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  1. Better than fiction! I just hope someone is secretly filming a future documentary in there right now. “The Rise and Fall of Raz Simone, Washington’s Warlord”.

    • Does Trump have the balls to send in Federal troops to end this shit like he has recently threatened or is it like the rest of his agenda, all hot air? He is a fraud.

      • Potatus Blumpf won’t send in anything to Seattle or Minneapolis because they are demoncrat strongholds lol Tough shit if you voted for a law and order president potato’s hands are tied and lips firmly planted on Jareds ass

  2. The Mayor of London just transformed the Churchill Statue into the Kaaba. The end of Christendom is upon us.

    • Does anyone else find it ironic that the same people who are tearing down Confederate monuments have revived the doctrine of secession?

      Not at all ironic when you consider the fact that the concept of secession originated in New England.

    • The Churchill statue should suffer the same fate as the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad did in 2003.

      Churchill was the biggest philo-semitic piece of crap in European history. It was his actions at the directions of the wealthy jews that paid off his large debts that brought us to what the West is today.

      • Churchill is widely regarded as the greatest man of the 20th century.

        And his statues are here to stay, whether the Nazi bad losers like it or not.

  3. Hunter, did you see Lost Dog Street Band went full cuck? I would be fine if they posted a black square like everyone else, but they explicitly stated they do not want pro-white people coming to the shows. Crazy.

      • I was reading his tweets and trying to figure out if he was being serious or sarcastic. I’m not really sure.

        The funny thing is, to my knowledge, there are no statues of King Edward I who signed the Edict of Expulsion in 1290 AD. The Jews were then banned from England for over 350 years until Oliver Cromwell let them come back in 1657. The irony of course, is that the woke mob is gunning for Cromwell too, calling him “racist.” The West has lost it’s mind.

        • I admire both King Edward I and Oliver Cromwell. They were the greatest warriors in their respective times, though they were of very different character. Cromwell, in fact, completed King Edward’s unfinished job of conquering Scotland.

        • Cromwell needed to borrow money badly, that was part of the deal, that the Expulsion would be reversed.

  4. If Whites did the same, the government would send in the military before you could even blink. Maybe even drop a neutron bomb on the city just to make sure every last White person there was good and dead.

    • Funny! I was watching this just a few nights ago. Have you seen the fantastic 1970 movie of “Julius Caesar” with Charlton Heston?

  5. What do you imagine the US government response would be if white nationalists invaded ‘CHAZ,’ and deposed the Duke of Seattle?


    • Yes. Most likely…considering that, and mind you this is all hypothetical, in Minecraft if you will. Why stop at a simple defenestration? He might defend his life with that AK he carries around. But we all know most nigger criminals can’t shoot for shit. So he would be killed rather easily. Why stop there? Do the same to every, single inhabitant. Make the effort worthy of the end…

  6. You are right Brad, if we ever tried secession for an all White territory or state it would be another Waco in just a matter or hours or days. The media would vilify us as White supremacist instead of White separatists and would demonize us as terrorists.

    These Qtards and MAGApedes are under a demonic spell believing Trump can do no wrong whilst in occupied Palistine the murdering, maiming and the stealing of Palestinian land goes unnoticed.

    In my opinion the whole of .gov is the enemy of all Amerikans. This isn’t the America I grew up in licking the feet of Amerikan pavement ape. I believe in equality but what was and is happening is not equality, it’s surrendering and we the White man are the enemy devil and POWs in this warped world war we are in whilst our countries are being overrun and everyone just looks on without a voice believing they would be racist.

    SMH in disgust! Someone asked me why I take the comment name General Butt Naked? It’s happening in real time…. He ate the flesh of his enemies.

  7. Trump has 35,000 FBI employees and 5,100 ATF employees, he should send a few thousand in to make arrests, after all these bastards have done more economic and tangible damage than John Dillinger.

    Otherwise just disband the FBI and ATF. They have proved next to useless all during this crisis.

  8. From what I’ve heard CHAZ is being run by an ex rapper, a nigger. The media is actually referring to him as a Warlord. I totally agree, if he can keep that small area independent from the rest of the US then let him have at it. Not my problem.

    This entire nation is going to break up within the next few decades anyway. There is nothing holding it together anymore,


    #1. Because Chaz means that forces, hitherto invisible to The Average American, and, in particular, my Southern Brethren, are now fully visible.

    The Average Joes & Joesephines can no longer pretend that there is not a force entirely antithetical to them, and it is gaining force. They can no longer dismiss the issues before us as just ‘Pelosi, Schumer, & The Democrats.’

    #2. Chaz accelerates the division between those people who desire to live in a Soviet China and those who like our political, legal, and social heritage.

