George Floyd Protests Enrich London

Racists owned!

Alt-Right BTFO!

Ethnonationalists BTFO!

White Nationalists owned!

Pajama Boy Nietzscheans BTFO!

Behold, the neoliberal paradise that is London which is based on nothing but anti-racism, diversity, multiculturalism and liberal principles. We hold it to be a self evident truth that Britain has declined under liberalism to the lowest and weakest point in its entire history.

Note: The English used to be made of sterner stuff. See below.

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  1. Once it gets dark the paras and the riot squad can push their shit in.

    • lol, this isn’t ulster.

      the general theme here is inaction and paralysis because the leaders in charge believe it would be punching down.

      maybe when they actually feel some heat they’ll let their bobbies use stun guns… lmfao rip western civilization

  2. In general, it’s pretty astonishing how few cops end up going postal, considering the humiliation and abuse they’re made to endure. I mean, we’re witnessing cuckery that should not be humanly possible, and yet they retain their composure. Perhaps recruitment practices have evolved to the point where the great majority of them are themselves true believers in the diversitarian cause.

    • They are trained to suppress and de-escalated and get control of a situation.

      When a few guys are out there alone in a bad situation, bad area, calming things down is not bad.

      If it goes bad they will get backup and things go forward.

    • IN the UK, that’s exactly what has happened over the past 20+ years. In the 1980s, you couldn’t even get into the Met (London’s police force) unless you were at least 6 feet tall and male.

  3. When you take a knee before someone, you acknowledge their power over you. I can’t relate to giving up to others without a struggle, though. The multicultural mind virus must work some potent black magic.

    The majority of people are weak and easily manipulated through fear of losing status, or their safe place in the herd, so their conforming to the cultural norm isn’t a surprise. But this public self-cucking by pigs is something I haven’t seen before.

    • White people have a long, long history of fighting each other and, if it isn’t directly for non-whites, it almost always ends up benefiting non-whites. We are a sick-in-the-head people. We have exhausted our own self-preservation for the preservation of others who will end up annihilating us.

      • True, but all tribes fight within their racial groups. The other tribes usually just exhaust the conquered peoples’ resources, and like the nogs, rape and pillage at will. The Japanese in Manchuria come to mind. There would’ve been no African slave trade without warring tribes selling their captured opponents to Europeans. We’re kinder and gentler. We will rebuild the defeated at our own expense, and even repatriate them to our homeland. When such kindness is extended to related racial tribes, it can have positive long-term effects, as in post-WWII Western Europe. Otherwise, not so much.

        IMO, that’s one of the unfortunate sociological effects of a universalist interpretation of Christianity. All must be welcomed, all must be accepted. That view also consequently leads to allowing what was once anathema into the faith, like queer clergy. When faith is free to evolve, it always gets transformed by the culture.

      • White self hatred is sick. Our natural tendencies of compassion and conscientiousness have been turned against us.

  4. If this isn’t beneficial accelerationism, I don’t know what is. Right or wrong, it’s about to get its trial.

  5. Heard the Uruk Hai moved on St Charles Hunter.
    Those good old boys don’t fuck around.

  6. Hard to feel sorry for UK police. They’ve been prancing around like ninnies for decades now, trying to appease the vibrants.

    • The only thing separating us from the English is the Second Amendment. All white nations will fall for lack of it.

      • The Republicans have done the same thing here. Dad had Fox on as usual and in addition to the George Floyd cuckery they had a Senator on demanding we free the Chinese and take as many millions of freedom loving Chinamen that want to come. Dad looks at me guarding the door and police sirens wailing all around us and goes “who would want to come here now”. Congratulations they have broken the biggest Boomer Con in history now as well

        • Bring the Chinese to the West, and give them the welfare benefits they’re already taking away from native-born whites and blacks to give to hispanics, hmong and somalis.

          The pols that used to promise to enforce the border will now compete to see how many foreigners they can let in. Privatize the virtue and the pool of cheap labor that holds wages down, socialize the costs. The express train to the Rainbow Utopia is rolling, and can’t be stopped. The donors need their profit margins to keep rising! You’ll only be against bringing the rest of the world here if you’re a hateful, hating hater, after all.

