Prediction: Civil War 2 Is Looming

This sounds like a bold prediction. But it isn’t.


“In the early 1990s, when Bill Clinton was in the White House and the United States looked unshakeable, the administration appointed Jack Goldstone to study how states fail. They meant other states; not the US. Few expected that his model would later predict their country’s collapse.

In an unpublished paper submitted for peer review, Professor Goldstone, who is a sociologist, and Peter Turchin, an expert on the mathematical modelling of historical societies, have concluded that the US is “headed for another civil war”.

The conditions for civil violence, they say, are the worst since the 19th century — in particular the years leading up to the start of the American Civil War in 1861.

The reason for this are trends that began in the 1980s, “with regard to inequality, selfish elites, and polarisation that have crippled the ability of the US government to mount an effective response to the pandemic disease,” they write. …

Professor Goldstone is a leading authority on the study of revolutions and long-term social change at George Mason University. The model developed by him and Peter Turchin tracks such data as the ratio of median workers’ wages to GDP per capita, life expectancy, average heights, and the number of new millionaires. It also measures political polarisation or the degree of overlap between the parties.

Applied to US history, it ‘predicts’ the 1861 Civil War and the unrest of the 1930s — a time of Jim Crow segregation, Gilded Age inequality, and fascism. …”


“Not everyone took Peter Turchin seriously a decade ago when he said widespread civil unrest would sweep through the U.S. in 2020.

“They had no reason to believe I wasn’t crazy,” says Turchin, a 63-year-old researcher who teaches cultural evolution at the University of Connecticut.

In 2010, after analyzing historical cycles of instability, Turchin made a prediction that was published at the time in the journal Nature: America will suffer a period of major social upheaval beginning around 2020.

Some were skeptical, Turchin says, because “people did not understand that I was making scientific predictions, not prophecies.” …

On top of that, Turchin says the COVID-19 pandemic has further worsened the wellbeing of large swaths of the American population—a leading driver of national instability—and could make the public less likely to trust government institutions. As millions of Americans remain jobless, Turchin says there will be other triggers after this. He worries tensions “may escalate all the way to a civil war.”

“Unfortunately,” he says, “things are not as bad as they can be.” …”

This country is poised to descend into violence.

I’m not celebrating or endorsing it. Quite the contrary. I’ve always abhored violence. The data and history strongly suggest that this is where this is going though. The downward spiral seems to be getting worse too. There is no sign that we are hitting rock bottom or the situation is stabilizing.


There is nothing we can do about it. We also have nothing to gain from inserting ourselves into this shitshow. Events are running their course and making our case far more persuasively than we are capable of doing. We are gaining ground by grilling and chilling and letting all of those “normies” catch up with us. We have traveled far ahead of them over the past two decades.

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  1. The Confederate statues aren’t monuments to slavery, they are there to honor the courage and bravery of the Confederate soldiers, who fought an invading army to defend their towns and homes. This invading army was often led by psychopaths and war criminals.

  2. Your posting of R.E. Lee’s remarks, as given by the inimitable Robert Duvall, are the paradigm for how many of us feel about our Southland.

  3. Thomas Chittum predicted Civil War 2 would start in 2020, also, though his predictions were based on other reasons. If you have not read his book, Civil War 2, now is the time.

    White people may want to “stay out of it”, but war was declared on the White race, a century ago. There is a target on you, White people. Now it is here, infesting not just America, but all of Western Civilization.

    America, the squatter’s camp,
    Vermin dumped their filth on thee,
    And crown thy good with burning hoods,
    Your demise is what you see…

    • Everyone should read CWII. What happened to Chittum? He had a great website around 20 years ago.

  4. “Stay out of it”….. The idea of physically hurting another human being makes me ill also, and perhaps that has been and always will be our weakness as a people. Civility, compassion and empathy. But things are definitely at a head and a change of some sort is needed. I went to the bank today in the suburban neighborhood i grew up in with my dad. Out of 60 people we were the only whites. The tellers barely spoke English but were chatting up a storm amongst themselves.

