Tucker Carlson: The GOP Has Abandoned Its Voters

As rioters, looters and anarchists burned down America, the GOP tweeted about police reform, Juneteenth, saving DACA and the Supreme Court decision on LGBTQ rights. BTW, if you noticed this was happening, you are a racist and extremist.

The CEO of Chick-fil-A whose restaurants were packed by Southern White Christians wants White people to get down on their knees, grovel before black people and shine their shoes as they apologize for “racism.” They should be ashamed of their ancestors and embarrassed for being White.

Confirmed: Donald Trump sympathizes with Antifa.

Sen. Marco Rubio wants the Senate to pass a DACA amnesty.

Sen. Martha McSally wants a DACA amnesty.

Sen. Tim Scott is pushing the JUSTICE Act to appease the mob … another top priority of the conservative base.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar takes a knee so a black woman can be Joe Biden’s Vice President.

Susan Rice says Trump supporters belong in “the trash heap of history.”

The SEC, NCAA, Ole Miss and Mississippi State are trying to bully the state of Mississippi to change its state flag.

Rename St. Louis? Tear down the Saint Louis XI monument?

Southerners who were House Speakers have their portraits removed from the U.S. Capitol.

The GOP celebrates Juneteenth.

The White House celebrates Juneteenth.

Melania Trump celebrates Juneteenth.

Sen. Rand Paul celebrates Juneteenth.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler celebrates Juneteenth.

Sen. Joni Ernst celebrates Juneteenth.

Sen. Mike Rounds celebrates Juneteenth.

Sen. Rick Scott celebrates Juneteenth.

Sen. Ted Cruz celebrates Juneteenth.

Sen. Mitch McConnell celebrates Juneteenth.

Sen. Tom Cotton celebrates Juneteenth.

The mob in Atlanta attacks a fire truck.

… and started shooting people.

In honor of Juneteenth, the mob attacked White people.

In honor of Juneteenth, Christopher Columbus was torn down in San Francisco.

… and President Ulysses S. Grant.

… and St. Junípero Serra.

… and Cervantes.

… and Francis Scott Key who wrote the Star Spangled Banner.

… and a Confederate monument was lynched by a mob in Raleigh.

… and Confederate General Albert Pike in Washington, DC was torn down and set on fire.

… and George Washington in Chicago.

… as Robin DiAngelo wokesplained “White Fragility” on The Tonight Show.

A new movie is coming out in which blacks have enslaved Whites.

… while two people were shot in CHAZ. At least one died. And another woman was almost molested. In the last 24 hours while the president and Republican senators tweeted.

Who supports abolishing the police? A mere 11 percent of the public. These are the people who are in open revolt against the government and who are tyrannizing the overwhelming majority of law abiding citizens.

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  1. Mr. Carlson has done fantastic and brave work, and particularly in the last couple of months, he has stepped it up to almost a breakneck pace.

    It’s like he knows that his platform will not long last, and he is determined to get in every shot possible at a system which is crushing the life out of this country, and has been so doing for a very long time.

    God bless Tucker Carlson!

      • @Jannie…

        “Tucker is big enough now to go it alone with his own platform.”

        I agree with you.

    • Agree, America is now in the ashes of history, so where are the patriot men of fighting age now? Most have passed on and so few remain. Trump is pro Antifa for sure.

      • @Laura…

        i do not believe that President Trump is pro-Antifa.

        No, M’am, it is just another item on a long list of things with which he does not want to get seriously involved.

        Trump is a businessman, and he tolerates other issues so that he can tweak the economy to his satisfaction.

    • Carlson’s job is to take WN talking points and sanitize them in a direction that’s okay for the multicult. No one else on television can do his job. He isn’t going anywhere. The vague background threats that he might be taken off the air are bona fides building exercises.

      • He supported the Iraq and Afghan wars. The only reason he’s against them now is because we did not kill em’ all. Dem Muslims are still there.[ and they fight back; how dare they!] He loved Tulsi cause she believes the same . She supported torture of Muslim detainees as he does. He’s gaga for AOC, and in a decade or so, will be a far left wing multiculturalist civic nationalist. You are naïve if you believe otherwise. Oh and he’s as fanatic on right wing Zionism as the rest of em on Fox!

