Jared Kushner Is Planning a New Amnesty Deal

Jared Kushner is also working hard to ensure that Jeff Sessions is defeated in his Senate race. If he is elected to the Senate, Sessions would be a thorn in Kushner’s side in the next Congress.

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  1. Out of their goddamned minds.

    And if Donald goes along with it, he’s going to deserve WHATEVER happens to him.

    At a bare minimum, you think the left will stop persecuting him just because he loses an election? No, they will hunt him down and they will put him in jail for a decade at least. The corruption charges New York state has been running down could easily serve for that.

    • They must be thinking DJT is going to lose in November so they have to get what they can now. Besides amnesty for wogs they also want another war for Israel before Trump is gone. They will pick clean the wreckage of the U.S. on their way to Asia the way they picked clean Germany after WWI and the USSR after 1991, it’s what they do.

      Prediction: DJT pardons Bernie Madoff before he leaves office. Why not, the guy claims he is dying and deserves a “compassionate” release. He will probably go to Israel.

    • Oh geez…get over him! Tweety is TOAST!! His “administration” is falling apart in real time. It’s time to look to whatever kind of community of like-minded people that can be cobbled together. There is no political solution.

  2. I just want you all to know that I have seen a clip of Donald Trump at a FEMA public announcement (Covid or riots – I don’t know). Pompeo goes to the podium and says this is a live drill. Then Trump (standing next to Pompeo) says to Pompeo you could have told us. WTF?

    Another clip shows Trump saying I’ve enjoyed being President for the American people. WTF?

    Draw your own conclusions.

    It’s a private site and I can’t do a link or upload them.

  3. I’m sure that will go down well with the base lol It seems Trump is determined to crash the MAGA movement with no survivors! Will this bloviating retard even make it to November?

  4. This situation is thus…

    It does not matter whether the wrapping on the package bears the name Trump, Collins, Burr, Kushner, Obama, Rubio, Cornyn, Warren, Loeffler, Sanders, Bush, McConnell, Murkowski, or McCain, Javits, Obama, Kennedy, Tillis, or Archie Bunker, even.

    No, it does not matter, because, if you are a White Southerner, you are a homeless waif – the ground upon which you stand just another asset The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government feels free to give away to someone else, any ole time they please, and for any ole reason.

    We could do something about this immediately and very permanently, but, alas, the steel in our hearts is not nearly the temper of that which comprises the barrels inside our gun cabinet.

  5. What we need is stacy abrahms and several other “kill whitey” negroes in powerful positions to promote acceleration….there is no peaceful way out.

    I don’t intend on breaking the sites rules, but lets no kid ourselves here, goyim.

    Begging a lion to not maul you is not a great strategy on how to survive contact with lions.

    Its simply an exercise in futility and the practice denying reality to even suggest that anyone embrace this way of thinking as an actual method to fight off lions.

    Please mister negro ,sir, don’t rape my wife and children and kill me, i’m one of the “good” self hating whites who listens to cRap music and burns down cities while denouncing my privilege alongside your African army of criminogs…

    I always ask libertards and leftist white guilt apologists that i am forced to be near if they know what blacks think the difference is between me and them are- and the answer is they see no difference…so virtue signaling and self hatred is not only a sickening mental illness but its weakness that weakens the entire pack/tribe and makes us all look weak.

    Blacks are animals that cannot assimilate to human society where assaulting people for making your sandwich incorrectly is not permitted.

    They are like sharks.

    The only thing a shark respects or is fearful of is a larger shark.

    • Are “we” the “larger shark?”

      If you live in a rural area as I do, or a white suburb, it’s easy to convince yourself (and perhaps others) that we are “the larger shark.”

      I am sorry, I do not share that view.

      Not only are the numbers against us, and growing more lopsided by the day, but in any Darwinian struggle, you must really want to survive. I am sorry, but I do not pick up on any desire for survival or turning the clock back from the majority my fellow whites. We are the minority in every sense of the word.

      Of course there are those of us who long for a safer all-white America, but traveling from philosophical point A to point B requires courage. I’m not getting a whiff of any “courage vibe” from the whites I talk to in person; in the real world.

      Something has happened to us, I’m not sure what. But what ever it is, it has disabled those natural survival mechanism that are found within any human group.

      I hate to be “Mr. Black Pill” (Isn’t that Hunter’s job?) but I see no way out of this. America, like many nation-states before it, is dying. Most Romans didn’t want to Empire to end, but it did: and between the Christians and the Visigoth, and their own self-absorption, they were doomed.

  6. Kushner seems to be working with the commies. When was the last time he talked to Valerie Jarrett?

    • Kushner looks like either a creature out of a black and white space alien movie ca. 1960, like he just stepped out of a spaceship from billions of miles away or he escaped from Madame Tusard’s wax museum, not sure which.

  7. Brad,

    President by day, revolutionary by night. Here’s your culprit:


    6000000-D Chess

  8. halfpasthuman.com

    unzip free file. Open October 2016 report and search “Israel” but remember timing on predictive linguistics is unreliable. Clif states this and the understanding of the science of predictive linguistics in each report. Remember this report is dated October 2016 so the mere mention of riots should peak your interest.

