Tommy Tuberville Defeats Jeff Sessions

Destroying Jeff Sessions is one of Donald Trump’s biggest victories in office.

He worked hard for this victory. It belongs in his trophy chest alongside the tax cuts, criminal justice reform, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, the release of A$AP Rocky from his Swedish dungeon, 140,000 Americans dead from COVID-19, the collapse of law and order, the loss of free speech on the internet, mainstreaming Antifa and the destruction of countless historic monuments.

On to November 3rd … where I will be sitting on my couch.

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  1. Session is a moron. He had a chance to make things happen and he didn’t. He will be a part of the legacy of the many failures during the Trump presidency.

    • Ron you apparently are stupid.Sessions alone alerted America to Bush’s 2006,2007 amnesties.He is a decent man who cares about White people.Trump clearly despises his own voters.The orange Rabbi Trump endorsed Lindsay Graham and Mitt Romney(both hate him and work against him)yet wont endorse men like Sessions,Roy Moore or Kris Kobach,who work for the White American people.It is crystal clear to everyone that Trump never meant to keep any of his promises.I bet you cant wait to hear him gush about how great Hispanics are and how their unemployment is at record lows.Ron you really are a dim bulb.

      • @Jared…

        I totally agree – Sessions was the right man for the job because, more than any other US politician, and Southerner, as well, he has stood for us.

    • Get ready for ESL programs and taco trucks throughout the heart of Dixie. Truly vibrant. El Alabama.

  2. To be honest, Jeff Sessions has been a huge disappointment. Trump insulted and humiliated him on a daily basis for months on end, and yet Sessions groveled like a dog and begged for the acceptance of his Yankee master. What an ignominious end to his career!

    • @Hampton…

      i guess how you feel explains, at least in part, the Alabama electorate on this matter.

      • I see now that I was right in thinking that Alabama would elect no squirrely politician, but, i was utterly wrong in ascertaining which candidate Alabamans were regarding as ‘the squirrel’.

    • Yes, Sessions should have responded in kind and exposed Blompf for the fraud he is. Instead, Sessions told us to “trust the plan” and tried to present himself as the real ‘Trump Candidate’, Trump’s endorsement of Tuberville notwithstanding. It was very cringeworthy campaign overall.

      • Tex,

        Goyische kop — for both Sessions and Trump.

        No wonder White Gentiles are sadly so often such stupefied, blithering fools — especially on how power works in the real world.

      • they’re real enough. Fact is, most ‘Murkan (and European) Whites

        have signed on to self-extermination provided

        they continue to receive their warm daily shower of Jewbucks.

      • I believe the election process is rife with problems. But, I also believe Steve King and Jeff Sessions were let down by the white people of their respective states. I am going to assume Alabamians felt the same way as Iowans. That Jeff Sessions would not be able to get things done with both the GOP and Trump against him.

  3. Don’ forget being an absentee landlord president listening to Ivanka and Jared’s advice to ride it out! This-not Covid-19- is what will lose the election assuming he loses,. I just don’t detect the energy that was here 4 years ago in his campaign. If he wins expect amnesty for DACA and a war with Syria or Iran. Heads they win, tails we lose! It will be as if Hillary won. It seems that way now actually.

    • Trump is an utterly narcissistic, mentally ill, petulant child.

      As are m-a-n-y of his stupid, uber-beta fanboys (…yes, even YOU little bitches, ESPECIALLY you little bitches – “Trumps Chumps” – who still childishly fall for ONE LIE AFTER THE NEXT from this atrocious buffoon)

    • current polling – controlled for the usual (((MSM))) demoncrat oversampling – shows Biden pulling significantly ahead of Drumpf in: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin…and Tejas. Provided the dems can keep Biden vertical and prevent him from drooling during the “debates”, he should win both popular vote and EC by substantial margins.

      this election may well signal the end of the republiscam pty as a national entity. An outcome we on the White hardRight desperately need.

  4. Bad day for anti-immigration.

    Maybe God will intervene and take Tuberville out before Nov 3rd and somehow give Sessions his old Senate job back or just maybe the whole Republican Party will crash and burn on Nov 3rd and pave the way for Joe Biden to take control along with a packed Dem House and Dem Senate and the final slide down to total destruction begins …

  5. Sessions’ preferred policies were superior to Trump’s proposals’ and he had a longer history of fighting for those policies then Trump. But Jeff was too much a Southern gentleman to challenge his former Senate colleagues to defend his boss DJT. Hence he was rejected by both Trump and Alabama voters. Without the will to win, victory is not possible. Sessions never fought for Trump against the Establishment Coup, so in the end he deserved to lose. Case closed. I would not trust him to fight the current Marxist Revolution, and neither should you.

