Grim Milestone

116,796 deaths.

COVID-19 has officially surpassed the death toll of World War I and the 1957 pandemic. It is now the fourth deadliest event in American history. Only the Spanish Flu, the Civil War and World War II remain out in front of it and this is with 1,160,346 unresolved active cases.

The death toll is currently projected to hit 182,297 by September 1. The ensemble forecast of models puts the death toll at around 140,000 a month from now. Not that it matters now with the news cycle moving on, but it is worth looking back at March when this was so controversial:

Good grief.

Do you remember how much shit I got for agreeing with this?

Note: Last month, I wondered whether the pandemic would “set us down the path to becoming a serious country again.” Three weeks later, we know for certain that it will not and where we stand. Instead, it has drastically accelerated our national decomposition.

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  1. Corona Virus is here to stay, just as have all it’s siblings and cousins.

    I’ve long ago accepted my imminent death, of one thing or another, and moved on.

    As humans we live in the midst of complex vagaries, among which are the possibilities of physical impairment and doom.

    • Ya Ivan, people like you make it worse.

      If we get don’t get rid of the zionist ball and chain, it’ll only get worse. That’s the virus

      Never forget the USS Liberty attacked June 8 1967 and Trump pardoning Pollard, the worse jew spy or any spy in Amerikan history that caused more damage than anyone can comprehend.

    • Advocating to lose a battle before it is even fought is treason.

      A multitude of viral diseases have been controlled or reduced to the point of impotence. Some are functionally extinct. Comparing that against the number of people who had their lives or health destroyed by these diseases before they were understood, the benefits are obvious, and all of it was accomplished in just the last century – for diseases that have been with us for millennia. Yet here you are preemptively declaring victory for the virus.

      In a sane country, your statement would be punishable by same-day firing squad.

    • More than a quadrillion quadrillion individual viruses exist on Earth. virus has been here all along… our wicked ways excited a “new” virus .

      I like your take Ivan, accepting the reality of life and removing the fear can set you free.

      moving on is a good thing.

      enjoy the minutes you have, excite in Gods creation and live today.

  2. very interesting analysis of the restraints used by police.

    Strange as it sounds, I think the police men were actually trying to prevent Floyd from dying. When they concluded he had delerium they went into the belly down hold and restraint to stop him from having a heart attack. It was not INTENDED as punishment. I didn’t know what to say about it now.. In a sense I feel some sympathy for George and the Cops at the same time. Old guy was on borrowed time and the police ought to have just stayed at the donut shop and ignore the call.

  3. The only ones afraid of the coronhoax are white cucks. Funny, the states that didn’t hunker down have had less cases. Wear your masks and gloves like good little slaves to govt lies. Now I see why whites have been defeated by a bunch of soyboys(Antifa) and low IQ simians(BLM)

  4. Serious people who live in a not-so-serious nation have to ask themselves this:

    If Man left a “state of nature” to form governments and the rule of law to protect him from….

    1. foreign invaders breaching the borders (“immigrants”)
    2. foreign armies.
    3. domestic criminals
    4. pathogens that can breach borders.

    … and those duly established governments fail to do any or all of the above…

    What then is the point of having and paying a government? For display?

  5. People around here are wearing masks still at least. I was thinking they might start abandoning them now that the news has moved back to its regularly scheduled kill whitey propaganda.

  6. ‘ I wondered whether the pandemic would “set us down the path to becoming a serious country again.” ‘

    In the past 100 years, I think.the American people have made a transition , from a serious minded people to a nation living in fantasy and managed illusions. This is the result of radio , movies and tv , that have separated people’s minds from reality.

  7. Sorry, but no one is going to take the covid-19 doom-mongering seriously any more after the Floyd riots. Any attempt to sell that song and dance again will be met by mass disobedience, including police ignoring mayors and governors calling for enforcement of lockdowns declared unconstitutional by literally every court to consider the issues. Your selling your soul on behalf of TPTB who hate your male-southern-traditionalist guts was an epic fail. You lost multiple followers from OD, but literally gained no respect from the Establishment. As anyone here could and did tell you.

    • I’ve had one position on the issue since late January.