    We waited for someone to help up who was fluent and thankfully an Indian lady was available. It feels bizarre. I dont dislike any of these people but i dont feel a bond and i do feel a certain anger that in a place where my family has existed for 200 years i am the only white person and one of a handful who speaks English. My father told me i was crazy and to go move to Montana if i dont like it. The curse of the Boomer. Too busy getting fat grilling and watching TV to be concerned with anything more

    • I get what you are saying about hedonist Boomers, but he is right about the moving part. If there is a racial civil war or a break up of the USA, one of two things will happen to you as a White minority. You will either be murdered, or you will be driven out leaving all your property behind. It would be much easier and cheaper to leave before it happens, rather than after the normies get the same idea.

    • “My father told me i was crazy and to go move to Montana if i dont like it.”

      I guess that’s an example of the civility, compassion, and empathy you’re talking about. He sounds like the kind of Teuton I routinely avoided in my school days, lest I be mocked for, say, tucking my shirt in.

      • @JJ the problem arises when the Boomers refuse to move and you are morally obligated to take care of them as they get older. It does make me very sad to leave my ancestral home, but I would have no problems especially considering the property values. The parents are actually incredibly good people and can be based when the situation arises, but they are scared. And I dont blame them. Although they know differently down deep, they still put on the happy face and cheer MAGA hoping that things will somehow work themselves out. I dont blame them, they have just been so browbeaten to advocate for their own as it somehow equals hatred in the eyes of the powers that be

    • “My father told me i was crazy and to go move to Montana if i dont like it. The curse of the Boomer. Too busy getting fat grilling and watching TV to be concerned with anything more”

      Maddening. No reverence for the past or his people and total incomprehension of how America got to be so powerful. “All men are created equal” is the biggest lie ever put to print and it will be our undoing.

      • “All men are created equal” stems from the Christian belief in the equality of souls. All are equal in Christ Jesus.

  5. And what is this talk of “white supremacists” the media uses? I dont feel superior to anyone nor hate anyone else especially because of their race or culture. Why are we the only people frowned upon when we try and bond with our people and culture while it is celebrated and encouraged amongst every other group?

  6. I wasn’t so naive as to believe, even back in ’16, that Trump could prevent the coming civil war. I did think he could mitigate the bloodshed—and now he’s done everything he can cause more violence. A perfect agent of organized Jewry.

    • I don’t believe Donald Trump has any power. I believe FEMA is in charge per EO 12127:

      “1-101. Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1978 (43 FR 41943). which establishes the Federal Emergency Management Agency, provides for the transfer of functions, and the transfer and abolition of agencies and offices, is hereby effective.

      1-102. The Director of the Office of Management and Budget shall, in accord with Section 302 of the Reorganization Plan, provide for all the appropriate transfers, including those transfers related to all the functions transferred from the Department of Commerce, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the President.”

      Trump is a doer.

      Donald Trump is sitting around not doing much for a reason. I haven’t been a Trump supporter since Spring 2017 but we need to keep our highly-charged emotions out of what could really be going on.

  7. Quick question. What happened to the white strike video just up? Also I just read John Cornyn just proposed a national juneteenth holiday. A Republican from Texas? Hahahaha. What a joke!. Republicans have slid down faster than anyone since the riots. Talk about cucked cowardice!

    • Let’s not forget it was that scumbag Ronald Reagan who gave us MLK Day as a holiday. The Republicans are worse than the Democrats. The Democrats will stab you in the front while the Republicans will stab you in the back.

      • Ronnie Ray-gun also allowed a mass amnesty which has encouraged the following waves of illegal immigration into the country.

      • If the all-night firing squads ever come to this country I hope they take the Republicans first.

  8. For All of You Catholic Apologists: Pelosi orders removal of four portraits of Confederate House speakers from Capitol “There is no room in the hallowed halls of Congress… for memorializing men who embody the violent bigotry and grotesque racism of the Confederacy,” she said. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at her weekly news conference at the Capitol on Thursday, June 18, 2020.

