Gov. Tate Reeves Cancels Mississippi’s State Flag

I’ve been saying it for years.

“Conservative” means spineless loser. These people never conserve anything except for what their donors tell them to do. Whenever you vote for Republicans, you are voting for wealthy people and corporate interests who are only talking a good game about social issues to con you.

History repeats itself.

Tucker Carlson had one of these Republican senators on his show last night. By all accounts, he is said to be one of their best too. The GOP is focused on police reform and Juneteenth.

Note: DON’T VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE. You will have more of impact by not voting than by voting. Look at the blacks. They don’t vote for the GOP and Sen. Mike Braun is relentlessly pandering to them.

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    • Arian says: Can he do this, without voter approval ?

      Didn’t the MS state legislature pass it? If it passed it by a wide enough margin, the governor has no choice but to pass it because his veto would be overridden anyway. Don’t like what your state legislature does? Vote them out. Start a petition for a ballot measure. Take it to court. Otherwise, STFU.

  1. Anyone remember 2016?

    Stadium after stadium filled with MAGA supporters listening to their savior, the nationalist, populist who promised to…..

    Tax ALL remittances on all monies leaving the US.
    Build the Wall: seal the border.
    End birthright citizenship.
    Deport en masse, all of those here illegally.
    Empower and back up local police to get rid of thugs and gangs who menace law abiding citizens.

    He didn’t just “fail” he failed (on purpose) to do ANYTHING he promised.

    Contrast this with Nixon in 1968.

    As TV news showed video after video of police beating protesters, putting them in jail and the hospital, Nixon “double downed” and pledged EVEN MORE support for police and promised to give them an even freer hand in dealing with violent troublemakers.

    The TV news media and liberals cried, “police reform!”

    Nixon and the GOP shouted back, “F-you! We love cops!”

    This is NOT the GOP of 1968.

    • @Geir…

      You are right – this is not 1968, because, as you correctly suggest, the political class is gone, almost entirely eroded from top to toe.

      And, yes, I do remember 2016 – the return of George Wallace in the guise of a Manhatten Yankee.

      He seemed such a promising candidate, but, alas, all it turned out to be was Madison Avenue Hype.

      • Ivan Turgenev is probably the first self-admitted neo-Confederate Jew most people have encountered. Controlled opposition? lol

  2. Culturally and politically, Whites have been completely rejected, including by some of our own tribesmen. We have one option right now, and that is to build our own institutions. For example, if you want to prevent proud Whites from being financially vulnerable due to losing jobs because of doxing, we must have interlocked and reciprocal home/small business networks. Small towns have limited work opportunities, and we’ll most likely have to regroup in those areas, so we’ve got to plan ahead. It will be a long process, this divorce from a society that already disdains us.

    Re: The black vote…. Blompf got 6% of the black vote in 2016, and Recucks got 8% overall in 2018. What kind of retard throws away his base for those that almost completely reject him? Potatus Blompf, that’s who.

    • @Boomer…

      Yes, you are absolutely right, but, the attempts we in The South have made at building our own institutions have been thwarted by chiefly the indifference of our own brethren.

      As to who it is that is rejecting Whites? – it is chiefly White Gentiles, themselves, sad to say.

      Nothing of Organized Jewry could ever succeed without a massive collusion on the part of White Gentiles.

      It’s a toxic blend that we saw first combust in Russia a century ago, and now it is here – The Red Terror.

      The part of this story that will be different, however, is what plays out in the hinterlands, because, unlike the Russian peasant of the 1920s, we are armed to the teeth, and increasingly organized.

      Be well, and spread your steadfastness amongst your cousins and kinsmen!

  3. ‘Reform is not possible…’

    So has said The League of The South for many years now.

    And quite correctly one must add.

  4. Alabama next? After all, Wikipedia tells me the St. Andrew’s cross on your flag is raaaaacist.

    > According to historian John M. Coski, the adoption of Alabama’s flag coincided with the rise of Jim Crow laws and segregation,[10] as other former Confederate slave states, such as Mississippi and Florida, also adopted new state flags based off Confederate designs around the same time when those states instituted Jim Crow segregation laws themselves

    • Look at him. There’s not an ounce of testosterone. Weak men do not fight, they fold.

      Down he goes.

  5. Keep after them, HW. I hope and pray that none of these traitors will ever win an election again.

  6. The GOP and almost every conservative keep perpetuating this fear to us rubes that it will be so much worse if we “lose.”
    At this point I ask lose what?

