Today’s Cancellations

Stefan Molyneux:

Banned from Twitter, YouTube, PayPal and Amazon because the time for arguments has passed in the new age of moral clarity in American journalism.

Jack Posobiec:

For ties to the white supremacist movement and spreading anti-Semitism and disinfo.

Roger Stone:

For engaging in political misinformation.

King George V:

For being a reminder of the “pain and the struggle generations of their people have suffered since colonisation, and the way Aboriginal people have been left out of white history.”


For White women exploiting their privilege against People of Color by calling the police.

Confederate Graves:

For engaging in white supremacy in the afterlife.

Washington Redskins Merchandise:

For offending Jeff Bezos.

Everyday Words and Phrases:

For permeating our society and being racist in ways that ordinary people who speak English do not perceive as offensive or interpret in the least charitable light.

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  1. who cares, good riddance to Moly and the rest of the cucks.

    odd the Vox Day is still out there on his Joogle site, tho….very

    very odd.

    • Although Stefan Molyneux wasn’t “pro-white”, the shitlibs weren’t wrong when they said that Stefan Molyneux was an effective gateway to more and more ideas, particularly race realism and the Alt-right. Molyneux had a very productive interview with Jared Taylor a couple years ago, and would frequently cite FBI crime stats, race and IQ data, and criticize communism in his videos. In short, he had his place on the normies’ political journey towards new ideas. His downfall, like most of the Alt-lite, was thinking that proving he wasn’t a racist anti-semite white supremacist etc. etc. and condemning racism and anti-semitism would save him from the anti-white communist purge. They went to the digital gulag anyway.

    • Molyneux collected at least 5 million dollars ($5 000 000) in bitcoin donations from his subscribers and did nothing tangible to defend the free speech of other pundits or the necessary freedoms of his subscribers to engage with his content…the day of reckoning and realization that money means nothing, if you don’t use a lot of it to defend freedom, usually comes for guys like molyneux when they need a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a pound of butter

    • Vox’s good friend Milo is a self-admitted federal informant.

      The Owen Benjamin reddit (which is populated by a mix of far-left and far-right types, united in their contempt for Vox’s and Owen’s grifting) has speculated that Vox went to Italy to hang on to his convict dad’s money, that would have been confiscated by the feds otherwise, and that Vox’s many kickstarters have been a means of laundering the money.

      One could further speculate that Vox would absolutely be interested in some sort of deal with the feds allowing him to come back to the USA without losing too much of the cash or seeing the inside of a prison.

      • par. 1 on-target. Not sure about par. 2: VD seems to be quite comfortable in Italia. Meanwhile poor Andrew Anglin is still wasting away in Lagos, Nigeria….life is so unfair.

  2. The alt-lite was hoping their being inclusive civic nationalists would protect them. I’m sure they thought that calling the left “the real racists” was a winning strategy. All they accomplished, though, was getting banned a little later than those unafraid to be proud of their European heritage.

    • Turns the Charlottesville crowd into martyrs. Watching the statue pulling and riots now, many fence sitters will privately make a choice.

    • VDare and Amren as well as are also gone from the internet. The left is showing their true colors now with this banning just a hint of what is coming. Ironically this is worse than when BHO was president, nothing was banned then. Thanks for sticking up for your supporters, Trump.

      • 12AX7, those sites are banned from social media, not the entire internet. I go to every day.

        • Hello Boomer X;

          I get an error message from those three sites when using a VPN. I guess anonymous browsing is no more. I got in when I turned off my VPN.

          • I thought you were pulling a “boomer” mistake. Turns out I’m the Boomer pulling boomers, because I’ve never been able to use VPNs. D’oh! Most sites these days insist on using cookies.

  3. I dont know about you deadbeats but I spent my #BLACKOUTUESDAY supporting my local Haitian Beauty Supply store and Nigerian scammer…. We all need to do our parts

    • Your Haitian beauty store needs a new product line, their current products don’t seem to work at fixing ugly.

  4. All this is going to do for the Left, is make a much tougher Resistance against them. They can’t make it go away. It just gets tougher. People in the Right are building a whole new network on the internet that will eventually be great deal more interesting and advanced than Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Give it some time, a lot is happening now on these other places. People are resourcefully, and determined and history shows when a huge Bunch of humanity wants something, it will get it sooner or later. But the Left never learns from history, anyway

  5. A statue of Melania Trump has been set on fire. Statue destruction or removal by protesters is a silly, temporary fad that most commenters want to discuss seriously, and the pandemic of SARS CoV2 is a truly, deadly, serious issue that will continue for years that most commenters want not even to be mentioned.