    • I agree Krafty what Pelosi did was despicable, but what makes you believe it was motivated by her alleged Catholicism?

      • Most Catholics were lost with the church reforms in the 60’s. I have some in my family and friends. They are virtue-signalers, they adopt Central American orphans, they refuse to see the reality of racial differences….it’s all about “culture” to them. Of course the same can be said of most other Christians.

    • Pelosi is a disgusting phony evil libtard cunt. I highly doubt shes a true and honest Bible reading catholic shes uses her catholicism as a pathetic virtue signal when endorsing anti white liberal policies.

      I also doubt she regularly attends church or has even stepped in one recently

      • Thom,

        She is in a state of mortal sin for her official support of abortion and homosexual marriages. She violates our defined dogmas. She is Catholic about as much as Chuck Schumer.

    • This post has nothing to do with religion, but I’ll remind everyone Catholics literally saved Europe from Arabs AND Turks, while Anglicans and Calvinists sided with Muslims. The reformation came at the absolute worst time, right when Europe needed unity, even if some of the reformers’ ideas were valid.

      By all means point out some liberal Catholic moron (we all hate her too), but you should be grateful for the Catholics who ensured the heart of Europe would not be defiled by the brown hordes.

      • Based,

        She is not even a liberal. Her support of abortion/homosexuality alone is traditionally ex-communication. The Catholic hierarchy is not doing their duty but then neither are most Protestants.

    • Tons of Catholics are laughable. They know little about the Bible, are not taught it. When I was one I could never find a Bible in the pews. It’s done on purpose. This is why you have these fallen away cat licks like Pelosi, Biden, Cuomo, the Massachusetts delegation, Etc.

      The sad part is the churches are often beautiful but there literally is no Bible teaching. Certainly nothing to take home and ponder and no encouragement of Bible reading. Thus too many get in bed with the atheists. Sad but true for too many of them. Pelosi is a wicked woman.

      • I had a Catholic friend say to me “you probably know more about my religion than I do”. What do the priests give sermons on? Do they not read Bible verses during the service?

      • It’s rich when a Protestant states the kind of things you stated in this thread. One could say the same thing about “Paper Worshippers”. I will be the first to admit there are a metric ton of shitlib Catholics who use the Church as cover for socialism–that cannot be denied.

        Look at how dildoed and poz’d mainline Protestant denominations are. The vast majority of “Conservative Bible-believing” Churches do nothing more than virtue signal by having their congregants adopt black children and go on endlessly about “Blessing” Israel.

        The future of Churches be they Protestant or Catholic will be found in dissident movements.

    • So what does Pelosi have to do with Catholicism? You prots are a part of the problem. You still are butt hurt over having broken away from the One True Church, so you keep attacking anything Catholic while they’re coming after anyone White, regardless. I swear a lot of your prots would side with muslims, jews, or blm against Catholics. Pathetic, really. Personally, as a Catholic, I don’t care what anyone has for their religion or lack of it as long as they are for White people. I suggest you grow up, Krafty Wurker.

      • mousieish,

        I agree. Good comment. Normally I ignore the Kraft but I just wanted to write my support of those against him.

    • So what, then, shall we say about the legions of Protestant ministers preaching about racism being a sin? All the evangelical Protestants with their miserable-looking one or two White children and their swarms of glowering, adopted Africans?

      What about the Southern Baptist Chick-Fil-A fellow bleating about repenting for racism and telling Whites to shine the shoes of Negroes?

      In short, shut up with your “religious war” bull. You’re doing nothing but sowing pointless division. You’re either a blinkered moron, throwing stones when he lives in a glass house, or you’re an enemy agent trying to stir up dissension and division in those who should ignore frankly unimportant religious differences in order to present a united front to the enemy.

      • Ironsides,

        Excellent comment. He is an enemy even if he is sincerely demented rather than a deliberate agent provocateur.

    • Why does anyone take Krappy’s bait? We’re the Remnant of European descendants who are real about racial differences and the decline of Western civilization, so we’ve got to stick together. If you believe in the 14 words, you’re my brother or sister.