      I didn’t “sell my soul” to anyone. I have told the truth about the virus like I do literally everything else on this blog. I have said all along that it is a highly infectious, moderately lethal virus. Again, it is true that a lot of people fell for the conspiracy theories, and those people were proven wrong because the death toll has now made it the second deadliest epidemic in American history.

      • How you can endure these vile muttonheads is beyond me, Hunter. I probably would have banned everyone by now.

    • JRC, do you seriously believe HW is trying to court Establishment favor? After years of writing about the JQ and White rights, that’s not possible. Unless he has suddenly become a FBI/SPLC useful idiot, which I don’t see as a credible accusation.

      Corona-chan infections did spike after the riots, so I’m not sure what you mean by “doom-mongering.”

      I am curious about OD’s numbers, though. Has HW’s virus coverage cost him readers?

      • A bunch of people were duped by conspiracy theorists who back in March and April said it was “just the flu.” I refused to go along with that nonsense at the time because it wasn’t true and I knew the death toll would be much higher. Nothing that has happened since then has given me any cause to change my mind on that subject.

        I’m fully willing to change my mind. Look at Trump who I promoted for two years. As the facts changed, so did my opinion of the man

        • Do you know what your readership numbers are compared to what they were pre-virus? Have your contributions increased or decreased?

        • HW and BX, read my first sentence above. It does not say covid-19 is the end of life as we know it fans like yourselves are wrong on the merits. I wear a mask and gloves everywhere I go. I said that your choruses of doom would no longer sell among the work hard play by the rules normie crowd, due to the now obvious even to them hypocrisy of Anarcho-Tyranny where white Beckys and Jonathans are harrassed for breathing but AAs and pasty-faced communists are allowed to destroy. That is going to prevent a subsequent round of lockdowns and other Establishment harrassment from succeeding. Time to forget all that came before and prepare for the Final Battle. That is what is coming, especially if Trump is declared the winner in November. Everyone will have a choice to make: fight or die, literally or spiritually. False values will be exposed, true heroism will be revealed. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

          • I said that your choruses of doom would no longer sell among the work hard play by the rules normie crowd, due to the now obvious even to them hypocrisy of Anarcho-Tyranny where white Beckys and Jonathans are harrassed for breathing but AAs and pasty-faced communists are allowed to destroy.


            Precisely J.R., PRECISELY

            Can you actually believe that there were, and unfortunately still are, some on the putative “Right” that still don’t see the sickening hypocrisy to all this?!?

            *How anyone, especially Hunter, can still seriously take the word of the Leftist vermin over at the WHO, and the CDC regarding the alleged accuracy of the CoronaChan stats and figures, is utterly beyond me … you know, the same vermin at those “health” agencies who are hypocritically all for the “protests” by claiming that “racism” is worse than an allegedly killer virus, thus justifying the
            rioting, and especially, by not advocating for “locking down” the looters and rioters (you know, for their alleged “safety”).

  8. 100 years ago, everyone knew of someone who died, or almost died, from the Spanish flu. I haven’t met anyone that knows anyone that’s died from covid19. I know of only one person that knows of someone that even had covid19.
    The hospitals are empty. The doctors and nurses are so bored they’re making dance videos. Our FBI spent 3 years lying about “Russian collusion”. Government climate scientists lied about global warming.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard the “I haven’t met anyone that knows anyone that’s died from covid19, so it must be hugely exaggerated/fake.” Putting aside how things were very different 100 years ago in terms of everything that could be implicated in virus transmission or how spanish flu was lethal across all ages (unlike COVID), there are even fewer people who know anyone who knows anyone who’s died of or almost died of the flu. Sure hasn’t stopped endless numbers of truthers/schizos/libertarian retards from comparing it to the flu (because almost nobody dies of the flu and that number put out by the CDC is a bigger crock than any COVID numbers.)

  9. Come on, “Hunter…”

    This “novel virus” is only an “event” because of a concerted media/government/corporate conspiracy to create such an “event.”

    Without these ACTORS, the man and woman on the ground would have NEVER CONCLUDED a “deadly pandemic” abound.

    Is there excess mortality from Jan 14th-June 12th as compared to this time period going back however many years MINUS those deaths attributable to “social isolation” and financial desperation?

    My guess is that even with the murders attributable to the planned financial crash, there will still no substantive excess mortality.