  6. This is how you know that Trump never meant to implement any of the nationalist policies he claimed he would do. If he had been serious, he would have used this same influence he has over the voters that he used to demolish Sessions to primary all of the establishment Republicans he could and support nationalist candidates. Instead, he endorsed neocons and never endorsed any of the MAGA/Am-First candidates. Instead of destroying the careers of Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney like he easily could have, he worked with them to pass everything their donors wanted.

    Try explaining any of this to his supporters and they will just not get it. Everything gets sucked into Trump’s cult of personality so everyone rejects objective analysis of his actions. The left thinks he’s a fascist dictator who works for Putin, while the right thinks he’s a divine champion sent by God to work with Q-Anon and defeat the racist marxist-fascist Demoncrats once and for all. Neither side accepts that he’s just a bog standard neoliberal hidden under a veil of rhetoric.

  7. It’s hard to envision a scenario where Sessions doesn’t take the fall for Trump. If Sessions had been the sort of lackey Trump wanted it would have ended much worse for him than this. Sessions learned his lesson. Don’t trust the snake.

  8. I have to say that I am shocked!

    Tuberville is a Corporate Open Borders Guy who campaigned like an anxious squirrel.

    Since when did Alabama go for that?

    This was also the question I asked when Doug Jones beat Judge Moore – what the hell is going on down there?

  9. Sessions was as good as it gets for electoral politics. Which is why I gave up on electoral politics and have braced for a couple generations of hell on Earth. But if Whites survive this, and I believe we will, what comes after will be something remarkable.

  10. No doubt I would have joined you, Hw, in voting for Sessions but the Russia thing was just too great to shake off. So many Republicans were exhausted from Russia and Sessions became the blame guy.

    He made a huge mistake giving up that Senate seat to join a shady guy in Trump. This is what happens when lust for power blurs your thinking. No matter how it went down, the optics made Jeff look like the bad guy.

    Obviously those mad at Trump can defeat Tuberville if they wish. Sessions got about 40% of the Republican primary vote. If even half or even less stay home, Doug Jones will win easily.

    Jeff got a little too cocky regarding his seat. He had it for a while and did not treat it with enough respect so he went for the Attorney General job. Again, big mistake. This also shows why term limits are so needed. Guys should not be in office 20, 30, 40 years.

    It really is sad a football coach beats a guy with tons of political experience. It’s even worse when Sessions was overall good for us. But Jeff kissed a little too much Trump tush. He should have distinguished himself away from Trump. It’s obvious Trump has not done a good amount of what he said he would do. But again, the Russia thing angered too many Republicans and Sessions became a major blame guy.

    I wish him well but he became another example of someone giving up a nice job to lust after a riskier and much more temporary job working for a guy huge on loyalty. Yes, Jeff, you messed up big giving up a guaranteed Senate seat to go work for Trump!

  11. Disappointing but much was to be expected with Blumpf and Bitch McConnells slander of him. Blumpf still has it in his head that Sessions recusal ruined his presidenecy and the demoncrats wouldn’t of hounded him on russiagate or otherwise left him alone

    Doug jones a super liberal now?! So hes just like Jared Kushner then? Blumpf is such a dumb short sighted fool By the sounds of Tuberville he probably acts like your basic bitch republicuck probably isn’t far off from a “super liberal” policy wise come to think of it

    Was gonna celebrate with a beer and whisky cocktail today (haven’t had a single drink in 2 whole months!) had Sessions won but don’t think I will now feels too hot to drink today anyway its gonna be another hot humid scorcher like yesterday was

  12. Not voting for Trump (as the incumbent) in a fixed, two-party system, is voting for our collective death as a nation, with Biden/Cabala Ha’Aretz/Stacey [Ursula- poor unfortunate whale] Adams upon his demise… you DO know that, yes?

    • it’s a one pty Zionist Occupation Gubmint; the only function of Drumpf and the Republiscams is to neo-con the Whites into voting for the (((system))) while the (((system))) destroys them.

      and “our Nation” died decades ago. We we have now is a decaying corpse, being eaten by a mob of Jews, congoids, and cosmic self-liquidating Whites.

      stop cucking.

  13. Tubs….. I always thought Jeff was a worthy man of character. I had high hopes for him as AG. And we got a limp wristed do nothing Jeff. HW do you know when Brad will run for office?

