NYPD Attacked By Mob and Bloodied At Brooklyn Bridge

Check this out.

New York Post:

“Video tweeted out by the NYPD Tuesday appears to show a protester on the Brooklyn Bridge use a stick like a baton to whack police officers over the head.

The scuffle came as scores of men and women marched across the bridge to protest police brutality — protests that have raged across the country all summer.

Photos of the bloodied police officials were also posted on Twitter.

The city’s top uniformed cop — Chief Terence Monahan — was injured at the same protest and was treated at the scene for a hand injury after a clash with a group of protesters, cops said.

It is the same guy who had New York’s finest kneel before the criminals last month as they rioted, looted and unleashed mayhem. He symbolically transferred his authority to them.

George Fitzhugh predicted in the 1850s that the internal logic of the liberal order as it unfolded across history would eventually lead to the destruction of all government, order and subordination and the destruction of religion and culture before taking a final nose dive and faceplant into anarchy. There is a sickness at the heart of liberal capitalist democracy that leads to instability.

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  1. jew.gov enforcers….beaten bloody by JewYork mob of communists and congoids.

    pretty neat. We need more of this….

    much more.

  2. Why didn’t they even seemingly TRY to arrest the bastards that were attacking the cops with sticks?!?!?!?

  3. “I don’t see much future for the Americans…it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem and problems of social inequalities. Everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that is half-judaised and half-Negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” – Adolf Hitler.

  4. Good. Let the pigs that kneel before those desiring their destruction get what they deserve, which is death. I don’t give a f*ck if they’re following orders to not respond. To give up the right to self-defense, especially in the name of meaningless virtue, means you will be attacked, especially by the retarded dark barbarians. The nig savages are told they can act as they like without consequences, so apes gonna ape.

    Putting their pensions before public service and self-respect isn’t working out too well for the oinkers. Establish order as if you want society and yourselves to survive, or get ground into a fine paste by your brain-damaged wannabe conquerors, piggies. Make your choice.

    • been saying the same for awhile now. rome had nero, we get trump
      the difference is nero never fiddled (it wasn’t invented yet) while rome burned.
      trump on the other hand, tweets while america burns!

  5. Homicides have DOUBLED in Minneapolis and St. Paul in 2020. This is what happens when our weakened, effete ruling class drops trou and grabs their ankles for the new dark overlords. They have decided darkies can, echoing Crowley, make “do as thou wilt” their only law. Our elites are unleashing evil everywhere they can. Our society needs an exorcism.

  6. All the things David Duke and even Pat Buchanan warned about for decades became a reality. The toxic mix of jewish lies, exaggeration and consistently being anti White. Throw that in with an obscenely diverse society encouraged by big business, Republitards and the anti White party Democrats.

    I did find it funny the dopey White cop who took a knee for the communist mob got attacked by Tyrone. Hopefully the dope realized how utterly wrong he was. Sometimes people make mistakes. It happens. Hopefully a heavy stick over his head re confirmed the stupidity of taking a knee to demons.

    Obviously cops are not to be trusted. I am all for limiting them to violent crime issues. Look at how cops came and took away the gun of the St. Louis couple. Disgusting. Look at how cops are looking for the Patriot who dumped red paint on the ( most likely) illegal Blm sign put up across the street from Trump Tower. Many police would enforce corrupt dictator laws and do everyday. So, while I for sure understand why police are needed, their duties need to be limited.

    The hilarious part is people yell about a communist thug like Deblasio. Well, what comes after him? Aoc? Some nutball city council member? Another anti White. This is why there is no hope. The Democratic Party and Blm are now related. Being anti White is the new Americana.

    On a side note, notice the churches are quiet. Imprecatory prayers should be all throughout churches now instead of cuckery. Praying for these evil Democrats and some Republicans to turn away from their evil or be punished by GOD is a part of Psalms which JESUS quoted from often. Perhaps some churches are doing that but it’s clear America is up against tremendous evil and imprecatory prayers are necessary.

    • @Jeff…

      The Rural Tarheel Klan was screaming their lungs off about all this stuff when i was a child in the 1960s – before Duke was out of school and when Buchanan was a writer for Nixon.

      The educated city Whites of my state, however, just laughed at them.

      Though I was just a kid, I remember those laughs well, and all the pejoritve comments made about the Klansmen

      Now we know who was right – The ‘uneducated’ Klansmen.

      • Absolutely, Ivan. Was just saying it to make a point as our lovely media would consistently go after those guys. No doubt there are many others. No doubt in my mind the majority of blacks enjoy high crime. Same with dark skinned hispanics. They would say no of course but the fact they never change who they vote for; do not get remotely as riled up against dark crime compared to the fabled police on blacks points to a sick culture. Also the ” no snitch” mentality is a big way of life amongst blaxxx.

        Thankfully I never became a police officer. I flirted with it years back even going through very early pre training at the Police academy. I did not like what my prospects would be and stopped. This was at a time nothing like today. Just the basic uneasiness of policing black and brown people.

        Compare that to today where you not only get to police people who hate you; who mostly will not help you. But now you get Democrat district attorneys itching to throw white police in jail. You get literally 95% of Democrat politicians who want you in jail or are too timid to say otherwise. Who in their right mind would want that job? Then throw in these rancid White communists who join with black criminals to beat you or kill you. One has to be literally retarded to want that job.

        I think it’s pretty obvious the National Guard will become ” police like” as more police budgets are cut or gutted totally. They will become the backup quarterback. Because a social worker ain’t gonna cut it. Heck, I would be leery being a social worker now. Democrat communists are going to be putting them in some horrible situations. Lol.

