Kneel Before The Mob

This was a good monologue.

It is too bad it has nothing to do with what the GOP is doing though. I usually agree with Tucker because he tends to reflect our opinions back to us. Donald Trump is still soft on crime.

I’ve now seen like two dozen “car drives in protesters” incidents since the riots began last week. James Fields, Jr. was labeled a domestic terrorist by Trump and the Republican Party and sentenced to 400 years in prison. In hindsight, it now seems like “car drives into protesters” is a feature of the sort of anarchy unleashed in our streets by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. It happens every day now.

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  1. Have the cops stand down – how convenient! More bloodshed down the road. To justify imposition of full-on totalitarian state?

  2. Career mercenary hired guns will “take a knee” or even switch sides, or do whatever else protects their job and promotes their career.

  3. In some cases, what is even worse than what is happening in the streets, is what is happening right now in corporate boardrooms and CEO offices all over the US. Wealthy CEOs and their companies are using their vast wealth and corporate influence to permanently change and restructure this nation in favor of the Negro criminal and his SJW allies.

    Honestly, my jaw dropped when I read the words of Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A and the owners of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. They and their plans for the restructuring of this society and its laws are the tip of the iceberg. They say that “Money talks” well, they are speaking loud and clear in favor of those who are burning our cities and murdering white people, including the police. Sickening.

    I posted their own words from their websites on my blog if you care to read them.

    • They are destroying the value of the very ‘money’ they get paid with and use to pay their boot lickers, too. The enormous debts and associated money printing are being used to float the entire financial system, lest it sink beneath the waves. If the Government were to stop flooding the world with dollars the equity and bond markets would immediately collapse, worse than 2008. February and March of this year were close run things with the markets on the precipice several times.

      If the Government continues to flood the world with dollars that will also ruin the dollar through inflation causing a rapid decline in the stability of the U.S. and an associated loss of confidence. Either way time is running out for the dollar and when it goes, Leviathan goes with it. They have boxed themselves in good with nearly a century of liberalism, soon the bastards will start to choke on it.

      • You are correct. A healthy, robust economy is largely a matter of confidence. If the majority come to believe that we are doomed, then in reality, we are.

        • Well the owners of ben and jerrys shouldn’t surprise you considering their last name and their faux social justice intertwined with their ice cream brand for the last 30 years.

          Ben and jerrys is overrated overpriced shit ice cream 5 bucks for a small tub? No thanks its not that good. I dunno then again I prefer just plain vanilla ice cream anyway Chick Fila is a bit of a surprise but considering potato blumpf won’t enforce protection because democrat strongholds its understandable they don’t want their want their restaurants torched by low unemployment gentle joggers and antifa

    • I don’t think corporations actually want this, they are going along with it out of fear of these people in the same way people were forced to squeeze out those Crocodile Tears at the death of the butcher Kim Jong Il. Make no mistake what is going on now is another color coded revolution, this was planned, it was just waiting for a spontaneous negro riot to set it off and the (((true actors))) to set it into play. That scumbag Shumer was already talking about impeaching Trump again for visiting that church the communists burned, a visit if Obama had done would be praised as a great act. Our (((Oligarchs))) turned out to be exactly the same, setting of Helter Skelter to use it for their own gains.

  4. The response from the GOP has been par for the course. Join me in voting write-in for “George Wallace” for president come November!

  5. BLOAT


    Even if you have to overpay, because, you know- you waited too long. Like those idiots in line at the gun stores AFTER the rioters are burning & looting their cities.

    Use that forward thinking that God gave you. We’re at the onset of the coming festivities. It ratchets up from here on out.

  6. The statue and memorial removal is the ultimate kick in the teeth. The kneeling and worshipping at the feet of the primitive mob speaking broken English is just strange. Taking down statues ranging from the beloved Frank Rizzo in Philly to all the great Civil War heroes is the ultimate show. I have been led to believe that the “whites make up 65% of the country” line was bullshit for awhile now. When I go around my town and city it feels about 30% to 10% depending. And around the country unless in a museum or library it feels more about 40%

    • @Captain Schill…

      It is a kick in the teeth, indeed, but, sad to say, we, Southerners, have decided that, in lieu of doing something to the kickers – or the system that sponsors them – to continually have our dentures refit to take up the growing space in our mouths.