      Both Catholic and Protestant churches have been cucked to the max. Most denominations or parishes push multicultural Kumbaya. “Churchianity” has largely replaced Christianity, so I would suggest turning to home churches or Bible study groups.

  9. The Civil War 2 is 100% a manufactured War. It was all manufactured by the Government, the Deep State, and whatever else you wanna call it. Lets think about it….the Government strongly supported the forced integration of the races. The Government strongly supported a “Civil War” against the South in the 1860s. Now fast forward to now…the Civil War 2 is being promoted as a Race War in 2020. The Government supported forcing us into a Union, the Government supported forcing the integration of the races, and now that same Government is supporting a Black and Liberal communist assault on all Police Officers and White People. This reminds me of how the US Government is friends and funding terrorist groups in the Middle East one minute and the next is fighting literally a War on Terror against the same Islamic group and and countries. The Federal Government did the same thing in this country by supporting racial integration one minute and now supporting a Black dominated country / Liberal dominated country. Oh but that’s not really gonna work out because many of these Blacks are really Black Nationalists and want no connection or association with White People. All this ends in racial separation in the end. The “Federal” Government could have prevented all this nonsense by leaving society alone….keeping the races separate! Deo Vindice !

    • “Oh but that’s not really gonna work out because many of these Blacks are really Black Nationalists and want no connection or association with White People. All this ends in racial separation in the end.”

      Your so called Black Nationalists beg for association with white people as soon as all their mechanical toys, comfort devices, supply chain and other shit starts breaking down.

  10. This is a long-overdue civilizational reset. We will either go back to Man’s standard tribalism and stabilize, or fully descend into unnatural multicultural chaos and go full Hobbesian. I’m hoping for the former to happen.

    • This. I don’t take pleasure in the prospect of people dying, on the other hand, it’s the only way to reset things as you so aptly put it.

      We need to be in survival mode now, period.

      • That’s it right there, concise and clear. The U.S. Government will try to directly command white people in a serious crisis though, just to save their own asses. The hostile elite know their black, brown and yellow pets are ultimately untrustworthy, incompetent and dangerous but useful for punching down against middle and working class whites, that’s why they love them. National Service plans for all young people (with exemptions for the wealthy, of course) have repeatedly been proposed but absent a crisis, those plans have gone nowhere.

        Another big war (not Afghanistan) or similar black swan event and the hostile elite running this country will have no choice but to demand the services of the people they loathe, white people. Passive resistance, non-compliance, call it what you will, it will bollix up the Government’s grand plans but good and the hostile elites running the country will be at a loss as to how to respond. This will show their fragility, their ultimate weakness through public, white, peaceful, spontaneous resistance. Just quote the patron saint of whore mongers, perverts, and adulterers; MLK, back at the hostile elite regarding civil disobedience, he was their creation anyway.

        The Government can only deal effectively with violent white resistance, just like in their lying propaganda. They want whites to attack their pets so they can crush white people everywhere. The Lügenpresse is waiting for this moment and making up stories when white people don’t react violently.

  11. We could just watch the flood of Mecicans gradually push blacks to extermination, while turning America into Venezuela Norte.

  12. I agree. We need to sit back and let the country burn. Nogs and traitors will start killing each other and we need to stay out and let it happen. Looks more likely cops will sit back and watch.

  13. Divide et impera! The instigators of the looming race war among the poor and working class stand back and watch, and stand to benefit from it. Not that there is any actual conspiracy to do so, it’s just how greed, wealth and power – power based on wealth – naturally work. Where there is trouble, always look for the instigators, and pay less attention to perpetrators.

    • Off-topic but relevant: Another example of perpetrators being blamed while instigators are ignored: The U.S. is encouraging India to attack China now, and Mainstream media and the media-deluded American sheeple are blaming China, which is only defending itself. Divide et impera is just how imperialism works.

  14. Turchin, who is Jewish, said how the people of color are suffering under white oppression in a recent article. He said South Africa, where protests about inequality have been taking place for 26 years and compares this to US evil White oppression of POC.

