San Francisco Supervisor Introduces The CAREN Act

Yesterday, I said that soon “it will also be considered racist for a White person to report black people committing crimes to the police” because it will be white privilege and systemic racism.

San Francisco Chronicle:

“Following a spate of high-profile 911 calls against people of color, San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton on Tuesday introduced an ordinance that would make discriminatory calls for police illegal.

Walton dubbed the ordinance the CAREN Act, which stands for Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies, in an apparent nod to the popularized slang name that refers to an entitled white woman often complaining against people of color. The legislation would amend the San Francisco Police Code to make it unlawful for someone to “fabricate false racially biased emergency reports,” according to a news release from Walton.

“This is the CAREN we need,” Walton tweeted. …”

How soon?

It happened within 24 hours.

This assumes that the police are even dispatched to respond to crimes because 1.) they have been outright abolished like in Minneapolis or 2.) defunded like in New York City.

Note: It is almost like America is being hijacked.

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  1. Guys like “Andy Ostroy” like to spy, peep, eavesdrop, gaslight and slink around our societies like bubonic rats…they never stand up and say these things directly to White men for fear of having their face broken….I’ve personally witnessed the timid nature of the juden when in the presence of strong White men, then how they turn into Superman on Twitter and FB…By deception they do war because they can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, they fold like wet sandwiches when it comes to martial conflict…remember that!

  2. Disgusting yid as usual. There is something truly disgusting about these people ( not all but too many) who just so ” randomly” were thrown out of well over 100 nations for being great people. As usual these laws are just song and dance acts to get around black dysfunction. The incredible anti white agenda even promoted under law with the name Caren.

    Social media has become a big part of the degenerate fall of America. Things that were simply in some random dude’s head or discussing with his friends now can potentially be seen and discussed by millions of people. Look at someone like Shaun King. The guy is the most random of random dudes who contributes nothing of value. The guy is so gone that he literally pretends he is part black. Years back that would get you into a psych ward. Now it gets you paid speaking and writing gigs at jewish run media and good goy pets like dung hole lover Tim Cook types.

    Everything is a lie. White women calling the cops on blacks is suddenly an epidemic in fake news clown world America. Blacks suddenly do not commit crime at highly disproportionate rates and crap our Rufus and Tyrone with the grandmother taking care of the keeedds as baby daddy sits in jail or is knocking up latest grape soda American black chick.

    Cops are bailing out of a job that was stupid to begin with. Patrolling black people? Seriously now? As the huge uptick in black, er, gun violence shows, this is the way blacks like it. It’s who they are. I cracked up at the useless black female mayor of Atlanta keeping score of white cops shooting black angels and black angels shooting it up against ” day pee po”. Imagine being a police officer in that?

    Rapper 50 cent was honest when he said, “This is who we are” when a black gang banger was stabbed on national tv at some ridiculous music Awards show.. The goofy white female reporter was speechless after he said it. Cent said ” just cowwzz we got money don’t change nothin.” Exactly demon seed. I remember when some putrid white person went up to him and said, ” You need to be our mayor ” lol. Cent had just moved into a nearly all white area in Connecticut sold to him by Mike Tyson.

    Anything said about whites is fine. Just don’t do anti jewish things, goyim. Two recent examples: Louis Farrakhan being removed from the Fox Soul channel where he was giving a speech. The chosenites were upset at the nearly 90 year old Louie not for his constant anti white banter but oyyy veyy, he called out Judaism! The other recent example was the Football- American with the lovely name- Desean Jackson- who posted an alleged quote to Hitler and quoted King Louie Farrakhan. Suddenly the chosenites when nuts again. Gee, not on the 24/7 banter against whites, police, statues, etc. But he was speaking of the super humans, goyim! Now the pork ball catcher is apologizing to the jews. Not to whites, of course, but to the jews. Lol. No hope.

    And really, stop making these obscenely rich people even more so. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes just signed a contract that is valued up to 503 million dollars. You read that right. Capitalism at its worst again. Yes, Ronald Reagan, your tax cuts on the super rich backfired big time. People bust their butts to make 50 to 100 k per year and a guy playing a game makes 500 million? Yes, it’s evil, vile and disgusting. Let the knee takers keep ruining the league. It’s what they want. Dump all sports packages which really are just for the lazy, the drunks, the stupid and the fat. Do your part in gutting sports and Hollywood.

    • Hardly, I certainly have never supported nogs or jews, and there are plenty of normal White women who don’t, either.

    • Not all WHITE women fall for this, but the ((media)) promotes it and forces it in the face of women.

      Most women want to be seen as socially acceptable, so many conform to media models.
      (So do many men.)

      • Excellent point. White women have simply been hacked. I don’t like the dumping on white women who are simply going along the sole path for virtuous behavior laid out before them. Change the circumstances and women change.

  3. Lol why would the Germans have wanted to stop Hitler?

    Also, the obsession with the working class, a malleable and commonly temporary grouping of Whites, is annoying to me. At least in my region, the White working class are the most degenerate group of Whites.

