as a CIA MI5 backed revolt in Hong Kong. But this thing needs to be dealt with carefully, they already had a narrative down of “peaceful protesters being violently attacked by Trump” and didn’t get what the needed so pathetically resorted to laying that card over a few smoke grenades by the park police to clear out a church under siege by the anarchists so Trump could make a speech. This is bad, the media did what Manson failed, ignite Helter Skelter.

  3. Don’t know if I can say I’ve been ‘uncovered’, as I have been very public for years about what I think of this society, and those who ‘run’ it.

    Chickens comin’ home to roost, to quote an infamous Negro preacher.

  4. “A few bad apples” argument falls by the wayside in the face of something like this.

    Black African, and liberal white SJW mindset and propensity toward violence is on full display.

    In the past, when we tried to make our arguments to other whites, they could still deceive themselves in their delusions; but not any more.

    A liberal friend of mine was truly shocked at the numbers all over the US engaging in violence. “How many are there?” She asked. I told her some Antifa social media accounts have close to half a million each, and BLM members and groups are in the millions.

    Let me ask you this: After all of this is over, how many white people do you think will go to housing planning meetings, and say, “We need more diversity in our white communities?”

    I think after this, most whites are done with “diversity” and “black empowerment.”

  5. Hunter, who exactly is coming to our side? All I see is white people in solidarity with Black Lives Matter endeavoring to burn down what our ancestors struggled to create. White people are on their knees apologizing to blacks for alleged transgressions that have nothing to do with them. This is a war against white America, and our own people are aligned against us.

    • My white neighbors and social media “friends,” Republifucks all, are onboard with the Twitter Blackout and Black Tuesday. A bunch of virtue-signaling pieces of shit, unfazed by facts. Mostly women but some men. People disagreeing with the white guilt mindset are keeping their mouths shut (mostly).

      • I’ve seen more liberal men than women. Just my observation. Especially boomers. They think it’s great that there’s “minority” doctors and judges out there. Talk about living in a bubble.

    • “Our people”? Are you kidding? These are the people you have to keep out of your new ethnostates, or you won’t have them long.

      Our people are the ones having big street BBQs with their white neighbors, with AR-15s strapped to their backs.

    • Yeah I see no sign of large numbers of whites coming to our side.

      It’s a pipe dream at this point, I’m sad to say.

      • I agree. I’d say maybe 5% of the population thinks things are beyond hope. The rest think things are getting better.

    • Most Whites already have Alt-Right views when you scratch the surface; they are just wary of expressing them. And there’s currently no leader. Why do you think Trump got elected in the first place?

  6. Where is the far right? Hiding under their bed worrying about catching some made up virus and hoping the blacks and commies don’t come for them. Funny, I don’;t see the elites calling out the rioters for not social distancing and wearing masks. Only brainwashed “woke” whites fall form that line.

    • Ridiculous. Most of the “far” blightwing are nigger hating libertarians, totally onboard with opening up the country and partying. But you knew that.

    • They should, the media WANTS some right winger to fight back so they can focus down on it and run that as the narrative. This is a media trap, not a spontaneous black riot, they tried to start this with the jogger a month back. Is the highest ranks of the DNC fomenting this? Soros? Zucker and other media billionaires? If that case can be made it’s a life or death struggle that can only be won by a case being made and these people sent to Guantanamo.

  7. Nationwide riots pale in significance to worldwide pandemic. Global Times just published a new video on the U.S.’s biological weapons program at Fort Detrick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jzYK9_wN-I&feature=emb_logo

    Which is the greater crime? (1) blue collar rioters burning and looting buildings (led by white collar provocateurs) or (2) “intelligence” professionals infecting humanity with a deadly “novel” virus as a war strategy to loot the wealth of other nations?

    Sky News (Rupert Murdoch’s Australian version of Fox News), publishing this report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiyTrJehvbU – means that the cat of lab origin is getting out of the bag, and the “news” media are spinning the news to blame it on China, SARS CoV2 appears “tailor made” for humans, and Sky and other mainstream media are claiming that China is the tailor.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if China actually worked on this with members of our Establishment. After all, US elites’ goal is to make us like China. Now we have a Cultural Revolution like Mao’s.

  8. I’m going out tonight if this goes bad. I’ll talk neighbor into it so he can watch my back. He’s a vet. This has to stop.

    We can’t let this go on.

  9. ShaLonda from HR is monitoring comments so the far right isn’t here right now. Try again later.

  10. WWVD? Somehow I see Putin with a bowl of popcorn in his lap in the Kremlin and watching American TV and laughing hysterically. How long do you think Putin would put up with that in Russian cities?

    • He wouldn’t. Their asses would be in a prison camp faster than you can say the word “problematic”.

    • The Chinese are the ones who are really loving it. It must be greatly satisfying to watch a competing society commit suicide.

  11. These riots are quite possibly the greatest thing that has happened to White America in decades..the joggers are destroying almost all the business’s that holocaust survivors use to fund and promote their anti White narrative, while simultaneously destroying the black victim and homo narrative…we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

    • Now, we just need to tell the joggers about the gold stashed in schlomos gated communities and penthouse suites and it’ll be a Grand Slam!

    • From what I’ve seen, it’s small businesses and stores. Blacks are asking for 14 trillion dollars in “reparations”. Haven’t we paid that out in decades in the form of welfare, food stamps, free medical care, cell phones, utilities, college, etc.? Why are we responsible for something that happened to them long ago? My ancestors weren’t even here. So why are we being gouged for money, based on the color of our skin? Isn’t that what they claim they want, to not be judged by their skin color? I had nothing to do with anyone’s slavery. I am so tired of this. They are destroying us. Also, asking for this money at this time….are they basically saying if we don’t pay up, they won’t stop looting and rioting?

    • This doesn’t even put the slightest dent into ZOG.

      I appreciate your optimism, but nothing significant is going to change for the better after the dust settles on this.

  12. As one who does hang out in “accelerationist” circles; livestreams/chats and social media, I find this narrative amusingly absurd. They are, like all of us here, interested observers and no more. I’m not at all surprised that the kikes are trying to sell this garbage. I’m surprised that there are some “dissidents” who still cling to muh konstitooshun/ muh bill’o’rites thinking THAT asswipe still means anything…

  13. Hunter, I hope this brings more Whites to the pro-White side but I’m inclined to think all it will do is solidify the existing polarization.

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