    To the extent that whites watch TV, cheer sports and seek money and pleasure then the tribe has won.

    The modern whites are the unworthy sons of the great Christian men who built Western Civilization.

    I will just say that the men of Hezbollah are dying to protect their people, whether Christian or Muslim, and to protect their women.
    We shall see how many white Christians will do the same.

    • Peter Turchin isn’t a psychic, he is in on the game. It’s so damn obvious. He is the enemy.

      We do not want a Civil War again. Not under any circumstances currently present.

  15. The Roman Catholic Church is good for sex perverts, anti-Whites, and the mentally ill. How about that infallible Pope? Makes a lot of sense to Roman Catholics.

  16. I’m not sure there will be an all out war. I think it will just be like it is now in terms of anarcho-tyranny and system-approved political violence against Whites but much much worse. A civil war would require some kind of division between institutional power centers, but there really isn’t any. It’s just all of the institutional power, including the “right wing,” versus relatively powerless middle and working class Whites.

    is for sale
    $2 billion
    (includes and

    In the imminent epic struggle for final mastery of Planet Earth the control of will be the decisive point, the moral high ground, the hinge of fate, the ultimate schwerpunkt in this titanic engagement that will decide the fate of political careers, vast business empires, countries big and small and billions of people. A new Homer yet unborn will sing of in stanzas that will be repeated for ten thousand years whenever and where ever heroes gather to feast and hoist their flagons of mead in tribute and salute . . .

    Jimmy Giles
    173 Pear Lane, Pearl, Mississippi 39208 US
    Phone: 601-613-1290

    • I’d vote for you….but voting is pointless and people deep down inside their gut know this is true.
      Never underestimate the power of denial.

  18. Reading that was chilling even my dogs sensed my reaction. There was always a war against Whites just look at the past century wars, brother against brother. Now it will be brother vs. brother vs. planet of the apes. We’re outnumbered.

    That something atop that pyramid with his always looking eye is real, I wish people would see and realize that. Its so evil it made us feel comfortable while it was devouring us mentally/physically and fighting each other for who knows how long.

  19. Everybody is going to have to learn how to lie authentically even to themselves.
    Because total surveillance will mean that getting access to resources will depend on your submission in private as well as public.
    Anyone who makes a comment that is undesirable can be automatically suppressed, then his IP address located and the identity identified.
    Anyone smart enough to see where this is going and who wants to have more privileges will have to be complicit.
    The innocents will have no chance.

  20. TBH I have serious doubts about this couch surf our way to victory strategy. I think it is a massive cope by the people who have Stockholm syndrome from Charlottesville, and its aftermath.

    Couch surfing is not how the National Socialists came to power in Germany. When they started demonstrating, they started winning. No one has ever come to power by letting their enemy run riot over their country and intimidate their people.

    America is going to hell fast, because normie Whites have been demoralized by left wing name calling, and the right never dealt with it. If Whites are afraid of being called a racist, they certainly aren’t going to take a bullet for the “racist” side in any war.

    I think it was a big mistake to give up after Charlottesville. There is a reason they go to any lengths to stop Pro Whites demonstrating. I saw a jew explaining their strategy to the White left wing useful idiots on Twitter. This one told them that suppression of the right has worked everywhere historically, so they told these people forget about respecting freedoms, just squash their rights and their free speech.

    • The big difference is we don’t have Weinmar conditions like Germany did. As long as we are materially rich, most people won’t be bothered to demonstrate or raise a stink.

      Even Ernst Zundel said so in an interview once. We need those conditions before the masses will awaken.

      As long as there is Netflix, beer, Door Dash and Porn Hub, most Americans are content in their present condition.

      • Weimar conditions: Economic collapse + degeneracy..

        Degeneracy we have had for som time and is getting worse by the month.

        The economic collapse is happening right now.

    • Couch surfing is not how the National Socialists came to power in Germany. When they started demonstrating, they started winning.

      They didn’t take power by demonstrating, they gained support.

