Black Lives Matter Leader Threatens To Burn Down This System

It won’t be long now.

FINALLY, they are going to have to be told NO.

New York Post:

“The president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter said that if the movement fails to achieve meaningful change during nationwide protests over George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police officers, it will “burn down this system.”

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation,” Hawk Newsome said during an interview Wednesday evening on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum.

“Let’s be very real,” he told the Fox News host. “Let’s observe the history of the 1960s, when black people were rioting. We had the highest growth in wealth, in property ownership. Think about the last few weeks since we started protesting. There have been eight cops fired across the country.” …”

The Reckoning is here.

The idea that has brought it about is also “anti-racism,” not racism. Those of us who are labeled “racists” and “white supremacists” and “hate groups” for sticking for White people in the midst of this mania which has gone on for 80 years now aren’t playing any role in this unfolding drama.

Black Lives Matter is threatening to lead an insurrection against the president of the United States on national television. The “Far Right” hasn’t taken the bait and is just watching this shitshow at home. BLM and Antifa are threatening to burn down and loot America on behalf of the Democratic Party.

It will be a fitting epitaph for liberalism.

“Past acquaintances with the United States had given Frédéric Gaillardet a head start, but his anti-American venture would not be a solo one for long. Ten years later there would a great editorial rush toward America, the Uncle Sam rush. For the moment, Gaillardet had to make do with the unexpected Edmond de Mandat-Grancey as a traveling companion.

A distant cousin of Tocqueville, whose ideas he boasted of not sharing, the Baron de Mandat-Grancey was an ultraconservative. A serene racist and confirmed antidemocrat (he predicted the rapid demise of New York, an inevitable result of “the spirit of heedlessness which is inherent in democratic governments”), he seemed more interested in the enhancement of the equine race than in the workings of America’s social and political institutions. …

“These authors’ treatment of the “black question” was both more brutal and circuitous. Mandat-Grancey’s racism was not paved with a single good intention. He did not mince words, declaring the black race “absolutely inferior to the white race.” Abolitionism was an abomination to the baron, who had not forgiven Victor Hugo (and this in 1885, when France gave Hugo a state funeral) for having “spilled so many tears over the misfortunes of John Brown and all the Dombrowskis and Crapulskis of the Commune.” It speaks volumes about Mandat-Grancey’s intellectual universe that he would associate Communards with unpronounceable names with the famous abolitionist hanged in 1859 in Charlestown for having roused the blacks to insurrection. But this fundamental racism, loudly and clearly expressed, did not stop the very same Mandat-Grancey from placing the entire responsibility for the unworkable and explosive situation created by the “black question” on the hated Yankee’s shoulders. Without the North’s hypocritical propaganda, the blacks would have stayed in their place. It was the Yankees who had opened Pandora’s box, and in this sense, they were more hateful than the former slaves misled by their promises. How could you blame the Southerners for taking a few steps toward self-defense – such as creating the Ku Klux Klan – in reaction to the unbearable “state of things”? And how could you avoid fantasizing (aloud) about the Yankees’ annihilation by the very people they had purported to want to free at any price? “If this continues,” Mandat-Grancey glibly prophesized, “the Yankees, who struggled so hard to free the blacks, will be conquered by them like the Tartars were by the Chinese, or else they will have to suppress universal suffrage.”

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  1. So they give this 70IQed neanderthal a platform on Fox. But myself or Brad (Hunter) are not allowed within a mile of any newsroom big or small despite being highly educated, moral, peace loving and simply speaking a message of preservation of our people and an argument based solely on facts and data ranging from genetics to crime to the results of non European led “societies”, used lightly and ironically, throughout the history of mankind. Really shines the light on true power

  2. The nogs have been allowed to do as they like, with no opposition from the geldings in the diminished power structure. When you let undisciplined savages have their way, civilization falls. Let them all burn down into ashes together, so that those of us not afraid of being called names can get on with rebuilding society.

  3. “We will burn down this system that has given 100% support to our political group.”- highly intelligent negro

    • ““We will burn down this system”

      If someone provides them with the matches and fuel.

      Otherwise, they will throw turds, as their caged relatives do.

    • That ‘highly intelligent negro” has the govt, media and politicians on both sides of the aisle shaking in their boots. So does BLM. So does Antifa.

      • Nobody is shaking at all. BLM has full elite support and their “demands” are all things elites wanted to implement but were too impatient to wait for popular support.

    • “We will burn down this system”

      “Daer ain’t be noz sturz or no jawbs in dis hear ghetto”

      * hmmmm………. I wonder why ?*

  4. What do they want? Does any one know? All they really want is their Moshiach and must have him.

  5. Unfortunately, in this life, if you are a well-meaning, kind, civil, and honourable person, there still may be times when circumstances demand something else from you, in order to protect those you love.

    Praise The Good God, and to all those Confederate veterans who fought on after Appomattox, and praise all those unwoke and unsheepish White Southerners who lived in the generations preceding me, I grew up in a South that did not lock it’s doors, did not honk it’s horns in anger, did not mug people on the streets, and did it’s dead level best to be fair, sober, law-abiding, and godly.