  7. Whites will start leaving the US. Any white getting out of college can see the writing on the wall. They will become a slave to support nonwhites in the US, and be taxed mercilessly to support this. It will be a huge brain drain. The US will continue to import foreigners who will also continue to make demands. Imagine when the money runs out.

    • Before that, there will be a big White flight of woke White libs out to the conservative areas. Matt Parrott called it a while ago, the “White rapture” of libs from the cities out to the sticks, and I think he was spot on in that prediction. White libs aren’t going to live in unpoliced cities. The coronavirus has accelerated this too, by getting a lot of people used to working from home. Now the woke Whites can leave behind the urban hell holes they helped create and move out to rural areas where they will begin to smugly lord over the local unenlightened rednecks.

    • The money won’t run out, it’s pulled out of thin air, debt not based on anything real without the means or intent of it ever being paid back. Infinite money.

  8. McCarthy is just a clueless idiot.

    Non Whites aren’t interested in “equality”, they want power, period.

    Human history is the story of group A trying to exert and take power away from group B and so on.

    McCarthy is but one example of many whites who can’t seem to grasp that we are already in a war. They just haven’t figured out yet that they are the target for some reason either.

    For people that are supposedly smart, they sure are clueless.

  9. Hunter, as a student of history, how much do you think current events resemble the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976), given the ritual humiliations, children snitching on parents, erasure of heritage sites, seizure and destruction of property, etc. that we’re all witnessing? What factors, in addition to the usual suspects, do you think contribute to outbreaks of fanaticism?

    I’ve have two guesses, but they don’t seem completely satisfactory. The Anglo world dealt with this stuff in the 1640s, a few decades before Locke even invented liberalism. Nutjobs with apocalyptic and millenarian tendencies proliferated — Ranters, Muggletonians, Diggers, Quakers, Puritans, Levellers, etc., etc., etc., an entire zoo of dissenters, denouncing everything, disrupting everything, even banning Christmas at one point (no fun allowed!) and it all ended in a military dictatorship under Cromwell. One, since these groups were often educated upper middle-class professionals, oversocialization may be a factor, that is, people who feel weak, and therefore rebel against a system by becoming its ruthless enforcers. My second idea is that truth seeming up for grabs gives people illusions about the possibility and scope of revolutionary change. Nothing was metaphysically permanent and solid in the new commercial, scientific environment; everything seems unstable in the art of the Mannerists and the plays of Shakespeare; the settled truths of the old medieval world were gone; new certainties had yet to be established. This seems like an analogue to our own technological chaos which makes everyone the source of his own truth, which, paradoxically, leads to no one being a source of truth when a whimsical and dangerous mob is in charge.

    • I thought about the Cultural Revolution, too. I am amazed that so many Americans have no problem with communism. Didn’t they study World History? Did they sleep through the classes? Don’t they realize no one is trying to get into communist nations? Can’t they see that communism doesn’t work and it’s just a curtain for an elite class to hide behind?

  10. Who you kneel to or grovel to is who you serve. Our anti-White overlords have our blood on their hands. This is the way of treason.

  11. George Floyd, criminal and drug addict to be made a Roman Catholic Saint.

    Saint Dindu. The ultimate Catholic politician. LOL.

    • I must say Krafty, your persistent anti-Catholicism annoys me but this comment has me laughing my ass off.

  12. McCarthy is not a clueless idiot. He is betraying his white constituents on behalf of his Jewish donors. He will be make many times his current salary when he leaves office.

  13. To do unto others as THEY would have you do, without reciprocation or so much as a “by your leave” from them, is self-abasement. When extended to other races in this multiracial cesspool, the logical result is the abasement of kind.

    Forgive them their trespass without contrition, cuck, for that is precisely what THEY would have you do.

    Your universal moral code applied to others without any expectation of reciprocation is the problem.

    The reality is morality is dual. Always has been, always will be. Deny this and you/kind will not survive.

  14. The most disgusting response to black terror, crime, etc. I’ve witnessed. Large urban areas have been lost to a different kind of law, “mob-rule” law. I’m not as angry with the blacks, I don’t expect anything from them other than what they are, as I am with the guilt-ridden whites. They try to outdo each other in reaching new lows; I suspect that’s not hard when you don’t have a backbone!

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