    • We already know that there is a LOT of excess mortality. It’s been discussed on here, with figures and links, a number of times.

      But, of course, don’t let facts interfere with your pigheaded, pointless retardation. You people really are as stupid as Negroes. It’s astonishing, really.

  10. So whats blumpf gonna do bout Corona? he spouts off nonsense time from time on twitter about china but is anything being done. Reading twitter is depressing and cringey Warmongering boomers really want all out nuclear war with china oblivious to the fact how impossible that scenario is.

    I guess nowadays blumpf is more worried about saint floyd and the peaceful looters. Law and order president not doing a damn thing about statues coming down or warlords running amok can’t ruin his image with his lowest black unemployment ever joggers for election this November what a sad sack potato president

  11. One problem that COVID-19 has caused, is that most “serious” political organizations have not held meetings since March. Think about the effect of not being able to meet on politics, political action and the current situation. Even small meetings are not be held.

  12. Another grim milestone… ammunition is up roughly 50% since January 2020.
    It’ll go up another 50% or more before August.

    Hope you got plenty while it was cheap.

    • I did. Go to Wikiarms, good people. It has a helpful ammo price search engine. Lookup the caliber you want, organize the results by ascending price, and you’re set.

      BTW, after doing research on what shotgun ammo would rip into an intruder but not go through walls into other people’s apartments (or persons), I got plenty of #4 birdshot shells for my 12-ga. pump. That was a few months ago. The store I bought it from online had it dirt cheap. Even with the shipping charge, the cost was way under what I would’ve spent in a local store. It pays to shop around.

  13. Serious question time.

    Did the deep state/GOP/DEM allow all the young morons and BLM members to gather up in large groups to increase the spread of Covid19 to justify the torpedoing of the already collapsing economies?

    Will the second wave be much worse than the first wave because of natural causes, or will it be because our incompetent leadership decided that while you can’t even gather in small groups to watch sporting events or take part in religious holidays, it is perfectly fine to gather in large groups to break shit and assault whites.

    Are we being played for fools here?

  14. 182000 deaths. That’s amazing since most Americans don’t know of even one person that’s gotten sick from this virus.

    • Do you really think china would have shut down large segments of their country if this wasn’t a serious disease?

      • I’ve seen speculation that the strain of COVID in China was simply more deadly (I haven’t seen any videos outside of China of people dropping over from it in public, for example), and there is to this day the question of ethnic susceptibility, which nobody seems to talk anymore, even though there was already plenty of evidence asians are more prone to the lung issues associated with COVID. But the chinks will never, ever stop lying about this, and all the surrounding asian countries managed to contain it, so we don’t really know at this point what COVID running unchecked in an asian population really looks like.

        The number of Americans who’ve supposedly died of COVID is miniscule compared to how many people are in this country though, and the deaths have still been overwhelmingly in NYC, so “I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who’s died of it!” is a poor line of reasoning. And again- vastly fewer people know anyone who’s died of the flu, because very few people actually do and those CDC figures are more off-base than any COVID numbers.

        • …and there is to this day the question of ethnic susceptibility, which nobody seems to talk anymore, even though there was already plenty of evidence asians are more prone to the lung issues associated with COVID. But the chinks will never, ever stop lying about this


          Spot on.

          I hope we can all agree, whether “conspiratard” or coronatard alike, that we all should be extremely circumspect of A*N*Y*T*H*I*N*G that is said or comes out of communist China.

  15. 50% of NY dead in Elmhurst did not have COVID, they were even intubating homeless drug addicts and claiming COVID when they were there for blood sugar. This is a huge scam, NY is worst affected because they intentionally tramsit it by forcing non COVID in with COVID, and placing 20 years old infected in the same rooms in nursing homes and we’ve seen with Jadon Haydon. Hunter will you call out these lairs and hypocrites or will you support them in their scam? Proof here…

    Stop supporting this obvious scam, and this hoax lockdown.

    • MLeroy,
      Exactly! Thank you! They are claiming as Covid deaths those from other causes. The officials cannot be trusted.

      • The officials cannot be trusted.


        Right, those same extreme Leftist officials of the WHO and CDC, who think that an ideology, “racism”, is LAUGHINGLY more dangerous than an ALLEGEDLY “killer virus”


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