  2. The people who complain the most about slavery are the most likely to support to party of Marxist political slavery

  3. The people who complain the most about past slavery are the people most inclined to support the party that advances Marxist political slavery. Pretty ironic, isn’t it.

  4. Hunter, every single person your listed and mentioned, Republican and Democrat, has a weakness; a vulnerability that we can use against them in this fight.

    They ALL live in ALL WHITE neighborhoods, areas, and communities.
    Every single one of them.

    Not one of them who profess love for black people, diversity, BLM, Juneteenth, etc. actually lives anywhere near black people. We must press this fact, drive home this point, in a very public way.

    Support for blacks and BLM is at odds with segregating yourself and your family in an all white neighborhood. And proclaiming love for George Floyd or any other black felon is at odds with your kids or grandkids being in all-white public or private schools.

    We must relentlessly drive home this point of racial hypocrisy and deceit.


    • Blacks mostly live in urban areas, along with white rich liberals. This is in segregated communities in close proximity, however the optics look like diverse cosmopolitan cohesion.

      When mid town Manhattan was looted and the mile drive in Chicago last week those optics are are gone to normies living in those cities, both left and right, the business are boarded up and will be for a long time.

      Washington DC has a strange situation of all with this situation of Rich liberal whites and so called wealthy conservatives living in close proximity.

      NYC and Chicago attracted none whites to move in and parasite it with the prosperity of manufacturing and serving the financial class in those major cities.

      DC has no large manufacturing in it or near it nor the financial banker class, London has both with central political Power.

      The ruling class in DC/London and hell Paris to
      Knew the gamble if this did not work out decades ago, they imported the orcs they did not move their, gentrification is a bitch, time for white liberals hipsters/rich boomers find out all the safe areas in the urban areas will become CHAZ.

      Be thankful if you live in rural white Sustainable community,

      Thank God for it!

  5. The GOP knows that their voters will come crawling back every time. They are prepared to throw this election so that they can rebrand. After Trump loses, the GOP will make a big show of soul searching to reorient the party away from racism and bigotry (even more than it already is), similar to the reorientation they were attempting after Romney’s loss before the Trump election threw a wrench in it. They will explicitly take up the mantle of wokeness. We are already seeing this with Republicans coming out in favor of juneteenth and McConnell actually tweeting about the “original sin” of American racism. People expecting a Tucker Carlson GOP in 2024 are going to be sorely disappointed. From now on, the GOP will be a corporate HR department complete with social justice commissars.

  6. These comments by GOP, Demo’s, and radical blacks shows the current uprising is nothing more than a criminal conspiracy against us. It’s shameful the way so-called GOP ‘conservatives’ are kissing black asses in an effort to show they’re against so-called racism. These riots and demonstrations are about the leftists trying to overthrow our government and our culture. The blacks, and the Antifa, are merely the battering ram being used to beat us down.

  7. It’s St. Louis IX…who incidentally ordered public burnings of the Books of the Talmud, and then kicked the kikes out of France. BASED A. F.

  8. “Mainstream conservatism has ceased to represent its base”

    When did mainstream conservatism EVER represent it’s base? I must have missed that.

  9. For those who have been convined to spend good money for “more guns and ammo” vs. prepping and possibly land, what are you going to do when it’s time to reload? I pivot between staying home and voting for Biden. He is a disaster, but liberals hate him. He is gaining moderate republican votes and won’t be able to go too far left. That will give us time to stop the chest thumping and start thinking. These “protests” did not spring up out of nowhere, they have been carefully planned for years. If the majority of Whites are silently on our side, why are we incapable of doing the same?

    If we are honest, the “owning the libs” strategy of supporting politicians – who tell us every day they are not on our side – has only embarrassed us. Cartoonish meme cat boys and race mixers are clearly being paid to shill right now. 6 months ago their shtick was completely different. They are as much to blame for the state of confusion and outrage we are in right now as anyone. They are enjoying this.

