Amplifying Black Voices

Later tonight, I will post the list of corporations that have endorsed woke supremacy so that you can boycott them. In the meantime, this is the McDonald’s Twitter feed:

It goes on and on like this. Nothing about food!

Wendy’s applauded blacks for burning down their stores!

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Chick-fil-A and Subway are all pushing this garbage. You don’t need to eat at corporate capitalist chains which blight our communities anyway. Next time you are tempted to grab a bite to eat at a McDonald’s franchise, remember that lecture about how you are murdering black trans women.

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  1. Most disturbing of those “honored dead” is “big Mike Brown.”

    McDonald’s says that he was a “victim of violence.” They mean, “police violence.”

    But ALL of the courts that looked at that case, including Obama’s DOJ with Eric Holder leading the investigation, found that it was Mike Brown, that attacked officer Wilson and tried to shoot him with his own gun.

    Look, it’s one thing to be “woke” and be a crusader for “social justice.” But how on earth can McDonald’s list him as a “victim” when Obama’s own DOJ said that officer Wilson was justified in killing him?

    This nation has lost it’s mind.

    • The hands up don’t shoot crowd was never prosecuted for lying either. Blacks are not going to be happy when the USS Hellhole goes down in flames with all their legislated protections.

      • “Blacks are not going to be happy when the USS Hellhole goes down”

        Hahaha, you think they have that depth of reflection ?

        Their greatest foresight…….. “Gin, ho’s, a blunt, muh dick.”

        They will just rage, rape, loot and burn, as they always do.

  2. This is by the Pastor of Hermas which is found in The Ante-Nicene Fathers. The Great Mysteries in the Building of the Militant and Triumphant Church, Chapter XIX:

    “From the first mountain, which was black, they that believed are the following: apostates and blasphemers against the Lord, and betrayers of the servants of God.

    To these repentance is not open; but death lies before them, and on this account also are they black, for their race is a lawless one.”

  3. These corporate messages and advertisements have become parody. I say we need to start recording who the top management of these corporations are. I suspect there are many little skeletons in their closets, too. Something dark controls them and I don’t just mean their idols of dark flesh.

    The whole psyop is perfectly synchronized once again. Psychopaths and sociopaths ARE all that’s in charge.

    We need to stop giving these rodents our business.

    Here’s Mickey D’s chief creep. They all appear to have that “weird” look, don’t they?

    • Everyone should dump McDonald’s stock pronto! When the crash comes it will be worth zero anyway.

        • Excellent find Snowhitey. The Federal Reserve is now using these hedge funds like Black Rock to indirectly support the stock market i.e. buying equities. This is unsupportable. The political class and their beneficial owners are gambling that the roof won’t cave in before the November elections.

          Either way the colossal failure that is coming will affect everyone including the hostile elite. My guess is that there will be a hard turn to the left then a hard turn to the right as the Left demonstrates that they are actually less competent at governing than the “conservatives”. The turn to the Left will be the implosion of the Republicans, they will lose everything. Good riddance to bad trash.

          • BlackRock was given a no-bid contract to run the corona-chan bailout program. They also authored and ran the Fed’s financial bailout “repo” plan of last year, and were hired by the Canadian and Swedish central banks to work similar economic black magic.

          • Strange, these fed money didn’t go to a group like Bridgewater or Kynikos, goy run firms, with better performance.

    • By the way, I woudn’t be surprised if Easterbrook (former McDonald’s CEO) was caught in a honey trap.

  4. If you’re a corporation, it makes sense for you to champion social justice causes, because that’s where the money is and you got to raise your stocks. If a corp. stands up for transgenders, BLM, or another sjw cause, it may alienate a few right wingers in the burbs or out in the country, but you increase your profits by appealing to city folks and libs who spend way more money. Since most of the media are owned by corporations, they’ll merely repeat whatever the corporations tell them to say. What’s two faced about the corporations (and their media tools) is they spend millions on lobbying Congress to continue to back neoliberalism instead of returning to pre-Reagan Keynesianism. Most libtards don’t even know this and think the corporations and their media outlets are on their side and supporting social justice out of the goodness of their hearts lol!

  5. At least their bending over for our dark overlords encourages us to not eat their unhealthy garbage.

    • McDonald’s had a campaign called McDonald’s 365Black which was run by their AA black CEO and was a campaign to slobber all over the blacks. This campaign caused massive losses for the company causing the board of directors to fire him with a nice severance package. Mr. Easterbrook replaced the Don Thompson, the black CEO. Mr. Easterbrook, Mr. Thompson and the present CEO, Chris Kempczinski make approximately 1,939 times the average pay of the black workers at McDonald’s.

      McDonald’s is shit, I hope they go bust.

      • Interesting tidbit which I read about years ago. McDonalds actually makes more money renting locations to franchisees than they make selling food, so they are technically a real estate company who sells food on the side.

    • The silver lining. Excellent point. Soon their opposition will be healthier and with far more stanima than their supporters.

