Tragic Shooting Inside CHAZ/CHOP

Are we really alone in thinking the world has gone mad?

Do you think it was the Proud Boys or the KKK that shot this 16-year-old black kid? Do you feel guilty about the death of “black trans” people?

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  1. No, I only feel guilty for my own sins: not the sins of others.

    I have never harmed a “black trans” or any other such creature.
    Therefore, I feel no guilt.

    Perhaps America needs a dose of reality.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, there were “ghetto tours” of NYC, Chicago, and others in which white, wealthy or middle class people paid to take guided tours of the most crime-ridden areas of the city. (Tame, by our standards of criminal, gang violence today.)

    Perhaps we should introduce these spoiled brats to the reality of blacks and how they behave in majority numbers, in majority black areas. Once those numbers of blacks approach 50% or more, the mask and the gloves come off and you see the African in his true, primal, savage state.

    A tour or short stay in Baltimore would be a wonderful wake-up call to the delusional.

  2. Don’t worry, Blumph is monitoring the situation. He will label Antifa a terrorist organization for the 3rd time while ignoring BLM because muh black vote.

  3. Sirach 28:18 Many have fallen by the edge of the sword, but not as many as have fallen because of the tongue.

  4. Tucker covers a White couple defending themselves at their home, from a mob. And, it appears they will soon be defending themselves from everyone else… Just about midnight, White people…

    • Good points. However, every time Tucker Carlson mentions a firearms issue like this, he states that they are “legally registered firearms.” I looked up Missouri firearms laws and, according to the chart at Wikipedia, firearms registration is not required in the state of Missouri. It almost seems as if some people are trying to make registration a requirement when it isn’t. It is too bad that Carlson, of all people, is making mistakes about where firearms registration is required.

  5. Meanwhile…After the city takes down the remaining Confederate statues along Monument Ave. In Richmond Va. the plan is to put up just statues of blacks in their place. At least one will be of black Union troops. How insulting.

    • Nope…by their own admission: the shooters were white anarchists, the victims were nigglet teens. They stole an SUV and took it for a joyride. The SUV was fired upon…riddled…crashed into barrier. One victim dead the other wounded. They pistol whipped the wounded victim then shot him execution style.

  6. I’m just overwhelmed by emotion…these things happening in such a nice town like chaz…they need to hire more militant jewish bull dykes with badges to uphold the rule of law amongst the black gangster populace…perhaps a synagogue is what’s missing in chax!?

  7. It was good shooting. Not only were two more problems done away with but so were any future sprogs from them. Just like Chi Congo, it’s become a shooting gallery because popo is no mo. Cops must just quietly laugh at these beasts going down. The failure of liberalism, conservatism, and die versity on full display.

    I look at that bitch faced carpet muncher Democrat mayor in Seattle and the hilarious middle aged black female police ” chief” and I really am expecting Allen Funt from ” You’re on Candid Camera” from my kid days to pop up. But no, this is real in an overly diverse, way too many people creepy America.

  8. I suspect Trump will be buried in a landslide by one of the weakest presidential candidates in America history. He has only himself to blame. He tweeted while America burned. Expect major challenges to America’s global supremacy in the years to come. They see how fragile America is and are planning accordingly.

    ” Our voters are not going anywhere. The trailer parks are solid. What choice do they have? They’ve got to vote for us.” Jared Kusher, Trump’s Senior advisor.

  9. Ode to CHAZ, on the Unfortunate Occasion of Its Fall

    Woe! Woe! Lament! And gnash thy cracking teeth,
    For Freedom’s splendid City is no more,
    Like mighty, peerless Carthage come to grief,
    A ruined Dream on cold Pacific shore,
    Where lordly Raz did mete out, fair and just,
    His Simian law to lefties far and wide,
    And flocks of feckless faggots slaked their lust
    On painted streets where Coon no boon denied.
    No brutal cops, no patriarch disturbed
    This labor worthy of stout Heracles;
    Now CHAZites wander, moaning and perturbed,
    Since Tyrant Durkan clipped their testicles.
    Bright tents flap empty, boards lie sawn and shivered,
    Hope’s garden, that would feed the world, has withered.

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