Southern History Series: George Fitzhugh on Atheism and Mob Violence

After getting up this morning, grabbing a cup of coffee and scanning over the latest news, I decided to keep reading George Fitzhugh. This excerpt is from a book review he wrote called Superiority of Southern Races in which he took issue with Count de Gobineau:

“It was the misfortune of our ancestors in the Revolution of ’76 to believe, and to teach, that religion had nothing to do with government. The French Revolution, following close on its heels, shewed that it had all to do with it; and that government without religion was impracticable. Religion, as the word imports, is the tie that binds man to man, and gives vitality and stability to society. In its absence, men become demons, as in the Reign of Terror in France, and instead of loving and aiding one another go to murdering each other. Besides, he who believes not, or respects not, the government of God, will never believe in, respect or obey the government of man. The feeling of reverence for parents, and for men in authority above us, whether those holding authority be, as individuals, good or bad, is an emanation of the religious sentiment – part and parcel of religion itself.

The healthy mind rises in its feeling of reverence from parents to officials, from common officials to presidents and kings. But it cannot stop here; it seeks a cause for and author of this earthly series of subordinations, which secures to us all the blessings of life, and without which the world would be a pandemonium, and finds it only in the God of Heaven.

The infidel, whose diseased mind does not thus rise “from nature up to Nature’s God,” turns back upon society, asserts that all men are equal, disputes all human authority, and invokes anarchy and moral chaos. This is no fancy sketch – every page of history attests to its truth. Greece turned infidel in her higher ranks, became anarchical and feeble, and fell an easy prey to Alexander; Rome spurned and contemned her God, became demoralized, and found a race of cruel Caesars to avenge the cause of her slighted divinities. Bonaparte did for infidel, anarchical France what the Caesars had done for Rome.

Look at the North, where infidelity is talked in the streets, is daily diffused from a hundred presses, is heard in the lecture room and from the rostrum, and, worst of all, is preached on every Sabbath from her pulpits, and see how demoralized and feeble and poverty-stricken she has become! Not one human right is secure. The brutal mob reigns supreme; and for want of a Caesar or a Bonaparte good men, considerate men, religious men, men of property, would invest a monkey with the purple to escape the rule of the mob. Aye! and make a good bargain, too, for any form of despotism is preferable to anarchy. We respect, then, that they who believe not in God, will not believe in, respect of obey human authority. If our theory be not sufficiently sustained by our reasoning, the historical instances which we have cited will ever stand as stubborn and unanswerable facts.

Religion is the cornerstone of government; its whole fabric rests upon it. It needs not governmental aid, for it is stronger than government itself. Dynasties may pass away, republics and monarchies perish, all other human institutions be destroyed – but religion will last as long as man.

There is no infidelity in our Confederacy. Religion is universal. It binds us together, and makes us one patriotic and moral people. If the pockets of our soldiers slain in battle were searched, prayer books and hymn books would often be found; in none free-love epistles.”

Interesting theory.

Is there any truth to it? Is this the nature of what George Fitzhugh condemned as “free society” or liberalism? I see that homosexuality has already become the state religion of Britain under “National Conservative” Boris Johnson. Joe Biden is campaigning to establish it here.

There are some conservative liberals who are going around saying that all we need to do is reassert the principles of the “Revolution of ’76” to counter the mob. Real liberalism has never been tried! I don’t have any confidence in that being the solution to this long term problem.

Note: While Donald Trump hid in his bunker under the White House, Winston Churchill hides from the mob in his cuckbox in Boris Johnson’s Britain under “National Conservatism.”

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  1. “There is no infidelity in our Confederacy. Religion is universal. It binds us together, and makes us one patriotic and moral people. If the pockets of our soldiers slain in battle were searched, PRAYER BOOKS AND HYMN BOOKS would often be found; in none free-love epistles.”


    “Jedediah Hotchkiss, Stonewall Jackson’s renowned mapmaker, expressed the feelings of many contemporaries when he declared that Robert Rodes was the best division commander in the Army of Northern Virginia. This well-deserved accolade is all the more remarkable considering that Rodes, a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and a prewar railroad engineer, was one of a very few officers in Lee’s army to rise so high without the benefit of a West Point education. Major General Robert E. Rodes of the Army of Northern Virginia: A Biography, is the first deeply researched scholarly biography on this remarkable Confederate officer.

    From First Manassas in 1861 to Third Winchester in 1864, Rodes served in all the great battles and campaigns of the legendary Army of Northern Virginia. He quickly earned a reputation as a courageous and inspiring leader who delivered hard-hitting attacks and rock steady defensive efforts. His greatest moment came at Chancellorsville in the spring of 1863, when he spearheaded Stonewall Jackson’s famous flank attack that crushed the left wing of General Hooker’s Army of the Potomac.

    Rodes began the conflict with a deep yearning for recognition and glory, coupled with an indifferent attitude toward religion and salvation. When he was killed at the height of his glorious career at Third Winchester on September 19, 1864, A TROVE OF PRAYER BOOKS AND TESTAMENTS WERE FOUND ON HIS CORPSE….”
    — from the Civil War Talk Bookshop concerning book: Major General Robert E. Rodes of the Army of Northern Virginia: A Biography.

