Teddy Roosevelt Has Been Cancelled

The Rough Rider has joined George Washington, Francis Scott Key, Robert E. Lee, Christopher Columbus and every other symbol of White American heritage.

New York Times:

“The bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt, on horseback and flanked by a Native American man and an African man, which has presided over the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History in New York since 1940, is coming down.

The decision, proposed by the museum and agreed to by New York City, which owns the building and property, came after years of objections from activists and at a time when the killing of George Floyd has initiated an urgent nationwide conversation about racism.

For many, the “Equestrian” statue at the museum’s Central Park West entrance had come to symbolize a painful legacy of colonial expansion and racial discrimination. …”

Wow, time flies. It was only last week that Rich Lowry warned against the slippery slope argument in The Conservative Case for Tearing Down Confederate Monuments.

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  1. The Antifa, Black Racists, and Liberals hate all White People. Don’t matter the religious or political views of those White People. Skin is the enemy. It’s time we stick with our own kind and advance the right wing with White Nationalism. We Must Retake Everything! Deo Vindice !

  2. Every single white imagery not sucking up to blaxxx will come down in nearly every single city and then expand to suburbia. Books will be banned. Any totally sick thought will be reality like ” blacks must make up whatever percentage they are in a given city in white areas.” Blacks must get more gov’t contracts. Extra bonuses for being black. More housing projects in white areas and on and on. This is demonism on display.

    Most black people are clearly not Christians despite their juke and jive church boogie downs. Being black is their god. This is why they get so crazy when a rare black Christian denounces their cult movement which in the end is killing and enslaving whites. It will never stop until then unless they are stopped.

    Once again Republicans are useless. I see they are trying to push out a Marjorie Taylor, I believe, due to her truth telling beliefs. I think she is running for Congress in Georgia. Republicans have to be destroyed. Do you have any doubt the Senate will remove Southern artifacts when communists do their rallies in Senate buildings? It’s coming.

    Obviously the real Trump was the guy who ran for president. Then the advisors came in after he won. His daughter and Kushner too. They weakened him from more nationalist to constitutional conservative. A loser, bore position. Plus age is hitting him now along with the coronavirus and riots.

    He keeps waiting on that yuuuuggge black vote that will not vote for him. And with geezer Biden looking to hand his presidency over to. some racist black woman as his vp, Trump’s black vote may not even reach the 8 percent he got last time.

    The lesson on Trump is it’s a gamble hoping a guy will be the ” it” guy who was basically not very political. A bit but more like the wisecracking uncle at a family dinner discussing politics. Still believe he has moved the ball a bit but not like he should have.

    The Republicans are filled with leaders or rather losers, who are either too bought off or scared to do what is right. They have said zero on all these statues coming down and have all bent to Blm who hates them. Republicans, like too many whites normally, have gotten old, lazy and complacent.

    Even Mississippi boy, Brett Favre, gave a super cuck love in on America destroyer Colin Kapernick. Gee, Brett, ya mean you are still scared of black reaction despite you being long retired and super rich? Another white weasel. I remember years back when Howard Stern would bum rush celebutards to panic them. The best one was ” Oj, guilty or innocent?” One hockey player known as an enforcer quietly asked” got another question?” That sums up wayyy too many white people. But whitey, this one ain’t going away until it’s forced to.

  3. The Roosevelt family is said to have been Sephardic and Crypto, descended from the wealthy Rossacampo family that was expelled from Spain and then settled in Holland, and from there came to Fort Amsterdam (New York City) in the New Netherlands colony. Theodore Roosevelt was perhaps the most philosemitic U.S. Presiident to date. “Roosevelt was the first president to appoint a Jew to a Cabinet position; a champion of Jewish rights at home and abroad, he was a vocal supporter of a Jewish homeland in Palestine; an advocate (mostly) of immigration, based on his firsthand dealings with Jewish and non-Jewish immigrants who had settled in his hometown of New York City, and a defender of Jews in the wake of the Kishinev pogroms of 1903. He even kept two Jewish menorahs on display at his 95-acre estate….” https://forward.com/culture/416081/the-secret-jewish-history-of-teddy-roosevelt/

    • The Rough Riders were disproportionately Jewish. Roosevelt who led them had almost no military training or experience, but Spain was a weak opponent. He was militaristic, imperialistic and of course warmongering, and a natural, consummate self-promoter. He was conservative, not a populist although he borrowed some of their ideas. I doubt that he drank that much coffee, but it makes a good story. American Sheeple love a great showman, especially for their king (President).

  4. For those of you unfamiliar with the statue in question. It is magnificient. It has been my single favorite American statue both for the work and the man, since mg grandfather first took me to the museum about 30 years ago. But i have seen this coming for awhile as the once incredible Musuem of Natural History has been lined with anti white propaganda for years now. Most of the exhibits are the same from my childhood but now have either obtrusive signs or interactive displays about how awful Europeans are and as such wiped out or enslaved the world. I haven’t been able to bring myself back to what was also one of my favorite places for years.

    Our mayor is married to an African woman and has hideous children covered in communist symbol tattoos and decorated in black power clothing and hair styles. How could this not happen

  5. The Rough Riders and the Teddy Hero campaign was orchestrated by Randolph Hearst. Another example of the media being the enemy of the people!

  6. They hate you whitey, including your traitorous “leaders”. The statues are just proxies for you. You know who’s next.

  7. Terrible Teddy also pimped for the Great War…until wilson obliged. After all, amerikwan kapitalizm was heavily invested in allied “victory”.

  8. I think it is a safe to assume none of these people have ever read Roosevelt’s autobiograhy. On the Phillipines; “If after due time the Filipinos themselves decide that they do not wish to be thus governed, then I trust that we wll leave; but when we do leave it must be distinctly understood that we retain no protectorate…over the islands…(I)n short, we are absolutely quit of responsibility for them, of every kind and description.” Cuba:”(W)e had explicitly promised to leave the island of Cuba, had explicitly promised that Cuba should be independnent. Early in my administration that promise was redeemed.”

    • Emperor Theodore the Great may have said that, but he had no real intention to let the “gooks” go. Read about the U.S.’s long war of conquest of the Philippines. The U.S. leaving Vietnam was an aberration. It never leaves any country it invades.

  9. Teddy Roosevelt was a pro-eugenics, anti-globalist, racially conscious nationalist who once said “I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are, and I shouldn’t like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth” and “Criminals should be sterilized and feeble-minded persons forbidden to leave offspring behind them.”
    He was shot in the chest by an assassin while giving a speech but continued to speak for 90 minutes before finishing it and strolled to the nearest hospital by himself. Based to the hill!

    America would be in better shape today if the GOP idolized him and his policies instead of pro-amnesty, pro-Gilded Age, senile Reagan.

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