Today’s Cancellations

The Mississippi State Flag:

The NCAA, SEC, Walmart, Faith Hill and a black running black at Mississippi State have demanded it. Conservatives have caved to the mob like they always do.

Saint Louis:

Jews have vandalized the Saint Louis IX monument in St. Louis. They are currently demanding that the city of St. Louis be renamed. They’ve been offended by him since the Middle Ages.


Apparently, this “Karen” who is being hunted by the mob is already gone, but Sam’s Club would have caved to the mob and fired her if she was still employed there.

L’Oreal Skin Care Products:

“Whitening” is triggering.

John Wayne:

The Duke was a racist who married two Hispanic women. In any case, Wayne was once an icon of Anglo-American masculinity and doesn’t fit in our present age of black effeminacy.

Mount Rushmore:

Mount Rushmore is now a target.

Fortunately, the Republican governor of South Dakota has vowed to hold out for a few more years though until inevitably caving to the mob on the issue like the governor of Mississippi.

Woodrow Wilson:

Normally thought of as a progressive, Wilson is out of step with the times like every other White male in pre-1965 America.

Kit Carson:

He went West and fought for the Union in the Civil War and married into the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes. He was White though.


The idea that “anti-racism” is anything other than anti-whiteness is officially over.

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  1. Breaking News: Princeton said it would remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from campus buildings and programs, citing the former president’s “racist thinking and policies.”

    “It was necessary to put the South at a moral disadvantage by transforming the contest from a war waged against states fighting for their independence into a war waged against states fighting for the maintenance and extension of slavery…and the world, it might be hoped, would see it as a moral war, not a political; and the sympathy of nations would begin to run for the North, not for the South.”
    — President Woodrow Wilson, “A History of The American People”, page 23

  2. Any governor with guts could call out state troops and polices forces, with orders to shoot to kill. Especially any ostensibly White rioters dressed in Anti-Fa “uniforms.” The cretins doing this can literally be physically destroyed, in short order.

    If the governor of Minnesota doesn’t revoke Minneapolis’ charter, place the city under the direct rule of the legislature, declare martial law, and prevent Anti-Fa and their Muslim allies from assuming the rôle of the MNPD, then Minnesota is finished as a state, and a sovereign political entity.

    If things keep going and they are, were going to see state governments collapse.

    • Are you kidding me? Governor Walz of Minnesota is one of them. He does all the Marxist buzzwords. All these Democrat governors are with antifa and Blm or terrified of them. Walz is lucky to bring in the police and for sure no shooting them Lucky to arrest some. He is them. Just an older guy in a suit.

      These depraved minded people will turn it over to Moslems for sure. Don’t forget the retarded charities pushed for them to come to Minneapolis. The push now is to destroy white people and only white people are retarded enough to help it happen. Whitey did give Obama 43 and then 40% of its vote, respectively, to him while blaxxx were giving Mushy Mitt a whopping 4%. McCain must have gotten similar. I guess meeting a few blaxxx and mumbling ” I have a dream” doesn’t go too far. They would have been better off farting on the couch than going to these whitey bowfests.

    • @Mr. Owen…

      “Any governor with guts could call out state troops and polices forces, with orders to shoot to kill. ”

      Our governor, here in North Carolina, actually called off our police who were successfully protecting our monuments at the state capital, at which point our monuments were lynched.

    • When the riots started in Minneapolis there was no response from the mayor or governor (except maybe, approval). Trump would have been 100% justified in flying in the 82nd Airborne Division to restore order immediately, especially after the rioters put the police precinct to the torch. This showed that the civilian police couldn’t or wouldn’t restore order.

      Had Trump done that he would have been a hero. He could have gone on TV afterwards and threatened every dickhead politician in the country with the same damn thing and they would have believed him. The local politicians have even less courage than the national ones, they would have knuckled under and Trump would be in a much better position politically.

      Instead he is monitoring the situation, severe monitoring, the dial turned up to 11. He has feet of clay and the mob knows it. They have the courage of a drunk, the Republicans/conservatives have no courage at all. Trump is now counting on Joe Biden to fall flat on his face thus saving his miserable campaign. It might work, too.

  3. And I don’t ever want to hear again from folks how southerners are the tough guys who hold back the mob. At one point? Yes. But now it votes for the most cucked politicians like Graham, Haley, Cornyn, Reeves, Tillis, Scott and on and on.

    Even if one thought these flags should come down, I could deal with it if black crime, welfare abuse, destruction of schools was said in the open by these people. If they pushed for more white immigration. But they just flap gums and back up a bit more to blaxxx. Republicans have a super majority and still vote to take the flag down in Mississippi. I guess the super majority Republitards will only vote for a new flag if Jay Z is part of it.

    Sure, this will drive the sale of more confederate things to people. But once these folks get into power the cuckery follows hard. Term limits for everything that moves needs to be implemented. I guess the only way to get it is if Blm favors it. Lol. Sad.

  4. I once had an argument with a black man over the Confederate flag on our state flag. He said: “We going to take that flag down.” I replied “Maybe you will, and maybe you won’t, but one place you’ll never take it from is our hearts.” As their hatred for our heritage grows, may our love for it and each other grow even stronger.

  5. Wonder if the annual whites sales will be cancelled? Maybe the sales might remain since they can be seen as an occassion for BLM types to dream of whites as a commercial commodity.

  6. It doesn’t help that some Republicans have been lying that the Mississippi flag was designed by an African-American and should therefore be preserved. Mississippi state senator Kathy Chism, a Republican supporter of Trump, said the Black flag designer was even a Confederate soldier, but she doesn’t say what his name was: “I can only imagine how proud he was that his art, his flag design was chosen to represent our State and now we want to strip him of his pride, his hard work. I’m sure he put a lot of thought into this design.” But in fact, the flag was designed in 1894 by one of Chism’s predecessors in the state Senate, Edward Scudder, a white man who wanted to honor the Confederacy, and Scudder’s wife sewed the flag.

  7. Woodrow Wilson was even worse than most U.S. Presidents none of whom have been good. So the removal of his name need not be opposed unless it is to be replaced with some even worse, even more ill-fitting name.

  8. Ha ha, Woodrow Wilson, chief useful idiot for the Jews now a target by the Jews to come down.

    The current useful idiots need to wake up and realize that when (((they))) get what they want, they will be thrown away like yesterday’s garbage too.

  9. Why not replace the Confederate symbol on the flag canton with a Zionist symbol, and make the rest of it black-and-brown striped? That will be fitting for the evangelical (very pro-Zionist) and very multiracial state that contributes such a disproportionately high percentage of its young men to fight the Empire’s wars for Israel and the .001%.

    Another suggestion is a FOOTBALL in the canton. Both races are united in football in the South, and in all of Appalachia both north and south of the Mason-Dixon line.

    • I have a similar idea. Change the flag canton with a white background. Place a light blue star of David emblazon with a green sign of the dollar. Replace the stripes in the field with the rainbow flag. You can add “LGBTQ” and “GDP” here. This will unite our strip shopping mall by making Contards happy over Israel and Libtards happy over the Gay rights BS and of course both sides love money.

  10. I used to write to Sam Francis on Vdare and say we needed a third party to protect white working class interests, it’s more true now than it was then. The Republicans aren’t worth a bottle of stale piss, as my uncle used to say.

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