No More Okies From Muskogee

Now, we wouldn’t want to do anything “radical” like declaring half of Oklahoma to be an Indian reservation. We can’t rock the boat on hot button social issues.

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  1. How’s that “winning” working for you? Are you tired of so much “winning”? This nation has become a joke, a continuous freak parade!

      • Trump is playing the very common chess. Force the Enemy go self destruct. After those weird court cases, some holy cows are slaughtered. Supreme Court is joke and also constitutional cuckservatives lost their arguments. Two fake opposition taken down.

        Also Enemy wasted their asset. Traitors in the key positions must be kept on the things what really matters. Blowing up most powerful weapons for decoy is tremendous loss in the war.

        Donald is winning. That is why entire planet is in the mess.

        • he hasn’t won yet. Now he’s legalizing the anchor-baby spics. Blumph knows he’s in trouble in Florida, and needs to get some more brown votes to replace the couple hundred thousand white votes he won’t get there this time around….due to white boomer die-off plus a few not completely stupid whites who’ve noticed he spent the last 4 years sucking Zionist dick, kissing black ass, and pissing on whites.

          • Forget Florida, anti Jew fight is global. and outcome will not decided on election.

            Also this DACA crap is irrelevant. When we lose, then entire planet Earth get the right to invade to the white countries and when we win, then Jew made rules will be made illegal from beginning and reversed.

            Now is most important to delegitimize every last institution supporting Jew power structure and courts are central part of law fanning ethnic group. People must understand that they are not law abiding but Jew abiding because all laws are written by Jew.

            Fighting regime is never legal and will never be because all laws are made to defend the regime. People must understand this simple truth before real changes are possible.

            This is what Donald is doing. Demonstrating that you will never gain anything until you play by regime rules.

            Lets say that Donald fulfill his promises. He will kick immigrants out and build the wall. In 2024, wall will be taken down and immigrants are called back. Then what….?????

            Regime must be gone, this is real change. Symbolic temporary woodoo is irrelevant. Germans got their short hooray back in the 1933. We all know, how symbolic nationalism ended up.

    • The rioting, BLM, censorship, national debt, corporate bailouts, involvement in the Near East, antagonizing Iran and Russia and general chaos in the country is now worse under the “conservative” Trump than under BHO. Add to these disasters new ones such as this Oklahoma ruling giving 1/3 of the state to the Indians (feather, not dot), three new miles of wall on the southern border in total, the Supreme Court continuing its lawless rulings, Trump grovelling before blacks and hispanics, breaking almost all his campaign promises and tell me why, Trumptards, DJT should be reelected?

        • The other guy is always worse. That’s how the Republicans have stayed alive since 1876 and avoided doing the right thing while serving their corporate masters faithfully. “The Other Guy is Worse!” is the rallying cry of the scoundrel and the criminal alike but like an injection of heroin for a drug addict, its effect wears off over time.

        • Yes, Biden is worse, and it won’t even end up being him. He will become unfit for office, and then you will have Kamala or gap-tooth Stacey with control of the nuclear suitcase. I don’t think even that would make the mass of idiot whites finally realize that this country is dead.

  2. As the promise of forty acres and a mule to freedmen blacks also wasn’t kept, I now expect the USSC to award parts of Southern states to our nigga friends. Reparations will be given out on our behalf by the self-proclaimed enlightened ones that are our “betters.”

    This is a preemptive action, I think. The elites falsely believe broadcasting their “Goodwhite” virtue will save them from harm. Most of them do live in exclusive communities with private security and the like, after all. Let the pale peasantry suffer, because someone has to be a buffer between the elites and the savages, amiright? But something tells me our black and brown brethren won’t be cowed by the fence and No Trespassing signs in gated enclaves. Once the stores in cop-free cities have been emptied by angelic peaceful joggers with darker hues, the cherubic mob will insist on taking even more — and they won’t care who has to suffer in the process.

    • People who claim to be not fully retarded need to stop with the “40 acres and a mule” nonsense as they use it the way so many use “All Men are created equal” from Decleration of Independence.

      Both are lies, the mules more so because atleaest the words “All men” are written in a document. The wrong document. I am asleep and refuse to cite the specifics as such, but I believe it was Sherman the Sociopaths words as he proposed an idea of settling blacks on an island off the Carolinas and let then fend for themselves… Until everyone realized most black communities will starve without help. Sherman like Lincoln and Jefferson knew blacks had to go.

      Where? Would an isolated set of islands and free food, guns and a mule make a differnce. Literally a random idea that popped into the Union Generals mind and nothing more

      • You can write that well when you’re asleep? Awesome!

        I was speculating about the future, of course. I’m aware of the myth, and was saying it would be used to get reparations from we ebil crackas. The forty acres thing (minus the mules) was part of Sherman’s Special Field Order No. 15. President Andrew Johnson canceled the program.

  3. Are you sure you’re not Steve Sailer in disguise? The blog output here has reached a similar level to your counterpart on the west coast. Now that you both have dropped the covid-19 obsession competent and insightful observations have returned to both sites.