    #3. Because even my plumber, an affable good-ole-boy without special political knowledge, revealed that he thinks the United States’ Government is lawless – in this case incapable of keeping up the law.

    #4. Because it reveals to the entire country that there is an entire class of individuals who, if they possess certain ideas, can incite wholesale resurrection, and there will be no reaction, beyond Mainstream Media justification & praise.

    #5. Because it reveals to my Southern Brethren, we who have been invaded by The United States’ Government twice in our history, that we will always receive the sharp end of the law, and beyond, while non-Southerners will get the mildest forms of special treatment.

    When Southerners have had enough, it is called incitement to insurrection and brutally put down.

    When others in this country have had enough, and riot, it is called by their legal elected officials, ‘Patriotism’, ‘Activism’, & ‘Understandable’.

    #6. Because Chaz reveals to Average Americans that basic assumptions about negotiating grievance through due process, representative government, and the law, are more deteriorated than were thought – from rigged bought elections, warrantless surveillance & wiretaps, wide open borders and sanctuary cities,and a soft coup against The Trump Campaign & Presidency to the notion that, if you are arrested for suspicion of unruly behavior, you will be released with no date in court.

    The assumptions of The West, formed via millenia of evolution are quickly withering, or, at least, in this country.


    Though my emotional reaction to the state of Chaz was negative, after thinking it through I thought it a very good thing, and these were the reasons why.

    America 2020 is now clear – very very clear.

    Of course, we do not like what we see, but, at least, we see it – and we who are politically astute shall be no longer alone in that seeing.

    • I’ve been reading your comments, you’re either a long nosed, furious rubbing hand jooh weasel scum bag or a .gov infiltrator. I’ve been on these boards for a few years and never seen anyone post as much as you on OD and never accounted your name Ivan. You ain’t changing my mind zoggie dog.

      • General Butt Naked has dun’ caught me red-handed, Mr. Griffin!

        And that means he’s onto our game – I remark, as if I were a Southern Nationalist by a Russian Literary giant’s pseudonym, and then you post it because you are being secretly funded by The FBI & SPLC.

        Guess it is time for you to get a new blog and me to get a more covert alias!

    • “Does anyone else find it ironic that the same people who are tearing down Confederate monuments have revived the doctrine of secession?”

      They’re Yankees, or in this case, most likely descended from Yankees who went by ship from Boston and New York, to Seattle and to San Francisco, as well.

      They are duplicitous hypocrites who practice and apply double standards to everybody and everything. Reviving secession isn’t ironic. It’s just Yankees yanking, or more precisely, exercising the narcissistic selfishness for which, among other disagreeable traits, they’re justifiably infamous.

      I could go on, but I’m trying to shorten my rants, as of late.

  10. @Mr. Griffin…

    “I support recognizing CHAZ’s independence. Let them go. By the same principle, we should be allowed to secede and establish our own communities as well.”

    I thank you for being consistent of reasoning. Yes, let them go. In the end, it only frees us to let those thousands of miles from us, who do not share much in common with us, to do their own theirs.

  11. @Mr. Griffin…

    “Does anyone else find it ironic that the same people who are tearing down Confederate monuments have revived the doctrine of secession?”

    Have I been I the only one to notice that The Modern Left is almost entirely irony-proof?

  12. Would Howard Stern sink this low? He goes even lower. Any decent and respectable white man would never sink this low. Only a Jew would do this:


    Maybe it was a warning and not fiction:

    When the Jews return to Zion
    And a comet rips the sky
    And the Holy Roman Empire rises,
    Then You and I must die.
    From the eternal sea he rises,
    Creating armies on either shore,
    Turning man against his brother
    ‘Til man exists no more.

    It sure does look like everyone is being turned against each other.

  13. Weakness on the part of our rulers. The GOP and Trump has totally failed to stop this insurrection of anarchic pansies, actors, transvestites, homosexuals, and street urchins. I couldnt even watch Trump voice his concerns, threats, etc, so over it.

    Meanwhile, where are our own people from the community? All of these talkers with their guns and ammo. Now faced with crowds of pansies with baseball bats and sluts with hammers they arent to be found defending the tombs, temples, and monuments of our ancestors.

    Organization, organization, organization. Preperation, preperarion, preperarion. Like early American Cold War leaders threatening nuclear annihilation the next time a government fell to the Commie, the Patriots are understandably unwilling to go nuclear over monuments. Obviously, theybneed to learn to fight back street style.

    This is assymetric warfare. Patriots and Southerners should understand its warfare nonetheless. Like we finally understood how to fight the commies with counter insurgencies and insurgencies of our own, so we must fight this filth. Counter demonstrations, civil disobedience, armed overwatch, lobbying of political leaders, intelligence of leftwing activists, insurgent attacks of our own.