    • If religion is needed for healthy society – which may be true – it looks like a rough ride for the West then

      The West already walked away from Christianity after the horrors of WW2, having an instinct that the Bible’s fanaticism was akin to the kinds of fanaticism that started the war, the cruelty embodied in the bible also akin to the cruelty just witnessed

      And now, we are presented with cucked-beyond-hope church organisations pimping for migrant waves to arrive, and for every item of the cultural marxist agenda, plus total devotion to israel … some chistian groups even run by large groups of covert gay, er, ‘celibate’ ha-ha, guys

      The bible is an awful-seeming book if a person approaches it unbiased:
      – A god who requests genital mutilation of baby children?
      – A god who ‘orders’ genocide of women and children and even innocent dumb animals belonging to the conquered?
      – Eternal torture hell if you make some types of mistakes?
      – A cannibalism theme for a Sunday celebration?
      – A cult of worshipping Jewish people as god’s own special most chosen of all?
      – A cult of a guy being tortured to death, the torture instrument the symbol of the whole religion, keeping brutality always in our minds?

      Seems almost like a pain-loving demon ‘inspired’ that bible book, not ‘god’

      We need to make our Western version of the meditation – reincarnation Asian faiths, faiths without fear, where everyone can make it back to God eventually, there is always hope and another chance, religions where you can feel and know god just by sitting up straight and briefly relaxing one’s agitated mind

      • Where do you get this garbage?

        Circumcision is not genital mutilation. Yawn.

        God can take anyone’s life, he is GOD! It is not genocide if God takes a life. Children go to heaven and the women were part of a horrible pagan society. They were evil. Who are you to judge God for his actions? God made you! If God does it, then He has absolute moral authority to do it. We don’t have to understand it all or agree with it all for it to be just.

        You do not go to hell for mistakes. You go to hell for rejecting Jesus Christ. Jesus offers you a completely free way out of hell and people reject that. God doesn’t send you to hell, your sins do. He cannot let you into heaven without cleansing you of your sins, but He will not force Jesus onto you. Lest a man be born again {saved} he cannot enter heaven.

        Eating bread and drinking grape juice to represent the last supper and Jesus dying on the cross is not cannibalism. It is symbolic. You are not pretending to actually eat a person. There is no theme of cannibalism. The bible forbids cannibalism.

        Nowhere in the bible does God tell christians to worship the Jewish people. They were “chosen” to give us Jesus,. The Jews are not chosen in the sense of being better than gentiles. They were held to a high standard by God, “You only have I known of all the families of the earth:
        Therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities” Amos 3:2.. God is no respecter of persons. Show me one bible verse that tells christians to worship jews, it doesn’t exist.

        Jesus died to save us from our sins. Jesus’s death should ALWAYS be on a Christian’s mind, for without His death, burial and resurrection , then there be no salvation. Without the cross there is only hell.

        If you think a demon inspired the bible, then you don’t really understand the bible. Wow, That’s just a plain ignorant statement. Apparently, all of the positive verses in the bible were also written by a demon. Or is it just the verses you don’t like?

      • You do know that you have the option to not believe. Of course Christ has the final option for unbelievers — throw them in the lake of fire.

    • Those coat-pocket booklets and pamphlets may have been Protestant talismans like Roman Catholic rosaries, crosses and St. Christophers, if they didn’t read them, or if they did read them but didn’t live out the Gospel (expressed plainly in the Sermon on the Mount) which is impossible to do while engaged in the business of killing people.

      • Well, at least most of them didn’t have a copy of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address or his EP with them since Lincoln was practically an atheist who just used the name of God for political advantage.

  2. In 1983, Steve Taylor wrote a comedic, sarcastic Christian song that was intended to be a stinging rebuke to Liberalism and Liberal Christians.

    As seen today, the song is prophetic in predicting events that were 38 years into the future.

    What Ever Happened To Sin?

    “When the closets are empty
    And the clinics are full
    When your eyes have been blinded
    By society’s wool
    When the streets erupt
    In your own backyard
    You’ll be on your knees
    Praying for the national guard
    If you don’t care now
    How the problems get solved
    You can shake your head later
    That you never got involved
    ‘Cause the call came ringing
    From the throne of gold
    But you never got the message (got the message)
    ‘Cause your mind’s on hold”

  3. “””……“It was the misfortune of our ancestors in the Revolution of ’76 to believe, and to teach, that religion had nothing to do with governments……… Is there any truth to it? …..”””

    Well, classic Hill Nr 371 theme. Maybe our army sees nothing important in some geographical point but when enemy fiercely attacking this point , then enemy sees something in this useless piece of land and when the enemy instinct have proven right previous times then this hill is valuable and our army must defend it before we find out what is the exact value.

    Christianity has been the top target for Jews and communists as long as anybody remember. Jewry success on the ruling affairs may hint that they may be right on Christianity also.

    • Jews are fundamentally a destructive force in the world, it is easier to destroy than to create. Christian civilization is the foundation of “the West” as it is called, it was Christian nations and peoples who established the states of Europe and their way of living. No “Enlightenment” codswallop can erase that fact. Those who see “the West” as whatever insane destructive furor the Jews are promoting from one moment to the next, without any coherence or rationality, channeling, so they imagine, the “brilliance” of the decrepit doctrines of the demented Nietzsche have been been given upbringing completely alien to real Western values. They have never personally experienced living in Western civilization. That is our real crisis. These whites today can’t pass on what they don’t have.

  4. Atheism is very cucked on the JQ and on other religions in general. I found that out the hard way when I was one when I was younger lad. They will foam at the mouth on the evils of Christianity but you say anything negative about the Jewish and muslim religion, then they emit their biased silence and tell you to shut up about it

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