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  1. It isn’t a matter of bad principles. It is a matter of conspiratorial action. “Conservatives” could start mouthing off about “blood and soil” (look at Ukraine) and they would still end up co-opted.

    Ultimately it comes back to how whites are raised. Demoralization has made it very difficult to find whites willing to sacrifice for anything.

    • You are never more than one administrative layer away from a jewish manager.

  2. As I have been saying for years : ——– I am most definitely ‘a Conservative’.

    That said, I have no regard for what Conservatism has practiced over the last century, because it has conserved practically nothing.

    I am glad Mr. Griffin has coined the phrase, ‘Liberal Conservative’, because it describes that from which I wish to distance myself, and which, as well, I would hope The South would distance itself, in the coming years.

    Hope springs eternal…

    • For conservatism, losing is baked in. Even the name makes you sound like a complete loser. Like you are trying to conserve a forest in the Amazon that is being slash burned, and hunted out by government backed developers and poachers. Now if you were planting trees in cities with the idea of eliminating cities, you would have a more exciting sounding name, because you’d be taking new ground instead of slowly losing it.


      People have no idea how much money is washing around in American politics. The Clintons for example, were getting up to 250 grand for each 10 minute private speech they did for the establishment, and they were doing lots of them. The pundits, politicians, and their lackeys lower down in the political parties, and government actually like the gilded cages they sold their souls to live in. They aren’t going to be convinced to stop destroying their country by any number of essays or tweets.

      What will happen to the AmNats even if they were genuine, is the minute they win office the money spiggot will turn on, and they will transform into Respectable Conservatism 2.0. If some of them won’t sell out, they will be removed in rigged elections, or they will be set up, and blackmailed to get them under control.

      Taking over the Republican Party/Conservatism Inc. will fail for the same reason that sane people don’t try to infiltrate the Mafia, with a plan to turn it into a Bible believing church group that raises money for the poor.

  3. Considering the UK is still 82% white according to their last census and the Conservative Party cut benefits for welfare recipients with over 2 children, they’re in better shape than the Republicans are. What’s the alternative to the Tories? Endangered UKIP? Neofascist BNP?
    Likewise, what’s the alternative to the GOP? The loony Libertarian Party? The American Nazi Party?
    There’s no other choice but Trump 2020.

    • There’s no choice, but to vote for a politician that offers us nothing but betrayal? Why, so we can ally ourselves with a potential winner? That makes no sense to me. Both Blompf and Senile Joe offer Whites disdain and marginalization. If we won’t get anything we want or need, what’s the incentive to vote?

  4. I suspect Bill Buckley in the early 60’s made a bargain with the devil to get on national TV. He agreed not to discuss or bring up certain topics which the liberal ruling class found offensive or embarrassing. He agreed in practice to let them set his agenda. Thus, respectable conservatism was born and has remained ineffective and useless ever since.

  5. This clown wants to let three million Hong Kong Chinese into Britain. Just what would that conserve? Supposedly they would be escaping tyranny for freedom. But politically correct Britain isn’t free. They might as well stay in Hong Kong.

  6. Yes. Anyone and anything, except the gatekeepers to White liberation aka the GOP. They have done absolutely NOTHING to deserve our loyalty. Screw them.

    This isn’t funny anymore.

    Damn right Wicxan Witch, National Socialism and fascism.

    Take your milquetoast republicanism, and burn it in your caldron.


    Careful with that atheme. I wouldn’t want you to accidentally stab yourself.

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