Blame The Mainstream Right

I spent yesterday at my son’s birthday party.

He just turned six years old. He is oblivious to the world around him which is currently being engulfed in a bonfire of racial hatred. It is not coming from his father.

My son was born into a country where he is now an object of hatred because he is a White male. We are told by sanctimonious progressive liberals on television that he benefits from “systemic racism” and “white privilege.” This is a strange message to hear in our household.

  • When White people like Daniel Shaver are murdered by the police and their killers walk free, no one seems to care much less start riots over it.
  • When White people login to their Facebook or Amazon accounts, they are told Black Lives Matter. It seems like every multinational corporation in the United States supports the cause.
  • I’ve been personally banned from Google Pay, YouTube, Stripe, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and countless other services. And yet, I am the one who is privileged?
  • Countless White people who even mildly oppose Black Lives Matter or who violate absurd politically correct taboos are “cancelled” by social media lynch mobs and fired from their jobs.
  • White Nationalists were unanimously denounced by Congress after Charlottesville. The number of deaths, injuries and property damage from these riots far eclipse anything that happened there. And yet, the entire political and corporate establishment is backing them.
  • Black identity is legitimate and celebrated in the political mainstream. In contrast, only White identity is vilified and deconstructed.

Why are we living this way?

How did America degenerate to this point? The answer is the mainstream Right.

By the late 1960s, the Left had moved on from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream when the country was set on fire in its last major spasm of race riots. The Left embraced racial consciousness and identity politics. The mainstream Right under Richard Nixon thought it was really clever to move into the vacuum and embrace the moral high ground of racial equality, colorblindness and individualism.

Now that 50 years have passed, this is still the status quo. The Left demonizes and represses White identity as “racism,” but celebrates every other form of identity. The Right denounces identity politics and represses White identity as “racism” on the grounds of classical liberalism, but panders to other identity groups because it is safe to do so. As a result, there is “no place” in the political mainstream to defend White identity. The effect over the long term is that all sorts of evil ideas about White people have seeped into the political mainstream and no one has been able to push back against it. Believe me, the mainstream Right has fought tooth and nail against everyone who has even tried for decades.

Result? White America has been completely delegitimized. Millions of people now think they are justified in burning down America too. That’s what they have been taught by our unbalanced culture. Mainstream conservatives aren’t morally capable of doing anything to push back against it either.

Conservative liberals are now pining their hopes on a Silent Majority backlash in November that will sustain them in power for a few more years. The riots have shown that it is more urgent and important to abandon these worthless people for the opposition to the Left can be redefined. It is better to lose an election than to continue to sustain a false opposition that puts up no resistance.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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  1. As Whites become a minority due to the neoliberal replacement policy, we will have the opportunity to become our own identity bloc. We’ll either embrace the obvious reality about our tribal human nature, or die out. I’m not so sure most Whites these days have a functioning survival instinct, however.

  2. I know I have privilege because all of the richest and most powerful people in the world tell me I do, and they will use their power to destroy me if I deny it.

    Anderson Cooper (CIA agent and Vanderbilt family scion) and Chris Cuomo (son of former New York governor and brother of current New York governor) on CNN tell me all the time that the problem is not that their elite friends and family loot the treasury and lobby the government for everything they want. The problem is not that they used their family connections to score prestigious high paying media anchor jobs. The real problem is that the old White cashier who rings up your items at Walmart for $10/hr doesn’t want to live next to black people because she thinks they’re kind of obnoxious and fears their violence. Before we can fix the problems of wealth inequality and corruption in this country, we must first solve the underlying problem of racism, which is purposely left vaguely defined such that the goalposts can always be moved and the alleged problem of racism never solved.

  3. The argument from the “Conservative” mainstream right has been “We are better than the other guys; those liberals, so vote for us.”

    That is a tough sell these days.

    Of course the real question is this: When do the Jewish money lenders and business owners decide that they had taken enough losses in the riots and looting to say “enough is enough.”

    They say that, “Only Nixon could go to China.”

    I wonder. If Biden is elected and America keeps burning and the losses are mounting, will Biden be the only one who can impose marital law and have looters shot by the military? I wonder.

    At any rate I know this: The Jewish ruling class will only accept losses up to a point. Their deep pockets are not endless. Every building burned, every insurance payout adds up. I get a feeling that the BLM and Antifa torch party may shortly be coming to an end. But, who knows?

    • There are insurance policies that won’t pay out for loss due to “civil insurrection.” Uncle Hugo’s, a sci-fi bookstore in Minneapolis that had irreplaceable literature collected over decades, was burned to the ground. Because of the insurrection clause in his policy, the owner said he won’t get a penny.

    • Their losses will be fully backstopped by the Federal Reserve. Freshly printed credit lines just for them in whatever amount they need as rates you’d never get in a million years. As long as the physical material exists to rebuild whatever was damaged, they’ll have first priority. I can’t imagine the losses they are taking outstrip the long term profit of consuming whatever is left of White America.

