Dixie Chicks Rebrand As The Chicks

Quite honestly, I had no idea that they were still around.


“(CNN )The Dixie Chicks will now be called, the Chicks.The country brand announced the news on their website Thursday, with the caption “We want to meet this moment.

“The news follows Lady Antebellum’s recent decision to change their name to Lady A, citing the word’s association to slavery.

The Chicks have updated their social media handles and also released a new music video for their song, “March,” along with their new name.

The song, off their upcoming album Gaslighter, is a tribute to protests for equality and social issues over the past decades.”March, march to my own drum/ Hey, hey, I’m an army of one,” the women sing. …”

They want to “meet this moment.”

What is this moment? In this moment of woke hysteria, anti-racism has been redefined as racism. Now, everything White and Southern is “racist.” You should also be offended by everything because it is racist. Signs abound that we have crossed the event horizon of anti-racism.

The Reckoning is at hand.

Note: China went through a similar moment under Mao in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Even communists now believe it was stupid.

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  1. I love white women. Red heads, blondes and brunnetes. But a disproportionate amount of them are ruled by emotion and flipped over to psychosis and the enemy side just from a bit of gaslighting and manufactured guilt. Arguing with a ghetto hood is almost easier just using smaller words than trying to convince a young white woman how lost they really are

    • The overwhelming majority of Whites are complete retards when it comes to race, and should never be allowed a say in racial matters. White conservative males for instance, brainwashed by decades of television watching, and GOP talking points (We freed the slaves! We force assimilated rapey blacks on the White community! Lowest black unemployment ever!) are just as irrational as any woman on her period.

      If I had my way the Dixie Chicks would be stripped of their wealth, and deported to the most disfunctional country in Africa.

    • ” convince a young white woman how lost they really are”

      Iike the Nordic girls in Morocco, they know nothing , till the knife is at their throat.

      …..then it is too late.

  2. In light of some of the very public political stances these ladies have taken over the past decades, perhaps they ought rebrand to, ‘The Anti-Dixie Chicks’.

  3. They might as well call themselves the Dick Chicks at this point. White paralysis by analysis is a sickness that can only be broken by saying you will not do this cat and mouse game any longer. At least cats are great hunters in their world. White people have become the total opposite with their sitting duck status who “hope” it will all go away. No, it gets worse. Much worse white tards.

  4. Who’s their manager……..rick yorn……..

    Morris Yorn Barnes Levine Krintzman Rubenstein Kohner & Gellman

    Need I say more ?

  5. “China went through a similar moment under Mao in the late 1960s and early 1970s”:

    Contrarily, there is no similarity to the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, that destroyed the remains of the old unequal system and created the moral foundation for the phenomenal success of China since then.

    Carlson of Faux News saying that America might be experiencing “a cultural revolution like China” shows that either he does not know what the Chinese cultural revolution was, or that he is deliberately repeating the CIA’s anti-Chinese propaganda.

  6. This is the same group of women who became famous for their song about a woman murdering her husband and covering up the murder with her “high school” friends…these bitches have been playing the “(((feminism, men are evil, kill your husband and be free)))” game… since day 1!

  7. Remember when the juden presse and the music industry almost destroyed Dixie chicks career for opposing the iraq war and denouncing President Bush?! They had almost no allies in country music at the time and many country music radio stations wouldn’t play their music and blacklisted them. Some of them even received death threats

    The long nose tribe turned the word Dixie into a slur the confederate flag is considered something to be ashamed about and you automatically are held guilty of your family owning slaves without trial. The world has gone completely crazy, you’re not even allowed to have a past and a history! f*ck these elitist satanic bastards to hell

    • They don’t want anyone to be connected to any kind of history or a shared past. They are creating a mass of mongrelized, mindless, manipulated drones. I can’t believe the insane world I’m living in.

    • LOL put down the joint, dude. The Dixie Chicks’ fans boycotted their albums, because they said they were ashamed Bush Jr was from their home state, not the press and record companies. The Bush Administration toppled Saddam’s regime to send a clear message to the Arab World, but instead of leaving immediately and sending U.S. oil company execs out there to secure cheap oil for Americans, it decided to stay, occupy, and rebuild. As a result, we ended up with thousands of U.S. casualties, almost $2 trillion of our money spent to try to build a functioning republic in a primitive oil swamp, and higher gas prices at the pump. A lot of country fans, like rap fans, aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. How do they feel now about how the Iraq War turned out?

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