Today’s Cancellations

Summer Taylor:

For playing in traffic while being “part of something historic.”

Twitter Language:

For not being inclusive enough.

Central Park Karen:

For calling the police on a Black man.

Grace Baptist Church in Troy, NY:

For offending our new Jacobins by practicing Christianity.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial:

For not being woke enough as president.

Academic freedom at Princeton:

For being incompatible with the racial justice movement.


For commodity racism.

St. Junípero Serra (Sacramento): 

For racism, white supremacy and settler colonialism.

Frederick Douglass:

Frederick who?

8-year-old Secoriea Turner:

Shot and killed by Black Lives Matter protesters in Atlanta for crossing their barrier around the burned out husk of a Wendy’s.

Fallen Firefighter Monument:

Might have been white supremacy. Can’t be sure.

J.K. Rowling:

For being a TERF and unrepentant transphobe.

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  1. The Cleveland Indians name “is” being changed. I’m suggesting the “Cleveland Coons”.

  2. Do you understand now why all the leaders of BLM are black gays. It is the gays who are going to lead the attack on Christianity and they are hoping they can get other non homo blacks, the dumber ones to participate out of racial solidarity.

  3. The lead local story in the local paper was how the government granted $1.3 million extra to “Faith Based Organizations” in the district. The short list… All Temples. One mosque. Zero churches.

    Some of us and our culture are being cancelled

    Others are thriving

  4. The Chinese are gaping in amazement at this point. They just have to wait for the ripe, rotten faggotfruit to drop from the tree. No effort whatsoever on their part.

    Sun Tzu did say that the art of fighting was to win without bloodshed.

  5. So, now they aim to remove Thomas Jefferson. Just one more step to nullify The Declaration of Independence, because it was written by him. At this point, they could probably go ahead and do it without repercussions. No heroes for Whitey…

  6. Additional cancellations include Catholic lay-men E Michael Jones & fundamentalist Baptist Pastor Steve L Andersons Youtubes.

    Currently very livid that Christians are being treated this way.

    Considering changing my titheing to send some cheddar their way.

    Oh and Trump has done nothing to stop this censorship! A n Coulter & Hunter Wallace have been right!

  7. When did JK start getting eaten up by the lefty mob that she was apart of at one time?. Wonder why Wasn’t that long ago when she was blumpfs biggest critic and a EU supporter who hates brexiters aka white English

    At least she has a moral conscience to speak the truth about transgenderism even tho she sells witchcraft lite to children via her harry potter books and films

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