    Watching Tucker’s monologue it was sad to see the pansies and actors and scumbags mounted on the monument. They couldve so easily been dispersed with the force of a score of men, armed, and another score of others chained to the monument. A simple push back wouldve stopped them. Even a single violent action wouldve dispersed them.

    But there was no organization. No group. So, it took one of our ancestors from the heavens to come down. Literally 155 years after the last shot of the civil war, one came from halls in the sky and fell a scumbag. The crowd quickly dispersed. Follow your ancestors lead. Be smart, be daring, be unorthodox, and screw these people up. https://youtu.be/vBQ5a-8vjes

  14. Well white man, if you followed the tactics used by BLM and Antifa you might have your own areas and laws but you choose to do it peacefully, which doesn’t work. Are you starting to understand the power of fear and intimidation, yet? How do you expect to win when you’re afraid to get your hands dirty? You’ll never learn, will you?

  15. The “secession” is being done by the left, and leftists can instantly change their views. They can have their own space because JUSTICE!, while not wanting ebil crackas to have their own area. They can want cops to be gone, yet still want gun confiscation for us while using private security for themselves. Logic and consistency aren’t in their wheelhouse. It’s about gaining power through using race to achieve it. To get that control, it’s important to keep Whitey in the submissive position. White identity politics are necessary for our survival.

  16. Since the US Empire is collapsing, its only a matter of time until the MGTOW Autonomous Tree House appears.


  17. This remind me of the Paris Commune whereby the “Communards” blocked sections of Paris and made their own commune complete with red flag. (The Soviet flag is based on that of the Paris Commune) when the police finally went in the Communards torched ever building but eventually they were all killed in the gun battle that ensued. Antifa is the Communards of our time.

  18. “I support recognizing CHAZ’s independence. Let them go. By the same principle, we should be allowed to secede and establish our own communities as well.” This would take both agency and balls. Two things that have been absent since Charlottesville.

  19. If you react to any of this you are going to get yourself in trouble. You do understand that antifa has FBI protection?

  20. Totally agree. Let them go is right. Useless flag wavers speak of “muh America” as the nation clearly is finishing up. It shall take more time since it’s like peeling an onion. But the process is clearly in motion. ” Diversity is a strength” has undone America.

    I look at all these weak American institutions folding to blm like the parasite cowards they have always been. I glanced at the Espn site and it’s filled with white cowards bending over for blm. Even the pathetic owner of the Baltimore Ravens has waived the flag of surrender to the blaxxx. The league is also giving nice welfare checks of 25 million per year over the next 10 year’s for “black causes” which means some pimp daddy ” rev-runs” and ” community activists” will be moving into some wealthy white areas to eat them alive.

    It’s going to be sweet watching millions more whites divorce themselves from sports. I even noticed the million dollar slaves are going after the gutless white owners which is great. Let it all come down. This is what you get for not drafting white players. They are even going after owners who voted for Trump. Man, if Trump was only as racist as these blaxxx say. America would be truly great again. Want a sports fix? Just watch old baseball or football videos from far better eras. This one is done.

    Conservatards mumbling something about keeping the nation together? Lol. It’s gone flag wavers. The war lords are here to stay. Decades of diversity from Koch scum ( I just read they are demanding more immigration despite hordes not working) has killed the golden goose.

    50 states is clearly too much to handle in die-verse America. It needs to be chopped into far smaller pieces. Let the communist, diversity scum take a piece. Let, ” well, the real racists are” take another piece. And let nationalists grab another piece making sure the mockery that America became due to its insanely vague and weak constitution is never repeated again.

    In the meantime boycott all shows, stores, games, politicians that have killed this country until the inevitable war lord collapse totally happens. America is not a special place any longer and shall end the way so many formerly “United” places have.

  21. When CHAZ had a dumpster fire, they…called the Seattle Fire Dept. to put it out! Help us out, state we reject! The exploitative state is like a protection racket to them, but then the CHAZ hipsters go out and shake down businesses in their “free” zone for money. White protestors were told to give money to black ones. Food should just be provided to them, because they’re…virtuous? They also think gardens should instantly grow crops. Those CHAZ idiots are clueless hypocrites not capable of understanding how anything works.

    They also don’t have a good understanding of how a self-organizing anarchist collective should work. When you have a “warlord,” that’s like having a dictator. There are already fights between them. If a communist-style uprising is their actual goal, they must not get that the revolutionaries would be the first ones up against the wall. The leaders of the “vanguard” would want to consolidate power and preserve it, so anyone presenting a danger to their control would be liquidated. Everyone thinks they should be in charge, but most aren’t capable enough to rule their own lives, let alone other people’s situations. I’ll enjoy watching their Three Stooges project disintegrate into chaos and implosion.

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