    If Tucker is going to run, it will be in 2024. Another 4 years of Trump ensures that he will lose because of sheer exhaustion of voting, or worse, whatever wars Trump may start for Israel.

  10. Carlson’s shilling is not always obvious, especially to those who are led by their emotions and want to view him as a hero. Those who watch him religiously are not critical thinkers. One good place to begin learning is the show where he interviewed Roger Waters on Julian Assange.

    Controlled opposition will “dare” to tell you a thousand “uncomfortable politically-incorrect” truths just to get you to believe one very crucial lie. However the ratio on Fox is closer to one to one, because the target audience is so easy to fool.

    • Tucker still believes in the CivNat bullshit, nowhere does he flatly state that it’s whites who are attacked by blacks on the basis of race or state who is behind the wealth funding this revolution. Tucker cannot bell the cat but he goes as far as he can and is to commended for what he does. Anyone reading HW’s fine blog knows how to fill in the gaps however.

  11. Killing off White history has naturally led to Whites being killed. All of it has been done with the cooperation of our traitorous elites. As we aren’t allowed to say anything against darker people or the small hats, we know they rule over us, too.

    Let those being allowed to murder America finish the job, so those of us not cucked into submission can get on with rebuilding society to a level of relative sanity. Once the authorities have been turned into neutered drones, the rainbow revolutionaries will think they can do as they like. In the cities, that will probably be so. They won’t be able to get supplies transported in, however, if the savagery continues. Or be able to count on basic services we now take for granted. Of course, things won’t be easy for them once they leave the urban areas, where they’ve been stupidly coddled and allowed to rampage without consequence.

  12. Trump and the GOP need to keep losing until minor parties or candidates that are Third Position are elected into office. The current two party system needs to be replaced with a more proportional system that exists in most of Europe. This won’t happen until more Americans get informed and get over their anti-government paranoia, which doesn’t exist in other Western nations.

    • @freethinker

      The problem isn’t Republicans. The problem is CONSERVATIVES. Conservatives are anti-white. We need to elect Republicans that are not conservatives – Republicans that are pro-white. Or Democrats that are pro-white. The parties don’t matter, they are just Team 1 and Team 2. It’s the people in the parties that matter.

      • What is wrong with you? It’s impossible to elect pro-white Republicans because the RNC will just expel them from the party. The GOP cannot be coopted becuase of how it is structured. We need a new party. I can’t believe anyone still doesn’t understand this after the Ron Paul movement, the Tea Party and MAGA failed to change the GOP at all. Talk about stuck on stupid.

        • @ATBOTL

          Thanks for proving my point! The problem is conservatives like you.

          No third parties can win anything due to the basic election law. Third parties are just LARPing unless you use them to throw an election – which is a legitimate strategy.

          Steven King didn’t lose because of being expelled by the RNC. King lost because he went to the enemy New York Times to suck up to Jews by committing treason for Israel – and he stupidly didn’t even record it so they lied about him.

          He had ONE JOB. He wasn’t there to suck up to Israel and New York Jews. He should have spent all his time meeting with his voters in Iowa. But, being a conservative moron, he though he could go suck up to the New York Jews and get something from it.

          Conservatives are the problem. Like you, there are stuck on stupid.

          • Stick to being a liberal, sex deviant, jew, Hipster. You know nothing about real politics. You contradict yourself every few months in your drunken ravings on your blog, and say utterly retarded shit like Anti-Fa controlled Portland is going to be the White Nationalist homeland.


            Sure, a pro White third party can’t win office, but it will cause the Republicans to shift rightwards to try pick to pick up its votes. That is the point of minor parties. They pull the big parties off balance.

            I will remind you that blacks don’t vote Republican, and yet the Republicans shit all over themselves every election trying to pick up a measly 5% of their vote. The Republicans ignore their loyal White base, who keep voting for them like complete idiots expecting a different result to all the other times.

      • When will it happen? Steve King, a pro-white Republican, lost his race in IOWA. Jews targeted him for defeat.