  14. Read AH on the slim chance of a great man being found in a democratic election. This obviously sucks, but it’s not unexpected. Jeff Sessions was an excellent US Senator, he just didn’t work well as Trump’s Attorney General – should have dismissed the ridiculous Russian stole the election hoax. The GOP cuckservative, Conservative Inc, Christian Zionists are retaking their power and behind the scenes, purging anyone that even hits he’s not on board with the plan: Open Borders immigration, anything goes corporate driven labor policies, Anything Israel wants including more wars, regime changes in Syria, Iran – possibly regime changes in Christian Nationalist governments in Central, Eastern Europe and Russia.

    I expected this SH#&$ from the eternally vindictive Neo Conservatives, Zionists, Christian Zionists paid slaves, but I thought the Cuckservatives, Conservative Incs with the likes of David French, Paul Ryan, Mittens Romney, George Will – I thought these types were pushed aside for ever like Mitt Romney’s failed father MI Governor George Romney. I can’t believe Mitt Romney is getting away with taking the knee supporting BlackLiesMatter mobs. But, he seems to be back in the Conservative inc saddle. Church of Latter Day Sissies has now universally terrible, traitor cuckservative political leaders.

    Hey Hunter, please repost that inspiring speech from Sir. Oswald Mosley.

    • @Jaye Ryan,

      One of your best comments.

      LDS is a catch-22. On the one hand, they have very attractive women who will pump out lots of White babies, but at the cost of being raised as members of the church of morons.

      AH and JC as Commander Rockwell said we’re the two greatest men in history.

      • A Catch 22 that I didn’t catch. I joined the LDS church 20 years ago with just what you had in mind, only I didn’t get it. Lots of nice neighbors, good looking Christmas postcards, but no wholesome good looking wife and…..

        These #*$&# cowardly LDS sissies bored the living hell out of me!

        Really really dull, boring, cowardly sissies – what kind of real man lives 92 years without kissing a woman that wasn’t his life or having a beer or even a hot cup of coffee.


      • Thanks again for the kind words about my comment. I’m honored to have a few loyal readers, fans of my attempts at humor on the Political Cesspool Radio Show. Hey “November” is there any special day in November that’s even more you like……

        November 8th, November 9th?


        Stay strong brother – looks like we’re in for rough times.


  15. The Trumptards got the vote out but it really doesn’t matter in the end. The Republican Party is Anti-White controlled opposition.

  16. There’s a lot of Satrean “bad faith” on both sides with Trump and Sessions. They all pretend they couldn’t do anything for the two years that they controlled every branch of Federal authority. Like they did not have choices? Lol.

  17. I knew this was going to happen from online comments by Alabama conservatives, they were strongly against Sessions. All white nationalists in AL should vote for Doug Jones. If they can’t bring themselves to do that, they deserve everything that is coming to them.

    • @ATBOTL…

      “All white nationalists in AL should vote for Doug Jones. ”

      Don’t know why you would say that, Young Man – Senator Jones is all about open borders and non-White immigration.

      At least Tuberville is pro-gun, pro-life, and will vote for much better justices than would Jones.

      I much preferred Sessions, but, between Jones and Tuberville, give me Tuberville.

      Go Tigers!

  18. Sessions seems to care only about himself, and is so institutionalized that he cannot imagine living outside of Washington. His recusal was treasonous.

    He was always a rotten Senator, he was up there in the Senate supporting the empire, all the wars, all the budgets. And if you support that, you are supporting mass immigration, invade em invite em.

    Sessions ended his disgraceful career by sabotaging the viable campaign of Rep. Byrne, a fine conservative, who had he had the support of Sessions would now be the nominee.

  19. Destroying Jeff Sessions is one of Donald Trump’s biggest victories in office.

    Let’s not give Blompf too much credit here. His endorsement didn’t help Luther Strange or Roy Moore in 2017. Tuberville held a 20-point lead over Sessions even before Blompf’s endorsement and he’d well have won without it.

    • The Russia hoax was always about being an excuse for Trump to do nothing. Trump hates Sessions because Ivanka hates Sessions because Jews hate Sessions.

  20. I benefited from the tax cuts and so did small businesses. I have a relative who is an accountant, and his spreadsheet showed a substantial difference. My tax liability is half what it would have been.

    I would have liked to have seen Sessions win; we are stuck with the cuck Cornyn in Texas. But he will be way less bad than the alternative that won the Democratic primary.

    • There is no room in White Society for Whites that put judefetzen before the deterioration of White America.

