Today’s Cancellations


Because of everything that George Fitzhugh said would happen.

Stephen Douglas:

For white supremacy.

The Virgin Mary:

Most likely for white supremacy.

Jessica Whitaker’s Family:

Because All Lives Don’t Matter

Random Motorcyclist:

Because White Lives Don’t Matter

The Washington Redskins:

For systemic racism and white supremacy.

White People on Instagram:

For Whitesplaining.

Roosh V’s YouTube Account:

For repeated and severe violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.


For ongoing and recurring acts of racism against Black people and refusing to declare racism a public health crisis.

OK Hand Gesture in Call of Duty:

For white supremacy and being an official ADL designated hate symbol.

Philadelphia Public Schools:

For failure to fight racism and white supremacy.

Former TWP Members:

For creating “a hazardous situation” by opposing Black Lives Matter.

The Texas Rangers:

For being violent agents of white supremacy.

UT Austin:

For racism and white supremacy. A bunch of things.


Not really a cancellation but … LOL. Spongebob is also gay now.

Isaih Martin’s Race Hoax:

Not a cancellation either but part of the same mania.

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  1. The Turner Diaries was a work of prophecy not fiction.

    HW, have you read Carleton Putnam’s Race and Reason?

  2. One shot, the young mom was killed with one shot from a distance. Have you ever seen a black fire a gun? They do not fire just one shot. The person that shot the mom was trained in firearms.

  3. A virgin is a symbol of innocence. And why do the Jews hate the innocent? Is it human to hate the innocent? And are the Jews human if they hate persecute and torment the weak and the innocent? Or are they something much much less than human? I tell you there is more to being a human being than walking on two legs instead of four, a whole lot more.

  4. The idol is on their property. That makes it their idol. Not your idol to deface or destroy!

    Catholic idol worship is just fine with me. LOL.

  5. “Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’s Velma Is a Lesbian, Producer Confirms”
    How can that be? Velma is supposed to be intelligent…

  6. “Isaih”? That’s a new one in black names. So they intentionally transpose letters in normal names? Goerge? Brain? Leory? Tohmas? Criag? Willaim? Or was it a typo from the beginning and they didn’t notice because his parents were dumb?

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