        • Jews did not defeat Steve King. Republicans stripped him of his committee assignments and he could not longer deliver results to his constituents. So White Iowa voted him out. Trump did not so much as whisper support to Steve King. Acted like he never existed after supposedly creating a “safe space” for King to tell a few truths about things.

          • he Republican Jewish Coalition is best known for scorching ads challenging the pro-Israel credentials of Democratic candidates. This election cycle, however, it is leading the charge against a GOP congressman: Steve King of Iowa.

            After years of flirting with white nationalists, King in January 2019 came out and said it: What, he asked, was so offensive about the term “white supremacist”? The GOP House leadership banned King from membership of committees, where Congress members are best able to accrue influence.

            Now, with a tough primary on June 2, King is pushing for his party’s congressional leaders to boost his chances by letting him back on the influential Agriculture Committee.

            Not only is the Republican Jewish Coalition leading the charge to keep King in the GOP doghouse, the group wants him out of office altogether. Its political action committee recently announced that it was backing Randy Feenstra, the Iowa state senator who is challenging King in the primary.

            The rollout of the Feenstra endorsement was robust and unabashed.

            “We have made it clear for some time that Rep. King does not represent the values of the Republican Jewish Coalition or the Republican Party,” the organization declared in its May 7 announcement. “Rep. Steve King’s record includes inflammatory rhetoric condoning white supremacists and anti-Semites.”

            The decision to devote resources to knocking off a fellow Republican (even in a primary) is a rare step for the RJC. It is even more noteworthy during an all-time polarized election cycle, featuring expensive and highly contested multi-state fights for the presidency and the U.S. Senate.

            The fight also underscores the group’s success in wielding influence with the Republican leadership, despite its decades-long failure to win over Jewish voters. It certainly helps when your most prominent member, Sheldon Adelson, also happens to be the single largest individual donor to the Republican Party.

            But party-aligned interest groups like the RJC are influential not just because of donors, but also because the parties look to them to take the lead on issues the interest group most cares about. The RJC making a case that a Republican is trafficking in anti-Semitism or white supremacism carries more weight than when it comes from an outside group.

            So how do you take on one of your own? Here are a few key steps from the RJC playbook.

            Come equipped with powerful friends
            The Republican Jewish Coalition isn’t taking anything for granted. The group is coordinating its messaging in Iowa’s 4th District with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Matt Brooks, the RJC’s executive director, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

            “We’ve got a great relationship with the chamber and talk all the time with them,” Brooks said.

            Brooks would not say how much his group would spend and was reluctant to provide details of the joint strategy in order not to tip off King, but said it involved “on-the-ground stuff” and “peer-to-peer texts.”

            The RJC also has been consulting since at least January 2019 with the GOP leadership on the dangers it believes King poses. That’s when King told a New York Times reporter that he did not understand why “white supremacist” was offensive. The RJC was among a number of Republican constituents that asked the House GOP leadership to request that Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the incoming House minority leader, have King kicked off committees.

            Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition gathering in Las Vegas, March 29, 2014 (Photo/JTA-Ethan Miller-Getty Images)
            Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition gathering in Las Vegas, March 29, 2014 (Photo/JTA-Ethan Miller-Getty Images)
            “We had multiple conversations with leadership in our party about our concerns, and the fact that we felt this to be unacceptable, across the board everybody agreed with us,” Brooks said.

            King’s campaign did not return a JTA request for comment. His congressional office said King rejected white nationalism and white supremacism, and noted his comments at the time of The New York Times article delivered on the floor of the House: “I want to make one thing abundantly clear; I reject those labels and the evil ideology that they define. Further, I condemn anyone that supports this evil and bigoted ideology which saw in its ultimate expression the systematic murder of 6 million innocent Jewish lives.”

            Brooks said isolating King was an easy pitch to a GOP leadership already seeking to distance itself from a congressman who seemed perpetually mired in controversy. Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Ohio, a member of the Steering Committee that determines committee memberships, credited the RJC for keeping King on the front-burner.

            “Steve King was not removed from his committees because of one New York Times article,” Stivers told JTA in an email. “He has demonstrated a continued pattern of racism throughout his time in Congress, that groups like the Republican Jewish Coalition have worked to keep at the forefront of the discussion.”