  21. Hunter,

    Why do you think Sessions lost? I don’t live in AL like you do, but I was always under the impression that in general, Sessions is well liked in AL.

    Perhaps my assumption is wrong.

      • Hunter, the Southern nationalist movement is failing to confront modern Southern culture. The New South is in many ways cucked worse than the rest of the country. Negro worship is stronger in the South. Bread and circuses(ie junk food and tv sports) have a stronger hold over Southerners than other whites. Wiggers are far more common in the South than in other parts of the country. White Southerners are the most philosemitic people on the face of the earth. No one bows down to Jews like Southerners do. White Southerners put Israel over America far more than other whites do.

        Studying history is all well and good, but more needs to be done about the state Southern people are in now. They need to be called out. You are repeating the error of the paleocons and focusing only on history and philosophy, with nothing to say about the culture you actually live in.

        Southern nationalists need to launch campaigns against football culture, fast food culture and Christian Zionism. Studying what went wrong in the 19th Century has very limited potential to effect change.

        • Completely spot-on, ATBOTL

          Yes Hunter, it would be profoundly more interesting if you wrote articles on the South as it stands today — rather than it’s idealized, and romanticized, past.

          This being said, I love good Southern folks with all my heart, but many of them, especially the boomer conservative element among them, really do seem live in, and dwell upon, a very bygone past.

        • @Virtus and ATBOTL…

          No, Gentlemen, y’all are not right.

          Southern Nationalists have definitely confronted the South on this issue, and have been doing it for many many years..

          They do not wish to listen.

        • ATBOTL – Yep. And well said. I sadly noticed this bad shift in Southern Culture where SEC football once used to be a White Southern thing “Archie Manning an Ol Miss Rebels” and some lingering on with Payton Manning – U Tennessee band playing Rockytop, but it’s degenerated in to worship the lowest Blacks that often include rapists of White college girls (happened at my alma mater Vanderbilt).

          One thing that has worked for me is to encourage working class White southerns to consider Ice Hockey as an alternative to 5 days a week of High School, College and Negro Felon League “Football” (even the name is stupid – it’s an American derivative of the British sport of Football.

  22. If Sessions is a moron, what do you think Trump was for hiring Rosenstein and the other hacks who made his life with Russiagate? Sessions is an annoying donkey boy scout, BUT, he does truly care about the US and would have been Trump’s greatest ally in the Senate, as long as Trump was pushing his 2016 campaign agenda, rather than Kushner’s.

    • @Daniel…

      “If Sessions is a moron, what do you think Trump was for hiring Rosenstein and the other hacks who made his life with Russiagate? ”

      Right on target!

  23. Our enemies and the enemy if all healthy people are good at politics – they choose popular candidates like successful SEC football coaches that led beloved teams to national championship victories .

    Same with military leaders like John McCain – good guy or tough guy actors line John Wayne , Ronald Reagan, or Arnold Scwarzenneger , Astronaut heroes line John Glenn.

    Our side too often goes for (good) policy wonks.

    White women in particular vote for personalities , good looking actors, father figures .

    Democracy sucks

  24. Sessions was no moron-but Trump is. His presidency is, as Elvis Presley said, “Too Much Conversation, not Enough Action”. His tweets and speeches are inspirational at times, but somehow these utterances never manifest themselves into governmental policy. As a member of Trump’s election campaign, Sessions had a conflict of interest and was ethical enough to do the right thing.You can’t be an important member of an organization and be in charge of investigating it for conduct which allegedly occurred during your watch. His recusal, furthermore, had no real effect on the Election investigation. Rod Rosenstein, on the other hand, appointed Bob Mueller as special prosecutor without consulting Trump, and even wore a wire secretly when meeting with Trump, hoping to lure Trump into saying something that could get Trump impeached.. He did much more that Sessions or almost anyone else in the Trump administration against Trump, but somehow butter wouldn’t melt in Trump’s mouth regarding Rosenstein, but he never misses a chance to bash Sessions. Could it be that Rosenstein, unlike Sessions, is a member of the Tribe? Trump use Goys like Sessions and Corey Lewandowksi as whipping boys, but the silence is deafening about Rosenstein, Jared Kushner,, Gary Cohn and other tribesmen who have sought to undermine Trump at every turn.Trump is either a coward who is afraid to call out “the usual suspects”, or is a fool that doesn’t realize that they’re sabotaging his presidency. Sessions, meanwhile was voted number 1 out of all people in Congress over the past 20 years on immigration issues by Numbers USA. Now we’re saddled with the anti-confederate jock-sniffer Tommy Tuberville who , ahead of his time, lobbied to remove all things confederate from Ole Miss while he was football coach there in the 90’s. The theme song for Trump’s re-election campaign should be, “What Kind of Fool Am I?”.Being loyal to Trump will get you fired-unless you’re a Jew, but Jews can run roughshod over Trump without consequence. Trump is a jerk By the way, whatever happened to that border fence the Mexicans were supposed to pay for?.