      Hunter’s point is that pro-whites gain more support by, at this point, by sitting back rather than actively chasing it.

      What would happen if pro-whites tried rallies right now? It would just provide evidence to normies that, wow, there really are all these “racists” out there, maybe BLM is right. If you sit back and allow BLM and ANTIFA to wreak havoc, in contrast, then normies come to you. That’s how I see it.

      • There is much complaining about the lack of white leadership and right now, there is no white leadership representing white interests. Take a look at the other side of the coin though. There is mere anarchy let loose, no leadership on the other side, either.

        The Government (at the direction of its beneficial owners) at all levels supports the anarchy but there is no leadership, no one who can be named on the left who is a leader, a thinker, an organizer who has a well thought out plan (like Lenin did). What the Government has done is signalled to the malcontents, the perpetually racially aggrieved, the crazies and destroyers in society to go balls out, there will be no consequences this time. They have responded vigorously according to their natures.

        The Government’s beneficial owners (the Usual Suspects) believe this will drive Trump out office, one of their main goals. Even though he has given them more than they could ever greedily ask for they fear his rhetoric will inspire a white backlash against them. They are notoriously mentally unstable people, seeing enemies everywhere, the Fourth Reich is just 100 yards ahead. This has lead them to bite the hand that feeds them, the best friend they have ever had.

        They believe Trump will be driven out of office in November, then they can stop the anarchy and get back to making money. They believe the rioting is like throwing a switch for a light, it can be turned on and off easily. They are badly mistaken, though. It’s easier to start this kind of trouble than to stop it, no one can say where it will go.

      • “They didn’t take power by demonstrating, they gained support.”

        They started winning. Period.

        “What would happen if pro-whites tried rallies right now? It would just provide evidence to normies that, wow, there really are all these “racists” out there, maybe BLM is right. If you sit back and allow BLM and ANTIFA to wreak havoc, in contrast, then normies come to you. That’s how I see it.”

        People would see Whites standing up to the bullies and have courage. Then more people would have courage and join them. Right now Whites are pissing their pants while repeating politically correct plaitudes in public to keep their jobs. This is not winning.

        The only dumb thing about Charlottesville was the people running it went to a Democrat city, and told the system where they would be, because they thought America was still a White country with rule of law. They were very foolish and naive.

        The torch light parade the night before went very well, because they told the authorities they would be in a place at a certain time, and showed up in another place at another time. Beating these people is not rocket science, you just use your common sense.

      • “They didn’t take power by demonstrating, they gained support.”

        The time between the NS starting to do public rallies all over Germany, and taking power was very short.

        It took just four years for them to go from getting only 2% of the vote to taking power.

  21. I can’t imagine a scenario that could lead to a hot civil war. One side is out on the streets with the blessing of the establishment while the other side is at home grumbling about it online. I think this whole shitshow is just a ritual humiliation of whites. Things will continue as normal but 2020 will mark the year the anti-white establishment assumed total control.

  22. It wouldn’t be a civil war it would be a massacre. White people would apologize as they were slaughtered instead of engaging in self-defense. I know there’s a few outliers, but for the most part this is the current mentality.

    • I think you’re wrong. Most whites will fight if it ever comes to that. The pathetic ones you refer to would deserve everything they get.

  23. What we have seen of late is what happens when a people ignore the truth of de Maistre’s dictum that the foundation of society is the executioner’s axe. We have with cruel compassion allowed criminality to flourish both in the top and bottom of our society so that we now see the wealthy funding arson, riot, and homicide. Our managerial elite no longer feels bound in common life with the rest of our society and through “globalization” and control of technology are now freeing themselves from the last restraints of the common good on their greed and moral vanity. Blacks are just a weapon in their hands and will with ruthlessness be cast aside and suppressed when no longer needed.

    On the surface, the appearance of self governance may well be maintained, After all democracy is tyranny’s best disguise. But the substance and freedom’s of traditional life will be no more. Totalitarian democracy will not end well for any of us, black or white.