    Because we have been loathe to defend our own civilization, I now live in a South that does lock it’s doors, and does have surveillance cameras and alarms, even in smalltowns; and because we have been loathe to defend ourselves, I live in a South that now has an anti-Southern history and an increasingly anti-Southern meaning; and because of our unwillingness to defend our civilization, I live in the midst of increasing impoliteness and social coldness; and because of unwillingness to defend ourselves, I live in a South smothered in substance abuse, sexual degeneracy, dishonour and, even, doubt about what is up and what is down, what is male, what is female.

    Because of all this, I say enough is enough.

    I have been saying this a long time, and I am only waiting for my Fellow Southerners, and Smalltown and Rural Cousins all over this land, to begin saying it with me, and then acting on that.

    Enough is enough.

    We are at the end of this the Post WWII line.

    We are back at 1861 and 1776, and we must accept that and chart the old course.

    Any future worth living is to be found somewhere in the murky past.

    I see it, I hope you do.

    Enough is enough.

  6. Meanwhile dingbat whites are debating taking forever non moving statues down. They think that will appease blacks lol. Some dopey white chick on some cartoon doing voice over for a black cartoon character gives up her easy gig cuz” a black should do the voice.”

    It truly is a massive welfare transfer of wealth between corporations paying them off, gubbermint giving mo money for the community and retarded white people giving up jobs. They think it will stop ” the blaxxx” from being mad. Well only if their names are Charles Payne, Allen West and Burgess Owens among other individual blaxxx.

    The black mob wants blood and sees massive payola coming. Reparations will be a huge issue soon. If Biden wins and Republicans lose the Senate or not even, the black hand is gonna be stretched out wide. It will be the equivalent of black ballers”making it rain” at the strip club.

    As dopey white people apologize for slavery for the billionth time and hand away their cash. And the more blaxxx get the more arrogant and vicious they will be. Then the push will be for whites to be the slaves mentally and financially and if needed, physically.

    It’s like a kid slowly coming down a slide. The fall into the abyss is constant. Stupid whites are too busy trying to be pro black. It never goes anywhere positive and never will. It’s all about destroying whiteness on all levels to the point Bubba Wallace can lie all day and blaxx could care less. To the point LeBron James could be worth a couple hundred million from whitey and now look to set up a black voice network of rage or something.

    It never ends because too many black people are hopeless as whitey thinks to just help blacks a bit more it will all go away. No, it’s like a hell where it all just goes goes back to another problem that only gets solved by creating another problem.

    • You also have the “woke” whites thinking they can win by standing down and doing nothing. It shows what reality whites live in.

    • ” . . . The black mob wants blood and sees massive payola coming. Reparations will be a huge issue soon. If Biden wins and Republicans lose the Senate or not even, the black hand is gonna be stretched out wide.”

      The black hand has been nothing but stretched out wide since Emancipation, they have never been able to support themselves. Without white people they would literally starve to death after devouring everything in their path like the locusts they are. The blaxx know this like we know the scientific fact that water freezes at 32 deg. F. and boils at 212 deg. F.

      This knowledge that they are absolutely dependent upon white people for their daily bread is one of the main reasons they hate us. It is a glaring fact denied by the ruling class but known to all. In spite of this dependency the blaxx cannot help themselves, they bite the hand that feeds. No other racial/ethnic group but whites would put up with this bullshit for ten seconds.

      If the hostile elites running this country actually believed their horrendous bullshit about the wonders of diversity they would be surrounded by their black/brown pets 24/7. Instead, their dealings with their colored pets are carefully controlled with huge, well armed security guards always a few feet away just out of sight of the cameras. The “liberals”, conservative or not are scared to death of the black/browns.

      The quasi-religion of civic nationalism; “all Men are created Equal” is based upon denial of these truths. It’s threadbare lies of unity based upon the Constitution, sports-ball, money, equality, weak kneed Christianity and denial of racial differences has been shown by events to be false and dangerous. Civic Nationalism has run its miserable course though.

      If lunatic Joe Biden gets elected he will be sleeping on the couch in the Oval Office while National Security Advisor Horrible Hillary sits behind the desk running things. Joe, always kind of thick, hasn’t improved now that alzheimer’s has rotted his little mind. The shadow President will find that he/she is pushing on a string however. Confidence will evaporate if Joe is elected followed by the crash of the dollar followed by even worse disorders. Under those conditions it will simply be impossible for the U.S. to maintain its imperial commitments around the world, anarchy will go global.

  7. Black Lives Matter (BLM) talks about what whites owe blacks. We have obligations to each other only if we view each other as fellow citizens. But if they hate whites and America (and a lot of them do), there is no bond of commonality. In that case we owe them absolutely nothing.

  8. The core of the evil isn’t Blacks or Jews. The core of the evil are those that look like us but have no loyalty us, aka traitors.

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