Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

You’ve accomplished so much!

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  1. Thanks, I was able to use some of the money you had freshly printed to buy a long gun and ammo so I can have a chance to survive all these anti-white rioters/looters/illegal invaders you refuse to move in on and mow down. And was able to buy some extra food to store for the famine/riots/shutdowns to come.

    Who needs a wall anyway when you just really need something to target practice on. Beggars can’t be choosers,

  2. Does Blompf ever follow through on his threats? Except to his own White supporters, that is? The military were turned into useless spectators at the beaner border, and unused again as paralyzed-by-PC Demoncrap pols let our cities burn. The Potatus is rolling the dice on a larger stonk market, which doesn’t benefit the majority of us, because of his total betrayal on every other issue. But that’s consistent with all of the Bad Orange Man’s “leadership”: Donors get action, we get rhetoric.

    • Agree. He said he would send in the National Guard. They should have been able to stop the looting and crime. Nothing. I am tired of Trumpers going on about how he doesn’t want to lose votes. Votes from who, the looters? So he can’t do anything to stop the insanity, because he will lose votes? So he can’t uphold the law because of the election? OMG..

  3. I suggest a great birthday present for Trump– deport him to Israel, the country he actually serves.

    • Mestigoit, good idea. I am tired of Trumpers telling me all of the good he has done. Definitely nothing for me. He has given the Leftists everything they want.

  4. No american leader comes even close to political intelligence and respect to the people they rule as Netanyahu, or Putin, or Stalin, etc
    Choose random negroes from the streets of Lagos, Kinshasa, Accra, Kampala, instead of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Bush, Trump and the US would have had a longer and less dumb political existence

  5. Has anyone seen the gun nut/boomer/Alex Jones crowd counter protesting the riots?

    They came out threatening civil war when they were told to stay home for covid, and when their gun rights were threatened. Yet strangely when the statues of their ancestors are being torn down, and their cities burned by rampaging blacks and Anti-Fa thugs, they are no where to be seen.

    Surely they aren’t hiding in the long grass wetting themselves are they?

  6. Deo Vindice says there is a spiritual war on:

    Not all are of the people of Dixie, some are scoundrel thieves within Dixie no better than the yankee!

    “Deo duce vincemus.” For we fight “to vindicate the ways of God”… and what are those ‘ways of God”? Which God?!

    Are they the struggle to perpetuate the usury oligarchy and it’s priesthood’s of temple, lodge, and church of the counterfactual hierarchy y’all so much pontificate, the hierarchy of thieving ponzi scheme of your god proxy as espoused by your God proxy’s agent Calvin? ‘Southern nationalists have failed because they deny the root of their demise and in a culture shaped by almost two thousand years of Christian delusion and a white race imbued with the conviction that a Jew is God is a fool’s errand’. —R.M. Devaluing the Scholastics: Calvin’s Ethics of Usury: John Calvin first and foremost with the liberation of usury from medieval economic thought. ~https://www.calvin.edu/library/database/crcpi/fulltext/ctj/88050.pdf

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