    • Well, there’s the problem in a nutshell. The laws will be applied to you but not to them, and people still want to play be the rules. This kind of thing just makes my weary.

      Here’s a better thought to think about. What are you gonna do when you have to clear leather, manage to survive but are all shot up? What if they deny you medical care because you’re White. How’s that for a thought? And don’t think it can’t happen.

      Everyone wants to play revolutionary but no one has given any thought about the poor sots who get in the way of a bullet or a knife. I hope you all start thinking about that before you end up bleeding out in your living room.

      • Play revolutionary? Well there’s that or doing nothing when you’re attacked inside the home or on the cul de sac and possibly watching family members die. So the solution is? Difficult to provide on the Internet. Why? Ask Hunter. Real advice is inciteful, at best, or illegal, at worst. Therefore, the “peaceful solution” wins the argument every time regardless of merit.

        All I’m saying is to be aware of the law and what could happen to you, in the home or on the street, should you need to defend yourself or loved ones. As far as being hit is concerned, I’ve experiential knowledge on the subject and comprehend the consequences of being denied medical care.

  24. There’s a good line in Suvorov’s _Icebreaker_, that the man who wins a war is not necessarily the first one in, but more likely the last one, who can then throw his full strength where it needs to go, and end it.

  25. I agree. BUT, while chilling … form a think tank. Control the outcome as much as we can. When the dust settles … what do WE want to see standing. Whatever that is, WE have to quietly steer things in that direction. A white nation / state with all the goodies we want, won’t create itself any more than the world created itself, or a car creates itself.

    Think tank might include (?) : Hunter, Duke, Hill, even Spencer if he can get back to his normal self. Who else ?

      • @ snow

        Corrupting or language is one step in dumbing-down our society, so we will be simple-minded slaves.

        Our language should be advancing , instead it is in retrograde.

  26. Be thankful black faces are erased from big corporation’s? Think about it?

    No longer do you have to wonder down the isle of Box oligarch stores and the the faces of color’s like miss Japanese syrup or Mr rice Ben India pop out for herd consumers!

    Revenge is best served Cooled a Mongolian saying goes?

  27. In the “make tricks,” the line between “scientific prediction” and “self-fulfilling prophecy” is total hocus pocus.

  28. Coronavirus has a role to play in the “civil war” struggle: “Currently, the public is being prepared for a flare-up of COVID-19 in Seattle and Atlanta because of massive anti-racism Black Lives Matter protests…
    (but) no one is asking about the Moderna vaccine trials in Seattle and Atlanta that have potentially created many asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2”:

  29. You might be able to avoid the fighting but probably will not be able to avoid the ones who will act as “bummers” and are sure to come. These rascals remind me of those that I have seen recently in news videos. Think of several thousand of these “bummers” moving through residential areas cleaning out everything not nailed down and shooting anyone who tries to stop them.


    The designation “bummers” was used, both by soldiers and civilians, to describe Sherman’s soldiers, official and unofficial, who “requisitioned” food from Southern homes along the route of the Army’s march. Often highly destructive in nature, bummers became notorious among Southerners for looting and vandalism, and they did much to shatter the illusion that the Confederate Army was successfully defending its territory on all fronts. The bummers’ activities in Georgia and the Carolinas helped ensure that the South would be unable to sustain its war effort; additionally, bummers’ destruction of industrial property rendered the garrisoning of southern cities largely unnecessary by destroying most, if not all, of those facilities in their path that replenished the Confederate war effort (such as cotton gins, farms, foundries, lumber mills, etc.).

    One southern family’s encounter with bummers was recorded by North Carolina resident and Civil War diarist Jane Evans Elliot:

    This day two weeks since, 12 of March was a day of sorrow and confusion never to be forgotten. Sherman’s army reached Fayetteville the day before, and at 9 o’clock Sunday morning, a party of raiders rushed in upon our peaceful home. They pillaged and plundered the whole day and quartered upon that night and staid [sic] until 5 o’clock Monday evening. Some part of the time there were at least three different parties. The house was rifled from garret to cellar. Took all our blankets and all [my husband’s] clothes, all our silver and knives and forks, all our luxuries, leaving nothing but a little meat and corn. They threatened [my husband’s] life repeatedly and one ruffian galloped up to the door and pulled out his matches to fire the house. Oh! it was terrible beyond description. It seems ever present to my mind. One night they strung fire all around us and we took up the children and dressed them and watched all night fearing the fire might consume our dwelling.
    —?Jane Evans Elliot, March 25, 1865.

