Antifa Attack Federal Courthouse In Portland

Just imagine for a moment that Joe Biden was president and the “Far Right” had been doing this for a solid month in Portland. Could the “Far Right” get away with launching a nationwide violent insurrection? Would the military brass and the mainstream media be so reluctant to restore order?

Donald Trump should either invoke the Insurrection Act and send in troops to crush the rebellion, OR, resign is disgrace now.

Note: This is a violent insurrection that is sanctioned by the Democratic Party. This could never happen without state sponsorship.

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  1. The people who are writing “Stolen Land” on the statues need to get out of this country now. They have a legal obligation to do so, if they really believe what they are writing.

    • If they want to push the clock back, how about reminding them, that those who claim to be “Native Americans” would not be here, had it not been for the Ice Age; and perhaps the descendants of the people who were here before them might still be alive.

      As for Trump, he can do nothing. Even if he were inclined to do something, he is owned and controlled, and everyone (except mainstream true-believers) knows it. Perhaps he is unable to do anything, as a sort of in-your-face way of showing people who really is in control; that control has long been usurped.

    • ‘The people who are writing “Stolen Land” on the statues need to get out of this country now. They have a legal obligation to do so, if they really believe what they are writing.’

      Exactly. They just admitted to a crime.

      The first duty of anyone who believes they are in possession of stolen property, is to give thier part of it back and get off it.

  2. Portland was the venue of the television dramatic series Grimm. Theme of that series was that some humans have animal alter-egos; such animal alter-egos called, per canon of the series, Wesen, which is German for “creature”.

  3. Yes I agree this is funded by the Democratic Party. They know far left Democrats control major cities and many of them being Black Racists and Feminists who support a Communist Revolution in America. The Republican Party and Trump look like cowards and wimps. Just a big joke. The Police and Military should do everything and shut all this down. The left are nothing but Domestic Terrorists…it’s not gonna stop with this election 2020. It’s gonna keep going. It’s time our elected officials stop being cowards and afraid of being called Racists. Get it done! Deo Vindice !

  4. Where were the FBI and the Federal Marshals while this was going on in Portland—-Trumpo needs to fire the whole office for dereliction of duty etc. etc.

  5. In Harold Covington’s “Northwest Novels” he writes about the Battle of Portland. Unfortunately he died about two years ago otherwise I would have paid good money to hear his take on all of this. Things have panned our quite differently than he or Pastor Butler imagined.

  6. Things are going to escalate at a shocking pace once Trump is gone in November. And it’s his fault. He had the easiest re-election ever. All he had to do was close the borders and shut down riots.

  7. Trump hates the South (loves their votes).
    Trump hates the Right (loves their votes).
    Trump hates his own supporters (loves their votes).

    Trump should have rounded up all the Antifa/BLM people who caused all the violence in Charlottesville VA by now. All that Trump’s people seem to do is to go after those on the Right who are doxxed by Antifa. What a sham! Complete sham!

    Donald Trump and Nikki Haley have done more to ruin this nation than anything the Communists/Antifa/BLM/other radical Leftists have done. Every historical item destroyed recently, its destruction can be blamed on these two. Antifa/BLM get bolder with each passing day while Trump fiddles with his Twitter account.

    More than just a wasted vote for those who support Trump — White people’s destruction and removal from history while sin and moral decadence abound.

    And all the rest of the Republicans are not worth voting for as well.

    May God Save the South! (These humans can only destroy it.)

  8. You decide. Time will tell if he’s speaking truth….. once again:

    “clif high
    They are not protestors !
    The PNW is being invaded by #CCP !
    Antifa is delivering EXPLOSIVES via the I-5 corridor between Sea-Oly-Portland.
    Oly Antifa has weapon caches in woods around Evergreen State college.
    Now having to be ARMED to go food shopping around here!
    CCP is funding & supplying this shit-storm!”

    PNW = Pacific Northwest
    CCP = Chinese Communist Party

    Well, CCP did get him banned from Twitter… too many tweets about Kungflu

    Fact: Evergreen College is a hotbed for evrything anti-American and anti-white!!!

  9. I’m honestly a bit concerned about Ngo’s safety at this point. Hopefully he gets fed a lot of this info and images from a safe distance.

    We are living in a time when he could be murdered with pretty much impunity.

    For a gay Asian the guys got a lot of courage.

  10. And once again the chicken shit FBI is nowhere to be found but they have the resources to chase white activists on Telegram for Orwellian wrong think. The Feds are in bed with the Reds.

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