    • Mitt Romney personifies the Establishment Right and everything wrong with it. He was born and raised in five states: California, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire and Utah according to what he claims as home states. In other words he is a rootless cosmopolitan type, from everywhere and nowhere. His loyalty is to himself and himself alone, he has no roots beyond the pursuit of money.

      He was a good bidnessman, getting filthy rich by buying companies with debt, laying off the workers and selling the remainders. Pensioners were left with a fraction of what they were entitled to and Mitt thought they should be grateful they got anything. What a guy.

      When repeatedly questioned about his enormous wealth he ignored the issue as much as he could then gave varying responses. He finally settled on the office supply company ‘Staples’ as the source of his bloated fortune although independent analysts contradicted him. Mitt didn’t want to talk about his time at Bain & Co. breaking up companies, laying off workers and getting filthy rich in the process as a “consultant”.

      The bidness class loved Mitt and were rooting for him against BHO but it was not to be. I was glad Mitt lost but sorry BHO won in 2012. Mitt sucks sucks sucks. The “conservatives” and their miserable Republican Party need to go away, permanently.

  4. Jews on the Left will at some point be forced to choose between their allegiance to the POC wokeness movement and their allegiance to Israel. Because Arabs are seen as POC (despite many of them being white enough to pass for Irish).

    They can’t have it both ways.

  5. The tide is turning in Europe quite quickly … and a bit more easily in that European countries are mostly still 80% plus their indigenous peoples

    Many USA people will be able to ‘go home’ to ancestral homelands in Continental Europe

    There is a particular problem, though, for USA people descended from the British Isles

    Anatoly Karlin on Unz, has a good observation that the degree to which a culture is ‘cucked’, is the degree to which it becomes involved with the English language, which is also the primarily linguistic vehicle of the propaganda of Jewish influence groups

    Britain is quite a mess, in some respects worse than the USA, in a few better (including raw numbers)

    Amidst the George Floyd riots in European cities this weekend, it is palpable that Europeans are shifting their views quickly. They do not want to see the degradation of the USA happen to them;

    The 2020s will quite be something, and difficult times lie ahead … but it is not correct to despair

  6. We need to do more to push white identity oriented memes in conservative spaces. The problem now is not that conservatives are not race realists or even that they are not aware of the JQ. It’s that they won’t touch explicitly pro-white politics. So we see all these different kinds of non-leftist white people who don’t like BLM saying “all lives matter” and whining about fairness for everyone rather than asserting white group interests. Everyone from older moderate liberals to boomer bikers do this.

    Part of the problem is that the irony oriented approach doesn’t work well with promoting white identity and that’s all the alt-right knows how to do. Irony is good for taking down enemies, not for instilling group identity and pride. We have to think of ways to racialize issues and fight against the boomer style de-racializing of issues the people like Hannity and Rush like to do.

    • Conservatives aren’t pro-White, they are anti-White. It seems like every other article Hunter churns out extrapolates on this.

    • rush the draft dodger married 4 times druggie is a POS servant of israel so is hannity. he has duped the right for over 30 years. his job is to be a shield for the jews. I hope his cancer gives him a long period of pain being he was all for the slaughter of arab kids in the mideast

  7. Whites are being scapegoated for racism. Jews are the most racist people on earth. Gods chosen peopole? And Jews are blaming all their racist sins on the white scapegoats. It is right out of Leviticus 16.

    “He is to lay both hands on the head of the live goat and confess over it all the wickedness and rebellion of the Israelites—all their sins—and put them on the goat’s head. He shall send the goat away into the wilderness in the care of someone appointed for the task. The goat will carry on itself all their sins to a remote place; and the man shall release it in the wilderness.”

    Jews are not going to take responsibility for being slave traders and exploiters of blacks for profit. No, no, no they are going to blame whites for their sins and we are to be cast into the wilderness for the sins of the Jews. We are to be a sacrifice to the Jew God for the sins of the Jews. These Jew bastards are sick.

    • Leviticus 16 represents Christ taking away our sins. The goat is Christ. It has nothing to do with Jews blaming their sins on other people.

      It’s called context.

  8. Remember this quote from the band Eurythmics? “Consensus programing is hazardous to your health.The brainwash do not know they are being lead.!”

  9. Justice is an adversarial process. White people are not permitted to vote for White candidates that advocate for Whites while Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, and Asians are encouraged to vote for their racial advocates. The result is that effectively Whites don’t have a vote. We only get to vote for a “representative” who steadfastly refuses to represent White interests.

    It’s as if we were going to court. The other party is able to hire a zealous advocate to represent their interests to the maximum extent. But we are only permitted to hire an attorney who will seek only “truth” or “justice.” The result is that we’ll have neither truth nor justice.

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