FBI Solves Bubba Wallace Race Hoax



Goes into the dustbin of all previous race hoaxes.

Also, if you doubt that Bubba Wallace is telling the truth and demand to see the evidence like a photo of the alleged noose, you are a “racist.” You are just as bad as the racists who doubted Jussie Smollett.

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    • I be shock! I bet the KKK snuck in there and tied that noose, just like the KKK lab equipment in Mike Dice’s video above was doing KKK experiments. I remember a couple of years ago several Dominican priests (who wear white garments) were on the campus of a university in the Midwest by invitation. The idiot students called the cops because they thought it was a KKK rally.

      They really are idiots.

  1. Media control, they direct attention to things so trivial, while ignoring things of major importance.

    As long as we have )evv controlled media, our minds will be forever preoccupied with the false and the trivial. We will be too distracted to address real issues.

  2. Jussie Wallace more like…, its just more manufactured outrage by the long nose tribe Is bubba one himself? Hes not very black for starters Smollet I believe was half and half

  3. What a ridiculous life I have.

    Like I’m supposed to care about some half White, Black NASCAR driver named “Bubba” that’s never won a race, but who is now a national celebrity because the garage door pull down cord looks like a noose. What could be hanged with this pull down noose – a mouse?

    And this is what I and so many intelligent Western people are supposed to care about.

    Let me out of here. I need to travel to some other countries that don’t have Amurikun Zio TV

      • Then, make it. I have no pity for cuckservatives that whine about the left controlling everything or the alt-right that whines about Christ killers owning it all and then sit on their butts and do nothing about it. It’s just like black victicrats that blame whites or other minorities for their own failures. If the left and Christ killers own everything, it’s because they got busy and worked their asses off to obtain it. Do what they do or keep watching beer while watching sports on TV and take it.

  4. Nothing, and i mean absolutely nothing is going to change until we stand up fight for it.
    We have to take what we want in this battle, we cannot win by sitting it out.

    Unless millions of our people organize and become the opposition to ANTIFA and negro criminal mobs, we will never actually “get” anywhere and we will continue to be attacked and demonized.

    And good luck convincing people with comfortable lives to risk losing it all or being killed because many will die in this conflict and many others will be imprisoned.

    Without organization and accepting these risks, we will never get anywhere.

    Thats been made very clearly with the ZOG stooge Blormfs entire presidency ,if you could even call it that.

    “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”

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