Black Man Claims He Was Shot By KKK/Proud Boys In CHAZ/CHOP

Why are you so racist?

If you are born White, you are a racist. We live under “systemic racism.” You benefit from “white privilege” because of your skin color.

If you disagree with Black Lives Matter, you are a racist who is engaging in “hate speech.”

If you say nothing about Black Lives Matter, your silence is violence.

The police are “racist” for murdering young black man. The police are also racist for not intervening when young black men are shot.

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  1. So, what the jigaboo is really saying is that one of the white marxists shot him. The real KKK would have been far more successful than hitting only one, let only leaving him breathing. How ridiculous! Also, the real KKK would have never been caught dead aligning themselves with the Proud Boys.

    • It would have been an IED of some sort of terrorism related. But, frankly right-wing people are sitting back grilling and BBQing. If you are stuck in a city overrun with diversity you are not right wing. Youve not thought through the situation if you remain in a large urban population. Let these cities under occupation by these hostiles disintegrate. DON’T intervene in natural forces that are demolishing the Liberal order.

    • It was probably a line from the Spielberg fiction flick….. Schindler’s List. A fiction supposedly based on a (((true))) story – you know, the typical jew confusion tactic targeting the stupid goy. Spielberg also stated he filmed it in black and white to give it a more authentic feel. The epitome of propaganda.

      Folks, they tell us what they did, what they are doing, and sometimes even what they intend to do. Be vigilant.

  2. Lying jogger son of a bitch can’t even decide which ones supposedly did it. Kkk don’t even exist except for larpers and federal agents could even be a mixture of both. Theres probably a whole thousand of them in all of the USA. An they sure as f-ck wouldn’t live it a ultra liberal and diverse city as Seattle let alone a autonomous zone

    Proud boys don’t even have events anymore for the last 2 years because secretary of DoJ called them a terrorist organisation after they defended themselves against antifa attacks which stalked them at every event no less thats there bullshit charge, most proudboys don’t even carry guns I bet

  3. These people obviously have some mental issues. Africa ok yea a Third World Cesspool. No plans of returning. So. Black people just run around America destroying everything so this country will look like Africa! Deo Vindice !

  4. For the love of God, can we stop with the “skin color” stuff?

    We all know race is vastly deeper than “skin color.”

    Pet peeve.

  5. Our new realm but the finger is pointed elsewhere.

    Who do you blame?

    Most definitely the joohs!

  6. The KKK/Proud Boys argument in CHOP would also fit the current situation in South Chicago.

    Make Diversity work, import the Hispanic/ East Asians migrants from Central America/ Asia to gentrification of black occupation elite liberal cities to Re gentrification of white former communities.

    Fight fire with racial fire!

    (((Race ))) is a weapon, should be know by are current situation.

  7. I don’t doubt he was shot by whites but I guarantee you it was a liberal marxist not a good ol boys.

  8. When is Bubba “NASCAR” Wallace going to be arrested for filing a false police report, and inciting to riot or causing a panic. Jesse Smollet got away with it, “NASCAR” seems to think he can too.

  9. They introduced themselves before they shot him? Did they tell him their contact info too? It would make the polices job so much easier.

  10. I think, oddly that Trump might win, even though he’s manifestly not our guy and is King of the Jews.

    The apocalypse of statues is going to be foremost on the minds of voters.

  11. The protests against police violence are a mere blip on the screen. “Law enforcement” will go on, and will only become stronger, killing and maiming thousands more citizens instead of serving and protecting, following the teachings of their Israeli professional trainers: The protests will also come to an end because the pandemic of SARS CoV2 is just getting started, and has already evolved into an even more infectious new strain that recovered cases are coming down with again: Be sure NOT to wear a mask, you ignorers of reality that will not ignore you!

  12. Every single time a nigger opens it’s mouth it is to grunt jewish lies. That’s all…EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  13. His claim is such transparent nonsense as to be considered hilarious by normal people and taken seriously by the usual suspects.

  14. Only lawsuits will force Democrat mayors and Democrat politicians to do the job they swore they would do.

    Seattle Sued By Businesses, Residents Over CHOP

    Over a dozen businesses, property owners and residents filed a class-action lawsuit against the city of Seattle on Wednesday over the decision to cede a roughly six-block area to BLM protesters, who then established the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) – now known as the Capitol Hill Occupying Protest (CHOP).

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