  6. Amplifying Black voices, indeed.

    So with all this Black stuff going on, what happened to Hispanics? They’re the number one American Minority, passing Blacks years ago. No pandering to them anymore? No Hispanic leaders speaking out?
    No unarmed Hispanics getting killed by police? No Hispanic Lives Matter?

    All this Black stuff is just their way to get attention again, since demographics are passing them by.

  7. McDonald’s has been worshiping blacks and “diversity” for a long time. I haven’t been to one for about a decade.

  8. People get sick from eating at these places, its all processed, chemical, fake garbage with little, to no, nutritional value…now, you’re city or town can get sick by listening to these places too!…ALL these chains are toxic, anti White, anti Human, corporate criminals..boycott them and live better for it!

  9. “Tempted to grab a bite at a McDonalds franchise”???

    Haven’t eaten Macky Dees in a good 10 years or more. Fast food is all garbage. Never eaten Chick Feel’Gay, either.

  10. Kapper says: So with all this Black stuff going on, what happened to Hispanics? They’re the number one American Minority, passing Blacks years ago. No pandering to them anymore? No Hispanic leaders speaking out? No unarmed Hispanics getting killed by police?

    Only half of Hispanics are eligible to vote and Negro-Americans spend way more money per capita (lack of impulse control) so the politicians and corporations still pander more to them than Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. Americans.

  11. Virtually no one within the pollical, social or economic establishment supports or cares about the dwindling White majority. This has been the case for a long time but it took the insanity of the past four weeks to make it blatantly obvious and undeniable.

  12. “You don’t need to eat at corporate capitalist chains which blight our communities”:

    I agree heartily with that advice, and practice it. As the Bible says “Do you not have houses to eat in?” 1 Corinthians 11:22a Starve the fast food industry Beast by eating at home, and especially by eating in your home food that you GROW at home.

    Re: “amplifying Black voices”: Note that the best Black voices such as Malcolm X and Thomas Sankara (see below) will NEVER be amplified, but rather silenced. Genuine Black socialism is certainly not amplified or even mentioned by Establishment-serving mainstream media. Who was Thomas Sankara?

  13. Hello Based department? I’d like to report a woke globalhomo communist clown Ronald McDonald supporting black voices while they loot, topple statues, burn flags and burn buildings to the ground as a protest to police brutality with antifa. Oh and attacking the elderly and beating up and killing white people at random thats some really great peaceful protesting from blm. That pos jogger who killed that 7 yr old girl was shit icing on the shit cake this week you can thank Trump and Jareds radical liberal justice reform on that one

    Nope not buying this woke capitalism crap never eating at McDonald’s again they can pander to thugs but I will not support a crappy fastfood chain that amplifies black violence and during a freaking pandemic no less! Haven’t eaten McDonald’s for years and I definitely don’t plan to in the future

  14. Honestly the Big Mac shrinks year by year. It was much bigger when I was a child and the fries were better. Now days they don’t even salt the fries. I suspect in years to come the Big Mac will become biscuit sized. Regardless the whopper beats the Bic Mac hands down. Do not forget’ McDonald’s once has a slogan called Black365. That in itself is emblematic of our dispossession Can you imagine if a white owned establishment has a slogan white/365!
    “As a matter of principle God does not make cowardly people free.” He who must not be named.

  15. As if their loud shrieks when in groups is not amplifying enough. No shock on Black Donalds. Blacks make up huge amounts of the buyers.

    What makes me laugh is some folks in society think corporations were ever with them? Lol. These owners are feckless cowards who happily buckle to those showing any push. They would happily bow to Marxist murderers and basically are now. This is why it’s great to join with the left to tax corporations and the super rich. Why would anybody not want to? Cause ” muh capitalism is muh freedom” lingo is so obviously not true. They are complete parasite scumbags who are now in bed with a clearly anti white marxist revolution.

    Chic Fil A, which does make a great chicken sandwich and waffle fries, did the ultimate in cuckianity with the whole shoe shine and blame whitey routine as Dan Cathy makes a point to avoid living with black people. It’s all such a %÷ show.

    With rare exceptions corporate America does the work of the devil. Now blm is going to be stained on the basketball courts or something at Disney? Lol. All pro teams will follow because Satan is their master. CHRIST said you cannot serve two masters. One will takeover the other. It’s clear the master is now Blm for untold amounts of people and for sure is with serpent corporate America.

    And please stop watching sports. This from a once sports junkie. Get your sports fix watching old films and highlights from another era. Imagine watching games now with every game taking a knee by tons of players with Kapernick invited and doing the Black fist lunacy? Trash sports in the garbage can it deserves. Plus they are paid obscene amounts thanks to “fu” capitalism. Gonna be funny hearing about Tom Brady taking a knee. Lol. All such cowards. Pander to the black mob and it turns %÷@ every single time. Let them all stew in it and hopefully take a huge hit financially.

    • yeah, most of us gave up sportsbawl a while ago.
      So true…who could care about what niggers do in any way at all…
      When i see white cucks worshipping these evil negroid beasts and the jew owners, i get sickened.

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