    I hope it comes true.

    • I stopped reading halfpasthuman years ago when they claimed their predictive linguistics had predicted an earthquake.

      If you can explain to me how human social patterns can affect the movement of continental plates, I’m all ears. Until then, they’re bullshitters and grifters.

      • You’re a troll. Social patterns? Way beyond that. Perhaps you’re even a Jew who doesn’t want people to see the info.

        • “Linguistics”.

          That’s social.

          There is nothing more to it than that. And nothing in human language patterns can be affected by the friction of continental plates.

          It is very simple, but the fact that you flipped out and went full-frothing-aggro in response to having this pointed out says plenty about you.

          • It’s based on the belief that humans have a psychic ability through the subconscious. The social part is merely the point of collection. People like you always denigrate people who yearn for an understanding of our world. I’m sick of people like you. Go back to the protests.

  9. Amnesty?

    Robert Heinlein the author of the 1959 novel Starship Troopers (Who was often accused of being a closeted Nazi or fascist.) said in the book,

    “Something given, has no value.”

    “There is an old song which asserts that, “the best things in life are free.” Not true! Utterly false! This was the tragic fallacy which brought on the decadence and collapse of the democracies of the twentieth century; those noble experiments failed because the people had been led to believe that they could simply vote for whatever they wanted… and get it, without toil, without sweat, without tears.”


  10. Is Trump queer for Jared Kushner, maybe there is some sort of a sexual attraction between the two? Stranger things have been known to happen down thru the ages. After all Trump’s daughter is married to Kushner.

    • Dunno’ about that, tho’ I do know that Tweety likes to watch pre-pubescent “nubile” girls diddle each other. Think of the blackmail possibilities…

  11. It’s easy to understand why some want to try and reform the Republican party given the nature of America’s two-party system. However, it has been largely fruitless so far. Personally, I would like to see someone start the White Nationalist Party or even a White Separatist Party. Someone like Jared Taylor could be the presidential candidate.

  12. “Something given, has no value.”

    Along that line.

    Whites don’t understand a fundamental reality,


  13. Off topic, but I hope our side will be able to buy or otherwise obtain the Richmond Va. Gen. Lee statue, for safe keeping and eventual display, if a lawsuit to halt the removal process fails.

  14. I think the collapse of this (alleged) country is imminent. A coup? Mutiny in the armed forces against the commander-in-chief? Rioters supported by the media, corporate America, the government and at least two former presidents actually occupying the White House?

    On topic: What could be a bigger betrayal than Trump granting amnesty to “dreamers” and attacking Iran?

  15. I suspect Trump lost the election when he didn’t come out swinging when the riots started. His base in red state America are probably going to set it out and white millennials are going to vote Democratic in a landslide to bury Trump. If Biden is smart he will pick Stacy Abrams to capitalize on black rage and there America will be with a black racial female president after Biden dies in office.. The United States is terminal! Will it even live to see its Tricentennial?

    Who knew Soros was right in all this when he said Trump will prove to be a transitory phenomena.

    • Stacy Abrams controlling the nuclear football. Rod Steiger himself could not have conceived of such a nightmare scenario!

  16. The 3rd world enrichers have de facto amnesty now since the traitors in charge have no intention of deporting them. Why should anyone be surprised by this move?

  17. It seems Trump wants to fumble away the presidency but seeing one Democrat after the other demonstrating or generally sucking up to Black Lies Matter and their robot like, communist, white serpents, it’s like relative sanity can no longer last for Democrats. That new clip of Nancy Pelosi and her brain shutting down was great. She can barely talk now. Biden once again massaging blacks caused him to say 10 to 15 percent of Americans are bad. It could be his deplorables moment.

    For those believing Christians, continue to pray against Democrat leaders and their evil movement. Trump may be a bumbler but the Democrats are so gone that actual worshipping of black people is happening, the evil whore that runs Dc is literally putting up a massive blm idol sign, she is pushing out the guard just as 1 million soulless along with the clueless are protesting yet again Saturday, the second amendment grows in popularity and America hits peak fatigue as diversity fails yet again.

    Fake communist, uber rich Michael Moore called Trump the last American president. It seems we are jogging, instead of inching, to that now. A nearly 250 year old nation is no longer young, way too diverse and filled with evil infiltrators in its media, entertainment and the highest realms of political power.

    Semi goofball Trump with his bizarre pointman in Kushner want to give the game away. But a senile Mister Magoo, drugged up brain shriveled Pelosi and a Democrat Party that practices idol worship of black criminals never seems to want to win the game.

    I think of that Paul Kersey cover on one of his books with a big hand and the thumb pointing down as in ” the verdict is no.” That is summing up America in recent times and big time now.

    • @Jeff…

      If President Trump cannot find it within himself to keep his promises, then fumble is what he will do.

      It would be so easy for him to get me and my wife to sprint down to the polls for him in November – just sign an executive order for E-Verify, so that millions and millions would self-deport, and, get the troops out or Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, not to mention get his prying hands out of Venezuela and Bolivia.

      Or he could direct the Justice Department to break up the Tech monopolies.

      There are other things he could do, but, no, he’d rather focus exclusively on The Black Vote.

      So be it.

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