  25. So is Stephen Miller still working for Trump on immigration issues?
    It was Sessions who got Trump to take Miller on.
    I just want to know if there are ANY immigration hard-liners left in the WH anymore.
    (Not that it would matter much, anyway).

    • A few different people (Ann Coulter for one example) seem to believe that Miller himself was blocking a lot of actual immigration reforms. He was working against Kobach iirc.

  26. The Trump supporters are more brainwashed than ever. What has he done against any of this but post on Twitter? Nothing! Same goes for his fellow Cuckservatives across the country. This country has declined more in 2020 than at any time since the 1960s. What’s it really matter if it’s a D or an R in the White House…the New World Order flight plan remains the same hating our White Civilization. Deo Vindice !

  27. I have less empathy for Sleepy Dwarf Sessions humiliation at the polls than he showed to James Fields and the men of RAM that his DOJ railroaded for the descendants if the Pharisees.

    Play TAPS for Dixie. Now Alabama and Mississippi have cucked to the NJO.

  28. Jeff Sessions is responsible for sending James Fields to prison for 419 years, after Fields was murderously attacked by antifa

    Jeff Sessions is responsible for tilting the whole apparatus of law against white heritage people after Charlottesville

    Even with his recusal, Jeff Sessions had a number of tools to call out and limit the damage being done by the Mueller witch-hunt … Jeff Sessions is indeed key in helping destroy Trump’s first two years in office

  29. The Alabama Senate debacle is easy to explain when you recognize that Jews achieved their objectives.

    Ivanka telling us Roy Moore should go to Hell really tells us all we need to know about Trump’s “support” for Roy Moore. Bannon disappearing not long after.

    Roy Moore was a Christian war veteran and he didn’t intend to marry a whore. That is hateful to women like Ivanka and to Jews, and humiliating Christians is something Trump does a masonic duty.

  30. Trump behavior can’t be explained without understanding that he has a New York City Jew’s contempt for Christianity. He hates his marks, he can’t truly hide it, and he won’t ever strongly support his marks, out of “principle.” (his malicious instincts)

  31. Fuck this orange faggot. I can’t stand the sight or sound of the guy anymore.

    I’m with you, Hunter. I’ll be staying home on November 3. Let the whole thing burn to the ground.

  32. Can t blame Session ‘s defeat on Donald Trump .

    Yeah, Trump is personally vindictive – he blames Sessions for not dismissing the ridiculous Russian collusion hoax.

    But the blame for Jeff Sessions defeat rests overwhelmingly in the hands of Alabama’s wealthy , business elite. This Alabama wealthy elite thought Roy Moore and Roy‘s supporters were too lower class , too redneck , too Bible folks, too RACIST unlike them that get to hang out with Ivy League Bushes or maybe a Hollywood celebrity like Brad Pitt, or George Clooney .

    These rich as$ hole& actually like mass illegal immigration , JUST LOVE that cheap labor –

    “These hard working 3rd world immigrants just want to do the jobs Americans don t want to do”

    And these rich Alabama business elites just LOVE all these Neo Conservative , Zionist, Christian Zionist Wars – “ Support the Troops” Bomb Iraq and bomb Iran”.

    And they live to get 50 yard line season tickets for the Auburn or Alabama Crimson tide – “Roll Tide”. And they , unlike us are completely not in any way RACIST – they just love Cam Newton and don t care if the Auburn defensive and awesome line drug and gang take White cheer leaders .

    I stood with the best League of the South when we protested Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith flooding Middle Tennessee with lowest coast Somalian Muslim meat processor workers – probably bringing Coronavirus, Malaria, TB and bubonic plague to the South.

    These rich as@ hol&$ Don t care they all want to be like Tyson Foods CEO Donnie Smith … or the Bush Family, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon who just announced ….

    a $100 million donation to Black Lives Matter!

    What a guy!

    Until we can find practical effective ways to punish these terrible rich traitors , we ll never make any progress .

    “The fault Caesar lies not in our stars but in our selves”


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