      • Several Republican politicians are proposing the same thing. They want to give the entire population of Hong Kong US citizenship. Winning!

    • To be fair, the best of Scotland either lives abroad or is old. All that’s left are liberals. The Chinese would probably give the Scots exactly what they want without all the crime that comes from North Africans that the SNP wants to bring in.

      Scotland is probably the most uphill of battles when it comes to Europe and it’s England’s refusal of letting them go their own way that is preventing them from ethnically genociding themselves in one generation.

    • Most likely three million or so Chinks from Hong Kong will end up in the U.S. also, courtesy of DJT. I can hear the Republican’s sales pitch already: “They are great entrepreneurs, think of the jobs they will create and they are also natural conservatives” as the Chinks pay their bribes to the politicians in the form of “campaign contributions”. They will show their gratitude to the Republicans by voting solid Democrat too, just like the rest of them.

      There will be even more “refugees” from Taiwan when the Chinese government in Peking finally takes them over too. It is inevitable, China grows stronger as the U.S. Empire grows weaker. What is unknown is whether Peking will take Taiwan peacefully or through war.

      If the U.S. Empire were sane the leaders would recognize the inevitable and plan for a peaceful transition like the UK did with Hong Kong in 1997. Unfortunately, there isn’t an ounce of good judgement in the whole U.S. Government. The leaders are living in the past when China was not a significant military power and the U.S. was unchallenged in the Western Pacific.

      Those days are long gone. The island of Formosa is only about 120 miles off the coast of China. It’s about 7,000 miles off the coast of the U.S. mainland making it a formidable problem for the U.S. to defend. China for the Chinese. They can have the whole damn place, the Chinese living there thrown into the bargain at no extra charge.

  7. Check this out! From 2017, but lines up with what’s going on. Are we all being played here?

  8. World War Two aftermath isn’t paying dividends for the denizens of cuck island.

    There’s a strong karmic feeling about both the white house and 10 downing both under seige from poc marxists.

    Perhaps, the Anglosphere is having regrets instigating war with NS Germany about now, eh?

    • November,

      Most anglos would rather die than admit that. My grandmother recalls how things started changing fast in Texas after the war. She said that newspapers in the large city where she lived started becoming soft and somewhat supportive of the negro in their policies beginning in the late 1940’s. Since my grandmother is 90 and in good health she is a walking history book in some ways.

      Whites have been in full retreat since WW 2. The only question is how much further retreating can they do?

      • we have been retreating , so to speak, for far longer than that!
        Northern Africa, Western Asia and many other places were once caucasian….the current social orders and psy ops are nothing new.

      • @Christina…

        This, the song of the SS-Florian Geyer, is the better choice for your sentiment…

        • Ivan Turgenev,

          Thank you for the song. I am not a National Socialist however. But let’s not go through that again.

          • Cristina,

            You’re certainly not a dendemo, republican, or a communist, but you wrote to Ivan Turgenev that not a National Socialist either. OerhPer, you are a monarchist.

            It is clear that you have a political philosophy, and being a National Socialist isn’t considered a sin by the RCC, so I thought you were our Eva Peron.

      • Christina,

        Thank you for that. It made me recall the two NS warriors that I met years ago. One was a rather quiet man who liked to fish. He was in the Waffen SS on the Eastern Front. He was held in a Soviet prison camp for ten years after the war. Upon returning to Germany, he couldn’t find any of his relatives, and eventually migrated to the USA.

        The other man was a Diesel engine mechanic on U-Boats. He genuinely looked the part with a hardened face and beard.

        I had the good fortune of sharing German beer and food with both men on a few occasions. Once they knew that I was ‘on their side, ‘ they told me of their experiences and how the Anglos, jews, and Soviets lied about what happened between the years 1939-1945.

        Heil Hitler !

        • November,

          You are welcome. Most of my family/relatives are sympathetic to the Germans of WW 2. I know Nationalist Spain supported them in the war. The Fascists of Italy and the NS of Germany helped Spain win the civil War against the Republicans.

          Of course the British, Soviets, and Americans favored the Republicans.

          I hate to see the USA torn down like this by mobs supported by corporations and celebrities but it is America reaping what it has sown. Too bad innocent people pay the price.