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  8. Yes it’s a sad day in Mississippi. The Mississippi Republican Party is dominated by Cuckservatives (Liberal Republicans). Sure a few fought back and that should be saluted. However it wouldn’t matter if Black Racists Matter was going on or not. The Cuckservatives in the Mississippi Republican Party have a big majority here in Mississippi and those politicians Hate Mississippi and the South. They represent everything you say about Cuckservatives / Republicans here on Occidental Dissent. All about Corporate Money and Social Liberalism. With Cuckservatives like we have in Mississippi…who needs Democrats. Deo Vindice !

  9. TPTB must have decided that it would have been a little too “Over the Top” for the negro cop to be the one that lowered the flag so they just had him carry it away.

  10. Tate Reeves has that perfect rino conservative look. Once again proving the south is loaded with 1990s versions of Northeastern Republicans or west coast ones. Also once again proving the right must work with the left on three important things: term limits, ending privately funded campaigns and heavily taxing corporations and super rich individuals. It would be a huge help.

    I cracked up at ultra red Republican Oklahoma. People voted to expand Medicaid there and literally voted to protect themselves from the Republicans who run the state because they wanted the people hung out to dry. So basically Republican voters voted to keep Republican tax cutters and immigration enthusiasts who don’t care about healthcare in a box. If that does not say something about the importance of healthcare nothing will.

    I cracked up even at Ted Cruz with his” Yeah, Woodrow Wilson was a racist” routine. Hey Ted, you barely got in last time and begged for Trump to save you from Beta O Cuck. Uh, massive changes in racial demographics have caused this,Mr. Constitutional Conservative, while you debate away. That is something Wilson would not do unlike you. In Wilson’s America there were not savage black and brown gang bangers and welfare sprogs ruining America. That is your America, Teddy.

  11. This isn’t about flags or statues. This is about attacking Whites by proxy. “Conservatives” are just as guilty as liberals and Anti-White screamers and thugs for perpetrating it.

  12. It s great isn’t it…after a vicious spiteful Nig with Covid19 threatens to coof on a squad of coppers soooooo white supremacy has to go…

    Any one practicing Racial Distancing over the last few months was playing the odds and being smart but eventually the ragged zombie mob was going to fuck everything up for everyone.

  13. Imagine being the chump who started a war against his own race, to free blacks, gets shot in a theater and then four score and twenty years later have a statue removed paid for by free slaves by these slave’s randchildren? Abraham Lincuck. Off to the storage shed for you.

  14. Its over. America is a political experiment that failed. It is time for us to realize that fact and plan accordingly. To put it bluntly the U.S. is not longer us!

  15. The City of Richmond as I write is in the process of removing the Stonewall Jackson memorial statue.

    I had a number of now distant ancestors who were in the Stonewall Brigade, so this removal has special significance to me. I really don’t know what to say! This monument really was a monument to the Confederate soldiers who fought and won the battles, often against great odds, and with only third rate equipment. If that. Chasing after Jackson, up and down the Old Valley Pike, with little water, and little food must have been a real challenge for all involved.

    There are places even today along the Old Valley Pike, where you can stand, and see the Confederate soldiers marching by. I’m not the only one who has experienced this form of deja vu along the Old Valley Pike.

  16. I’m going to shed some light on what Republicans are doing. In the past, Republicans/ Conservatives fought every new program, policy change, and other marks of the political bellwether by just standing in the middle and yelling ‘stop’ vis a vis Bill Buckley. Take the environment for example. Although Nixon created the EPA, Republicans fought tooth and nail against basic emission standards cut smog, laws against dumping toxic materials, lead paint, clear cutting of forests by wood products companies, etc. These are all things accepted by the public, and any politician who tried to roll them back now would be seen as laughably anachronistic. Even though natural conservation is a basic tenet of conservatives, Republicans forfeited all credibility regarding environmental issues, and lost the ability to get ahead of the trend and shape policy to something more reasonable then we have now. I certainly don’t agree with the inaction and recent pronouncements by certain Republicans regarding Police reform and affirmation of BLM. In their hearts I don’t think they believe it either. But they’ve been schooled on the above, and will push for minor reform so they can derail the radical proposals that will do real harm to the White community. I don’t think it’ll work as a strategy and it’s dishonest to their voting base

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