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Update: It has been changed back after Sen. Josh Hawley tweeted about it.

Rod Dreher brought this to my attention.

Rod has been blacklisted in Google search results.

Guess who else is blacklisted and no longer appears in Google search results?

Occidental Dissent

American Renaissance

Daily Stormer

Radix Journal

Nick Fuentes



Counter Currents

League of the South

The Occidental Observer


American Identity Movement

Doubtless, there are many other many other rightwing populist and nationalist sites which are now blacklisted by Google, which hilariously only fetches results from the ADL and SPLC and the mainstream media. Thomas Main’s diatribe calling for us to all be banned is indexed.

“What to do? Let the American people make a new declaration of independence. But this time from politicians and movements that denigrate our foundational principles. Anti-democratic ideologues should be banned from mainstream web services. And Trump, our latter day George III, should be democratically overthrown in the fall election. Let us again pledge, as the founders did, to uphold — and update for out time–their main principle, that all people are created equal.”

In the name of democracy, we’re silencing all of our critics! We’re also supporting violent mobs attacking the police and federal property!

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  1. Saw the big sister today. She was nattering about chemtrails and Q. Shit. These people are so bewildered and can’t bring themselves to see the enemy in the eye.

    • Tell me about it….its the shapeshifting reptilians that you’ve never seen any evidence of and NOT the jewish communists who own every form of relaying information, education, media, pop culture and who own the actual central banking system and monopolized corporations with enormous lobbying power and influence over the rotten judicial and political system..nah.
      lets ignore that for the aliens in human flesh suits and magic pixie dust in the sky…its infuriating and tiresome.

  2. How does one uphold the principles of democracy and free expression while denying the right to public discourse to one’s opponents? The Left is hypocritical, and always has been. Censorship would have a legitimate place in a folk and culture based Christian nation, but not in their liberal utopia. Yet they censor us. Maybe with 20th century liberals, it was never about liberty, but about getting themselves into power to destroy the remnants of White Christian civilization?

  3. Ancient mystery religion – Occult – secret societies/masons in 1717 = The Revolution of 1789, beginning in France and spreading throughout Europe and the world, culminating in the Communist revolutions of 1917 and on to the present. The goals and values of the secret societies, occult, communists, and the French Revolution are all essentially the same.

  4. Yeah, doesn’t exist as far as Google is concerned—even with 4 1/2 million plus users!

    I suggested that Handy Andy Torba have his lawyer write Google, and the FTC, because this is restraint of trade that Google is practicing.

    There is disparity of treatment by Google in this too, so sending the DOJ a letter too couldn’t hurt.

  5. This is the same jewish media that ignores hundreds of “random” black on white rapes daily and dozens of “random” black on white murders daily in this corpse of a country.

    Imagine my shock when i read this article about jewgles selective search results.

    This is what they plan to do when hordes of blacks start murdering whites in the next round of ZOG funded/sanctioned jogger riots.

  6. Trump’s Jews approve of this development, that is why you can forget about anything being done about it.

  7. The Conservatives have media like Fox News and so on. However the Big Tech companies are all hardcore left wing. Same goes for Corporate America in general but the Corporations support Republicans because of lower taxes and regulations. It’s time the game is changed and Conservatives now admit that White Nationalists have always been right. The big tech companies and social media censored us 10,000 times over. Now the same companies and social media empires are coming after Conservatives and even Libertarians. If we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights (especially the 1st Amendment) the Law should be enforced. Google, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and others are pretty much utility companies now. Everything should be fair and Free Speech (that’s clean) should be honored. Deo Vindice !

  8. To see how Google “curates” in action, go to Google Images and type in “black criminals” without quotes and look at the results. Then try the same with Russia-based Yandex or even Bing.

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