    I have an intense feeling for the plight of the White working class and how it has been dumped on and undermined with garbage culture and mass immigration. But, if you see a miscegenating obese white woman with neck tats wearing a pop star tshirt – its almost certainly a working class woman.

    In my humble and unpopular opinion, the White middle class is where the power for social change lies. They are already keenly aware of racial differences and actually act on it, admittedly while mouthing liberal talking points. But, the moment the status-killing aspect of being pro-white is weakened, you have the makings of a truly powerful pro white movement with the middle class.

    I am willing to admit that the White working class may vary from region to region, but the fast food guzzling, culturally bereft, miscegenating, wigger-acting aspect of the white working class is what I see in my region – not the self respecting hard working white folks in other areas. This is not meant to be a denigration of these victims of a degenerate and dying nation and culture, but simply a rallying cry to create an entirely new and functional society – just hollering about common sense and freedom isn’t going to accomplish anything.

    Hunter has written extensively and articulately on the point of subjugating empty freedoms for safe, clean, racially coherent, functional society.

    • Dixieland Observer,

      It’s been my belief for a few years now, along with Pierce’s belief when he was alive, that the White Middle Class is absolutely hopeless. Sure, some of the more disgusting members come out of the working class, but the most spiritually empty and selfish people seem to come out of the subdivisions.

      Whenever I’ve had someone be rude to me over petty shit, it’s been a middle-class person and any friendships I attempted to make with someone from that background has always almost always been temporary.

      These people are far more interested in whether you’re putting a bag of garbage in dumpster A or dumpster B than they are about preserving their history, heritage, or race. They also tend to be the class of Karens and the “fast food guzzling, culturally bereft” Fathers of “miscegenating, wigger-acting aspect” children.

      • Hitler utilized the middle classes and even the aristocracy along with the working classes. His movement was an organic amalgamation of classes working together for the sake of Germany, not petty class warfare. Class will always be with us, as humans are unequal and naturally hierarchical.

        I disagree with Pierce on this, to the extent he wasn’t merely denigrating the middle class to motivate them.

  4. I wouldn’t mind in principle; I think all can agree that false police reporting is a serious crime, regardless of whether or not it’s racially motivated. But I must say that I am blown away they are actually calling the bill “CAREN.” “Karen” and it’s derivatives is a racial slur, plain and simple. I mean, they actually admit it. They openly state that it refers to “White” (or “white,” as it were) women of a particular type. So, in other words, a racial stereotype. This should prove to all racism is a meaningless term with no definition except whatever the left doesn’t like. Anti-racism means anti-White, and “White supremacy” literally just means anything White. The hypocrisy and double standards are absolutely staggering. The entire basis for the anti-racist regime is “not all!” which is why we aren’t allowed harmless racial humour for instance, because it reinforces racial “stereotypes” like Black criminality (stereotype? I mean truth). Meanwhile, the idea of a Karen, which is a pure stereotype backed by no statistical evidence, is perfectly acceptable.

    I know it’s fashionable in some corners of the dissident Right to criticise women, blaming them as “race traitors” and liberals anyway. And there’s some truth to that. But, the left is overplaying its hand, and the coalition of women could fall apart if Democrats are stupid enough to focus on the females’ “whiteness” more than their sex. Racial solidarity between White men and White women is what’s necessary to turn the tide, and the left may be giving us our opportunity. Forgive the past racial sins of the “Karens” and be there with open arms.


      This is just one example of a Karen compilation. If you have ever worked customer service you are familiar with the Karen archetype. The only people trying to defend Karens are the “Alt-Right” in one of their many bad calls of the last couple years. You could go to any community and everyone knows the “Middle-older aged White woman acting entitled and shitting on people who have to be around her” stereotype and how extremely tiresome it is.

      I doubt you’ve worked a customer service job if you don’t believe there is evidence of Karens

      • “Karen’s” are real and extremely obnoxious and entitled. They must be cut from the aristocrat stock from cuck island.

    • It’s already a crime to file a false police report, a misdemeanor though. The purpose of this new law is to discourage all White people from calling the police when the coloreds are committing their ubiquitous crimes. They want us dead, all of us. Liberals, cucks, conservative, 1488, rich, poor, allies, enemies, smart, stupid, Republican, Democrat they want us all dead, six feet under, it’s that simple, no college degree or big brain needed to figure this one out.

      Look to the beautiful, wealthy, peaceful, advanced, clean, modern nation of Haiti ca. 1804 to see what these evil bastards want to do to us.

  5. Why don’t they just get it over with and make it a crime to be a White person? Don’t laugh.

  6. With all these ((wacko)) concepts, the level of crime in major cities will soon reach San Salvador degrees of terror.

    (Home and land prices in Idaho are skyrocketing.)

  7. Feeling you are unable to call for police will rapidly accelerate the exodus from major cities to the smalltowns.

    Maybe this is a good thing, because, as Smalltown America repopulates itself with all those who were stolen from it, businesses will begin to cater to that and rebuild smalltown economies.