            Stivers did not endorse Feenstra but said: “I’m grateful that the RJC has taken steps to support a primary challenger. It is rare, but I believe it is absolutely warranted in this instance.”

            Getting King off a cherished spot on the Agriculture Committee made him vulnerable in Iowa, Brooks said.

            “Credit really goes to Kevin McCarthy. The people of Iowa understand that in a critical time for the agriculture industry and for the farmers of Iowa, with all this going on,” the RJC leader said, referring to the crunch on farming precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic, “to have a member of Congress that doesn’t have a say and doesn’t have a seat on the Ag Committee to represent their interests is a huge issue.”

      • @Banned Hipster, I agree with you to a certain extent, that there is a difference between republicans, conservatives and pro-white. The problem is that republicans pretend to be pro-White until they are elected. You can’t go anywhere on social media and not trip over republicans and conservatives saying “Democrats are the real racists”. So why aren’t we voting for them? There is a pro-White candidate that posts here. I wonder how much support he’s getting?

  13. It is getting so bad I think I can relate to how Francis Parker Yockey & Barron Julius Evola must have felt after Europe was left in ruins post-W.W. 2.

    GOP abandonment? The first thing independent Populists can do in response is to RAISE TAXES as punitive punishment for bringing in so many Race-replacing H1B visas and donating money to nation wrecking BLM. TAX. the Koch brothers! TAX Zuckerberg!

    It is the radical Left that is ascendant now. Lets take a page from History and get more into Strasserism and Prussian Socialism and try to ingratiate our-selves to the Far-Left. Start a new Socialist Reich Party?

  14. Should whites also be ashamed for the God who created us and who set us down upon this earth? Should whites hate God, the creator of all life, as much as blacks and Jews do? We have the love of God and that is all that matters.

  15. We can do what the Inquisition did which is dig people up who were dead centuries ago and try them for heresy. When will Antifa and Black Lives Matter do their duty and dig up any white person who in the past said things that are considered racist today!

  16. @Vickey
    What are we going to do when it’s “time to reload” you ask?

    Well, bless your heart.
    Some of us have been buying and stockpiling ammo, reloading components and firearms for TWO DECADES or more.
    You know, instead of watching 70 IQ Dindus play sportsball.
    It’s actually kinda easy when you prioritize the important things in your life, like SURVIVAL over (((Television))), McMansions and shiny trinkets like new cars.
    We’ve also dug water wells, extensive gardens, have off grid power supplies, Medical supplies and training, long term food stores, communications equipment and numerous other skills and a mindset that will allow OUR white networks to remain stable in the coming brown chaos.
    Oh sure, we’ll absolutely allow our fellow whites into our safe zones after the coming purge, but it will be race realists ONLY (after vetting) and you’ll be doing the menial labor and pulling garden weeds to carry your weight if you don’t come bringing something substantial to our table.

    We told you to get prepared. Over and over and over. We intend to watch this abomination of a Nation collapse and we’re going to rebuild a better one.

    White Preppers.

    • We are prepared over here. The problem is that we are actually few and far between. Gun shops ran out of guns and ammo, purchased by inexperienced, scared, White people on the orders of Conservative Inc. The same people who couldn’t stand to be quarantined with their children and started freaking out after 2 weeks, running out of food and barking about late unemployment benefits. We are going to have to do better.

  17. The GOP establishment sold their souls to Jewish donors. The GOP establishment attacked Steve King. The GOP establishment is attacking Georgia Congressional Hopeful Marjorie Greene for Supporting Historical Monuments
    U.S. Congressional hopeful Marjorie Greene of Georgia is under attack by the GOP establishment for steadfastly supporting historical monuments against the violent ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter mob movement.

    Greene has emerged as the front-runner to win the seat in Georgia’s 14th congressional district, as she drew more than 40 percent of the votes during a June 9 primary. The Republican establishment is pulling out all the stops to destroy this staunchly conservative firebrand.

