Tucker Carlson: Our Institutions Aren’t Serving Americans Equally

I’ve been enjoying these fireside chats.

There was a lot of truth in this one: Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the militia of the Democratic Party, the FBI and CIA are illegitimate institutions, equality before the law no longer exists, etc. He has also recently said out loud that elections are for fools, the GOP isn’t doing shit for its voters, Trump has allowed the riots to continue and that the Left is using violence to push its agenda.

Just call it what it is … an undeclared civil war. If they engage in violence against you or your property, it is “social justice.” If you engage in violence against them or their property, it is a “hate crime.” If you say something the mob dislikes, it is “hate speech.” If you say nothing at all, “silence is violence.” Also, the definition of “racism” has been changed so that it now simply means White person.

It is no longer edgy to say “anti-racism is anti-White.” This is literally the meaning of the term now. Only White people benefit from “systemic racism.” So only White people are racists. Racism is evil. So White people are evil. In order to make amends for being born evil, you have to be anti-White. This woke shit comes from the idea that whiteness is Original Sin. This is why blacks are parading through the streets now with woke whites in chains who are flagellating themselves and kissing their feet.

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  1. For years I have thrilled some, or vexed, and discomfitted others around me by speaking a simple statement : ‘The United States’ Government is lawless.’

    Yet, not just lawless are they, in that they systemically seek to flout, subvert, and or skirt the law, but, that they so regularly allow others, under their jurisdiction, to do so, as well.

    And so it is that The United States’ Government ought be redubbed, ‘Pharisee Inc.’

    Yet, even that sobriquet may be a little too generous, for not only the spirit of the law do they violate, but, even the letter of it, EXCEPT … when it suits them – at which point they can resuscitate laws unused since the late 18th century to throw at you.

    That said, this lawlessness has become pandemic; it now having spread to many many city and state governments.

    This is no longer just a national level dilemma.

    Are we on our way to a Mexico-like situation? : ——- where the most smalltown and rural areas have had to develop citizen’s police groups to deal with the trouble, and the Mexican states, unable to help in any other way, have had no recourse but to authorize it.

  2. This has been the case for decades. Hate crime laws, affirmative action, etc. These are weaponized against Whites.

    Unfortunately, Tucker still gives a blanket endorsement to the GOP. He could use his fame to start a third party that could destroy the Republicans, but instead he tells people to vote for the same scumbags who led us to this point.

    • After all is said and done I believe Tucker is just a relief valve on the Anti-White Agenda. When Whites gets fed up and pissed off about all the anti-Whitism Tucker allows them to let off steam by proxy. If he was really Pro-White they’d have taken him off the air a long time ago. IMO, Tucker is an integral part of the Anti-White Agenda. That’s what “conservatives” are for.

      • The “Faux” News shows are designed for the same target audience and level of intelligence and critical thinking as the “My Pillow” advertisements.

        I don’t watch, but sometimes I overhear a little in the next room, like Carlson last night saying BLM protesters are “attacking Orthodox Jews,” with strong emphasis. One of the most obvious episodes is his interview of Roger Waters on Julian Assange, which I did watch.

      • Tucker would probably get assassinated if he tried to start his own party lol

        Remember when the heebs sent antifa or whatever lefty mob to his actual house to heckle and threaten his family? Even the libcuck Colbert thought it was a greasy move. I heard they did it to scare Tucker because he was trying to hold Trumps feet to his campaign promises and his donors can’t have that

      • When complaining how a statue of an anti slavery immigrant was removed, he deceitfully said they removed it because it was “from the past”. He would not say that it was removed because the man was white. His guest DID say that, and Tucker interjected by saying he would be against the mob removing a statue of some Black mayor of DC who was corrupt.[ forget the name he gave]. Changing the subject so that his guests comment was neutered.

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