    Yep, on second thought, I think I like this.

    Yep, let The Left do their worst.

    • The problem is “Diversity” will chase down Whites in Smalltown and to the ends of the earth. White survival means “Diversity” must go.

  8. Mr. Ostroy (Ostrovitch) is the kind of fellow who is knocked off in the last minutes of a Clint Eastwood flick and everybody cheers!

    I am, oh, so glad we do not have any Andy Ostroys in Northeastern North Carolina.

  9. The legislation would amend the San Francisco Police Code to make it unlawful for someone to “fabricate false racially biased emergency reports,”

    I witnessed this in Phoenix back in 2012.

    A large, over 300 pound, over 6 ft black man cornered a tiny, elderly white woman outside of the Phoenix public library demanding that she give him money because he was “hungry.” She was terrified and called 911. When Phoenix PD got there, he said he was asking her “nicely” and that she called him the n-word. Both were false.

    The cops; 1. did not charge him with any crime, and 2. lectured the old, small frail white woman about “wasting their time” on “paranoid, un-warranted fears of black panhandlers.” They implied that she could go to jail for filing a “false report.” They said they had better things to do rather than “babysit” this elderly white woman. If she was so scared of large black men asking her for money, they said, maybe she should never venture outside of her retirement home. Yeah, they said that. Both cops were white.

    They left, and the black gorilla went looking more easy victims whom he could frighten with his size and aggressive manor. This is but one of the many reasons I left Phoenix in 2016.

    • But everyone wants to boot lick the police. That is a prime example of why you shouldn’t. The police do not care about white people and will turn on white people. I don’t give a shit what tucker says.

    • @Matin Kohl,

      Good reason to leave, but the temps in the 110+ would have deterred me from living there in the first place.

  10. Funny how Ostroy and other Jews think that a woke, non-white America will continue to support Israel.

  11. We are about to have mass unemployment as a norm. The authorities will have to figure out how to stop fascism. It’s unlikely they can do much to stop the reckoning.

  12. On a side note you do get a good dose of white people’s enemies and thus America’s enemies just from this article. Let us explore. Time magazine is listed here as mocking white women. Time is owned by a husband and wife Jew team named Benioff.

    A Shamman Walton, who is the affirmative action guy on the San Fran Sicko Board of Supervisors. He introduced the Caren Act as the city is a filthy pit with massive disparity in income as blacks commit( yawwwnnn) disproportionate amounts of crime. Walton is black.

    Next is Nyc mayor Bill Deblasio who changed his name from Warren Wilhelm. A known communist anti white who married a communist black woman and had two radical left kids with her. Deblasio is happy ” Central Park Caren” got hit with criminal charges and lost her job. No comment by the Marxist on all the shootings and increase in murders because it’s nearly all ( yawwwnnn) blaxxx and brownzzz doing it for the past 60 years with no end in sight.

    Next up is the San Francisco Chronicle owned by a Hearst descendant who is a good goy. A key position is held by a jew named Schaff. Obviously there are many non jewish white traitors as evidenced by Obama getting 43 and then 40% of the white vote. Hearst fits the bill.

    Finally a weird, sick jew named Andy Ostroy. As usual the jew rants on about white dominance for ages and that it’s a new day now. We can all bet this Yiddish yelper lives in an overwhelmingly white area like 99% of these fakers do. Sort of like the aging gefelte fish Rob Reiner.

    Well there you have it. Notice any trends from our “die versity is a strength” crew?

  13. Around 300,000 white American gentiles died in a war that saved the likes of Andy Ostroy from Hitler. And this is how he shows his gratitude.

  14. Blacks, asians and hispanics ruling in their own lands is expected and natural. It’s only a crime for Whites to rule, and plenty of other Whites agree with that. Once they begin to suffer the consequences of their cowardice and betrayal, they might look to their own for protection. Identity politics are coming for every group, including us. The “enlightened” traitors will be marked for death by the other races in their virtuous urban enclaves. Their hatred of the Other is much stronger than ours, in general, which is a situation that better change damn soon in our camp.

  15. I knew that after the enemy was done victimizing white men that they would turn on white women. This is why we white women must stand with white men against anti-white hatred. I am upset with all the white women who would take the side of nonwhites no matter how wrong they are. We’ve got to think of ourselves as a racial family and any whites who betray their people need to be looked at as traitors.

    • “Amazon rainforest for millennia without devouring the Earth’s resources. ”

      Sadly, most women are to simple to see the sequence of attack.

  16. I guess this means that if we see a nonwhite committing a crime, we shouldn’t call the police because we could be hit with criminal charges. If we see something, don’t say anything. This is what this country has come to.

    • Yep, that is what the ((media masters)) want, black privilege to wreck WHITE society.
      In the works, since 1945.

      • Shhh. Just keep watching sports ball, goyim. Keep watching anti White, anti Christian, anti Heterosexual Hollywood. Keep saying ” diversity is a strength” and blacks were the original Irish and English. We are only here to help you, Goyim.

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