    • “Now that you both have dropped the covid-19 obsession competent and insightful observations have returned”:

      Now that it appears non-Whites are dying at nearly twice the rate of Whites, White nationalists don’t worry about the pandemic anymore. Theyre pleased with the deal of getting rid of millions of Black people at the bargain rate of losing a few million old White people. See the demographic maps to see who is mostly being killed by the pandemic:

      So far, about one percent of the total U.S. population is infected and at least 135,000 have died (millions who recovered suffer permanent organ damage), disproportionately non-Whites. Ninety-nine percent are to yet to be infected. Do the math: 135,000 X 99 = millions of U.S. citizens yet to be killed. The U.S. must immediately force everyone back to work and back to school, shopping, sports, church, dining out, and other nonessential mingling at close quarters; it must not provide universal testing and must run out of essential medical supplies and equipment, hospital space, p.p.e., etc. as soon as possible. Nothing may be allowed to hinder the pandemic bioweapon, or weaponized pandemic (it makes practically no difference) being run through the population AT FULL SPEED to make this genocide successful.

  4. 1 Neil Gorsuch is the supreme court judge Donald Trump wanted.
    2 Donald Trump is the President of the United States that Ann Coulter wanted.
    3 Ann Coulter tweeted recently, America First should hurry up and take over the Republican Party from the weak men that run it.
    4 America First are trying to ressurect the career of Milo, who is a race mixing, party boy druggie, homosexual, FBI informant, and blackmailer of nationalists.
    5 Ann Coulter has also done several events with FBI informant Milo.

    Just noticing the patterns.

    • just to clarify: the NY book industry Jews have Queen Ann by the short hairs. She gets a multi-million Jewbuck advance for each piece of Con Inc. crap she puts out, and intends to keep getting it.

  5. Get the tribal council to declare it a tax free zone.
    Ignore 99% of the US code as null.

    Might have something.

  6. You don’t get it do you? You think this is about Social Justice? MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR corporations and deep states players operate under the flag and political cover of US Native Tribes in their jurisdictions and do their black market and racketeering operations through those autonomous zones.

    • My understanding is that the pedophiles use tribal lands to shop for victims. Same issue in Canada.

  7. Vote GOP for conservative judges. God only knows what those Dem liberal ones will do to us!

  8. If the Indians decide to do to the Okies what the Israelis did to the Palestinians only a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews will want to stop them.

  9. We better vote for Trump so that he can nominate a more conservative judge! If we don’t, we’ll have liberal judges on the Supreme Court who might give away American land! (Sarcasm)

  10. I remember reading a book called Civil War II by Thomas Chittum. He talked about how one day we might have to give up our homes because we will be told that we are on stolen land. I fear that he might have been right.

    • Right wing “extremists” are looking more and more reasonable. Statues today, us tomorrow and tomorrow is already here.

    • If anyone has not read his book, now is the time. You can probably find it on PDF. Some of his predictions were off the mark, some coming to pass. He did predict that CW2 would start in 2020, but he thought it would start in LA. Would be nice if he would do an update, cannot find any current info on or by him.

    • Well, just look at S Africa, it has come to that point. As long as WHITES remain weak and disoranganized, that is th direction we will go.

  11. An incredibly interesting development.


    On one hand it makes good on bad U.S. government dealings.

    On the other hand – it begs wondering how much of the land, currently known as The United States of America, will be soon given away – all the while citing this decision as a precedent?

    Can a legal system legitimately give back land won by blood in war?

    If so, whose lands in this world are secure?

    How long will it be before my property is in Indian Lands?

  12. Unlike Israel I will give land for peace as long as the remaining areas of white America and Anglo-Canada can combine as a new political entity and a metapolitical one at that. I would not even mind if this new entity gave financial support to these newly made non-white areas of the former United States and Canada as long at they stay there and do not try to come into the new entity.

  13. I don’t think this stupid decision will be enforceable—it only makes the Supreme Court look stupid. Maybe that’s Trumps angle?

  14. Not just in the United States. All over Latin America (with few exceptions including Venezuela and , Nicaragua) lighter-skin-toned “Spanish” people are continuing to take land from “the Indians.” The U.S.-installed Bolsonaro regime is working hardest of all, to remove millions of indigenous people “occupying” the Amazon that has such enormous potential for private profit-making.

    Don’t worry, land taken from poor White people will not REALLY be given to the Indians, because this is capitalism. Don’t worry about the Democratic Party giving anything to any but the elites; it is just as capitalistic as the Republican Party – two right wings of the one-party system!

  15. The Supreme Court is a just another controlled entity. Rigging is when conservative judges may swing Left and liberals judges never swing Right.

  16. ‘Guess it’s way past time to cancel Oklahoma altogether…bring back the Indian Territories and let lawless savagery reign…MAGA!!

  17. All “conservative” judges are “vetted” by the Federalist Society, which is run by a Jew.

    According to FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds, if a judge appointee can’t be blackmailed, they don’t pass the FBI review. Which means by the time the Jew that runs the Federal Society approves them, they are already controlled.

    I know, people don’t like to think about the implications of this, but it is what it is.

  18. Perhaps we could sue the tribes, on behalf of our Solutrean ancestors, whose land, the North American continent, was stolen from them after they were all murdered.

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