        Nothing good ever comes from pandering to black people. Ever. Filthy Joe Biden has literally sold his soul to be elected. He is even ok with destroying white suburbs even further. That means the suburbs will further look like Ferguson. It means more apartments and low income units housing Tyrone, Rufus and Keisha. It means more babies named Keywontrezes. ( I kid you not. Just read that name of a black guy in a room with a 14 year old girl and her dad beat him up) Keywontrezes Humphries is his full name.lol. Sick! I always figure the sperm recipient “mom” takes a big hit of crack and then goes with the absurd name. Baby daddy has no say. He dropped his seed so on to the next one!

  7. Dumb zog pigs deserve this you kneel on the ground before a blm mob like a bunch of pathetic pieces of shit because you wanna show how progressive and antiracist you are? You think kneeling will appease them?! that was just a submission and humiliation ritual ya dummies. Police also backs FBI’s laughable totally made up white supremacy statistics and lies So don’t cry when you get assaulted by your fellow black “youths”

    I’d have more respect for cops if they posted murder rate stats for different races and told the people exactly what antifa and blm are doing that they are terrorists and anarchists for the long nose tribe they did their bidding when they took down all those statues because we all know the truth on here who does the most killing and criminal acts but cops simp for antifa and joggers so f*ck them they get what they deserve!

  8. That blue cheka bitch joshua potash vile racist language lol it was just a bunch of aggravated Italian an irish boomers swearing probably being harassed by protesters checks his twatter history of course every single fricking time man!

    • Ok so he isn’t a blue checkmark but hes got the whole “dox that white racist an ruin his life” vibe going on. Also he has basic bitch lefty and long nose tribe talking points and retweets on his twatter page btw his website transformharm.org is literally funded and endorsed by open society foundations

  9. The point is: never, EVER, surrender to animals without honor. You are giving them license to do to you, and yours whatever they will. Never forget: they want you dead…they want your children enslaved and starving…AND THEY THINK IT’S FUNNY.

    • @Brian…

      “The point is: never, EVER, surrender to animals without honor.”

      I’ll take you one further, Sir – never surrender to anyone who is out of line, honour or no honour.

      I only kneel before The Lord Jesus Chryst and my wife.

  10. The blacks think that once whitey has been eliminated…that everything will be great, wakanda realized. But apparently black people are unaware of the existence of china. The Chinese will turn our dusky friends into fertilizer for their rice paddies.

    • Wakanda is loosely based on Benin. The British invaded Benin after couple of consuls were murdered by the Voodoo bastards. When the Royal Marines stormed the capital of the Kingdom they found a temple with human sacrifices and hundreds of years of encrusted blood on bronze head statues and Ivory carvings. It was a good thing that the Marines visited the city of blood.

  11. Once again where is our absentee landlord president in all this? No mercy will I give for those who take a knee who are later devoured by the same mob they so idolized…shades of Robespierre.

  12. Cops will do whatever their Anti-White overlords tell them to do. Remember Charlottesville.

    • That’s right. And, remember the names and faces of our enemies.

      If anything, the people in positions of power are playing with fire. When the system goes down – and it will – there will be no security or safe spaces for anyone including those in government. The magical money printing machine is burning on its way out.

      Oh, joy! ~ Stimpy

    • Aren’t you the same loser who supports murderers like Daniel Lewis Lee who was recently executed? Charlottesville involved two nutty fringe elements coming together and clashing.
      Civic nats like Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro are sickening, but considering the alternative is you alt-right wingnuts, I’ll hold my nose and stick with the former and continue to vote for pro-civil liberties moderate Republicans.

      • Wicca Witch sums it up for you. You are a Democrat demon happily voting for baby killers, homosexual dung hole sex disease, open borders so we can be just like Central America. The only reason Charlottesville was made such a big deal was due to jews telling you it was. Blacks kill thousands of other blaxxx every year and commit 90% of interracial crime but your overlords do not want to tell you that.

        So spare us your alleged voting for cowardly rino Republican cowards who are just war mongers, too afraid to defend White people. You are a demon party Democrat far more, anyway.

        • Nice strawmen but never once did I deny racial differences in achievements, intelligence, crime, or welfare. I’m critical of conservatives like Charlie Kirk for denying it and for turning a blind eye towards what Israel does to Gentiles. As bad as somethings are right now, buffoons like you aren’t going to sway me into backing neofascism and surrendering my basic civil liberties just because I’m a non-Christian female. You won’t convince most other white Americans to fall for your demagoguery either.

          Keep making a fool of yourself though, because I’m sure you’re used to it after so many years.

          • Wiccan. Yes, so supporting moderate Republicans is the way? Lmao. You mean those lovely warmonger types who have spent trillions on wars murdering millions of people, maiming millions more and want to keep going? Moderates have done nothing except give the store away. Moderates are losers on every level. It’s because these types got elected that America is finishing up. Moderate means they have no conviction. They are basically a hair better than Democrats…useless.

            And you worry about police. I see very little support for expanded police power here. Just because many here are labeled ” right wing” does not mean we want huge police power. But we sure as heck want them to crack down on statue destroyers, communist freaks and violent savages. Police have a purpose. It just has to be limited.

            You seem to take pride in being a witch. That will only get you a trip to hell when you die. I say that as a friend, not an enemy. Those whom deny JESUS shall not go to Heaven on death. No matter how passionate you or anyone else is about this life, it all ends in a blip. Life is a vapor as it says in the Bible. Be well.

          • Why do you reject Christ and his teachings? What is it about treating others in the way you would like to be treated that you find so abhorrent? I would love to know.

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