    Sherman admitted himself after the war that “many acts of pillage, robbery, and violence were committed” by the bummers.
    — Wikipedia: “Bummers”

  30. Staying out of it might be impossible. If before we can organize a backlash to the monument destruction, etc one of our hotheads stupidly pull a Dylann Roof, then BLIP- this website gone, no more AMREN conferences, Bitchute will take down all white dissident content, most of our thought leaders will be sent to psychiatric wards or to jails, charged with sedition or inciting racial hate or such and most of our white daughters will be given to the blacks. Most. Biden will basically outlaw us beyond what Trump has done. This a bad scenario, granted.
    Whites have to demand respect and seek their rights, this means in person lobbying of politicians and other measures, like beating up attackers when they try to prey upon us.

  31. civil war one never ended… this war is low level gorilla warfare aimed at white people… and white people are not winning!

    “4 fifths of the world aint white…why is whitey running the world?…” its way less than that, paraphrasing malcom x

    • Guerrilla here, not gorilla. Not trying to cause trouble, we all make grammatical errors but clear thinking is best expressed by clear writing. BTW, great comment!

  32. If you try to tell a normie who it is destroying America, if you name the Jew, the normie will call you vile names and hate you.

    Sit back in a rural area, grill and chill indeed. The white normies sowed the wind, and are about to reap the whirlwind. They should have sided with Jesus Christ, but he wasn’t too cool in their eyes, so they sided with his murderers.

    I first read the Gulag Archipelago at 17, so I have long known where this is headed. Lonely Tucker Carlson understands. What I cannot understand is why he is still a Republican, the Red Party, of the Red Shield.

    The Republican Party is dead. The four years of Trumpism was just its death rattle. What comes next, well, read the Gulag Archipelago, and you will get the picture. Tens of millions of murderous barbarians, with a cadre of sharp, ruthless, and merciless Jews at their head.

  33. The designation “bummers” was used, both by soldiers and civilians, to describe Sherman’s soldiers, official and unofficial, who “requisitioned” food from Southern homes along the route of the Army’s march. Often highly destructive in nature, bummers became notorious among Southerners for looting and vandalism, and THEY DID MUCH TO SHATTER THE ILLUSION THAT THE CONFEDERATE ARMY WAS SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDING ITS TERRITORY ON ALL FRONTS.
    — Wikipedia: “Bummers”

    The BLM/Antifa/Communists/Soros/etc are the “bummers” today doing their psychological damage with their looting, burning, tearing down white people’s stuff with not one single white institution both legitimate and illegitimate strong enough to shut them down. They have the full support of the crooked MSM, historical revisionists, talking heads, etc to just keep on SHATTERING THE ILLUSION THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE STILL DEFENDING ITS SOCIETY ON ALL FRONTS. These “bummers” are taking down the markers (monuments,etc) that our ancestors put up and laughing in our faces daring, taunting us to try to resist. In other words we are losing/have lost the psychological war. The federal government has stripped us of every form of vigilante resistance we once had to fight these sjw wars and has encouraged the anti-white domestic terrorists — BLM/Antifa/Communists/Soros/etc — to keep on destroying our white society.

    What white person who does not despise his race would want to celebrate Juneteenth which stands for a backward race who was over two years behind the times in knowing that Lincoln tried to destroy the South by causing a race war by turning the slaves against the white people of the South (Lincoln did not count on it would take over two years for some of the slaves to get the “good news” or he may have had the wholesale race war at the time he wanted) and who have an illegitimacy rate of over 70%?

    We whites are/are becoming the backward race.

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