  6. John Mark has deleted his YouTube and Twitter accounts and has left the movement

    For those of you not familiar with him he was a YouTuber who popularized “Propertarianism”. He became famous with a series of videos with millions of views exploring the potential for the present death of America to devolve into a violent conflict, and the steps needed to rationally separate to avoid the violence.

    Think of him as Afterthought, only with a lot more audio-visual pizzazz.

    On July 4th the Propertarian Bros held a rally the purpose of which was to ignite a Reformation of America. Were it not thousands of miles away I would have attended, but had I attended I would have been disappointed. The rally was not organized well, the logistics and “optics” were poor. Not to belabor it, but Curt Doolittle, the theorist, gave an awkward speech and then gave his platform to a black Marxist.

    There are lessons here for November 4th, possibly earlier.

    1) What we are doing is applying for a job. We are applying to be the government for a nation of 180 million people, with an inevitably large impact on billions of others around the world, to include our allies in Canada, Europe, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, Australia and New Zealand: the Northern / Polar Alliance.

    When you go to a job interview, you dress for success, you prepare for typical questions, you know your selling points, you attempt to reassure doubts that come with any unknown. People want to trust that your government will, for instance, not worsen their quality of life, get tangled up in unnecessary conflicts, pick up the garbage on Friday; they want to trust that when they file a form with your government it will not get lost, but will be promptly acted upon, that when they go before the court they will have a fair trial and that the proverbial nephew of the prosecutor won’t get special treatment over them.

    2) Selling Whitopia to whites shouldn’t be that hard, but it is turning out to be far harder than it needs to be. We must reassure folks that life will be very similar to the life we all know except without the people who hate us and want us dead. The laws will remain stable during a period of transition, and after an interval, we will open them up to modification through a fair and just process. Christianity will be respected again while non-Christians will be free of vexation for not practicing the majority religion. In other words, the new nation will be what we thought America was, only much much better.

    3) People who put themselves forward must be supported spiritually and materially by those who do not. As this is war, all men of fighting age are duty bound to participate in one way or another, possibly to the max. Under no circumstances are you to point your weapon at your own people, it must be trained constantly on the Enemy. When advice needs to be given, it must be given in a brotherly way, to strengthen and ennoble. Likewise, resistance to the council of the wise must be seen as a character flaw, perhaps a fatal one.

    4) This did not happen with the Propertarian Bros’ 4th of July rally. On the one hand, the event was not conducted with the gravitas and decorum that a true Declaration requires. On the other hand, the criticism was destructive, not ennobling. I will be reaching out to John Mark and Curt Doolittle to thank them for what they have done and what they choose to do in the days, months, and years ahead. Theirs was not the perfect or ultimate solution, but it was definitely in the ball park. One day soon a leader will emerge – cometh the hour, cometh the man – and at that time all silliness must stop and we must go “all in” for victory. The fate of the universe, whether mankind and mankind’s God will thrive into the indefinite and infinite future, or be Abolished by the Enemy and replaced by AI, robots, and transhumans, will be determined in the coming struggle.

    All the best

  7. Moly was on the ADL hit list. They were responsible for most of the recent “far right” bannings, along with banning anti-zionist far left platforms (like the chapo trap house reddit for example). Eric Striker exposed it as part of their plan to run cover for Israel annexing the west bank.

  8. Jack posobitch of all people? Ties to white supremacists which ones exactly? this antiracist cuck Haha its absurd this little alt lite rat is the biggest grifter around next to will chamberlin and charlie kirk on the alt lite they work for con inc big time. Patriotism means nothing to them its just a grift job for republicucks donors and the long nose tribe

    “I almost have to wonder which ones did it” God this Jared Holt is a unsufferable piece of shit he knows exactly that Moly played by the books on twatter and hes being silenced unjustly

  9. Jack Posobiec and Will Chamberlain: ‘The Alt-Right tried to infiltrate MAGA’


    Yeah, that’ll protect you from the BEAST for a bit…….


  10. The Washington Foreskins– To honor the dick heads of DC. Attribution to someone who wrote a letter to Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune

    • No, he ragequit because his gayop had been exposed and was over. Go watch Keith Woods’ video on YouTube; Curt Doolittle and John Mark glow in the dark.

  11. Look at it this way, Molyneux, because he was ‘softer’ in his approach to nationalism, may well have steered some of the more timid would-be White nationalists over to our side. I doubt they’re the entire way yet, but most of them will get there in time, especially with the current mayhem being visited on the country.

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