          We received an email from Door Dash Delivery saying they were going to give money to Black Lives Matter. Well my father said no more ordering from Door Dash.

          It is not because my father is pro American but rather against the rioters and their corporate supporters.

        • November,

          You are welcome. I wrote you another response hours ago but it did not take.

        • November,

          I am a monarchist first and then a supporter of a Nationalist Spain type of regime under Franco. I consider him more solid than a Mussolini though Mussolini did sign an agreement with the Vatican that greatly pleased the Church.

          I will have to find out more about Eva Peron.

          If i would have been head of state in Spain in 1941 I would have done what Franco did and send highly paid volunteers to fight the Soviets. Alliance with a National Socialist country seems reasonable. Naturally, it is more Catholic to have a monarchy or a Franco.

          I could never as head of State support a Communist country or freemasonic Protestant USA and Great Britain. All those belief systems are forbidden by defined dogmas.

          National Socialism economically speaking seems very solid. Monarchy and Catholic Fascism work bests for a latin country I believe.

          • @Cristina…

            “I am a monarchist first and then a supporter of a Nationalist Spain type of regime under Franco.”

            That’s very interesting, because I know a number of Spaniards who would have, and still would, wax apoplectick at a statement like that.

            But, yes, I do see the strains of authoritarianism undergirding it all.

        • November,

          Well this song really has me interested in Eva Peron. I assure you latins love strong governments.

          Any sinful action by a NS person would be on his head not the official stated beliefs and as long as the National Socialists honored the 1933 Concordant then that is so.

          I believe one priest was involved in the plot in 1944 to murder Hitler. As per the 1933 Concordant he was not executed but sentenced to house arrest. Can you imagine the Soviet Union, the USA, or Great Britain being so lenient? Neither can I.

          The last traditional Concordant between Church and State while the Church was still Catholic was 1953 Concordant with Fascist Spain. It must be embarassing to Catholic conservatives to have to recognize this. A Concordant recognizes the legitimacy of the regime.

          The United States did not even have diplomatic relations with the Vatican from 1867 until the 1980’s. Do you want me to tell you what I think of the USA or Great Britain or the Soviet Union?———–I think I just did.

          • Christina,

            Because kings and queens are mentioned in the Bible, they are acknowledged as legitimate powers, as would an emperor.

            Of course, I was already acquainted with your distaste for Protestant freemasonic governments, and the thougjt never crossed my mind that you were a communist.

            From your upbringing and heritage, a original intent Catholic fascist monarchist government would be logical. Though I do not practice Christianity anymore, I believe that I would be content under such a authoritarian regime.

            Juan and his wife Eva had NS sympathies. It was because of the Perons that so many NS Germans migrated to Argentina.

            As you probably already know, many Germans fled to Franco’s Spain to avoid persecution and prosecution by the victorouvi and malevalema zionist powers.

            The video of “madonna’ singing is from the film “Evita.” Unfortunately, Eva Peron was more like Imelda Marcos than Emperess Maria Theresa.

          • Christy,

            Sorry for all those typos. This new phone is possessed by a special education operating system.

    • November,

      The British, of the United Ku¢kdom, are simply bastards (…as are their French poodles across the Channel).


      Great song!!

      • Virtus,

        Thank you. I first heard the song a few years ago when I was very small. It was in a movie called the Battle of the Bulge. For a long time I thought that was the name of the song. The man in Jaws played the part of the German.

        Jaws scared me so much that I am still wary of swimming in the ocean even very close to shore.

    • No….no regrets at all. Only a very few people are able to see the connection between that and the completely insane world we live in now. It is shameful how weak-minded and self-hating so many of our people are.

  9. Funny how English whites are agast at some foreign negro’s death, but we’re more silent than a house miusm, as tens of thousands of native British girls were raped over the past couple of decades by the cultural enrichment.

    Maybe some britBri bitch “Bobby” can find it in himself to take a knee, and ask for forgiveness from all the people he should have been protecting.

    • I’d suggest those bobbies take a truncheon up the rectum to demonstrate contriteness for the “grooming gangs”, but most of them would probably enjoy it.

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