    “If I were black people today and I walked by one of those statues, I would be so proud because I would say look how far I have come in this country,” Greene said in one of her supposedly controversial comments.


  18. Amidst Unprecedented Rioting and Mayhem, FBI Focuses on Arresting Black Lives Matter’s Opponents
    The deep state is in the tank for this left-wing terror movement.

    As Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA wage war on the streets of America, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is concerned about making sure the thugs stay safe from their opponents as they lay waste to cities throughout the country.

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced in a press release on Wednesday that FBI agents had apprehended 42-year-old El Paso resident Manuel Flores for allegedly “posting a threatening communication over the Internet.”

    In the offending video, Flores allegedly made several racial slurs and dared BLM activists to try to “stop him” from exercising his Constitutional rights. This caused the feds to intervene in order to protect the organized movement of rioters destroying the country


  19. Every demonic cult can never stop until destroyed by death, long jail terms and being sued out of existence.As the Bible says, ” No rest for the wicked.” Blm is in the early days of cultism clearly backed up by all vile major American institutions. Some because they were always Marxist while others are weak and feel terrorized. The amount of money this serpent cult is getting is staggering. Great, more welfare money for black people pouring in from private and more stolen tax dollars.

    America has been on the decline for decades. What amazes me are the western European nations that copied our diversity destruction. This latest terror attack post a blm protest truly summed up the insanity of white people in England for example. They do their stupid Blm weirdness and then a terrorist attack? Get in bed with black movements and then lovely Islamic guy closes the day with murder. Can white people be any dumber? It’s to the point of massive retardation.

    Speaking of England, I see Trump’s cousin lookalike in that crazed hairdo super cuck Boris Johnson and the guy is a total joke. This ridiculous conservative slobbering to Blm and diversity. What a loser. Another guy just passing the buck because he has no spine.

    There is no doubt normie nation and their ” hey, did you know the Kkk was Democrat?” routine will grow more shrill because antifa and blm live and die on shrill. Marxism does not just stop. It keeps throwing jabs and ko punches until it either wins or gets knocked out. Normie nation is not used to the knockout attempts in dramatic fashion by Marxism which Blm and antifa clearly represent. Because these terrorist groups are emboldened and just wait for something to happen to a black guy by a white while ignoring the blitzkrieg of black on black and black on white. The definition of pure cowardice and brainwashing, evil and insanity. No rest for the wicked, indeed.

  20. The current state of America is a perfect example that Conservatives and Republicans will never conserve anything or save us. However I think many Conservative voters know that now. The future is White Nationalism and that time is now! Deo Vindice !

  21. When Fox kicks out Tucker, the only reason to watch the network will be for the news babes.

    • If Fox kicks out Carlson (like Beck) they’ll have an even better shill actor to capture the low IQ target audience that responds to My Pillow advertisements.

  22. This BLM civil unrest is but a blip on the screen. An inconvenience for the MSM /politicians. So they will temporarily give them due concern and tweak some laws to appease them. Which will have the desired effect. They will settle down. Meanwhile the country is becoming Latin Americanized. The media and the politicians are good with. that. And so are most of the people; both left and right. They pronounce Spanish names with a Spanish accent, Not so any other non English name /word. Latin American food is promoted as American food throughout the land. That tells you a lot.
    Until the torture/ murder of George Floyd ignited the masses, Biden would cite Latinos as becoming the majority group in the future. MSM was obsessed with the plight of Latino “migrants”. As was local governments instituting sanctuary cities, states.The Supreme Court which dismissed Trumps anti Muslim rhetoric during the campaign in upholding his tweaked travel ban, cited his anti illegal immigrant comments in rejecting his attempt to overturn Obamas DACA EO. Everyone; SC and media loves Latinos; the salt of the earth; they love their kids and really work hard mantra is ubiquitous . This shows how the nation is on track to becoming a Latin American country among countries. [IMO]. African Americans are just being humored. The real pandering is towards Latinos as Anglos are falling over themselves in praise and concern for them . la Raza supremacy is on the march in the US, and the Anglos are good with it! Tucker is not exception; it must be a requirement of fox to be a Hispanophile to get on!

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