UK: 12-Year-Old Arrested For Racist Instagram Posts


The Independent:

West Midlands Police have arrested a 12-year-old boy after Crystal Palace footballer Wilfried Zaha was targeted with online racial abuse on Sunday morning.

A statement issued on Sunday afternoon read: “We were alerted to a series of racist messages sent to a footballer today and after looking into them and conducting checks, we have arrested a boy. …

Show Racism the Red Card chief executive Ged Grebby added: “Show Racism the Red Card applaud Wilfred Zaha for again calling out racism on social media.”

“This racist abuse is a hate crime and needs to be investigated by the police. A criminal record and five-year ban from football awaits the culprit.”

How many thousands of young girls have been gang raped and sex trafficked? The police swoop in to arrest a 12-year-old for racism and charge him with a hate crime for Instagram trolling?

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  1. The UK police have to be the shittiest police in the world. It goes to show just how patient the British people are to put up with such scum telling them what to do.

    • Patient? They are abject cowards, and have reduced themselves to the status of cattle. They will be slaughtered by their owners accordingly.

  2. This is a foretaste of how jevv5 will strangle us with laws,
    while ignoring real crimes.
    This is the jevvi5h sense of justice.

  3. As this site is (((monitored))), I encourage the hateful heebs (and the goy allies) watching us to look upon this story as a lesson. But not the one they might think we should learn. To take away the ability to express oneself — to vent — is essential to keep frustrations tamped down. There aren’t too many armed Brits, or ones in general with the age and wisdom to respond to injustice in the shadows. The story is quite different here.

    Watching children be sexually abused while the state does nothing, and then punishing them for daring to express Wrongthink, is something I will never forget or forgive. As our so-called betters often share the same worldview and Europe institutes the warped trends before we do, I expect this travesty to be repeated here in the near future. While many are willing to sit and watch as their neighbors get doxed, (I hope to God) they won’t put up with their kids being diddled, figuratively or literally.

    • The Pakistani rape gangs are the best counter argument to those who want to ban private firearms ownership in the U.S.. If the British people were armed like in the U.S. the rape gangs would never have even started and the police wouldn’t be so useless either. From the Crown down to the local police constable the British State has completely failed in its most basic duty, to protect the British people from monsters like the Moslems.

      There is also a big class distinction at work. Most of the Pakis were settled in unfashionable, post industrial northern towns. The wealth of Great Britain is now concentrated in the City of London and much more fashionable southern part of the country. The wealthy, upper classes despise the working classes and don’t care what happens to them.

    • Actually a lot of Brits have shotguns, tho they confiscated all their civilian handguns in the 1990s … and shotgun sales are increasing there along with the knife crime

      Whilst Brit politicians now talk about knife control LOL … ‘Save a life, turn in your knife’

      Americans don’t seem to know there are tens of millions of civilian guns in Europe, including many handguns, tho not the carry laws like in the USA

      But nearly 400 million civilian guns in the USA don’t seem to add up yet to much resistance

      Gun-confiscation tests after New Orleans Katrina and Boston Marathon bombing seem to have been successful

      Lib comedian Bill Maher even joked that owning a gun was actually the only ‘right’ Americans had left, all the others were gone

    • Attitudes are hardening fast in Europe watching the USA debacle

      European countries are still 80% plus indigenous euros, in the East over 90%, and that will be a key difference

      Sufferings of whites in the US are becoming a model in Europe of what to avoid

    • Yep. They better start pro-actively busing more white teenage girls to the Rotherham Paki gangs to prove they aren’t racists.

  4. Yawn and snore. Was I supposed to be outraged by this? Because I’m not.
    They keep electing the same major parties into power, as we do with our two, so you get what you vote for in the end.

  5. HW could you at least post some of his posts. I’d rather not give traffic to shitty websites.

  6. Wait until they find out QEII and the Rothschilds are behind all this lunacy.

    When the money system goes down, the real fireworks will start.

  7. ‘Hagia Sophia is a monument to *eternity*, not a museum to the past. Though I have mixed feelings on the matter, and on President Erdogan, I ultimately support the cathedral’s transformation into a mosque and being put into the care of Muslims.’

    Richard B. Spencer

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